DA Confusion for the 14th of August, 2015

Have all your confusions sorted out right about here.

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  1. Hi, Celia Fate. This household has had a truly horrible week, viral infection for Arthur, very heavy fall for Margaret. A look through the clues didn’t encourage (except 4D). Very easy to find a word that matches part of clue in 6A, but sadly, doesn’t connect with cleaner.

  2. A rather gentle offering if one has knowledge of 6A. I’ll be that DA doesn’t indulge in any of them apart from, perhaps, 23A.

  3. Sorry to hear about your week Arthur. Normally by this time I have only one or two. Today I have the top half complete, maybe they put an extra shot in my coffee today. Thanks to 6 across which helps to get you 11 across and breaks out the top section. 3 down also helps. Any subtle pointers needed, don’t hesitate to ask.

  4. 6a Definition = Cleaner. 3 letter Synonym for Gull. Inserting 1 letter for Doughnut.

  5. Thanks for solicitations, Billy Browne. Re 6A, my first thought was COON, but no known cleaner product of that name. Have solved only five others, I do need to get 6A.

  6. Sadly my age and inclinations is making the theme a little difficult! I would only have got 5D-10A by Wikipedia given it was wrapped up before I was born.

    Top half mostly complete but starting to get a bit harder.

  7. Eventually settled on common bathroom item for 6A, though I questioned the appropriateness of the word to be used in 6A. Time to halt for now, must dress, prepare meal, take Margaret to see GP. Back later.

  8. Sorry to hear you and Margaret are having a hard time of it Arthur. I always look forward to your accounts of doing battle with DA.

    All out early for a change – amazing what a difference a day off work makes. Wordplay for 9a escapes me, but no rush. Others might want more time to try it!

  9. Any hints for 23 across? Am stumped on the lower half and think this may help.

  10. Just entered last answer … 20 down … and to put it in Twitter speak, ROTFLMAO! Nothing to do with My Fair Lady btw.

    23 across belongs to a different set of 6 acrosses than all the other 6 acrosses!

    Apart from not understanding wordplay for 27/12, all done!

  11. Celia, 27/12 refers to the fixture before finals season.

    Thanks for the clue on 23A!

  12. Billy Browne, excluding the first letter, 23 across is an anagram, anagrind is “recycled”, anagrist is 2nd & 4th words. First word clues 1st letter.

  13. Celia Fate, thank-you so much! It reminds me of my father who passed recently and made me smile. Thanks!

  14. Billy, for 21D: definition is a 6A. 3-letter word for completely, shown up (reversed) for letters 3,4,5. The “setter” is a person’s initials, plus (‘s) for letters 1,2,6

  15. All out!

    Wordplay on 9A, 24D (last out) and the meaning of “weasel-speak” in 2D?

  16. After hours of mental anguish, seven (or maybe eight) answers I’m sure of. If my 6A is correct, it is an area foreign to me, but I remembered one from the past which could go in 11A. Absolutely no clue on 6D, though the second word seems obvious. Time for ADN (after-dinner nap). Will check back later.

  17. Norm, unfortunately yes re 14 down. Defn last two words & pattern should be (4,5), according to my OZ Concise Oxford. I detested this clue!

  18. Cathy R and Indigo, 9a is classic DA. ‘in Bronte fashion’ needs you to think in French and know the Bronte’s pen names, to give letters 1236789. The rest should then be obvious. Enjoy – I did!

  19. Can someone explain the wordplay for 7D? The answer is obvious, but the wordplay escapes me.

  20. ADN completed (rather longer than usual, have filled in a few more, twelve now outstanding. I do need a clue for 6D, I often have problems with Spoonerisms.

  21. Arthur, people sometimes receive their wages even if they are ill and don’t go to work.

  22. Ta Jack! Never thought of that one. Not making much progress elsewhere. Looking for a themed item for 5D, assuming first word might be follow, but drawn blank. Will potter on for a while.

  23. Good one, DA Nut. Bogart, aka Sam Spade, certainly followed one, but I doubt that Ford had released one at that time.

  24. Arthur: sorry to hear things are not going well for you. For 5D/10A you need an anagram of ‘falterson’ with 2 c’s. I wasn’t familiar with this but it was on a list I had googled.
    I was amused by 23A!
    I’m not convinced my 24D and 20D are correct. Any hints?

  25. Ann 20D refers to a book released in the 80s about something 20D don’t eat (like Lorraine).
    24D reverses a book (biblical) and a party (political). The answer is a pretty old person!

  26. Ann, and DA Nut, I thank you for that one. I had, of course, never heard of that item. I’m still eight short of completing, will have to stop soon, time to prepare evening meal. I only just saw 7D as a lift-out (reversed). Wasted a lot of time on that. So, only seven now.

  27. Yes, I agree it should be 6a. Though I wouldn’t describe the series as a 6a exactly. but it’s certainly not 6d.

  28. Agree with you Mary the second half of 14 is not a 6, otherwise House of Cards, Boardwalk Empire etc would have to be 6s.

  29. Well managed to complete the birthday DA amidst birthday lunch out, shopping, and caring for sick wife. Thanks to all the help above.

  30. I stumbled across DATrippers whilst groping for answers in DA induced panic. As a relative newcomer it has been wonderful to find such a warm and generous group of people sharing their knowledge and passion. So hi to Arthur and thanks to Ray and Celia….you have made a difference. Even though DA still largely eludes me, this site has given me the impetus to persist.

  31. Al, I’m familiar with the phrase weasel words but I don’t see how it applies to 2D – seems like you could omit that line from the clue and it would still be accurate!

  32. Battered, bruised, at the point of total exhaustion, worn out by the virus, but still having to keep us fed, I have three impossibles left; 15D? How can such diverse things relate to one word? Is it Sepp Blatter’s corruption that is the clue? Likewise, 20D. Does that clue have a meaning for SMH readers? It means nothing to me. Lorraine Crapp? Bayley? Brand? That leaves only19,25A. Reverse something? Don’t know, will turn thgis off and look tomorrow, two lots of shopping to do then. O yasumi nasai (sleep well).

  33. Indigo @ August 14 6:54 p.m.

    The answer to 2D is seen as a weasel-word by many people writing on language. If you enter the word into a search-engine, you will find a largely dismissive view on its usage. As an example, one scribe opines:
    “********s is a pluralization of an erroneous form of ******** as a singular noun. Said singular noun (e.g., a ********) does not exist, at least according to most dictionaries.”

  34. Arthur C, 15 d Sepp surrounds a record & you replace that record (eclipsed by) with a 4-letter word for felon (n.b. it’s abbreviated from an 8-letter word for felon), defn is Saves.

  35. Hope you slept well and feel better, Arthur.
    15d: Definition first word. Sepps has ep for record removed and goes round the outside of an abbreviation of a word for felon. (I think DA’s used the word ‘eclipsed’ as a dual-purpose indicator – to take out the ep, and also to include the felon within the result)
    20d: Lorraine is a type of quiche. There’s a quotation that goes ‘—- — don’t eat quiche’, so the first 3 words are the definition. Domain is letters 12345, and ‘stunt’ means take off the last letter of any.
    19,25a: Take off the first and last letters of a 5-letter word for pong for letters 1-3. Then ‘Change’ is letters 4,7,8,9,10,11, 12, with the extreme letters of odorous inserted (indicated by ‘impedes’) as letters 5&6.

  36. Arthur C, for 20 down think of a food associated with Lorraine. Hint: it’s egg & pastry mostly, and it’s something anyone who is a 20 down doesn’t eat. The plural of 20 down was the first two words of a book title – a slogan – that also included this eggy pastry thing … “20 down (plural) don’t eat …”
    Domain clues 1-5, any stunt 6-7, definition: he avoids Lorraine

  37. And the Celia Fate blog continues to be dominated. She criticises others for not reading earlier posts, then blatantly answers questions that have already been answered. She ignores copyright laws by posting a copy of the crossword that others have paid for. Then gives all the answers despite it being against the spirit of this forum. No wonder regulars are leaving in droves.

  38. Pretty sure I have 3D correct, but can someone explain wordplay please.

  39. Feather
    3d. Letters 1-3 are a guy. Letters 3-7 are a girl. They share “room finally”

  40. Peacemaker, please see Celia’s note on how people can access to the crossword digitally through a paid subscription: ‘n.b. a subscription to the SMH or The Age gives you access to the digital replica, from which this copy has come.’ As for posting the answers, the age itself does this the following day, people can choose to look or not. As for domination, i see it as playful excitement and joy of DA’s weekly offerings. Being a new comer, I have no idea how this site used to be so can’t concur that Celia is the reason 2 people have left. I am not sure who hosts this site, but think it maybe best to take up your issues with them rather than taking shots at her publicly.

  41. Peacemaker – over-enthusiasm is not a sin. But I agree, it can be irritating for others. Perhaps Celia could tone down some of her more abrasive comments.

  42. I love this site
    It evolves and people come and go
    The main thing is that it retains its spirit and goal of conquering Friday’s cryptic
    Some are more enthusiastic than others
    I like celia, I miss Ray , but life goes on
    As long as answers are not given its all good

  43. All done and out. Thanks for the clue on 9 across, I had the answer but I wasn’t sure why.

    I don’t want to get into a flame war either, but the thing I find telling is Celia does help a lot of people with finding answers and the only couple of entries I have seen from Peacemaker have been pot shots at Celia. If I’m voting someone off the island, it isn’t going to be Celia. BTW – I have a subscription to the paper and I do the crossword on my IPAD. I will not be entering any further correspondence into this and will just be ignoring Peacemaker from now on.

    Arthur, I hope things improve for you. We are dealing with a very sick Kitty at the moment so I’m a tad distracted as well.

  44. We often read DA Trippers but have never left a comment before. We love the site and find it really helpful when we get stuck. Especially appreciate the comments by Celia Fate, who is v generous with her help and insights. Thnks you, Celia

  45. I’m off to UK tomorrow
    Any suggestions as to which cryptic to try?
    Times? Guardian?

  46. MJH, I’m off to UK on Monday! When there, I always take the opportunity to do The Independent crossword, which isn’t available online like the Guardian ones. (It’s an excellent newpaper, too. One of the things I find frustrating about Oz is the lack of really unbiased news reporting – when you do find it, it’s often a reprint from the Guardian or Independent.)

  47. Finally, I missed four. Melrose Place??? When did I last hear of that? I still have no idea what the ‘Real Man’ answer to 20D is about. Local Sydney joke? Nor do I see how 15D gets to be clued. Anyone care to enlighten, please?

  48. Arthur, there was an American book in the 1980’s titled ‘Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche’, and Quiche Lorraine is a common type of quiche. 15d is quite difficult to explain but I think the best version is Celia’s at 7.38. The abbreviated felon is ‘crim’. Hope this helps, and that you’re feeling better today.

  49. I didn’t get the 20D thing either so I’m glad folks here explained it for us. I loved the 1A/11A clue mixing and the 3D cluing, too. Shame so many of the hints I needed were late in the day when I’d run screaming from the puzzle having sworn off it for the rest of the day. I humbly accept DA is far smarter and more well read than I am by light years.

    Hope everything improves for you soon Arthur, safe travels MJH & Mary, greetings to CA & CH and queensofchina and Happy Birthday Sandy! Missing Ray and Mort.

  50. Okay, DATrippers, “Peacemaker” used the © word, so no further grid posts. As far as I can see
    I’ve provided no direct answers here to any clue.
    Anyone with issues about me can SMS me at my SMS-only number, 0404407143.

  51. There was a person who haunted this forum a couple of years ago with the sobriquet of JimmyDArat. He ridiculed members’ posts as well as the members themselves. For some reason, he decided to direct his warped ire towards a good friend of mine, with the result that my friend decided, for the good of the forum, to absent himself from further posts. This friend only joined the forum because I told him that I had trouble with cryptics, and DA’s in particular (my friend solved the daily Age crosswords in about ten minutes, although DA would often take him up to an hour. He only joined the forum to help others like me).

    Methinks that maybe Jim is back. In my opinion the best way to deal with comments that you don’t like is to ignore them. Or as Rupert used to say “don’t feed the troll”.

  52. Last look before going to bed ‘To sleep’ perchance to dream’ (nightmares of what tricks DA may pull next week) Thanks to folks who reminded me of the ‘Real men don’t…’ thing. Again, Bon Nuit. Guten nacht. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  53. 22D I don’t see how we get F from the first three words. Of course ‘rank’ is deleted but how?

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