DA Confusion for the 6th of March, 2015

Have your DA confusions sorted out right here.

53 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of March, 2015

  1. All out and understood.
    First in 19D. This led to first “themed” answer of 4D/29A, which then gave the rest.
    Didn’t really think any clues were “great” today.

  2. Alas, my favourite hate, multiple clues linked to one I can’t fathom. Have solved seven. A bit sick, sore and sorry today, crashed on a concrete driveway on Tuesday morning, spent rest of day in hospital. I have some glorious bruises. Picture on Facebook page of my alter ego Gus C.

  3. Not good news Arthur, hope you are on the improve. I need more info to find your facebook page, Which 7?

  4. Andy W, it is named Gus Comer. Posted picture of damaged left hand yesterday, you might have to search down a long way to find it. Several aching spots at the moment. Tried, but cannot post picture here.

  5. JUst posted a more recent pic in Facebook. Magnificent bruise, have bigger one on left shin.

  6. Sorry to hear that, Arthur. I don’t think that today’s puzzle will cheer you up much as I know that you don’t use any of the themed answers…

    However, I do love these puzzles that cross-reference each other, although once the theme is recognised, it does make it pretty easy to get the answers.

  7. Mort, I have solved nine, but no idea on the 1, 30A at this stage. Something alcoholic? Will keep striving.

  8. Just found 16D, I think, which seems to verify my earlier suggestion. Good! Now have eleven, every new one helps find others.

  9. Would I be right that 1A/30A wordplay is RAISE as in what a male dog does and DOG is more to follow and not a canine? Def = last word?

  10. But with about eight to go, have decided to leave it. Don’t know enough names of themed items, not prepared to look through list of thousands of them, so, finis. CU next week.

  11. Oh dear, Arthur. I hope you heal quickly and aren’t in too much discomfort.

    We had this theme months ago. I’ll have to dig it out because many of these clues are familiar. I got 4D purely from remembering a previous clue – I wonder if it was the same puzzle. I’m taking this as a sign I’m getting used to DA’s ways. 3A and 28A got me the theme although not sure about first three letters of 3A.

  12. Took a while to get theme, but then most fell into place. But still not sure of wordplay for 20A – I’m probably missing the obvious.

  13. Got answers for all but not clear on all word plays:
    9d – letters 3 & 6?
    20a – 1st two letters?
    15a – not quite clear how every letter works?

    Actually got the theme early (unusual for me as I normally don’t like the themed ones) after I worked out the second word of 3A.

  14. Crypticrochet
    First 3 letters of 3A are clued from word 3 after boycotting a common abbreviation for church.

  15. Julian 9D “little women” in a literary sense.
    20A letters 1-2 from “a silk ousted kind” – remove a three-letter word meaning kind, as in type.

  16. Julian 15A – there are three millions; plus “a” from the clue; plus Lad’s inner, plus return of desire (three letters)

  17. Julian, I’m assuming letters 3&6 in 9d relate to a 19 Centuary book (& mid 20th C film) I haven’t read that was popular with the fairer sex.
    I’m also confused about the wordplay in 15A.

  18. The theme – and my … er … expertise therein – let me solve this one far more quickly than I usually get DA.

    Just not sure about the wordplay on 13A. Any help?

  19. Last one 13a – I have a word that fits, but can’t see how the clue works.
    I like the connection of 6d with the theme.

  20. Thanks, Mort. That one wouldn’t be at the top of my list of synonyms for ‘dry’, but it’ll do. Part of my trouble is also that my long history with UK crosswords tends to have me thinking of the wrong letter for ‘penny’!

  21. Nice to see June Allyson remembered in 9D (or even Katharine Hepburn for those who like really old films).
    My only issue with this puzzle is that I don’t like to see a non-hyphenated word split over two answers as is done for the theme giver.

  22. All out before visiting here today. Had to check a few 1a/30as on Google, as quite a few I hadn’t heard of.
    Sorry to hear about your fall Arthur. Found your FB page, but no pictures as promised. I might send you a friend request.

  23. Hope you are feeling better soon, Arthur.
    I was surprised how quickly I was able to finish once I finally got 1,30 A. It is amazing how the answer comes to you once you get home from work: maybe because you need a 1,30 A!
    Mary: I don’t think you need to be used to British crosswords to have the letter you were thinking of for penny.

  24. Thanks, Sandy & Ann. I did post a picture of my injured right hand there this morning, but maybe didn’t click a necessary button. I have awful troubles with FB. Will try it again now.

  25. I think the picture is there now. After the fall, little finger assumed an inverted N shape, sizeable hole in the flesh near the knuckle suggested a fracture, but it was only a bad dislocation.

  26. Like Arthur I hate puzzles with many clues linked to one that I have no idea about. What is there in the clue for 1,30A that suggests it’s got anything to do with alcohol? Is 1,30A actually one word divided? That’s my second biggest aggravation!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Arthur.

  27. Here’s my parsing for 9d.

    Read flash as in “it happened in a flash” to give 1,2. 3,6 is slang for “little woman” and 4,5 indicated by the rest, definition as in 1-30.

    Good enough for me!

  28. h, re 9D, I’m not familiar with 3,6 being a slang word for a little woman, but then I’m not big on slang in the first place. I took it, as did others, as a reference to a literary work.

  29. Sandy, I thought I had ‘Friended’ you on Facebook, but can find no trace. I really struggle with FB, Andy appears, but not you? Strange!

  30. Late start again Mort. Have 2 answers (1d and 19d) plus a guess (10a). Can guess what the theme must be from your comment, but that isn’t helping me get any answers.

  31. nn, you’re the same age that I am, so 10A must relate to John, Paul, George and Thomas the Tank Engine.

  32. Got first word of 3d and also 4d/29a so get the theme although that hasn’t helped me get 1a/30D assuming my 1d is correct (it might clear my throat, but not my head!).

  33. That’s what I have for 10a but can only see 1 note, not 3 and have no idea how the rest of it works

  34. Finally got 1a/30 a. Messy answer split across the two spaces. Am going to have trouble with this one, much prefer a glass of red.

  35. nn, re 10D the first three letters are notes in a musical scale. The last word is “recorded for”, as in sounds like “for”.

  36. Thanks Mort I was reading first two letters as one note. Have the sound of music on my mind at the moment.
    Have about a third done now

  37. nn, I’m a musician and automatically think of the first seven letters of the alphabet when I see “note”, rather than the Sound of Music version.

  38. Am about to chuck this one in with about half done. Too tired, don’t know much about the theme and can’t be bothered googling it.

  39. Checked out the answers Ian’s site. Glad I gave up, haven’t heard of most of the ones I was missing. Until next week

  40. Got off to a real slow start today after a night on the tiles so the theme of this crossword is some sort of poetic justice for me. The DA Mojo didnt hit me until fairly recently usually it comes early in the day Never heard of 27 across but haven’t checked my answer yet so could be totally wrong – just built it up from the building blocks in the clue!

  41. I didn’t enjoy this puzzle as much. I don’t get the phrase for 5D, never heard of the 25A phrase so couldn’t put it together even though I knew how the clue was solved – that’s a real kick in the gut. Other clues I could guess quickly but not parse like 15A and 13A. I had got a quarter of the puzzle out quickly and then stalled. I’d never heard of 27A either, Celia.

  42. Done all in one day for a change but had to google some of the theme. Only posting to say sorry to hear abiut your fall Arthur and hope you feel better soon.

  43. Crypticrochet: The 5D phrase is used as a verb; maybe it’s Australian only, not sure. I don’t think the 25A answer is ‘a phrase’, more like an observation; I take you haven’t been a teacher and were never a rebel pupil yourself! I agree, 15A and 13A were tricky to parse. There were a few of the themed clues that I didn’t know, but then, I don’t think I’ve had or bought one in my life (he said, sipping on his red wine).

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