DA Confusion for the 21st of August, 2015

Yep, get your confusion sorted right about here with the latest in DA’s cryptic releases.

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  1. Good morning, fellow Trippers. Started late, found only four in NW corner thus far. Still seriously wog-bound, Margaret still in pain from heavy fall twelve days ago. But, as someone said: ‘Old age isn’t for wimps’.

  2. I’m just sitting down to it now. Tried to do last week’s without the help of this group and failed miserably. Still learning !

  3. It is a long hard road, Kasia. I now have seven, I must say I thought 14A a superb clue!!!
    Ref 2D. Is this a dictionary word, or a slang term?

  4. Is 14a an anagram of distress signal plus two letters for recession? That’s all I can come up with but it doesn’t seem right.

  5. 14a – the distress signal is a more recent anagram familiar particularly to mariners – the wordplay involves a reversed four-letter word and an additional letter.

  6. 21d – my take is that the evil loses its ending revealing the evil one, with “evil” doing double duty in both the clue and the wordplay.

  7. Jack: re 14a is it something obscurely linked to billions? Ie. Something that billions produce? I’m not sure I’m on the right track with the acronym.

  8. Jack, I thought that too about 21d until I got 26 across and I’m pretty sure the middle letter is L

  9. I’m getting a word that fits both Jacks reasoning and yours SezClom, but I’m not quite sure how it fits in with the clue. It’s a shortening of a 7 letter word, middle letter L.

  10. Kasia, I’m pretty sure I have 26A right so I’m struggling with 21 down now…

  11. Yes I think I have the same word for 26A. Middle letter L.. Hmm
    My previous comment still stands.

  12. AS 20A is clearly a lift-out, 21D remains a mystery to me, given I have letters 1 & 3. Is the Greek lady of 16A a person from film? Or pop music? Can’t place her. Having settled with German as 5D, I can’t find 9A, need a clue there. Overall, not doing too badly.

  13. Arthur – I think 16a the definition is “dog”, Greek goes with X and then a type of dance with a letter removed, then repeated

  14. Kasia, et al, 14 is an acronym, defn is 1st two words, last word gives letter 5, 4th & fifth words are a reversal indicator for a synonym of the third word.

  15. Thanks, SezClom, but that doesn’t ring any bells at this stage, I only have first letter. Have to give it away for now, time to start organising lunch.

  16. Hi Arthur, the definition for 16a is dog. It’s not a Greek lady that you’re looking for and certainly not a movie star or pop star.

  17. I have 21 down from the cross letters obvious, but still can’t parse clue against it. Does the terminal “?!” have any significance?

  18. Mr Bus, 21D Think of a four letter word for “evil” then make it interminable; do the same with the word “one”. The whole clue also gives the answer; it’s known as an &lit in crossword circles, hence the question mark.

  19. AARGH! No papers at the station today. Can anyone upload one? I would be grateful. thanks

  20. I think ive nutted out 22D and I’m not sure I agree they’re INTERMINABLY evil, but only one word fits

  21. Finally back from after-dinner nap, only six to go. SezClom asked what I meant by lift out, 10.36. Lift out is my term for letters embedded within words of a clue, read either forward or backward. In the case of 20A, they were read backward (flip).
    I still lack six: 2, 123, 14D; 9, 18, 28A. A clue for 9A, which I requested at 10.24. I tried ‘finishing’ for 2D, which fits some across letters, but only remotely connects to clue, so some help there would also be useful.

  22. Oh no! Now have ExxxExIxM for 14D, Wordfinder says ‘No words found’! Answer not a dictionary word?

  23. Arthur C, 2 down is really obscure!
    Still, “pulp” is an anagrind, the anagrist the 2 words preceding it. First three words are the definition. It is not “finishing”.

  24. 21D annotation is an archaic four-letter word for “evil”, and “one”, each missing the last letter (interminably).

  25. Arthur C
    14 down what you have so far is correct
    wraps enclosure indicator
    nouveau anagrind for anagrist semi->5-8
    Sugar, perhaps (an example of the answer)
    I’ll leave it to you to fill the rest
    Hint: bathroom, perhaps

  26. Thank you, Celia Fate, I will pursue that, it didn’t register with me that pulp was an anagrind. SLOOOOOOW!

  27. Arthur C,
    18 across is made up of components:
    rookie->4-7 [a cryptic standard!]
    turned flash->8-9
    Defn last 2 words (think politics)

  28. Brendan, the definition is the printed character before the “?”
    Do you know what a Spoonerism is?
    e.g down train/town drain

  29. Thanks Celia, I have looked at the answers as I was almost done. Without googling I didn’t know that the first word of the spoonerism had anything to do with the first 2 words of the clue.

  30. And now, all filled in, except 9A. Leave till tomorrow, I think.Why didn’t my wordfinder throw up 14D? In the end, I guessed the word, realised the significance of the sugar. Still don’t fully understand 13D, so it may be wrong. Was the reference to ‘premier’ meant to be premiere? (a common error on TV).
    Brendan, what’s the last mark before ? in 28A? (That one took me ages, also).

  31. Arthur, Celia’s advice at 1.54 should give you the first word of 9A.

    I think premier is correct, ‘a movie’s premier’ giving letter’s 3,4

  32. If I’m getting 13d right I’m not sure where the marker is for reversing something that smells.. Or am I on the wrong track?

  33. In 13D, Kasia, the word ‘promoting’ can be taken to mean ‘pushing upwards’.

  34. Dave 19A is very convoluted. Nag indicates anagram. “almost at” gives 1 letter. Write out 50 as a word then subtract 1. The answer is a southern USA confection.
    3D a person who assesses could be the answer with a different hand for the first letter.
    5D say “empty” out loud for letters 1 and 4 and put an object as letters 2-3.

  35. As usual, I’m stuck on one that no one else has mentioned. 25D, anyone?

    19A is pretty silly and I can’t parse 29A (I know nothing about Galaxy-3)

  36. Thank you, Alice. I would never have worked 19A out; just knew the word and it fitted. With 3D I was thinking one had to swap the first and last letters, so was coming up with some kind of animal as the assessor. I had sort of worked out 5D in a different way, but yours is more satisfying.

    Jack, Galaxy 3 refers to a single letter, which is the first letter of the answer. Galaxy 5 would be x.

  37. Jack, 25D think of a four-letter word for “join” and shorten it. Add I and reverse it to get a Muslim mystic.

    29A Galaxy 3 gives first letter. Balance is what you use on a Galaxy 3, or any other mobile phone.

  38. Dave R and Alice: Thanks for 29 A. I thought that was the way to parse 25D, but I still don’t have it.

  39. Jack – try Googling “mystical islam”. Then it may become clear as to the 4LW for “join”.

  40. Jack, 25 down,
    “I” letter 1
    “nearly join” letters 2-4: a 4-letter word for “join” (think soldering), reduced by one letter
    At this point you have the answer in reverse!
    “levitating” now reverse the lot (letter 1 becomes letter 4, etc)
    Answer is defined by “mystic in mosque”

  41. I’ve solved 9a from letters and guessing but still don’t get it.. How does the second word backwards help?

  42. Thanks all for 25D. I finally have it, but I’ve not heard this word before.

    BTW, I wonder whether our Federal Attorney General has seen 22A.

  43. I now see how 9A is meant to work (thanks Alice). But it seems all tangled up – the 1st word of the clue is the definition, but the answer is actually then describing the wordplay to get you back to the 2nd word of the clue? That doesn’t feel legitimate to me?

    Had a nightmare today – started really well getting 1A and 1D immediately (very rare!) But then ground to a total halt & only got about 10 all day before having to come here. Even with all the help above I still can’t finish. Missing 7D, 12A and 15D, none of which seem to have been discussed? I have all the cross letters for 15D and know what the last word must be but still can’t get a 1st word that makes any sense.

    Can someone also explain how 27A works? Thanks.

  44. Julian, if you re-lay the letters of ‘as you run’ and then have them gatecrashed by a letter which stands for ‘victor’ you will have 27A.

    For 7D, think of ‘fete’ as a verb. This also involves a one-letter abbreviation.

    12A has the outside letters of ‘girl’ (losing heart) surrounded by a word which has been cut short. The definition is the last word of the clue.

    The phrase which is the answer to 15D I am more used to hearing or seeing as (3,5), but try treating the word ‘Cryptic’ in the clue as an anagrind.

  45. Ah, yes thanks. For some reason I had misread the wordplay on 12A – was looking for something with IR (the heart of girl) instead of GL (losing heart)!
    I did in fact have the wrong 2nd word for 15D although I had heard the expression when I got it.

    4D was my favourite this week – clever.

  46. The answer for 2D is in the comparative form but the clue is not, unless I am missing something?

  47. I thought there were some very clever clues this week, especially 9A, 8D and 15D. The ‘give me a break’ moment, though, was the “what wraps up…” In 14D…!

  48. 28A I’m with you, Brendan, can someone explain the significance of the non-Spoonerised 1st word of “the pits”

  49. Beryl, a sinus is a cavity, so I guess DA is taking that as a sort of pit. So sinus and mines are the two pits in question.

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