DA Confusion for the 27th of February, 2015

Have all your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA right here.

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  1. Two solved only(5D, of course!). Paper late as usual Fridays. Busy day coming up. Back later.

  2. Quiet here this morning. LH side all done and bits and pieces on the RHS. Will plough.

  3. Ray, I assume that for 9D you have “too hard” as 1-4 and another two letters from the clue for 5-6.
    If you add the letters “out” to the answer to 3D, you have a new word with the same meaning as 9D.

  4. Only 4 comments by 9 a.m. It looks like everybody found this as easy as …
    I’ll stick around for 5 minutes should anyone need some assistance.

  5. Kenneth for 21A “stunt” as in stunted in relation to “idle”. Balance is “a” plus a backwards swimmer (more common in Europe).
    22D Zorro in phonetic alphabet gives first letter. Balance is movie genre with first and last letters removed.

  6. Mort – thanks. Had the word – could not make the connection with 3D.

    Kenneth – 21A – “Idle stunt” gives 4 letter word with last letter removed for letters 1,2,3. “a” gives letter 4. “swimmer returned” gives letters 9,8,7,6,5. Defn is rest.

    22D – “Zulu” gives letter 1. “movie genre exposed” gives 6 letter word with 1st and last letter removed for letters 2,3,4,5. Defn is rest.

  7. Almost all out, but needed Mort’s comment for 21a. Thanks Mort, I vaguely remember coming across the word years ago but would never have thought of it even with all the cross letters. I am sure I have the correct word play for 1d and 27d, but if so the results are two words I haven’t heard of. Hints appreciated.

  8. Dave 1D is a Latin word meaning “thus” “Caught” indicates sounds like…
    27D Tennis essentially gives letter 1 and 3. Adopting a gives middle letter. A flat serve is definition (think food) . I usually spell the word with the second letter repeated as the third, giving a four-letter word.

  9. Just got 1d. Had been fooled by ‘caught’, abbreviating it instead of thinking of one of its meanings.

  10. Thanks Mort. Our posts obviously crossed. I have never come across that spelling for 27d.

  11. Sydney suburb. Looked atlarge list, but couldn’t connect anything with clue. Have solved only eleven at this stage, time for after-dinner nap. Back later.

  12. Arthur C, 15a def is last two words, should be very familiar. A letter in a Sydney suburb is changed to find it.
    Any help with 9d and 25a would see me finish.
    Liked 19a,15d and 20d.

  13. 9d. Remember the TV show Mastermind? If a contestant thought “that’s too hard” they would do this.

  14. megse 25A definition is OK. A word for welcome in “surpassed” by a and a hug.

  15. Megse
    25a: def is 1st word, 2-6 are “welcome”, “surpassing” = surrounding, “a” “hug” as in abbreviation for hugs&kisses

  16. AH! Thank you megse, I w2asn’t thinking condiments in that form.And thanks for the 25A explanation, not sure I accept it as fully equivalent. 27D is bugging me, I have two poles with a gap between.

  17. Arthur C.: for 27d the first two words of the clue provide letters 1 and 3, letter 2 is adopted by (between) them.

  18. Arthur, 27d – it is more common to see this with the centre vowel twice. Can’t say I have ever seen it on an Indian restaurant’s menu the way DA spells it ! To me, his way means my Gran.

  19. AHAH! Yes, thanks to Mort, Andrew T and Dom, re 27D. I had seen that term with the double vowel, unaware that it could be used with just the one. Had a sudden rush of answers, only three to get now, I think. The movie-maker (15D)? That, plus 9D and 11A would see me finished. Now I see if I put a different letter at end of 21A (I had an E), there is a possible answer, though I don’t see how it fits clue.

  20. Arthur5, 15D is not a person. “About” gives letters 1-2; balance is a humorous description of “filet of fish or quarter punder”.
    9D there are several hints above, including one from me that should help.
    11A definition is “dazzling”. Bikini part is first three letters.

  21. Shouldn’t 29A be a (5,10)?

    I have many answers just from definition and a couple new words so will have to work through the parsing. Stuck on 12D & 15D.

  22. 12d: def = Heaps, slang term for money ($$) sealed (contains) “deal to” restructured
    15d: def = Movie-maker, but more accurate would be video-maker

  23. CC, 29A looks okay to me. They talk about “coming 29s” without further qualifying the word.

  24. Thanks Dom! Makes sense now. Mort I was thinking of a particular 80’s movie that spawned a common phrase for stalker exes who like to cook. Thinking it was about when “chemistry” goes wrong. Good good, on the right path!

  25. All out, but could someone explain the wordplay for 4D? I’m sure I have the answer from the definition but I can’t see how any of the clue fits.

  26. Well, except for 9D. Can’t see how any of the options fit clue.
    Ann, if you look at fourth book of Bible, and uncover it, you have the answer.

  27. Ann 4D is all reversed, so from the last letter: “some vacuous” gives first two; “fall” gives next three and “I lament” gives final four. Definition is playwright – a very old one.

  28. Ann, 4D is “up” i.e. inverted. So the last two letters are “some vacuous” turned up. Etc

    Arthur, 9D was one of my two favouites, along with 15D. Mort covered 9D very well in his post at 7.22 this morning. As he says, the first 4 letters can be taken to mean “too hard” but the only example I know is a winning shot in tennis.

  29. Thanks, Mort and Mike, I’d never have got that: especially since I had misspelt his name.

  30. This has to be one of the lowest weekly number of posts ever in this forum. A reflection of how easy it was, perhaps?

  31. speak for yourself Mort! :-)
    I have 5 answers so far, just not on DA’s wavelength lately.
    Will press on.

  32. Sorry, nn, I noticed that you were missing and didn’t mean to offend :-{

    … but judging from the lack of comments, it does seem to be one of DA’s less controversial offerings. Unknown word to me was 21A and luckily I lived in Sydney for many years or I’d never have got 15A as I’d never heard of the answer.

    Try 8D for a start: the definition is first three words and the answer is obvious even if you cannot parse it.

  33. I was being facetious Mort, no offence taken. Got to it late again this week after a long day at work. 8d was the second one I got (after 13a) still have no idea of the wordplay for 8d, but that may be because I don’t have 1a yet.
    Spent ages looking at lists of Sydney suburbs, but from the above the suburb isn’t the answer, I have to do some manipulation to get it. Not familiar with many of them, have two cross letters, but no idea on what it might be and if you’ve never heard of the answer, I’m not holding out much hope.

  34. with the help of wordsearch I finally got 21a. Never heard of the word and assuming I’m right don’t know how the last four letters read backwards signify a swimmer

  35. nn, 8D wordplay is anagram (cryptically) of “wants one, 1 ac”.

    When we first came from England to Australia, we lived in Lakemba – which, these days is totally changed in its demographic. The suburb in 15A is very close to there. When we deplaned (what a horrible word) we caught a 1A from the plane to the terminal.

  36. nn, the swimmer in 21A is the last five letters. It’s a European that swims in rivers.

    Letters 1-3 mean idle, stunted. Letter 4 is from the clue.

  37. thanks Mort, I got the idle bit and letter 4, but I’m wondering if the rest of my answer is correct. I’ve googled the last 5 letters (reversed and forward) and it doesn’t come up with anything that swims.
    I suspect I caught the same thing when we came from England and landed in Sydney, but as I was four years old at the time, I can’t remember what it was!

  38. nn, 21A is an Italian word and, like a lot of Italian words ends with one of two vowels.
    As for 1A, if you go to an airport without a jetbridge, you’ll likely be transported to the plane by a 1A. “close” as a verb gives letters 1-4; heaving indicates anagram; fodder is “bustle”. Take three letters from “bustle”, especially if you have 5D for a coach – not a trainer.

  39. got 1a now and finally understood 8d.
    have 15a now, having the wrong letter(s)?at the end of 9d didn’t help! Don’t really get 9d (but probably need to know what 3d is to make sense of it). Am assuming it is yet another Latin word as that’s now the only thing that I can get to fit the spaces and the wordplay, but I don’t understand the def (which is presumably 3d)

  40. Fairly sure I have the right answer for 21a, which fits the first four letters from the wordplay and fits the definition, assuming the def is the last 2 words of the clue, but as for the swimmer…

  41. AARGH, there are two ways of spelling 21a and I picked the wrong one again. Now I can see the swimmer

  42. nn, 21A the swimmer is a mammal with a long, sleek body, a bit like an aquatic weasel. It is the last five letters of the answer in reverse.

    For 9D, add the word “out” to the end of 3D and you have an English word with the same meaning as 9D (which I think is Latin”. 3D definition is “washed up” as in past it. Letters 1-2 are “telegraph ends”. Balance is “trying” in a very oblique way.

  43. Looking a bit better now I’ve corrected my errors. Still a few scattered blanks, but 6a and 7d completely baffle me. I may have some of the letters in 11a wrong (it has been one of those nights) as I don’t understand the wordplay for letters 4, 5 and 6 of 11a.

  44. Thanks Mort, had figured those out once I had the right last letters in 9d and 21a.
    Have managed to put in half a dozen answers in the last few minutes, so feel I’m making progress. It is amazing how a couple of wrong entries can really make a mess of things. In my defence, both were foreign words that I’d never heard of.

  45. 16d another foreign word? But at least one that I’ve heard of? Just hope I have the right ending (assuming singular as def says pest), but again I’ve no idea of the wordplay.

  46. Oops, just read it again and realised it is pests. Shouldn’t try it without my glasses.

  47. nn, 11A letters 4-5 are type of light, reversed. Last two letters are “middle of straps”.

    6A is a type of house (as in xxxx-detached” and a weapon as in xxx-automatic.

    7D is hidden in first two words. Definition is “hit the roof”

  48. Just 6a, 7d, 18d 25a to go. Did like today’s and lits, could have done without all the foreign words and the obscure Sydney suburb

  49. Thanks Mort, was thinking the light had three letters, didn’t count the number of letters in straps carefully enough.
    just 18d and 25a to go.
    Agree that most of it was much easier this week once I’d got a bit of a start (and corrected all my mistakes)

  50. nn, 18D – there are not that many neighbours to Jordan. Wordplay is given by “IS” followed by a tragic royal (reversed) – he was a Shakespearean king.

    25A definition is OK. Welcome is letters 2-6, surrounded by “a hug”; with hug being an abbreviation just as X is for a kiss.

  51. Not sure why I didn’t see 18d earlier. Had become fixated on Iraq and as this didn’t have enough letters, had assumed it was part of the wordplay and went looking elsewhere in the clue for the def.

    Once I had the cross letter from 18d, I could finally see 25a.
    All done at last, thanks for everyone’s help.
    Am getting to the point where I’m tempted to leave these until Saturday morning after I’ve had a sleep. Am just getting too tired by friday evening, old age creeping up.

  52. Fortunately I vaguely remembered the name of the suburb in 15A due to it being on the train line to Bankstown. Unfortunately I interpreted the instruction as swapping both condiments, so I got a meat dish from the Granta rather than the correct answer.

  53. Help with parsing 23d ! My answer is a noun – and the only bit which could be the def , is ‘swimmer’s’ . What is going on?

  54. Julie:

    &lit (not comparable)
    1.(of a cryptic crossword clue) That can be interpreted in its entirety as either a definition or wordplay; for example, “God incarnate, essentially” for “Odin”, a Norse god whose name is hidden in “God incarnate”.

    23D – Defn = “Swimmer(‘s)”. “meet ending” = letter 1 (T). “on easy win” gives 4 letter synonym (ROUT) for last 4 letters.

  55. Julie: Re 23D
    The end letter of “meet” gives the first letter while the remaining four letter word means “easy victory” as when an army might . . . . an opposing force.

    re &lit: David in his book “Puzzled” quotes the definition by Ximenes”:
    The term “&lit” is short for: “This clue both indicates the letters or part of the required word.. and can also be read, in toto, literally as an indication of the meaning of the whole word, whether as a straight or a veiled definition.”
    He goes on to give an example: Is a bit less wobbly! = STABILISES

  56. @Bernie Unfortunately DA misquotes Ximenes in his book, it should be: “This clue both indicates the letters or partS of the required word…” which in the context of the explanation isn’t a good thing.


  57. I found this hard – only just fine suing it with the trippers’ help before I go outside for the next instalment. Thanks Muchly as usual

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