DA Confusion for the 1st of May, 2015

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94 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of May, 2015

  1. Took me forever to get the theme (and really shouldn’t have). Actually got 2D first which then gave me the theme.
    Thought 6A was very clever.
    And thought 5D and 19D very good.
    In fact, pretty good all round in my view.
    Was mislead by 1A for a long time as well.

  2. Bit of a struggle, not being familiar with the theme; and I couldn’t name two Aussie golfers is my life depended on it.

  3. Hmm, have to agree: I don’t like these crosswords where I have to use the internet to find answers. It was easy enough to finish once I found a list of possible answers but not one of the most enjoyable DAs for me.

    Being English, I don’t pronounce 23A that way…

  4. Lovely wet day in Sydney, day of work, sitting with ancient dog by the heater, coffee at hand…thought I’d try to go it alone for once…
    Hopeless, not even one clue!

  5. Can someone give a hint for 26A/20D I’m reakky struggling and cannot get going!

  6. Try 2D – defn = “26A/20D original”. “debunked” = anagrind with fodder “aliens” for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6. “fraud” gives 3 letter synonym for letters 7,8,9.

    And – no – not sport.

  7. Thanks ray, you are soo helpful every week
    You give enough to get there but not so much that you spoil the game

  8. Confused. Very late start, couldn’t get to computer. Thought I had correctly guessed the theme, but then the person who seems to be 6D has no connection with the theme, as far as I can see. Rethink needed.

  9. AHA! Realised I had chosen wrong platform. So now my 6D makes sense. SLOOOOOOOOOOOW.

  10. Thanks Ray for your 2D hints. All of it is new to me. If it were the US version I’d have been better off. I expect I’ll have to use google a lot to solve this one.

  11. Seven to go. Much research, was totally unfamiliar with the theme. ? on 1D. I’m sure I have the answer, it includes the braless Barbara, but the ‘calls around’?

  12. Working away furiously at 2d, hoping that “the fruiterer” is involved, if you catch my drift.

  13. SezClom, sorry, no fruiterer here. Can’t think of alternative without mentioning the theme.

  14. Arthur, for 1D don’t remove the bra from Barbara – rather focus on the words “around a little” as it relates to the first five words of the clue.

  15. SezClom, 2D debunked indicates an anagram. Fraud gives last three letters of the answer.

  16. Mort, believe it or not (I’d just believe it though) I’d got that and I STILL can’t nut it out. Maybe I’m super obtuse today.
    If there’s not a fruiterer involved I’m hoping for sleeping dogs.

  17. SezClom, if you have the theme, 2D was one of the originals, as indicated by the clue. There were only four and only one fits the answer.

  18. Finished, Still not understanding Mort’s help with 1D. I get the ‘around’ as letters 1&2, beyond that totally lost. Anyway, a good tussle, as I started with a different theme item.

  19. Arthur, 1D “Around” does not give first two letters. Look AROUND the first four words. (sorry, I said five before).

  20. Yuck! Need help 20 across; for 13 across & 16 down I have answers, but can’t parse; and for 25 across I have no idea of S Warne’s talent unless what I need is a synonym for spin.
    Thought theme’s clue very clever! btw 6 across then down gave me the answer!

  21. Celia, 20A is easy if you live in Melbourne. It’s a combined word. The first four are a conductor with a removed. The balance could mean “sign” – think letters; not much used these days.

  22. I found this pretty straight forward overall, but 13A escapes me.

    BTW, Mort, 6D was not an original; there were only three.

  23. Celia, the conductor is not human.
    16D no, but you’re close with the “born” bit. Definition is last two words and has nothing to do with pregnancy.

  24. Stuck today. Have only a few and no idea of the theme. Is it something to do with a television programme? If so I will have little chance. Busy day ahead so might well not bother.

  25. Sorry Mort, I must have misconstrued your comment about there being four of them originally.

    Any help with parsing 13A?

  26. +1 to Dave R. Even with the clue for 2D from Ray, I have no idea of the answer or the theme. I am trying an anagram of aliens then the most obvious 3 letter word for fraud, and it doesn’t make sense to me

  27. 13A – Defn = “Shaft part”. “rose in rock” is first name of lead singer for letters 1,2,3. “long” gives 4 letter synonym (as in yearn) with “last preceding” for letters 5,6,7,4

  28. Mort, by airborn, I was referring to a title that is now no longer used for certain female members of an airline’s crew.

  29. Brendan, Try 6 across then 6 down. That did it for me (thanks to Celia)

  30. 16D – “That’s hard” = letters 3,2,1 as they are “to pass up”. “frocks” gives 7 letter synonym with first letter removed (“top”) for letters 4,5,6,7,8,9. Defn = “expectant females?”.

  31. Thanks Ray. Music is my Achilles heel. I’d barely heard of that singer, but I see that he has become a critic of the Bali 9 saga.

  32. 6A – very clever – “Dieter’s OK” gives a foreign word (synonym for OK”) for letters 1,2. “to censure” gives 3 letter synonym for letters 3,4,5. Defn = “G20 member?”

  33. Thanks Ray, I had even googled G20 countries and still hadn’t twigged

  34. Brendan, nipp on over to 6 across/down pair before trying 2 down.

    In 26/20 “broadcast” is a homophone indicator, and the definition is all but the first two words, though once solved they too also serve as a definition!

  35. Thanks Celia, got it now. Turns out it was the second most obvious 3 letter word for fraud, plus I am too young to know the originals

  36. Not being particularly familiar with all those involved with tic tic tic I checked Wikipedia where all the themed answers can be found and plugged in!!!

    Thanks to Crypticrochet via Twitter DM for assist with 20 across & confirmation – but never heard of that particular network!

  37. CF – you asked a few times re parsing 13A and 16D – did you get there?

  38. Only 20a to go. Not from Melbourne and while I have all cross letters I have no idea. Help!

  39. I got 6a very early, but ‘disheartening’ it gives me neither a word nor any part of a two-word phrase that would fit 6d. The hints given above for 2d have failed to help me, either, as I can’t wrangle an anagram of ‘aliens’ into the first part of the answer. I assume, from the cross letter provided by 13a, that it is not the most obvious 3-letter fraud here but a more prostrate one. This just adds to my confusion. I rarely give up, but there are lots of things to do that will be more boring but also more achievable.

  40. Dave R – don’t stop now as I think you will kick yourself when you get it.
    As I said at the start it took me too long to figure it out. But once done …. well …
    So, for 26A / 20D, what 4 letter word sounds like (“Broadcast”) “our”.
    Then how else can that word be described in two words of 5,7.
    And it is has also been a “show for 36 years”.

  41. Thanks, Ray. As I feared, it has to do with television. I think I have worked out from your hint the name of a programme, but if it is, it’s one about which I know nothing. I assume I could obtain some answers by googling, but that approach is never as satisfying.

  42. Didn’t enjoy this – I hate it when a lot of a crossword depends on a clue I have no hope of getting without help, and then needs lots of googling! Plodded on nearly to the end, but stuck on 11a and 3d. Why do I always fail at clues nobody else on here even mentions?

  43. Dave R 6 d is a woman whose surname is a 5-letter homophone for a 4-letter synonym of “opening”. She has thick dark eyebrows. Her first name is derived from 6 across, as instructed! There are lots of other names in this crossword that are less well known, some almost unknown. I don’t see it as cheating to read the Wikipedia entry for the program then re-readcthe themed clues: they are all names!

  44. I was happy to have worked out 26A/20D and then Google. However, even before looking at Google, I had thought there would be a 3,6 that wasn’t there and that threw me for a bit.
    The only one I don’t have is 13A so I’ll have to research some rock singers (thanks, Ray).

  45. Sandy 20A think of a thing that conducts (heat, electricity etc); with “removed a” – gives letters 1-4. Sign (think old-fashioned letters) gives last three. Whole is a combined word for the old tram network in Melbourne.

  46. Thanks, Sandy. I found it fairly quickly.
    Can’t think of how to help you with 20A though as it is a very Melbourne name. While the clue gives you letters 1,2,3,4 then 5,6,7 it is pronounced as a 3 letter word followed by a 4 letter word.

  47. In light of Mort;s 1148 post, it seems probable I have both 1A and 1D wrong, I have filled both in but can;t fit them to the clues at all. I had carbonara for 1D, chiseller for 1A. I still have no idea what Mort’s clue ‘look AROUND’ first four words’ means. Will wait for tomorrow for correct answers. But I think maybe an anagram is indicated, will check out before I close.

  48. No. Tried for an anagram of baracalls, Wordfinder says no words found. It now appears my 13A is also probably wrong, so three errors due to wrong 1D. Ah well, not too bad overall.

  49. Arthur re 1 D: BarbAR NO BRA Calls – read it backwards – (look around)
    1A a horror movie is a CHILLER, around “spoke in wings”.

  50. been out all day, just got home and looked at it, no idea. Read the above hints, still no idea. Will sleep on it, might look again tomorrow if I have time.

  51. I’m doing the digital version today. Can someone tell me if in the print version 16d has 3 nonsense characters between “pass up” and “top frocks”, and, if not, what is there? Thanks!

  52. Geoff – 16D – print version:
    “to pass up – top frocks for”
    So just a hyphen in the middle.

  53. Thanks for help on 13a, I couldn’t parse that either. Just have 7d to go, with all cross letters, and can’t think of an answer that fits definition or wordplay. What am I missing? Please help!!

  54. Marvellous! All correct, but had to read back above to get an understanding of AXLE PIN for 13A.

  55. David 7D two and three a special types of numbers, as are five and seven. A basic schoolbook is a six letter word with the last letter removed.

  56. fresh start this morning, have about half a dozen answers, but none connected with the theme.
    Will read the above.

  57. thanks Arthur for 1A, had not heard of that word in that context before.
    Have finally worked out the theme, but it isn’t something I’ve ever watched, so will be a lot of googling.

  58. got 20a now after filling in a few cross letters. Have all the themed clues, but had to google them.
    Don’t understand the spoonerism in 14d (have the answer).

  59. nn, re 14D I assume that there are Australian golfers calls Ball and Parry but I couldn’t be bothered looking them up as I was sure that the answer was correct.

  60. That’s about as far as I got with it Mort!
    Am stuck on 12a, despite having all the cross letters. Word search sites come up with no word that fits those letters.

  61. Geoff, I also use the digital version. You can access a copy of the print version via the Home button & then ‘Today’s Paper’ which is on the right top of the options (and in blue writing).

  62. I found this week’s quite hard going, especially prior to getting the ‘key’. Only got 26A, 20D after I asked a friend to help with names of shows that 6D had been in. After that it (mostly) fell into place.
    I think I understand the rest, but I still don’t understand the wordplay for 26A, 20D. It’s probably too late in the p(second) day, but are there any Trippers still about that can assist with parsing that clue?

  63. LJ, “Broadcast our” – means sounds like hour, which is, of course, the answer. It started in 1979 – 36 years ago.

  64. LJ – refer earlier entry ie:

    Ray | May 1, 2015 at 2:39 pm |

    Dave R – don’t stop now as I think you will kick yourself when you get it.
    As I said at the start it took me too long to figure it out. But once done …. well …
    So, for 26A / 20D, what 4 letter word sounds like (“Broadcast”) “our”.
    Then how else can that word be described in two words of 5,7.
    And it is has also been a “show for 36 years”.

  65. I can’t get the wordplay for 8D. The best I could do was an anagram of Guinness with the sin taken out ….

    Incidentally on 14D I can’t find any well-known golfer called Ball, so maybe s/he is just a friend of David’s?

    Surprised nn didn’t know 20A, DA’s been clever (as usual) because it was a tram (and train and bus) net work rather than a network: a shared website for planning journeys in Melbourne etc from 2004 to 2012.

  66. Mike, if you look up 8d in a dictionary you will find it is a type of drink (never heard of it myself)
    I did eventually click with 20a, but rarely use public transport as I’m a fair way out of the centre of town and rarely go in there. I was also looking for something specific to trams rather than the more general term.

    Apparently there was a golfer called Ted Ball 1939 – 1995. Did pretty well in the 60s and 70s, according to Wikipedia. I’d never heard of him.

  67. Thanks very much mort. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit it now, but I’m a high school maths teacher. That clue should have been right up my alley!

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