DA Confusion for the 22nd of May, 2015

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  1. Is there any chance that someone could put this puzzle into Dropbox and post a link in this forum?

  2. Erk! First pass headscratch territory except 6 (love it!) & 23 down, and tentative 13 & 26 across. Let brain’s right side digest for a while & cough three times when stuck …

  3. Hi Jack – Just subscribe to the SMH, you can then view todays paper, and print the puzzle.

  4. A dozen easy ones in so far, mostly in NW corner. Sad that the editor mucked up my letter on metrics. Some words left out, and I was Tera-bly unhappy.

  5. I meant needed wordfinder for 5 down.

    All out, but … is 12 down a dd? If so, never heard of the 2nd sense. Otherwise parse required.

    Found “repulsive” use a dodgy element of 3 down

  6. CF – 12D – yes – second sense as in boxing.
    3D – I tend to agree about “repulsive”.

  7. Although, having now just checked the Thesaurus, it is listed as a valid synonym. So is good.

  8. Thanks celia fate, I got three out from your encouraging words
    Any hints for 14 and 18?

  9. Just got 14. Cute!
    Rainy grey day in Sydney, perfect for a da crossword solving session

  10. MJH 18A definition is last word. Separate “Persian” from “girl” for letters 1-3 and 4-6.

  11. MJH – 18A – “Perhaps Persian” gives letters 1,2,3. “girl’s” gives letters 4,5,6. “one” = letter 7. “novel” gives letters 8,9,10. “lean” gives letters 11,12,13,14. Defn = “spinner”

  12. MJH, too late with that last hint, I see!

    19a definition is “old money”
    26A is a double definition. For vault, think what a high-jumper does to the bar (id he’s any good, that is).
    27A definition is first three words. Misfit indicates an anagram.

  13. I had a letter published today too Arthur. In SMH. Only three words so they couldn’t take any out – “stop the nopes”.

  14. Last week was so full i didn’t get to DA until Sunday-Monday. This week clearly not so tough. I already have NW corner, though I don’t understand 9a.

  15. Sandy, 9A think of ring as a verb which gives 1-4 and 5. I’m a little stumped on the fourth letter and can only guess that is comes from a teaching method PQ4R which designates four things to assist understanding; each of these starts with this letter 4.

  16. Sorry, it actually details six things but four or them start with the letter. I think it’s a little obscure and would welcome a simpler explanation.

  17. Right, Sandy, but actually in this case I agree with Tony’s Nopes. My point was that there are no ‘thousands’ (in this case, 41,000 Gigawatthours), so the actual quantity should have been shown as 41TWh.

  18. Only two left (19, 26), but perplexed about last six of 14A. I remember an old saying: ‘Gone for a …..’, but can’t see how this fits the clue. No probs with first part.

  19. Oh crumbs, I’m getting through this but unlike most of you I started at the bottom and am making way up. I’m getting many from definitions and struggling on the parsing. I’m sure I have 18A correct but don’t understand the last four letters. I was able to guess first word of 14A which got me 15D but can’t parse either. I don’t get the first word of 6D…it’s a really bitty, scrappy puzzle for me.

  20. Arthur C. –
    14A – last 6 – “closer”.
    19D – see Mort | May 22, 2015 at 10:54 am | . And look at has 3 words for 6 letters.
    26A – see Mort | May 22, 2015 at 10:54 am |

  21. Cryptic – 15D wordplay is “enfeebled heart” (letter 3) in “work” synonym for (1,2,4). Remainder is homophone for “records”.

  22. 14A – defn = “He began old”. “spot” gives letters 4,5,6. “in part of West Africa” gives letters 1,2,3,7,8. “closer” = letters 9,10,11,12,13,14

  23. 6D – 1st word. I took it simply as “displayed by Minnehaha?”.
    In other words it was not the first part of the word.

  24. Crypticrochet I agree it is a bitty, scrappy one where at some key points you have to guess the answer and work backwards. Good fun all the same.

    18A a boat may those 4 letters if you have the right answer
    14A the spot is a three letter word
    15D look at letters 1,2,4 and parsing should be clear.
    6D check out the last four letters

  25. Typo correction:
    19D – see Mort | May 22, 2015 at 10:54 am | . And look at *last 3 words for 6 letters.

  26. Indigo
    4D definition is bill. 3-letter word which becomes a word for ‘forbidden’ when added to a 2-letter phrase for a killing licence, as in a certain movie franchise

  27. Indigo 4D forbidden is a five letter word, which is the answer plus a licence to kill. Think James Bond.

    6D is an anagram of first two words plus a symbol for “round”

  28. Indigo – 6D – see:
    Ray | May 22, 2015 at 12:44 pm |
    ie: I took it simply as “displayed by Minnehaha?”.
    In other words it was not the first part of the word.

  29. Thanks for everyone’s hints!

    Got 14A from the definition and down letters, but can’t see how the wordplay fits. Help?

  30. Saweng – 14A – see:
    Ray | May 22, 2015 at 12:42 pm |
    14A – defn = “He began old”. “spot” gives letters 4,5,6. “in part of West Africa” gives letters 1,2,3,7,8. “closer” = letters 9,10,11,12,13,14

  31. Clearly my mind is working differently as I haven’t managed anything in the NW corner? Anyone want to get me started with 1A?

  32. Phoebe – 1A – “Sailor” gives 1,2,3,4. “to sink everything” gives 5,6,7. Defn = “in the pool potentially”.

  33. I am done before the kids are home from school! Really like 10A and 22A. Now to parse everything. Thanks for the tips everyone, you really save my sanity.

  34. Hmmm, afraid that clue went over my head Celia, but never mind, I got 1A which helped me nut out 1D! Thanks Ray

  35. Mary – 5A – Defn = “Difficult to manage”. “dilapidated” = anagrind. Fodder = “his” – for letters 4,5,6. “outside” = container indicator. “trunk” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,7.

  36. Sorry – 5D – “Period” gives synonym for letters 1,2,3,4. “check” gives 4 letter synonym for 10,9,8,7. (“up” – indicates the reversal). “one” = letters 5,6,11. “stopping” = container indicator. Defn = “bloomer at wedding”.

  37. Mary – yes – I corrected as above ie:
    Sorry – 5D – “Period” gives synonym for letters 1,2,3,4. “check” gives 4 letter synonym for 10,9,8,7. (“up” – indicates the reversal). “one” = letters 5,6,11. “stopping” = container indicator. Defn = “bloomer at wedding”.

  38. Thanks again, Ray! I kept reading parts of it upwards, but not the right parts – isn’t it amazing how you can’t see what’s right in front of your nose?

  39. Phoebe, E L Doctorow’s most famous novel was Ragtime. The film of the book used music by 1 down, with “The Entertainer” being the movie’s major theme.

  40. I’m pleased that Ray gave Mary hints for 5A even though she didn’t want them as I had the wrong crime in 7D and couldn’t get anything to fit for 5A. All done now.

  41. A very late start today, but now all done bar 4D and 10A. Read the comments above on 4D, but none the wiser. Popular movies one of my weak spots. Am I wrong in assuming the def’n for 10A is in the last three words of the clue? As well, I don’t get all the word play for 18A or 24A, and I don’t understand Mort’s explanation for letter 4 of 9A. Loved 5A and 6D.

  42. Dave R – 10A – yes – defn is last 3 words.
    4D – defn is “Bill”. And if you add 2 letters to the end of that (meaning a “licence to kill”) the resultant 5 letter word means “forbidden”.

  43. Dave 4D definition is “bill” – as in restaurant “bring me the XXX”. If you add a licence to kill to the answer, you get a word meaning “off-limits”. I think that there must be only 9 spies licenced to kill…
    10A the Sydney campus is the University of New South Wales.

    re 9A, I was hoping for a better explanation of letter four than my PQ4R study system but no-one has commented. My opinion of the letter is that there are four Rs in the system. Still hoping for a simpler explanation.

  44. 18A – see:
    Ray | May 22, 2015 at 10:52 am |
    MJH – 18A – “Perhaps Persian” gives letters 1,2,3. “girl’s” gives letters 4,5,6. “one” = letter 7. “novel” gives letters 8,9,10. “lean” gives letters 11,12,13,14. Defn = “spinner”
    Ray | May 22, 2015 at 12:40 pm |
    CC –
    18A – last 4 are a synonym of “lean” (as in angle):

  45. Mort – for 9A I thought it was simply “one of four” – so one of the letters in the word “four” – but could be wrong.

  46. Got 10A. Had the wrong university at first. Also 4D, so finished now. Also worked out word play for 18A.

  47. Thanks Mort and Ray. Actually worked them out before coming back to your hints. Only word play for 24 to go.

  48. 24A – “in” gives letters 1,2. “firm” letters 3,4. “dolt” 6,7,8. “shot” letters 5,9.

  49. Ray for 9A, you could be right, but whatever it is, it’s a pretty odd clue.

    I’m surprised that no-one has pointed out that 9A isn’t actually a gemstone as it is not a mineral but a combination of a mineral and a protein. Still, it’s close enough for a crossword.

  50. Finally all done, reread Mort’s 10.54 post, and also discovered I had wrong last six for 14A. name I had never heard. But good to finish, getting all but three by myself. (Sprains wrist, patting back!)

  51. All out (with a bit of help from above and a lot from word searches) except for the NW corner which is completely blank!
    Above hints haven’t helped with 1a, which, if I had it, may go a long way towards solving the rest of it.
    No idea on 9a despite all the above discussion of it.

  52. guess for 3d, if I’m right all I can see is the ham off limits for letter 4, no idea how the rest works. Still completely blank for 1a, 1d, 2d, 9a, 11a.

  53. 3d guess appears to be right although I don’t understand it as it gave me 1a, and in turn 2d.
    Have looked up E.L. Doctorow novels as per earlier hint for 1d but that hasn’t helped at all.
    Just 1d, 9a, 11a to go

  54. Just saw 9d, agree it isn’t a gemstone, but he didn’t say stone, just gem. Am assuming both gem and the answer are referring to colloquialisms for someone who is just wonderful.

  55. Just 11a to go, stuck despite having all the cross letters. Word searchers haven’t helped

  56. arrgh, mis-spelt 5d, which made a mess of 11a. All done now. Still a few wordplays to ponder.
    Can’t see how the last 4 letters of 18a equate to lean as described above, they don’t seem to have anything to do with an angle.

  57. Stuck on 17, 19, 21, 23 down and 20 and 28 across. Guessing 19d (thanks Mort) but don’t get wordplay for last 4 letters.

  58. SB, 17D Builder’s framework is scaffolding; bump the off.
    19D first and last letters (banks) of last three words.
    21D Say = EG, escalated give GE, business = CO, bridging $1,000 = K.
    23D Avoid a bouncer = duck it, sounds like ducat.
    20A HALF, stripped = AL, behind limb = LEG.
    28A misfit indicates anagram of So Wrong = growns on.

  59. Thanks Mort! It’s all so obvious in hindsight! And now I have 28A as well. I had the wrong tree for 25D – the clue worked equally well in computer context (‘crash’), AND there’s a 24A equivalent ending in ‘a’, although I didn’t get the word play for ‘GA’. All done Thanks again.

  60. I really enjoyed this week’s puzzle. Some great misdirection, and a couple of clues with multiple possible answers (croak/crash for 25d). I had GRIFT for 7d, which I thought fit the clue very well. Unfortunately my spelling of 18a was off, and trying to link “perhaps Persian” with KAT had me stumped haha

  61. Mort, in 9A the ‘one of four’ is simply one of the letters in the word.
    I think I have the incorrect crime- still a gap at 5A!? :(

  62. Whoops- typical overthink on the crime clue- sorted.
    5A- trunk, considered elephant, luggage and car first- so of course it is a tree reference.

  63. D’oh! I thought GRIFT was rock solid.

    I was pretty happy with myself because I avoided putting in (CR)ASH, which I thought of first but didn’t think was totally airtight a solution, instead of (CR)OAK. When 5A wouldn’t bend to my will, it didn’t cross my mind that GRIFT could be another answer.

    I would assume DA didn’t realise GRIFT was so solid an option. Don’t think it’s the done thing in cryptic circles to have multiple potential answers.

  64. I recovered after an early CRASH. Like several others, I had committed the wrong crime. But I got there in the end.

    I discovered this forum last week while struggling through that fiendish formulation. I was stuck about half way through, but with a few subtle and not-so-subtle hints from here I finished it.

    This week I didn’t look here until I was down to my last four. Strangely, it was not by looking at any specific hints, but rather just the fact that most trippers were finding it relatively easy, that sent me back to have another look. 5d was a word unknown to me; I had to rely on a word search for that one.

    Repulsive is ok with me. Two magnets with their north poles adjacent will experience a repulsive force, which might push one of them backwards. Or perform a …

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