Win a Copy of Riddledom, DA’s New Book


David Astle, that’s DA, has a new book out.

DA’s specialty is riddles: he releases a whole set of them each week. Now, there’s Riddledom:

‘If you think riddles are solely the stuff of schoolyards and Christmas crackers, you’re about to have your head refurbished’ – David Astle

Welcome to a weird new word adventure from David Astle. Join him, as he plunges into the realm of riddles, chasing down and prising open 101 curious questions from around the planet.

  • Why are ladies like arrows?
  • When is a bird not a bird?
  • What do you call a nun with a washing machine on her head?

A mind-trip across time and place, RIDDLEDOM uncovers relics from over 50 cultures, delving into language and deception, sampling Pompeii walls and Dothraki warriors.

Readers can unravel each mini-chapter, wrestling with riddles from Wonderland or Zanzibar, Oedipus Rex or Harry Potter. Come meet French acrobats, coffee slaves, lusty maids and many more along the way. RIDDLEDOM is your chance to roam Tasmania and Mongolia, Fiji and Peru, seeking riddles on clay tablets and Popsicle sticks.

And to celebrate its publishing, Allen & Unwin have made three copies available to me to give away.

So to get yourself a copy, make a cryptic clue whose answer is RIDDLEDOM. The authors of the three clues I consider the best will be sent a copy of Riddledom.

Please limit yourself to two submissions just for my sanity. Do note: I have a weakness for &lit clues, Spoonerisms and slightly blue references.

Clue submissions will close at 23:59 on Tuesday, 8th of September. I’ll announce the winners the following day.

35 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Riddledom, DA’s New Book

  1. These are all so clever. Just goes to show how much DA is impacting our brains?!?

  2. Ouch just realised ours missed the definition – so throw the word Book in front of them all :-(

  3. Sixties fashion returns after worn out chicken
    query develops brain cells by beginner ducklings antibodies

  4. Damaged home contents: David’s latest concern (9)

    Without a lie, “milder dildoe” figured in DA’s book (9)

  5. Prosecutor’s child hacks dark knight’s nemesis with laid back squad.

  6. I see a crossword in our future that is going to feature a number of these. :)

  7. I have not posted to the main site before as my ability to complete a crossword from DA is rare, but I am enjoying the challenge of this thread!

  8. Bill, this is my first ‘please explain’ as it’s driving me nuts!
    “Extreme cleric with Abe’s star is back in fashion (9)”
    Last 3 words is EDOM but the rest?

  9. Cleric=Rabbi
    Extreme=take the outside letters only =RI
    Abes star=The movie Lincoln whose star was Daniel Day Lewis=DDL

  10. Actually I wouldnt mind most of the above explained. It is surprising how different all of our clues are.

  11. Oh, well done. I don’t think I’d have got that in a long time …..!

  12. Daisy, your turn …!
    “Sixties fashion returns after worn out chicken
    query develops brain cells by beginner ducklings antibodies”….?

    Thanks Bill for your explanation!

  13. Riddledom
    “Q & A for Spooner’s trick of memory”

    Great fun thanks

  14. Hi Robin
    Here goes – maybe I was too wordy?
    “Sixties fashion” = MOD
    “Returns” = DOM
    “After ” = DOM is placed at the end
    “worn out chicken query” = ie “why did the
    chicken cross the road” = RIDDLE
    “Develops brain cells” ie a DA book
    “By beginner ducklings antibodies = DA = ie first
    letters of ducklings & antibodies
    — my husband and I read “confusions” each Friday &
    participate from the side lines – so much fun & a great challenge
    – thanks to all the regulars who help us learn & make progress

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