7 thoughts on “DA for the 19th of June, 2015

  1. Fairly easy today. Did like the quirky clues more than the others, but no theme? I feel I am missing something…

  2. Only three comments yesterday – was there a server failure ?
    I haven’t solved 5a, but now I know I have to search wider for the invoice !
    I just new who Ralph is as soon as I saw the clue !
    Still a few to go … But off for ParkRun now.

  3. Bit underwhelmed / frustrated with today’s (Sun-Herald) cryptic crossword.
    If I have right:
    1A is missing “a” ie: think “with crazy loon” should have been “with a crazy loon”.
    8D is (6,6) not (6,5).
    11D answer is misspelt I think. At least I cannot find that spelling.

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