DA Confusion for the 31st of July, 2015

Have your DA confusions sorted our right about here.

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  1. Found it very tough today.
    DA is back in form with some of his wordplays eg: 14A, 22A, 8D. Even 21A.
    In fact, still working on complete wordplay for 1D.
    Having said that, thought 3A, 11A, 26A, 2D were very clever.

  2. Took awhile to get started but then seemed to be mostly ok. For 1d I’m not sure why the capital letters in physical. Diverted me from working with all the other signposts in the clue. The answer popped into my head and I worked backwards from there to explain the clue. Did the same for a few today (10a, 14a, 22a). Just a few to go.

  3. Very chilly in Ballarat this morning, my brain has frozen over. None solved yet, thought there were anagrams in 18A and 9D, but couldn’t unscramble them. Not looking hopeful at all.

  4. @RT: the capitalisation refers to a brand of low fat milk. Just misdirection

  5. Amazing! Took the empty grid to the thinking room, made a few wild guesses, now have nine answers, something to build on. I like 9D! Put a D on the end and it would describe my normal condition! And, yes thanks Ray, I realise that now.

  6. Hey guys, apologies for what is a silly question but can anyone give me a hint as to what Yankee signifies? I see it often and have never known.

  7. But urgently needing a clue with 10A. Have letters 3, 5, and maybe 7, but can’t connect them. Quite lost on 1D, and most of RHS. Do we have several varieties of plonk in today’s puzzle?

  8. 10A – “Reviewed” = reverse indicator. “NAB” gives a 4 letter word for letters 7,6,5,1. “accepting” = positioner / container. “one” gives letter 2. “medium” gives letters 3,4. Defn = “European?”.

  9. 1D – Defn = “Vegetable”. “Cereal” loses last 4 letters (“Dripping, PhysiCAL”) for letters 1,2. “Fudge” = anagrind. Fodder = “Éclair” for letters 3,4,5,6,7,8.

  10. Ray, 9.40, you are a genius, I am truly a dunce. I was trying to start the word with a B. If I’ve correctly sorted your 1D, it is an unfamiliar word. Must check dictionary.

  11. Kasia, adding to Ray @ 9:41, compilers often resort to radio operators alphabet … alpha bravo Charlie delta echo foxtrot golf … etc and Y is represented by Yankee.

  12. Down to last half-dozen.Can’t locate Animal House star, list via Google no help. Or have I misunderstood clue? Only 11A and SE corner to do now. Lookin good.

  13. Arthur C – following on from Mort –
    11A – Defn = “Animal House”. “..shows?” = hidden indicator. Fodder = “star on game..”.

  14. All out I thought, but wait, there is still overlooked 27 across. What a little doozy, though a bit 7 down, stylewise at least. Ànd doesn’t Yankee in 7 down perform double duty?

  15. I believe I have the correct answers for 4 and 6 down but I’m a bit uncertain about the parsing of bits of them; could someone respond please?

  16. Mort & Ray, I was sitting down to lunch and glanced at the clue again, you could say I ZOOMED in on the answer. So, all squares filled in, several I haven’t fully understood the clues, but no matter! No blanks.

  17. Celia, the quickie in 4d is a player in a sport Australia is not faring well in just now. The answer is an essential part of his routine. It is also something you have when you squabble with someone. I’m not sure about the “integral” part of the word play for 6d, but the first word of the clue is the def.

    I’m stuck in the SE corner. Think I have 25a and 23d, but not sure.

  18. Dave my reading of 6D is a word for “discharge” famously used by some TV person in relation to firing a lady presenter, which is inserted between (integral to) a type of transport – letters 1-3 of the answer – and a word for “goal” being the last seven letters.

    It’s also a double definition as being “discharge essential to transport”. All in all, a rather clumsy clue; almost as bad as 1D.

  19. Got 25a. Hadn’t heard of the pasta. Don’t understand word play for 27a or the last two letters of 8d. Otherwise all done.

  20. Dave re 25A – letters 3-4 and 6-7 are a type of pasta. That should help confirm that you’re correct.
    23D definition is “white” as in wine.

  21. Dave 27A Fairly slow gives a five letter word for slow. Fairly indicates shorten it, and cycle indicates to reverse it.

    8D a rude way of saying “I beg your pardon” is a two-letter expression; “up” indicates to reverse it.

  22. Thanks again Mort. I just needed confirmation about the wine. I thought it was a touch obscure, but, hey, that’s DA.

  23. Thanks yet again, Mort. Using “fairly” as a shortening indicator is a bit rough, but…

  24. I would appreciate further help on 27A please. Mort at 1.27 has not made it any clearer for me.
    Only other one I don’t have is 17D

  25. Yes thanks Celia. Brendan, in addition to Mort’s comment at 1.27, the first word of the clue is the definition, or a synonym for the answer. Don’t think of a literal explosion.

  26. Trying to do 12A as a straight anagrind and wondering if I’m being too simplistic

  27. Brendan, 17 down …
    Definition is first word, “ray, possibly” gives letters 1-5, where “ray” is one example of the source of 1-5 (you may even have eaten some with your chips), extinguished gives letters 6-8.

  28. Thanks Celia, that did it. I am still unsure of the first word of 17D though.

    Sez, yes straight anagrind

  29. 17D – Defn = “Faint”. “ray, possibly” gives 5 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4,5. “extinguished” gives a 3 letter word for 6,7,8.
    27A – Defn = “Blast”. “cycle” = reverse indictor. “slow” gives 5 letter word with last letter removed (“fairly”) for letters 4,3,2,1.

  30. Brendan There’s a chocolate snack in yellow cellophane, and an Australian band from the ’70s, with the same name as 17 down’s first word. Also it could be used as a pejorative … “don’t be a total xxxxx”. You eat a corn version for breakfast!!!

  31. Thanks Celia, your 2.34 post gave me the first word, but I work in a call centre and just as I was typing a response, a call dropped in :)

    All done now.

  32. It has taken me hours but finally solved I think. Could someone please explain the wordplay for 2D? I can understand 5 of the letters but am lost for the remaining 3.

  33. Indigo –
    13A – “At heart, people” gives letters 1,2. “cheer” gives letters 3,4,5. Defn = “old telly host.”

    And I am not sure she would like the “old” reference?!?!

  34. Thought I was doing okay, but got stuck in the SE corner. Reading comments has helped with some, but still can’t get 3A (which I thought was brainchild) or 5D (is this a medical term). What I can get in 7D doesn’t seem to fit if what I am looking for is ‘difficult’.

  35. 3A – “Rare” gives a 8 letter word for letters 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10. “clothing” = positioner / container. “company” gives 2 letter abbreviation for letters 4,5. Defn = “of 26-across”.

    5D – Defn = “Growing essential”. “County” with middle 2 letters removed (“hub, avoided”) gives letters 1,2,3,4. “being deceived” gives 2 words (3,2) for letters 5,6,7,8,9.

    7D – Defn = “Difficult”. “bend” gives a 6 letter word with 1st letter removed (“executed”) for letters 1,2,3,4,5. “by” = positioner. “Yankee” gives letter 6.

  36. Ann, 3A describes a 26A. “Rare” (as in stones) surrounds an abbreviation of “company”.
    5D is a medical term.
    7D is an American expression – think old westerns.

  37. Ann Lawry 5 down is of a specific structure, not animal nor mineral, and usually prefaced by mono- or di-. Growing essential is the defn
    County hub avoided gives letters 1-4
    Being deceived gives 5-9 (two words 5-7 & 8-9)
    In science classes 50 years ago, we learnt there were two versions of these, the mono or di- mentioned above. They’re probably in the recently late Harry Messel’s blue textbooks!

  38. CF – I may be wrong as a new word to me, but amongst its meanings I think it can be medical ie:

    XXXXXXXXX in Medicine Expand
    1.One of the lobules constituting the uterine side of the placenta, consisting mainly of a rounded mass of villi.
    2.A leaf of the embryo of a seed plant, which, upon germination either remains in the seed or emerges, enlarges, and becomes green; a seed leaf.

  39. This was tough and I seem to have learnt a few new words.
    It took a lot of time for me to parse 14A, although no one else has commented on it.

  40. 14A – Defn = “Morning”. “song” gives a 6 letter word, with 4th letter removed (“thrush finally migrated”) for letters 1,2,3,4,5. “east” gives letter 6. “border” gives 3 letter word for letters 7,8,12. “crossing” = positioner / container. “pass” gives a 3 letter word for letters 9,10,11.

  41. CF, my dictionary defines 5D as, inter alia, “Anatomy. any of several lobules of the placenta.”

    That’s medical enough for me.

  42. Mort – I as per above, I tend to agree with you – And good to see a reference a dictionary given yr comment to me from a few weeks ago.
    Me – I always need it to get thru any crossword – And especially DA.

  43. Mort, Ray … what dictionary are you using? My Concise Australian Oxford definitions of the word and its mono- & di- versions are purely botanical! My Macquarie gives a 2ndary zoological definition: “a tuft or patch of villi on the placenta of most ruminants.” You’re not trying to tell me DA intended that? How is that a “growing essential”?
    Prevalent definition Ox & Mac is: “the primary or rudimentary leaf of the embryo of seed plants.” Now, that does fit the clue definition!

  44. Thanks Ray. & have just checked Harry Messel’s big blue science books from the ’60s and they appear in two sections of volume II. As plants! “All flowering plants are [5 down]s”. Good to know I can still recall arcane knowledge gleaned from ’60s science texts & haven’t totally destroyed all my brain cells with alcohol!

  45. I’ve chipped away this off an on this afternoon and have become stuck in the SW corner. Cannot get 19D, 20D or 21A. I’ve never thought 17D to mean “faint” it’s more to have a brain fart or get a bit flustered and forgetful.

    Wait I think I just got 21A if it’s a (1,1,1,1,1)

  46. All done. Found some of this challenging. Not happy about Yankee being a Y but it did help with the context of the answer.

  47. Help for 16d &20d please?? I hate it when my last in haven’t been discussed. :(

  48. Julie –
    16D – Defn = “Minor”. “sort of decorating” gives an 8 letter word with 3rd letter swapped (“female to cover tabletop”) gives letters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
    20D – Defn = “Wine agent”. “function” gives a 3 letter abbreviation for letters 1,2,3. “Square” gives a 4 letter word with last letter removed (“no closer”) for letters 4,5,6.

  49. Julie, 16D a sort of decoration is INTERIOR. Replace the Tabletop (T) with Female for a word meaning minor sort.
    20D A maths function is a TANGENT, usually written as TAN. A square is NINE (3×3) with no closing letter. The answer is used in making wine.

  50. Margaret & others, radio operators alphabet (why Y=Yankee) …

  51. 22A drink = RUN; Summit = PEAK. SALT suffering heart collapse = ST. “Consuming means put the ST between the other two words.

  52. All – I placed all wordplays in “DA for the 31st of July, 2015” (not the CONFUSION part) on Friday. They are all there.

    I did similar for the last few weeks in “CONFUSION” it you wish to look back.

    I’ll will be away from this site for a while and wish you all the best. This is THE place to learn DA’s “thinking”.

    I learnt from Rupert and Gayle (BIG THANKS!!!) who have been AWOL for several months. Guess it is time to move on.

    Thanks to AS especially and the best “DA’ing” to all.

  53. Found this week’s very tough. Only nine in before resorting to this page. Hooray for the DA trippers!!

  54. Can anyone explain 12A?
    How does “down in the mouth” work as a definition for “root canal”?

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