DA Confusion for the 18th of September, 2015

The word through the grapevine is that this week’s will feature many confusions. Have them sorted out right here.

108 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of September, 2015

  1. Have the crossword completed but still working on the ‘further challenge’.
    10 A, 23A , 2D, 4D and 18 D deserved their question marks.
    19A if I’ve parsed it correctly, I thought ‘circumscribes’ rather than ‘describes’.
    Liked 26A, 24A and the Spoonerism in 29A.

  2. Gayle – 1D – defn “lounges”. “twists rose” letters 5,4,3,2,1. “leaves, covering” letters 6,7.

  3. Ah, thanks Ray, I was trying to turn another word for ‘twists’ into the answer .
    About 22D, thought ‘switches’ might be better if it was an across clue.

    Anyone got the further challenge all out? No spoilers please, too early.

  4. All out, Gayle! I have only eight. My Thesaurus says 2D should possibly start wit D, but I have a vowel there, answer looks right though. Guess I’ll have to get some more out.

  5. I’d stick with the vowel Arthur for the start of 2D.
    Gotta go to work now. Will drop in later.

  6. The digital site is not loading and I cannot find the crossword on the normal on line site even when logged in. Where else can I find it – I cannot cope without DA on a Friday morning and am beginning to sweat and shake uncontrollably, can anyone help?

  7. Tina, Digital edition won’t load for me either. But judging by the first few posts, maybe that’s a good thing

  8. Could be right Brendan, but I just have to see anyway, you don’t realise just how addictive this is until you can’t have it. I can’t focus on anything at the moment!

  9. I hear you Tina.. Although having the physical copy in front of me is not reducing the sweats. I’m struggling.

  10. I just contacted support, Digital issue is known and in the process of being fixed.

  11. Thanks for the update Brendan, this is taking DA support to a whole new level. Can’t wait to join you Kasia.

  12. Desperately need a clue for 2D. Is it a synonym for loincloth. Have searched can’t find one. Have only ten so far.

  13. Arthur – 2d – think of loincloth as two words, with the second as the definition.

  14. defn “cloth”. “one stepping out of loin” letters 3,4,5. “OR” letters 1,2.

  15. Ian, what is your eleventh number? I see 6, 13, 23, 24, 27, in the across clues and 4, 5, 8, 20, 22 in the downs? (I don’t think that this is a spoiler).

  16. Thanks,Bill & Brendan. DA is too tricky for this simpleton. but i am half-finished, time for after-dinner nap. CU later.

  17. All filled in but would greatly appreciate cryptic explanations for 12a, 27a and 21d. Just cannot see them.

  18. All but two completed. Cannot make sense of 15A, not understanding 22D, if I have correct first word. Re the grey squares: are we talking afternoon? The number seems right, but I think I must be missing something.

  19. Arthur – re: grey squares; is not referring to afternoon, but rather the other meaning of that word/abbreviation

  20. Arthur, 12A definition is “cunning” (noun). Xmas time = 1-3. Drawback (read as two words) gives balance.

    22D definition is last three words. “Roughly” = 1-2; “yank switches” gives balance.

  21. Jimmy 12A “nose in auditorium” means sounds like = two words that precede the answer in a musical about a girl.

    27A “Show ardour” gives 1-4; “topless bar” gives 5-6; the last latter is from the clue. Answer is a city mentioned in a hellish work by Dante.

    21D definition is first two words. “Function” (think mathematics) gives 1-3; “crew” gives the balance.

  22. Thanks, BC. Perhaps my 6D is wrong, I had an A as final letter, then tried an E. Can’t pull up a three letter Christmas time at the moment. I’m afraid your clue for 22D doesn’t register either. Closing now, time for some pool. Back later.

  23. Arthur, think of the month that Christmas is in and shorten it. Re 6D, “A” as last letter may be a common spelling of the name but this time it’s another vowel, obtained from “sons need” – now and then.

    I cannot think of a better response to 22D that isn’t a spoiler…

  24. Arthur C. – to follow on from BC re 22D – “yank” gives a 4 letter synonym, with “switches” as a reverse indicator, for letters 6,5,4,3.

  25. I realise why it had to be this way, but 22d really ought to be “tinkle” given the answer.
    I’ve never heard of “tingle” in this context.

  26. Dom, in England we used to say tinkle but in Oz that means something different (and very personal!). I think that’s why Aussies say “tingle”.

  27. Brendan 18D: think of a word for “left” and put it outside one of the poles.

    A rather clumsy clue, to my mind.

  28. I agree, I now know the answer but I don’t get the signpost that says the pole goes into the word for left.

  29. Brendan, I think that the signpost is simply the word “out”. Outside would have been better.

  30. How appropriate to throw in the extra challenge in this week! I thought there would be a clue like “llub” or some such.

  31. Jack – I don’t know when the Crosswords are compiled, but if within the week, I like you was expecting something similar.
    I had doodled a few in readiness – and was expecting something like:
    “PM to spin crap (8)”

  32. Does anyone running Windows 10 find attempts to post to this site using new Microsoft Edge browser vanish into thin air?

  33. CF – I don’t have 10. And I don’t have Edge. But my experience with “new” browsers and “old” sites is the need to turn “Compatibility View” (Tools > Compatability View Settings > Add) on for the site in question – if that exists in Edge?!?!?

  34. Tina, Brendan, Kasia (~ 9:20 am +/-) & anyoner else. Digital edition (replica edition) of SMH loaded for me around 5 am, so problem must have arisen later, or maybe problem was with The Age only & not SMH. To my knowledge, crossword is only available in the digital replica. Take down my SMS only number, 0404407143 & SMS me if you need a copy .n.b. only if for reasons beyond your control you are unable to otherwise get one, I am not offering a free subscription service, and repeat requests will be ignored. A 7-day subscription is $10 per week (paid monthly $44), and gives you access to the digital edition!

    Late start otherwise for me today, too busy until now to fully dive in. Still lost on most of NW corner, but if anyone can enlighten me on 9 across, that would go a long way!!! Muchos gracias!

  35. .Ray, Edge is 10’s browser. Using Firefox for this … but Firefox can’t display the digital replica (anyone know what the plug-in/add-on is that I need?).

  36. CF – OK re 10 / Edge. Still might want to try as I suggested.
    9A – double defn – “newly charter” and “launch”.

  37. CF – 10A – 18D gives letters 1,2,3. “girl” gives letters 4,6,7. “one” gives letter 5. Defn = “more dilute?”

  38. Ray, that’s what I have for 10 across and, “no likey”! What an awful word!!!!
    Can’t find compatibility view for Microsoft Edge (but sent feedback a week ago re this problem).

    A parse for 3 D & I’m done (except for the grey squares).

  39. Hmmmm normally I hate all things Windows but today it did keep the dreaded Celia away from dominating the forum. That gave others a chance to contribute without her snide put-downs and left wing diatribes

  40. Peacemaker, what an inapt name you have. This is a sociable, amiable site for lovers of DA’s crosswords. I feel sad now

  41. CF – 3D – “Strain heart” = letters 2,3. “medium” = letters 1,4. “bother” = letters 5,6,7. Defn = “suffering”.

  42. Peacemaker [sic], my absence had nothing to do with Windows. Stop trolling this site, troll me on Twitter if you must!

  43. Thanks Ray, but can’t find Internet Explorer 11 on the tablet version of Windows 10. Will use Edge for SMH DE & Firefox for posts. n.b. only this site so far problem with Microsoft Edge!

  44. Helen, you have obviously not been a long-term member of this site, so have not seen it hijacked by Celia since she “blessed” us with her presence a few months ago. Her angry admonitions telling members to read earlier posts (usually hers) and her caustic comments about decent politicians as well as her links to her hateful blog (on twitter) have caused many regular contributors to leave the forum. If you would glance back through the comments of the past few weeks, you would see that I am not alone in my feelings about her.

  45. Children, children, children, please don’t respond to aggressive comments. They may be valid but they don’t belong here. As Celia said, go to the twitter place – that’s where people with low IQs gather. Sadly I cannot join Twitter as I have an IQ higher than room temperature.

  46. Mother Superior, you or anyone else wanting to comment on any of my posts without waging WWIII on this site, SMS me on 0404407143; I have also set my Twitter account so anyone can DM me! Note, I have an autism spectrum disorder, and sometimes my posts here may seem aggressive, but that is never the intent. I am almost 65 years years old and am sick of BS!

  47. Hey, Celia, don’t get aggressive with me (insert smiley thing). I was trying to defend you against trolls. Sorry but I don’t know what SMS, DM and BS is – I didn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. I guess that WWIII is the third collaborative album of Waylon and Willie. I have the first two: WW and WWII. I also don’t know what “autism spectrum disorder” is but maybe it accounts for the aggressiveness that has caused Peacemaker and many others to criticise you. As I said before, I’m not able to join twitter because of my rather high level of intelligence but I certainly bear no ill-will to those persons who seek refuge in such plebeian pursuits.

    As for the rest of us: we just love cryptic crosswords even if DA isn’t as difficult as his publicity would have us believe.

  48. MS, I don’t appreciate your trolling here, either, and I imagine lots of other users of this site feel the same. Go away!

  49. Celia, why such aggression? Please read my post – it was IN SUPPORT of you. Sorry if I cannot insert smiley things to lighten my comments (which were benign anyway). I really do not know what your acronyms mean. As I said, you should ignore the trolls, But please read again my post – there was nothing in it that criticised you at all.

    Please, read my post again. It did not deserve your attack on me. The only semi-negative comment was about people who are on twitter, but they already know their place. Celia, don’t attack your friends: they’re very hard to find. Jeez lady, lighten up. (And I suppose that you’ll take umbrage at that!)

  50. I so appreciate the trippers’ willingness to help ….found the first two thirds of today’s comments friendly and helpful….thank you esp to Ray Arthur and Celia

  51. Even with the puzzle complete and all the grey squares I can’t see where the solution is- nothing on the grid, no acrostic or similar in the clues…I know what I am looking for but don’t know how to work towards the answer.

  52. Anyone??? I queried Ian earlier who thought that he had found 11 of the “further challenge”. I’ve spent ages looking for more than the ten I identified at 10:55 am.

    The closest that I can come is if he applied “I before E except after C” to the second word in 28A. Anyone else (Ian?) care to contribute?

  53. Also, fully a third of today’s Confusion is taken up with non-DA entries…can you please restrain yourselves and/or take it elsewhere.

  54. BC – I only managed to find the 10 you mentioned this morning as well. Not to say that there isn’t another one lurking around.
    Black Pen – it might help to read the grey squares down the columns (if that makes sense).

  55. Black Pen, read the shaded squares downwards in the format 3-3-2-3-6, where the second lot of 3 is an abbreviation.

    See Jack | September 18, 2015 at 5:33 pm for one of the answers who was too late to be included – assuming that the crossword was submitted before a few days before.

    The answers are all hidden in the clues. See my comment “BC | September 18, 2015 at 10:55 am” for the clues that fit the extra challenge.

  56. Celia, your unspoken apology is accepted. May whatever god you pray to forgive you also. The one that I pray to forgives you too.

  57. Just 21d left – any hints, please (I have seen above that the first 3 letters are a mathematical function, but stuck on the rest).

  58. Made a very late start and only have ten answers so I think I’ll give up. Before I do can anyone clarify the following please?
    My answer to 10A only makes sense to me if it’s the second word of a two word comparative phrase.
    I have an answer to 23A (Greek?) but can’t make it fit the wordplay.

  59. @feather – 21D. Def = “Bill Sharers” (think of a movie poster). The last 4 letters is a word for “crew”. Think of a standard crossword synonym for sailors. Not one of DA’s finest efforts…

    @BC. Yeah only 10. The 11th is misspelled, the i before e thing you mentioned.

    @everyone else. Why the Celia hate? I don’t have any problem with her contributions. She helps out people who can’t get their DA fix (for various reasons), none of her posts are blatant spoilers. Peacemaker et al, if you have a problem, go play in another sandbox…

  60. GeoffD – see above entry re 10A ie:
    Ray | September 18, 2015 at 6:54 pm |
    CF – 10A – 18D gives letters 1,2,3. “girl” gives letters 4,6,7. “one” gives letter 5. Defn = “more dilute?”

    23A – Put an “R” (“redden face”) for letter 1 and “T” (“Heading for trouble”) for letter 3, with a 5 letter word (type of drink – used in Ouzo for example I think) reversed (“knocking back another drink”) for letters 7,6,5,4,2. Defn = “Alcohol”.

  61. As I expected my 22D was wrong, I had Haul UP, but Im hanged if I can understand CALL UP. What does ‘TINGLE” mean in the clue? An electric shock from the AC? Very poor clue, if that is the case.

  62. Arthur, I agree 22D is a rather poor clue but I think in this case ‘tingle’ is an outdated reference to making a phone call. To phone someone was to give them a tingle.

  63. Thanks, GeoffD, but I can’t see that as fully justifying the clue: PULLAC? Ah! Now I see! Roughly= CA, yank switches is the LLUP. I’m a bit slow when it comes to understandingsome DA clues, but I had all the rest correct.

  64. Ray, thanks for your explanations of 10A and 23A.
    I had worked 10A out but was doubtful if it actually was a real word but apparently it is.

  65. Oh What an Idiot! I meant to ask: what were the TEN PMS IN THE CLUES??? i thought initially, hours 13-23, but of course that is eleven. If anyone is still there, please inform.

  66. Can anyone parse 16d for me?Does Mother Superior have a superiority complex?

  67. John – I think it is a US expression for losing face. It is a & t (trade initially ) inside escrow. And let’s all just IGNORE anyone who baits CF. CHEERS.

  68. I’m so stuck on 27a. The only reference I can find to a city in DI is “dis”
    Also, I realize I’m very late to the party. But good to see some people are still posting today! I’m still learning so I do the DA slowly throughout the week.

    Is there a way to set up alerts so you are notified when someone makes a new post to the forum?

  69. Can anyone confirm that 25D is the Island a famous Chris Lilley character is from? Or am I completely wrong.

  70. ME AGAIN! (I should get a private tutor)
    Can someone parse the “scrap in” part of 17d? I have a word but only understand letters 1-4.

  71. Kasia.I have the same problem with 17d.The island clue is TO with the tails of the next three words.

  72. Kasia
    27a: look for where Dante died.

    And wrt harassment of CF, I have seen nothing at all from her that could trigger complaints by Peacemaker et al.
    I suggest if you don’t like this place, you don’t have to come here.

  73. 17D Kasia, I had the C from CALMER and so decided the fish was the usual (cod). Then wondered if the answer was what it is, still couldn’t see the fish until the ‘doh!’

    But hang on, what, if anything, is an ort? Well of course it’s a scrap and one dictionary reckons it’s usually plural, scraps of leftover food for example. I’d never heard of an ort but then I guess DA would know as well as those that have done hundreds of crosswords.

    25D I didn’t know the answer is a group of islands, thought it was just one.

  74. 22A Why is it ‘tingle’ and not ‘tinkle’ ? Because he is not Paul Keatink…!

  75. i always get stuck with one that no one else seems bothered by! What on earth is 16 down?! V proud of myself finding the further challenge though! Only taken me all weekend!!

  76. Washer – 16D – Defn = “Loses face”. “contract” gives a 6 letter word for letters 1,4,5,6,7,8. “a” gives letter 2. “trade, initially” gives letter 3. “restricts” = container / positioner.

  77. Washer: Defn = “loses face”. Someone has explained above. It’s an American phrase I had never heard of.

  78. I had no luck with this one … I solved five clues myself and then on Monday I just looked up the answers from Saturday’s. I guess I wasn’t on DA’s wavelength …

  79. If this site continues to be a troll magnet for the likes of Jimmy DArat, Peacemaker, and Mother Superior, may I suggest it’s time this site was closed down! As lonmg asd posts aren’t moderated, I cab see no end to this bull!

  80. If this site continues to be a troll magnet – for the likes of Jimmy DArat, Peacemaker, and Mother Superior – may I suggest it’s time this site was closed down! As lonmg asd posts aren’t moderated, I cab see no end to this bull!

  81. Corrected post:

    If this site continues to be a troll magnet – for the likes of Jimmy DArat, Peacemaker, and Mother Superior – may I suggest it’s time this site was closed down! As long as posts aren’t moderated, or contributors aren’t registered, there will be no end trolling of this site!

  82. Seems to me that UN is a bigger pest than JD, PM, CF or MS… did they have to publish the same message four times? And all ungrammatical.

  83. I just read their posts and then continue to the ones that help. sometimes people help too much (giving away the answer) or too early, and everyone here will have different ideas of manners and what is “poor form”.
    That’s the marvel of the Internet isn’t it – everybody can contribute.
    Please don’t lose heart, site owners !

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