DA Confusion for the 10th of April, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

54 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of April, 2015

  1. Maybe I was just on DA’s wavelength today. All out, all understood and fairly quickly for me.
    Nothing really stood out for me today – though did think 24A –> 26A was pretty clever and thought 9D was a little cumbersome.

  2. Twelve in, and not 0800 yet! Lucky guess at 8D opened the way to complete SW corner.

  3. lucky you I still haven’t got my paper yet as my paper deliverer had to take his kid to the hospital and he didn’t tell his boss so I still haven’t got it 2 hours or more after it’s usually delivered! Grrr

  4. Ray, what is the reasoning for tge hyphens in 1a? Wide open?
    Slow start today, but 1a 4d 8d and 24a got me going.

  5. Agree it was on the easier side. Hadn’t heard of 12A but looked it up later.

    Crypticrochet should be able to enter a couple pretty quickly …

  6. Andy W – 1A – I think the hyphens are just artistic confusion because of the use of “spelling”. Like Crypticrochet, I too had an easy way in.

  7. Down to last five in SE corner. If I have correct second word for 9D, I don’t see how it is clued. Any elucidation, please. Haven’t identified NZ parrot yet. They seem to have a lot of birds over there.

  8. 26A! Very tricky, I thought. All finished now. Sad! Often takes all day.

  9. So, Arthur C, can you help with the wordplay for 26a? MJH, 1a is an anagram, hyphens don’t really matter.

  10. I have a life to live this is my last call for anyone who needs wordplays, or other hints.
    I have no intention of hanging around after 11 a.m.

  11. if anyone can help with wordplay of 18 down that would be great I’m very puzzled by the clue and I think it starts with the letter A

  12. MJH 9 D Very convoluted wordplay! definition is the first word, party gives 2-6, fracturing is an inclusion indicator, quiet gives 1 & 7, arrests is another inclusion indicator, street gives 10-12, 4th- 3rd- & second-last words give 8,9,13 i.e ignore the comma

  13. Dave 13A “spring” (very loosely) gives 1-4 and 9. Balance is a word for “everything” missing answer.
    29A loveless marriage gives 1-4; ends in trouble gives next two; balance means taking a break.

  14. Nice to see such an underrated left-hander get a mention in 12A and be called a legend.

    There don’t seem to be any huge difficulties in today’s puzzle.

  15. Thanks Mort. All clear to me now. I’d been stuck on “marriage ends”, so had the wrong two letters. I agree with Jack about 12a.

  16. Took a while to get going but only a few to go, but getting nowhere with them.
    Hints for 8d, 3d, 10a, 12a, 27a please.

    Also don’t get wordplay for 6d, 22a (not sure if I have the right answer for 22a, but not much would fit)

  17. nn, 8D isn’t much of a clue, in my opinion. Think of a howler in relation to weather and think of something that may make a light in it.
    3D “teenager imperfectly” means drop a letter from a word for teenager and putt it around “blonde tips”
    10A definition is invalid. Remove caps from a weapon and from it’s ammunition.
    12A definition is tennis legend, although I’d never heard of him. Get it by uncovering another word for 19A. See comments above re Crypticrochet for a hint.
    27A definition is sweet wine. Took in (very roughly) gives 1-4; balance is tainted air.

  18. nn, 6D is made up of the hubs of the four preceding words.
    22A A six letter word for “way” losing the overdose gives an abbreviation for a drug.

  19. and that gave me 8d, which in turn gives me something for 27a, but it has an extra letter compared with the spelling in my dictionary. Can’t make sense of wordplay for it either, I’m assuming the last two words of the clue are the definition.

  20. thanks Mort, got some of them while you were typing, looks like I’m on the wrong track with 27a.
    Will ponder your hint and that for the tennis player. Have all the rest now.

  21. Got them now, had the wrong answer for 25d, which was making a mess of things. If I have the right place this time, I’d describe it as south east of France and I don’t think much of the clue. I’d originally gone for something that was directly south of France.

  22. nn, 25D the first three letters of the answer relate to “south of France”; plus “an”. definition is “arid republic”

  23. After using google translate, I understand why he put south of France now. Wish he’d stop using French words, he may have done French at school, I didn’t!

  24. Mort, I agree 8d isn’t much of a clue – one of several where I filled the answer in in pencil first as I thought I must have missed something. Not like DA to include misleading punctuation and cases for no good reason, either, as in 1a and 21d – or am I still missing some subtlety after all? I liked 14a, though, when I finally got it.

  25. nn, I did French and Latin at school. Hated the latter at the time but am now grateful that I did it.

  26. Probably the best I’ve done on a DA puzzle. Fairly amateur at these. Have the answer to 13a but honestly can’t see how it fits the clue aside from the obvious first bit.

  27. SezClom, see my comments above re 13A.
    Mort | April 10, 2015 at 12:00 pm |

  28. Letters 5-8 are ‘everything’ with ‘answer’ removed. Letters 1-4 and 9 are ‘spring’ – but I think this is another of DA’s slightly dodgy definitions. Like the first 4 letters of 27.

  29. Thanks Mort. Saw that just after I posted. I struggle with these on any day. This thread is a godsend

  30. Hi all. Got it out today but was hoping the trippers could explain why the clue for 21d is in capitals. I have the answer, I just don’t understand the wordplay. Thanks!

  31. nn, I’m glad you asked about 8D as it was the only clue I couldn’t come up with an answer to. Thanks, Mort, for your hints. Can’t help David S: I don’t see the need for capitals either.

  32. I can’t believe everyone found this so easy. Two hours in I have much less than half.
    I have an answer to 27A which I think is correct but can’t relate my first four letters to ‘took in’. Can anyone explain without giving the game away?

  33. Geoff 27A read “took in” as “took home” in relation to net salary. That will explain the first four letters – a very week clue, in my opinion.

  34. oooops – that should be weak! Although it could be a pun on weekly take-home pay.

  35. Thanks Mort. I agree; a very weak clue.
    Cathy R, I also agree with you.
    Have made progress since earlier post!

  36. Sorry, Prufrock, I didn’t come back and look. Re 26A two parts: That winged is HA, NZ parrot is a KEA, the whole lot is a flower, HAKEA.

  37. Got all but 14a before coming here. Only one mention of it and no hints. I must be missing something. Can someone give me a clue or if I have just answered it, an explanation.

  38. AJ, 14A definition is “this” (as in what 14A is) and is made up of “culture”, here and there (i.e. alternate letters in the word “culture”)

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