DA Confusion for the 24th of July, 2015

This week’s crossword is going to be replete with confusion if DA’s warning is anything to go by.

Work things out with everyone else right here.

81 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of July, 2015

  1. A very clever contruct for the 10 clues lacking definitions.
    As I find with most themed crosswords, once the “nut is cracked” the rest falls out pretty quickly.

  2. Not too difficult today. Particularly liked 28a and 25d. Not sure on a few wordplays. Theme falls out fairly quickly although wikipedia needed for a couple of the 10.

  3. Hmmm
    Is the anagram of the two main characters?
    Celia I’m just trying to get the theme before work but my anagram finder and my brain not working as yet

  4. Weary this morning, looked through clues, found 2D only. Will look further, not hopeful.

  5. Ray at 5:25 am. You’re referring I presume to the function of what at first glance are extraneous letters? They’re like the check digit in a barcode!

  6. CF – yes – “the camouflaged locations” as indicated in the “warning”. It would take a lot I think to work clues around that construct.

  7. Very slow start today. Loved 28 across, it made me laugh on the tram when I got it.

  8. Ray (8:11am), I had exactly the same reaction when the penny dropped! I do love a well done theme, even if they do mostly fall into place more quickly than usual. That said, I’m still stuck on 16D…

  9. Luke,
    16D – Defn = “Gets”. “on the outer” = hidden indicator. Fodder = “accept losses”.

  10. 16D – Defn = “Gets to”. “on the outer” = hidden indicator. Fodder = “accept losses”.

  11. Ahhh, I always struggle with the hidden ones, which is never great for the ego once they leap out. Many thanks Ray, I’ll be able to sleep easy now!

  12. Np, another lost Friday exercise. Torn up and binned. I couldn’t find anything in the clue for the Italian pasta for the last three letters. First four yes, last three??? Try again next Friday.

  13. Arthur C.
    22A – Defn = “Pasta dish“. “distributed” = anagrind. Fodder = “alas” for letters 1,2,3,4. “left” gives a 4 letter word, with second letters removed (“wanting nothing”) for letters 5,6,7.

  14. What a great resource! DA sent me here when I asked about a Twitter hashtag. I think I’ll start one for those of us who like to use Twitter if there isn’t one already? DA thought not. How about #DAtrippers

  15. Hey Ray, how do you get second letter removed from “wanting nothing” for 22a?
    Is this a rule I have never heard of?

  16. Well, “wanting nothing” is removing an “O” – which in this case is the second letter of the 4 letter word for “left”.

  17. CF –
    10A – “Ringmaster” gives a 6 letter name of a ringmaster with fourth letter removed (“clown’s seat off) for letters 1,2,3,4,5. Defn = “punt”.

  18. Thanks for that Ray (1005). Not feeling too bright today, just gave it away. Just realised, it is 42 years since I started doing Age Cryptics – no DA in those days. Finished last week, getting help from you for two answers. Will try again, if I’m still around next Friday.

  19. And, Ray, I just realised, I was finishing that pasta with an A, instead of an E. No wonder I couldn’t see it.

  20. Celia, did you figure out the camouflaged locations on a clue by clue basis or was there some kind of formula as to where in the clue they sat? I can’t seem to find an indicator for which parts of the clue are ‘leftover’.

  21. Arthur C. please don’t ever tear it up … put it aside, go back to it later. You may be pottering around shopping, gardening, and suddenly a penny will drop! Or you’ll find your subconscious has worked a few out for you. Don’t bash your head against a wall trying to solve any clue you find difficult. Pull back, cough (you’d be amazed how many solutions appear after coughing), make a cuppa. Be the tortoise, not the hare, and you’ll win the race!

  22. Most enjoyable today. I only needed to check here for word play in 10A and 22A. Thanks, Ray, for that. I loved 28A, too, Luke, and laughed when I got it.

  23. Kasia, did you follow the link? Those letters are in the clue somewhere, like that. Let’s parse 14 across as an example …

    I left: remove letter I from
    anagrist THIRD FA[CT]OR
    anagrind out
    Answer is anagram of 8 of the 10 letters in THRDFACTOR the letters remaining are the location of the answer. They are camouflaged as you will find them in the clue together, in their correct order!

  24. There seem to be 2 letters from every clue that are not included in the anagram for the main 10. Has anyone been able to find a pattern for these missing letters?

  25. You lovelies have a higher opinion of my ability than is deserved. I’ve only now figured out what the “camouflaged” bit was all about. I got the 13s first and a few off those before getting 20&21. I guessed on 27A but couldn’t see how it was done. Finally cracked it with 9A. Now I hope it will be easier. Still managed about 9 clues before that moment so I won’t knock myself too hard.

  26. Very clever construction today. I loved the way he worked in the locations of the themed answers. All this and he managed to make it a not-too-hard puzzle.

  27. Wow, even with the dire warnings from DA, got this out by end of lunch! Camouflaging was very clever.

  28. Not my cup of tea today – I had to look up practically all of the 10 as I’m woefully geographically ignorant in this area. I got stuck in the top right corner for ages until I suddenly twigged the Ringmaster – nice clue!

  29. Celia, you will be pleased to hear I always read through before posting!

    However I see no reference to the wordplay of 1D. Can someone please explain it?

  30. Brendan –
    1D – Defn = “Stands”. “whales collectively” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3. “cracking” gives a 2 letter abbreviation (with “up” = reverse indicator) for letters 5,4.

  31. Celia Fate (1043), I eventually taped the bits back together, solved two more clues, for a total of four. But I’ve been out all afternoon, elderly friend (88 I think) needed a driver. Nearly time to put our evening meal together. Might try and fill in a couple more before bedtime, but not hopeful.

  32. Arthur C. – hope this helps:
    20D, 21D – Defn = “Sofia and Victoria”. “skewed” = anagrind. Fodder = “practicalities”, with 1 letter removed (“ignoring roster from the outset”).

  33. Thanks Ray! Despite reading all posts (note Celia), I was completely baffled until your 4.37 post.
    Now I have a slight glimmer of light. If I’m on the right track it’s a very clever construction.
    I normally hate themed puzzles.

  34. I didn’t find this easy even though I had 20/21 worked out fairly quickly.
    Was there something in the clue that I missed that pointed to all the themed answers being in the one geographical area? It might have taken me less time if I had seen that earlier.

  35. Sorry Celia if I did not follow your link but I thought it may be a spoiler. I do read all the comments but usually only after completing the puzzle.

  36. Well, I did eventually come back, have put in twelve answers. Ray (1637), I had taken a punt on that answer (20, 21D) not realising it was an anagram, so just a lucky guess. Will give it a few minutes more, than go and watch footy.

  37. Finished before 3pm today but I found it quite tough. Knowing the theme I was able to go back and figure those 10 out. Figures DA would pick some that even most Yanks would get wrong. Still parsing a few (last 3 letters of 13A, 7D I get the bits but not their placement – I’m not getting “during” right, 12A) but I liked 15D & 25D best. Ah! Finally finished one. Maybe my bad luck streak is broken. I hope you got a few more in, Arthur!

  38. Crypticrochet …
    13 across is an alternative spelling to the shorter word you think it should be. Old is in sense of former, retracted is an inclusion indicator. Maybe an olde worlde spellinge?
    7 down brief row gives 4-5, getting extremely 2-3. Isn’t there a Muppet?
    Don’t get your 12 across “during” reference, but answer is a banknoted dead Civil War President! News is a plural, there are two of them surrounding a three-letter pass. The first two letters & camouflaged location come from LI/NE! There was a movie about the man a few years ago!

  39. They should rename this the Seal Your Fate forum. She has only been here for a couple of months but has come to dominate the discussion.
    Gentle souls should avoid the link to her blog as it is full of bile and obscenity.

  40. Just missing two answers now. 8D and 19A. Not been mentioned so must be obvious.
    Any hints please?

  41. Geoff 8d the criminal gang is Chinese. The noise is three letters inside it. The answer is in the Caribbean.

  42. Geoff 19A definition is long speech. Jesus backing gives first letter. Religion gives the balance.

  43. Thanks Mort. Obvious when you can see it though I’ve always thought of 19A as being written text rather than verbal.

  44. DAvehead – Say yes in German to start you off, the rest is an anagram.

  45. This is not a forum for character assassinations, “Peacemaker”?! And DATrippers have sufficient intelligence to form their own opinions of my “blog” [sic] … it’s a Twitter account! If you have issues with it, the correct forum to raise those concerns is on Twitter, not here!

  46. DA Jul 24, 2015:
    Spoiler alert – all wordplays detailed below:

    1A – Defn = “Model maybe”. “leading” gives a 2 letter word for letters 4,5. “after” = positioner. “wrestling victory” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3
    4A – Defn = “Old Brit”. “German. Yes” gives a 2 letter word for letters 1,2. “by” = positioner. “manoeuvred” = anagrind. Fodder = “cab, one” for letters 3,4,5,6,7,8.
    ** 9A – “Disturbing” = anagrind. Fodder = “med(IA) noises”.
    10A – “Ringmaster” gives a 6 letter name with fourth letter removed (“clown’s seat off) for letters 1,2,3,4,5. Defn = “punt”.
    ** 11A – “Initial regulars” gives letters 5,6,7. “succeeding” = positioner. “at (GA)la” gives letters 1,2,3,4.
    ** 12A – “Li(NE)” gives letters 1,2. “gets” = positioner / container. “pass” gives a 3 letter word for letters 4,5,6. “in” = positioner / container. “news” gives 2 letters for letters 3,7.
    13A – “Gannet wings clipped” gives letters 1,2,3,4. “retracted” = reverse indicator. “old” gives a 2 letter word for letters 6,5. Defn = “wing”.
    ** 14A – “out” = anagrind. Fodder = “fa(CT)or” for 4 letters and “I left third” for the other 4 letters.
    ** 17A – “flogging” = anagrind. Fodder = “Mick’s bra(ND)”.
    19A – “Jesus backing” gives letter 1. “religion” gives a 5 letter word for letters 2,3,4,5,6. Defn = “long speech”.
    22A – Defn = “Pasta dish“. “distributed” = anagrind. Fodder = “alas” for letters 1,2,3,4. “left” gives a 4 letter word, with second letter removed (“wanting nothing”) for letters 5,6,7.
    24A – Defn = “Checked”. “off” = anagrind. Fodder = “deep mid”.
    25A – “Writer” gives a 3 letter word / name for letters 1,2,3. “wild” = anagrind. Fodder = “shrine of” for letters 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. Defn = “dog”.
    26A – Defn = “Cultivates”. “photos” gives a 6 letter word with first letter removed (“topless”) for letters 1,2,3,4,5.
    ** 27A – “flounder” = anagrind. Fodder = “I’(M N)uts” and “a plan”.
    28A – Defn = “causing deadlocks?”. “Two cheeky things” gives 2 words – a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3 and a 5 letter word for letters 4,5,6,7,8.
    29A – “Jarrah ultimately” gives 1 letter for letter 4. “broke” = positioner / container. “old” gives a 4 letter word for letters 1,2,3,5. Defn = “carpentry tool”.

    1D – Defn = “Stands”. “whales collectively” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3. “cracking” gives a 2 letter abbreviation (with “up” = reverse indicator) for letters 5,4.
    2D – Defn = “Young birds”. “flapped” = anagrind. Fodder = “linnets” for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. “grass verges” gives letters 8,9.
    ** 3D – “lost” = anagrind. Fodder = “Hope N(AZ)I” for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6. “vote” gives 1 letter for letter 7.
    ** 4D – “Soprano Bronhill” gives 4 a letter name for letters 1,2,3,4. “(AK)a” gives letter 5. “the essential trump” gives letter 6.
    5D – Defn = “Court’s burden”. “netting” gives a 4 letter word and “legal principles” gives a 4 letter word, which you then “Spooner”.
    6D – “Bend” gives a 3 letter word for letters 1,2,3. “edges of Koran” gives letters 4,5. “books” gives letters 6,7. “Defn = “making two loops?”.
    7D – “During” = positioner / container. “a” gives letter 1. “Brief row” gives letters 4,5. “getting extremely” gives letters 2,3. Defn = “punchy”.
    8D – “Criminal gang” gives a 5 letter word for letters 1,2,3,7,8. “keeping” = positioner / container. “up” = reverse indicator. “racket” gives a 3 letter word for letters 6,5,4. Defn = “in the Caribbean”.
    13D – Defn = “Walk”. “across” = hidden indicator. Fodder = “Pambula territory”.
    15D – Double defn. Defn 1 = “Account anguish”. Defn 2 = “how jaded authors feel?”.
    16D – Defn = “Gets to”. “on the outer” = hidden indicator. Fodder = “accept losses”.
    ** 18D – “after” = positioner. “31 days” gives 6 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6. “(ME)at” which loses last letter (“temperature drops”) gives letter 7.
    20D, 21D – Defn = “Sofia and Victoria”. “skewed” = anagrind. Fodder = “practicalities”, with 1 letter removed (“ignoring roster from the outset”).
    ** 23D – “threadbare” = anagrind. Fodder = “M(OR)ales”.
    25D – “Extreme desire” gives letters 1,2. “is superior to” = positioner. “desire” gives a 4 letter word with second letter removed (“nonetheless”) for letters 3,4,5. Defn = “dig?”.

  47. I stumbled on this site a few months ago and have enjoyed my visits immensely. The comradely assistance that is offered makes this forum a special place.
    The political or social views of the contributors are not relevant to me.
    If Celia [or others] wish to express political views on other sites, it is no concern to me.
    If, on the other hand, I wish t take up cudgels against such views, I will do so on the other site.
    Ironically, “Peacemaker” was the name given to the Colt-45; I think we should leave our guns at the door.
    Please forgive the temerity of this newcomer. These are my first and last words on the matter.

  48. I agree also. I struggled with DA’s friday edition for years. I found it impossible and thought that there was something wrong with me. Somedays could not even get one. Thanks to this site and it’s bloggers, like Celia, I now look forward to Fridays. Not just the for the tips and cryptic clues on even more cryptic clues, but a sense of community. If it were just a place not offering guidance to getting into DA’s brain, it would just be a place of ‘All done’, ‘easy day’. I love when people ask for help. At the begging I asked a lot and now learning what I have here enjoy being able to give others guidance. This to me is a place of appreciation of DA, direction, sharing mutual laugh of a witty clue/answer. Not a competitive site of who posts the post or gets it first. Thanks for your help yesterday Celia. Would have torn it up otherwise. x

  49. Billy has said it perfectly. It’s the community and the enthusiasm of its members that keeps me coming back, too. Ray thanks a ton for those breakdowns. Call me lazy but I’ll copy those for my blog today and get back to my bed to sleep for a week.

  50. All out without any help, clever construction but once the theme is worked out, not too difficult. Suggest 3d as a good place to figure out theme. However, don’t understand the wordplay for letters 4-6 of 12a (themed answer). Can’t figure out how those letters relate to the word ‘pass’. Can someone please clarify?

  51. Thanks Ray, but I’ve never seen those three letters used as a synonym for ‘pass’. Is it a frequently used term?

  52. David, if you’re still checking, have you been following the Tour de France? The 3-letter word for ‘pass’ is in the name of every peak the cyclists ride up. That’s the only we way got it!

  53. COL – noun, plural cols [kolz; French kawl]
    1. Physical Geography – a pass or depression in a mountain range or ridge.

  54. Thanks trippers !
    I thought having the examples not of the same set as the themed clues was typical DA – I.e. A trifle unfair.
    One request – can we please try to keep the precedent of no direct answers until Monday ?
    It seems to me that the weekend is a bit early.

  55. Thanks Ray and Debbi. I had never heard of the term, I wasn’t even considering ‘pass’ in that sense. It’s one of the things I like about DA’s crosswords, there are always plenty of new words and meanings to learn.

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