5 thoughts on “DA for the 1st of May, 2015

  1. Was thoroughly excited by this one: I was born 36 years ago on the 26th of April, so this crossword was my birthday crossword and it featured a key clue about something that began 36 years ago!

    Then thoroughly disappointed: I have absolutely no interest in the TV show.

    But while I understand not everyone can be enthused by every theme, is it actually possible that anyone positively likes the TV show enough to have been happy about the theme? Or is my personal distaste for the show making me wrongly assume that no one could positively like the show and welcome the theme?

  2. AS, I’ve never seen the show; I don’t like tabloid journalism. I didn’t really enjoy this crossword. I prefer those that I can solve with my own knowledge of words and general knowledge. For this one, I had to resort to the dreaded Internet to look up these people, most of whom, I’d never heard of before. Most cryptics, including DAs, I can solve without having to look up answers. So, in response to your comments, I totally agree with your sentiments.

  3. In the past there have been themes to do with Harry Potter, rock bands , Roman Emporers etc and someone always “This is ridiculous, I’ve never even read an HP novel” However the point is that DA expects us to have enough general knowledge to know that there is such a thing as Harry Potter, or varieties of wine , or musicals– we have to find the theme and then rely on word play ( for the geniuses among us), more general knowledge or Google to confirm our guesses. I share your distaste for the TV show, but was proportionately pleased with myself for getting the theme given that I have studiously avoided it for 36 years.

  4. Nice to know I’m not the only one a little surprised by the choice of theme.

    And nf, I think you kind of make my point. I can imagine many people who thoroughly enjoy Harry Potter, varieties of wine or musicals, none of which are particular likes of mine… 60 Minutes, though, does anyone like the show enough to care about the theme?

  5. Never watch it either, so was a bit disappointed that he’d waste a perfectly good crossword with it! Hope he doesn’t do “A Current Affair” next!
    On the other hand the clue was clever and, once you had it, the rest was easy to google, so I didn’t find the crossword all that bad

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