7 thoughts on “DA for the 17th of April, 2015

  1. I like a themed crossword, and I like learning new words, but this has to have been my least favourite DA in a long long time! 14A, 18/26A, 19A – these led the way for some damn oddness in the answers, and convoluted clueing in others, or was it just me?

  2. Jonathan – I tend to agree – several too convoluted / obtuse for me in this one. But then I guess that is DA.

    And for all – FYI – in April 19 Sunday’s Herald Cryptic Crossword pretty sure typo in 16D –
    “VISTORY” should be “VICTORY”.

  3. This was a really hard one for me this week–only 3 answered by Saturday lunchtime. However I disagree with you Jonathon.Even though 14 across is a disgusting object, DA has used it a couple of times in the last few years, and the camera element came to mind very readily (though it did take much gnashing of teeth to get the whole word ). Can’t comment on 19 A, though, as I have yet to decipher that– more teeth-gnashing required

  4. nf, 19A is a simple anagram of “clues don”. Anagram indicated by “pitches”. Answer is a quaint (as in old-fashioned) word for obscures. If something covers something, it could be said to cloud it; so to do the reverse is to ….

  5. sorry, didn’t mean to say “reverse”; mean to do the same in an older-style way.

  6. Thanks a million Mort. Anagrams are the weakest of my many weak points– advice very much appreciated.

  7. Ray. I love DA convolution. As I say, maybe it was just me, but I found this one awkward rather than DA sublime! Happy for people to politely disagree here (rather than the other thread where people are getting rather competitive and ever so slightly rude!).

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