DA Confusion for the 11th of September, 2015

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  1. Done – but didn’t really enjoy today’s DA. Maybe just me, but a lot of the wordplays seemed a bit too “forced” in this one. Convoluted and not as succinct. As said, maybe just me.

  2. Though must admit 4D is clever – but construct won’t be to everyone’s liking.

  3. Ray, I loved 4D too, though only ⅓ of crossword completed so far. Puzzled about cluing of letters 3-5 of 3 down, can you clarify? Loved double duty of the definition though!

  4. CF – 3D – last 3 letters – no I can’t.
    I may have wrong, but as I read, I have “Vietnam tragedy” doing double duty for letters 1,2. And I think it is either a very cryptic move of last letter – (or possibly a DA “oops”??) – with regards to “rise to hurt” for the last 3.

  5. CF, wondering the same about 3D 3-5. Can see anagram of synonym for ‘hurt’ but not reversal/rise in down clue. Must be on the wrong track.
    I’m stuck on top right corner . 8D and 10 A to finish.
    DA’s penchant for US TV evident again today.
    Agree Ray, hard to find likes today. Probably one I haven’t got yet.

  6. 10A – Defn = “Tricks”. “Queensland island” gives a 8 letter name, with letters 4,5,6 removed (“to giv up net?”) for letters 1,2,3,4,5.
    8D – “Heard” = homophone indicator. “dank walls” gives 2 letters that sound like the answer. Defn = “crumble”.

  7. No wonder I couldn’t get NE corner. Had middle word of 21/7 D wrong. Or DA does!
    Thanks for 8D Ray. That was the 4A for me.

  8. Slow as usual, only four in. Baffled by ‘relish’ in 22D. Tried letters of ‘lid’ for 2,3,4 but found nothing.

  9. Arthur C. –
    22D – “Leave” gives a 2 letter word for letters 1,5. “lid off, just” gives letters 2,3,4. “bottled” = positioner / container. Defn = “relish”.

  10. Thanks, Ray, I tried to find a name for a relish using that formula, but was trying to fit lid in. Thanks, I see it now.

  11. Read “soprano” as ”Soprano”, reference to the TV show. Naughty DA, proper nouns should be capitalised!

  12. Thanks Ian, I twigged and googled before getting your post. Only ever watched two seasons. I think capitalisation or not part of the cryptic compiler’s tools of trade!

  13. Had never seen any sisters of Amelita Galli-curci, but hint above helped. Bottom half filled in, except for middle letter of 27D? Must look up!

  14. The rule on capitalisation as I understand it, is you can add it as a method of deceit, but you can never leave it off if the word would normally be capitalised

  15. Well, all filled in bar 27D middle. Quite a good one today. Time to do some vegies for lunch.

  16. Especially DA …
    Should I add my grumbles so far ?
    1d the definition is one thing, the answer involves a different thing.
    1a Australians spell part of the wordplay differently
    I have found quite a few very early. I think this is because the clues are a bit less smooth than usual.

  17. 3D: Has Da got it wrong? The reversal doesn’t work, it should be an anagram of hurt.

  18. Gaaargh, Windows 10 Microsoft Edge swallows any input to this site after Post Comment is pressed! Anyone else get this?

    Hi, Kenneth, a few of us have questioned 3d letters 3-5; I think you possibly mean “synonym” not “anagram”. I’ve tweeted DA re this clue, don’t know if he’ll respond.

    Arthur C., 27D, ” Spin” -> letters 1-2 (a poor synonym, very imprecise, I feel), “hoop” -> letter 3, & “hoop-la” is the definition. Hope that helps!

  19. Almost finished. Still have 16D to get, and would like some help understanding the word play for 4D and 12D.

  20. I would like to add my confusion re 3d. Also had trouble with 27d until Celia helped with “spin”. I thought 4d very DAish (hope that comes out OK!?). Letters 1,2,3 first part of paleo, letters 6,7,8,9 last part. Letters 4,5 from diet. Also thanks with Sopranos as I don’t watch it.

  21. In my initial run through, I got 18 answers today. That’s outlandish for me, so it must be a bit easier than usual. I particularly like 4D and 6D and agree with the sentiments re 3D (what a terrible incident that was in the 60s).

    Jupiter, the answer to 1A is singular and we usually apply the plural form.

  22. Dave R –
    16D – “I’m off” gives a 4 letter (quaint?) word for letters 3,4,5,9. “fencing” = positioner / container. “project” gives a 3 letter word for letters 6,7,8. “following” = positioner. “a” gives letter 2. “weekend” gives letter 1. “visiting” = positioner. Defn = “a Territory marvel”.

  23. Dave R – just to expand a bit on HandM 4D:
    4D – “Paleo” – to be read as “Pale” and “o”, …..

  24. Thanks, HandM and Ray. I picked the wrong word in 12D’s clue as the anagrind. Still don’t get the ‘paleo’ bit of 4D, nor am I familiar with a Territory marvel that fits the letters of 16D. Perhaps I am just more than usually obtuse today.

  25. Ray – I have a slight variation on your reading of 16D. I see “I’m off” as letters 5 and 9. These letters fence “project” and the whole thing follows “weekend visiting a” If I’m visiting someone, I’m at their place.

  26. 4D – “Paleo” – to be read as “Pale” and “o”, gives a 3 letter word for “Pale” for letters 1,2,3 and a 4 letter word for “o” for letters 6,7,8,9. “sandwiches?” = positioner / container. “Diet regularly” gives letters 4,5. Defn = “deviating”.

  27. Jack 16D – thanks. I am pretty sure “I’m off” gives 3,4,5,9. It doesn’t quite work for me as just indicating 5,9 – and if did I think there was a better way / synonym to do that.
    Though yours does make use of “visiting” a bit better than mine.

  28. Thanks Ray, it works either way for me. As usual, I learnt a new word today; never heard of a 14A before. I also like how 25A dovetails with 15D, as there is a relationship.

  29. Stumped by 29a I have _ _ O _ R with the first letter probably being N (again not 100% certain on that 24d).
    Romeo gives me R at the end, but beyond that I am stuck.

  30. Jason. I think 29a is a synonym for couple minus time 1,2 linked to poetic over 3,4,5 to give a romeo.

  31. Jason –
    24D – Defn = “Never”. “bow head down” gives letters 4,5. “supporting” = positioner / container. “Japanese drama” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3.

    And just in case;

    29A – “couple” gives a 3 letter word, with first letter removed (“Timeless”) for letters 1,2. “poetically above” gives a 3 letter word for letters 3,4,5. Defn = “Romeo”.

  32. Last 4. I can’t get the first word of 21D, then 15D, 21A and 25A elude me.

  33. Indigo –
    21D / 7D – Double defn. Defn 1 (cryptic) = “Tailors for stilted people needing”. Defn 2 = “zips well ahead?.
    15D – Double defn. Defn 1 = “Bag”. Defn 2 “a cryptic formula”.
    21A – “Essential” gives a 4 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4. “to put” = positioner. “an” gives letters 5,6. “end to shooting” gives letter 7. Defn = “wild horse”.
    25A – Defn = “Carpenter – one of two”. “property” = hidden indicator. Fodder = “took a rental”.

  34. Thanks Ray. I wasn’t getting the Japanese Drama ever (well without Mr Google)!

  35. Gosh that was a trial. There was no way I was going to get 16D on my own. I’ve never heard of 14A and didn’t trust my answer. I agree with Jupiter 1A isn’t spelled that way. I was lucky and got many from the definition like 6D (I had one!) and 21A. I liked 8D 20A.

    Regarding 1D I thought it was fine if you think of “Turkey” as a bad movie or play.

  36. All done. Thanks for the explanation for 16d. I’ve never heard of the place.

  37. Crypticrochet & Jupiter … I’m a true blue dinkum Aussie & I beg to differ: no part of the wordplay of 1 across is misspelt. What part of the wordplay do you believe we Aussies spell differently? There is only one “c” in vacuous, for example, and the answer is the singular form of a word we usually encounter in the plural. “Fairly vacuous” gives a slang word for vacuous, or stupid, or lights are on but nobody’s home, etc., with the last letter removed (“Fairly” in sense of “not quite”). Something else? What?

  38. For me it was the “fairly vacuous” but not thought of “fairly” as a deletion signpost, just the two words meaning the one answer.

  39. FWIW I agree with CF construction of 1A:
    1A – “Vacuous” gives a 4 letter word, with last letter removed (“fairly”) for letters 1,4,5. “to accept” = positioner / container. “vacuous argument” gives letters 2,3. Defn = “that’s a fact”.
    But with DA I am never 100% sure.

    eg: STILL think he “oopsed” 3D and await someone to clarify.

  40. Now that I’ve read the explanation for 4D, which I had was wasn’t sure why, I think it was the word of the day for me.

  41. I am putting my self out there, but here is my suspicion on 3D (watch how wrong I am going to be here!!!!).
    DA had 3D spelt a certain way. As such he clued 3D as it is, and I suspect, had an answer something like “BAGGAGE” for 11A. Something clicks re 3D spelling and so 11A gets adjusted – but changes to 3D don’t get included / appear / happen for whatever reason.
    And as I said, watch this be SO WRONG.
    I just want explanation on this one – it is annoying me.

  42. Must have lost this post … word list in Reports section, put there sometime this morning. Most important though to reconcile wordplay with your answer, to understand the relationship between each. Happy solving!

  43. CeliaFate @ 8:46: “… in cryptic clues anything goes: there are no such rules.”

    What a stupid statement. Clues are written in English and the normal rules of English should apply eg agreement on number, tense etc. So we don’t have “The cats walks across the carpet”. The better clues are normally those which have grammatical surfaces even if their intent is often to mislead It is a widely accepted convention that words which are proper nouns should always be capitalized. DA’s clues whilst often very devious are generally grammatically correct.

    If there are no rules how can one judge if a clue is fair or not?

  44. Ray – That is an ingenious hypothesis. It seems plausible to me. I wonder whether DA will acknowledge.

  45. My explanation for 3D – I read it as a compressed clue. The first three words are the definition. The first thee words also give the wordplay for the first two letters. 3,4,5 are an anagram of a word that could mea n “hurt”. It does look like a rare mistake on DA’s part – anagram but not backwards as implied by the clue.

  46. FHF | September 11, 2015 at 4:03 pm | “What a stupid statement.”

    Just about sums up Celia’s contribution to this forum. After the comments about her/him in the last couple of weeks, it’s a wonder that he/she can show up here again.

  47. Why so rude peoples ?
    Celia helps as do all who comment and provide assistance without using epithets such as “stupid”
    It’s peacemaker’s “contribution” that really isn’t welcome in my opinion.
    I guess he/she means peacemaker I. The American definition – I.e. A large bomb or gun.

  48. Regarding 3d – could not it just be that the last letter of ‘ail’ rises to the top? That makes’ lai,.
    He has used that sort of rising before, no? Happy weekend all.

  49. Wordplay for 23A, 6D and 1,2,3 of 18D, please (I suspect the latter comes from a certain ‘culture’ I was never in!)

  50. Ultimately I had it all correct. But I counted eleven answers where I simply hadn’t fully understood the clue. And thanks, Celia Fate on 27D, I had decided that was the only possibilty.

  51. johnno2
    23A – “Vessel” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3. “is” gives letters 4,5. “en route to” gives a 3 letter word, with first letter removed (“heading off”) for letters 6,7. Defn = “northern Africa”.
    6D – Defn = “Old typewriter”. “after the second” = hidden indicator. “ware” gives letters 1,2. “coming” gives letters 3,4,5,6. “out” gives letter 7. “soon” gives letters 8,9.
    18D – Defn = “He might get a fine”. “joint” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3. “frame for infant” gives a 6 letter word for letters 4,5,6,7,8,9.

  52. Thanks Ray. How did I miss 6D? D’uh!
    Still a bit thick on how “joint” gives 1,2,3 for 18D unless that 3-letter word (or spelling of a letter?) is a shorthand for “joint” in that culture I was referring to?!

  53. Came here looking for the word play for 3D – I reckon its a dog – the only thing that made any sort of sense was moving the bottom of ail to the top but it doesn’t make much sense.

  54. Having seen the answers and read all the forum entries I still don’t understand the wordplay for 2D, 3D and 16D. Can anyone enlighten me please?

  55. GeoffD
    2D Definition = Handle (in the sense of a label you give someone/something), Naked leg = a 5 letter word for a leg (i.e. part of a sequence, 1st leg, 2nd leg etc) – naked = remove 1st and last letters.

    3D This has caused problems – some thoughts are that DA made an error.
    1st word definitely comes from the ultimate letters of Vietnam tragedy (clever in that those words are also part of the definition).
    2nd word we think DA thought was AIL (i.e. hurt) backwards. But that doesn’t quite work.
    Or maybe he’s using Ultimate 3 ways in that he means the ultimate letter of AIL rises – i.e. comes to the front of the 2nd word?

    16D Definition = Territory marvel.
    I’m off = “Ta Ta” which are letters 3,4, 8,9
    This “fences” (i.e. surround) a 3 letter word for project (the verb – i.e. something sticking out)
    All of this follows letter 1 = Weekend (the last letter of Week), letter 2 = A.

  56. If anyone’s still out there.. Just finished without datripping (a rare feat) but can’t justify 1d any way I look at it? Either its (dubious saloons=dives ) around (strafes=bomb), with turkey provident the definition (which I can’t see)?
    Or otherwise definition is strafes and turkey gives a synonym for bomb?
    Or is there another way?

  57. PS saw crypticrochets justification, but then it would have to be turkeys?

  58. Carlo, you second suggestion is correct: 1D definition is “strafes” = divebombs. Maybe not militarily exact but good enough for a crossword. You have “dubious saloons” as DIVES correct. The BOMB comes from “turkey” as in “that car is a real bomb”; “that movie is a real turkey”.

  59. BC – exactly strafing isn’t dive bombing …. The first uses the cannons !
    But anyway … It’s DA {shrugs} and we thrive on his style.

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