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  1. Greetings! Hurrah for anagrams. Found two, helpful. 15A a word I last saw around 70 years ago, in a novel: ‘She made a xxxx at him’. amazing how words stick. Only four solved thus far, just started.

  2. I know that I’m alone in moaning about David’s drawl, but I really do pronounce the first word of 8D with two syllables, and the word with which its meant to rhyme, as one.

    Never heard of 14D meaning “treasure” before. Maybe it’s meant to be sarcastic.

  3. Proceeding slowly, Celia fate. yes, found one more anagram, ten clues solved thus far.

  4. Mort, my father used to affectionately call me 14 down often, but my mother rarely. Haven’t encountered the word now though for over 45 years!

  5. Celia Fate | June 19, 2015 at 9:02 am |
    2D – defn = first 2 words. “prayer” gives 5 letter type of prayer with last 2 letters removed (“ignore church”) for letters 2,3,4.

  6. Thanks, Ray, I’d reached that point, just couldn’t think of the specific prayer, even though I knew its two most likely endings. All done now, though!

  7. Tired today. Got 18 A easy and then blocked. Any suggestions for next best clue to stare at

  8. Before I vanish …
    As many Trippers would never have met 14 down before, here’s a brief parse …
    Definition: Treasure [n.b. an example, not a strict definition, more a synonym, or a member of the same family of words]
    damn: letters 1-6
    ears: letters 7-10
    Happy solving, Trippers!

  9. Can’t resist this, SezClom …

    1 across defn last two words
    Little green 1-3
    sheep 4, 7, 8
    bites: inclusion indicator
    hooker: 5, 6 [hint: capitalise]

  10. It took me ten minutes Celia!! And it was hooker that helped. You’re the best though

  11. Mort, Sezclom, that 4-letter homophone can also be pronounced with two syllables. Are you sure you have the correct “to stir”?

  12. Down to last four, but also can’t quite fit 14D bits together. Also first three letters of 20D, if I have right cat.

  13. Arthur, the first 6 of 14d = Damn! 7-10 = ears. What you may call s small child

  14. SezClom – both 12A and 7D are a bit tricky (either in clue or answer).
    To help start, defns are:
    7D – “downer”.
    12A – “about crap”.

  15. I’ve got answers for everything, but can’t parse the first three letters of 21a or the last two letters of 1d and 22d.

  16. Mary – 21A – “A pop” gives letters 1,2,3.
    1D – it is a type of ball / dance associated with country areas – “bachelor & spinster”.
    22D – proverbially three’s a crowd.

  17. I found this one pretty tough, especially in the NW corner. Still not totally sure about 3D, but I think it must be associated with Shah Jehan.

  18. Almost finished. Still struggling with 16A, which I suspect is painfully obvious, as no one has mentioned it yet!

  19. Thanks, Ray – I would never have got the dance, which I’ve never heard of. Kicking myself over the others. The ‘put up’ in 21a is a bit redundant, but I suppose it’s OK as a red herring.
    Pamela, the monk is letters 1-5, the rest is a sort of combination of anagram and containment. Definition last 3 words (as a verb)

  20. Pamela Freeman | June 19, 2015 at 2:53 pm |
    16A – “Monk” synonym gives letters 1,2,3,4,5. “is” gives letters 8,9. “getting” positioner. “knotted” – anagrind – fodder “tie” for letters 6,7,10. Defn = “work in triage”.

  21. Yes, I had realised what 14D must be, but not a word I would have equated with treasure. A most unlovely word, in my opinion. I still lack explanation of first three letters of 20D, cannot understand first three of 21A, don’t understand 17D at all, though my answer vaguely fits. Just have to wait for tomorrow to confirm.

  22. In honour of DA’s tweet “David Astle ‏@dontattempt Have American words tyrannized English? Do the math” I chose to use a Z in 16A. It’s a habit I’ve broken but felt it was well placed here.

  23. Arthur C. – 20D – letters 1,2,3 given by 5 letter word for “Main” which removes the last 2 letters (“dump – an”).
    21A – see Ray | June 19, 2015 at 2:24 pm |

  24. Thanks, Keith E and Ray – of course it was obvious once I stopped trying to make it be a type of monk! Sometimes that Catholic background is just no use to me…

  25. 17D – Defn “It’s complete”. “Shell” anagrind. Fodder “on leaded”.

  26. On 17D I suspect Ray may be right.

    But given the phasing out of leaded petrol I am happy with my answer that comes from the ad “I’m going well, I’m going….”

  27. What’s the annotation for 7D? I have an answer that fits the def but I can’t fit the wordplay.

  28. Indigo – 7D – “Zany” gives 5 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4,5. “Latin Capital” gives letters 6,7,8,9. “by” gives letter 10. Def= “Downer”.
    (Good bit of misdirection here I think by DA).

  29. And with 27A; I have the answer but I can’t get all the anagram from the wordplay.

  30. Last two – 1D and 10A. Any hints? My gut says 10A refers to technicolour yawning but I can’t find the synonym to fit.

  31. Indigo – 1D I have answered above for Mary – see Ray | June 19, 2015 at 2:24 pm |
    10A – “Ralph”

  32. Indigo, apparently “ralph” means letters 1-4. I A new one (I’m proud to say) to me.
    1D definition is “bars”. Some country dancers are held for “bachelors and spinsters”. Abbreviate that and apply the other two words of the clue.

  33. Indigo – I think it would be good form if you acknowledge the replies to your questions / requests for assistance.
    Irrespective, hope above helped.

  34. I am with Ray on the “pop” element of 21a but otherwise the cryptic was friendlier this week. There seems to be an error in the Quick, however, as the answer to 3 down is a single word not (4,2) as shown.

  35. Got absolutely nowhere in the NW corner until coming here. Thanks to a few above for help with those.

    Now have answers everywhere but plenty of bits I still don’t understand:
    12A – how do the 1st 5 letters work?
    21A – despite Ray’s explanation earlier I still don’t understand how “A pop” gives the 1st 3 letters.
    24A – can parse the last letter but nothing else?
    4D – are letters 5,6,7 clued by “slob reversing”? Don’t get the connection.
    8D – agree with others earlier, don’t get this as a homophone at all

    16A clue doesn’t quite work to me – it reads as if the anagram of TIE should sit within IS but it doesn’t – the two are jumbled up together.

  36. Julian – 12A – homophone (“on air”) of a word for “Broadcast”.
    21A – say something was $10 “a pop”.
    24A – Defn = “Busy”. Letters 1,2,3,4 are a 5 letter word for “take-away” with first letter removed (“doesn’t open”).
    4D – 8,7,6,5 = “slob reversing”.
    8D – roil geli.
    16A – can understand your view. I can still see “is getting tie knotted” as “is” being in an anagram of “tie”.

  37. 12A – OK, I guess I was pronouncing it incorrectly, I started it by rhyming with something that Torvill/Dean were very good at. Hadn’t heard the main word before.
    21A – Suppose so. But “put up with” is therefore redundant. Don’t like the clue.
    24A – Duh! Assumed Take-away was what referred to removing a letter – but couldn’t see what from! Thanks.
    4D – Ah yes, thanks – had forgotten the 1st letter of the 2nd word was also clued by that bit. Makes a lot more sense. I got the 2nd word quite quickly but struggled to get the 1st word before I came here. Embarrassing really considering I started my career in that profession!
    8D – OK didn’t know the 1st word – thought he was trying to homophone “roll” or something (especially given other peoples’ comments about 2 syllables) which was dreadful. Still not entirely convinced by 2nd word, they aren’t quite the same thing. But I suppose it’s near enough.

  38. Well, finally, I only had two wrong letters (Done well, instead of Done deal, 1n 17D, I failed to recognise Shell as an anagrind. Not smart enough. But, having solved all the others without getting a clue from here, I’ll risk dislocating my wrist again, patting myself on the back.

  39. I am amazed by the answer to 14D. I’ve only ever heard this term used in a mildly derogatory way; certainly never as a term of endearment which I assume the definition was meant to convey. Perhaps I’ve just lead a sheltered life!

  40. Geoff, like you I knew the expression only as a mild insult (“take a look at 14D, he’s showing off again”); however my Australian wife agrees that it can be used in a loving way, particularly towards young children.

  41. Yes, I’ve heard 14d used familiarly cutting “go see xxx over there” and backhandedly loving “come here xxx and I’ll give you a hug”
    Thanks for assistance re 5a and 15a

  42. Thanks to everyone for this site – I try to not check until Sunday night, so I can spend all weekend doing what I can on my own, so really appreciate your help on the hard ones. Re 14d, our family used this term often when we were young, but we always spelt it bugalugs – a much more appealing version than used here. I think I prefer our misspelling:)

  43. My understanding of 14d is as a generic name (like whatsisname) but slightly more insulting. Not an endearment.

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