DA Confusion for the 16h of January, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out right about now.

Bring it.

97 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16h of January, 2015

  1. This week’s might as well have been in hieroglyphics or sanskrit as far as I can see. I’m admitting defeat. I think DA’s designed one that online tools won’t work with. + so many interconnected clues and the rest aint easy, bar 8D, 18A, 28A, and 17A. Cannot crack the key 7D and 14/9 although have a fair idea of the theme/s. Have a fun FriDAy , folks. Gotta go to work.

  2. Gayle – took me a “long” time to crack it. 10A was the key for me. Then “theme” just fell out. Hang in there.

  3. I felt your pain for a while Gayle: it took long enough to follow the thread of the theme through the clues to find the starting one, let alone actually solving them. 7D is actually a fairly simple clue though: definition is the last word, and the rest an anagram (though being a proper noun, you’re right that most anagram solvers will probably be stumped). It did take me some time to get from there to 14/9D though: I’ve just opened a new bank account here in the UK, so took forever to see the ‘PIN’ of 10A the right way! It’s looking pretty good now, just missing the south-west corner. Dinner first though!

  4. 1A was the last one in. According to Wikipedia, it was Sri Lankan, not Indian. I’m not certain I like “accepted” as it’s being used here.

    I don’t get the wordplay in 6D, if I have the right middle letter. It’s what I called my father’s mother.

    8D: I was looking for 4,5,6,7,9,10 to be slang for someone from NSW, but I worked out the more prosaic construction;)

    2D definitely put me on the wrong track for 15D.

  5. I’m with Gayle. Don’t like interconnected clues. From a quick look, if I want to get 9D, I need to go via 7D, 12A, 14D. Have two in so far, have not looked at all the clues yet. Perhaps we should Fry DA?

  6. Back, but still can’t figure out 16D or 26A. In the former, has ’14- 9-D’ been changed to ‘9- 14-D’ deliberately? I’m just clutching at anything that will excuse my confusion…

    Rupert, I share your scepticism of ‘accepted’, and am also confused by the wordplay of 6D.

  7. ‘Broken’ in 5D? Anagrind? Tried ribroughly & ribpierced, no result. On the wrong track? Only four solved so far.

  8. Have never read the author in 7D, so that makes 12D hard to find. GR in this somewhere?

  9. Never mind, all done now. I somehow feel like I’ve let my generation down by getting 16D last.

  10. Arthur, you’re on the right track with ‘broken rib’, but ‘roughly’ and ‘pierced’ aren’t involved in anagrams (try ‘piercing’ a synonym for ‘bound’). No GRs to be found in 12A: it’s a different sort of ‘king’ altogether.

  11. I found the best way into 14d, 9d was 22a. That gave me 9d and confirmed the wordplay for both. Which then meant I knew what to look for in the other related clues. I even had one that I just find the right place for it.

  12. I don’t think there is a misprint in 16d clue. Use “nursing a” to subsitute for one of the double letters you may have got elsewhere.

  13. RT, the misprint is that the clue (at least in the online edition) says “9- 14-down” when it should say “14- 9-down”.

  14. Unlike others, I just love a themed puzzle. Although I read 7D many years ago, the few clues needing knowledge were pretty easy. Never heard of 1A (which does/did exist) nor 30A (which doesn’t).

    Agree, Celia, 22A does help give a kick-start.

  15. I am stuck on the middle letter of 6 down and the non cross letters of 16 down.

    Anyone struggling with 14, 9 down it’s an anagram and you should be able to easily get 9 down from other answers such as 22 across and then take those letters out of your anagrind and you’ve got a shorter anagram to decipher.

  16. Celia, 16D needs a knowledge of a modern TV show – the most downloaded (illegally) inn history.

    Re 6D, there’s really only one answer, to my mind, but I cannot satisfactorily parse it.

    Loved 25D.

  17. Mort, when I finally got 16D I may indeed have let out a frustrated “GRR”. And I wholeheartedly agree that nothing’s quite as much fun as a themed puzzle.

    Also, I’m not sure I’m happy with the grammar of 30A. The grammar of the clue, that is, not the answer. And for anyone on twitter (or listening to RN at 6:50), DA seems to have given a bit of a hint to the theme with today’s ‘suzzle’.

  18. Luke, I see nothing wrong with the wording of 30A. Think of a terrible man and twist him around…

  19. Yeah, that bit’s fine, it’s the “28A’s 9D” bit that feels a bit clunky. I’ll admit it’s nit-picky of me though.

  20. Yes Luke, you’re correct: there is a surplus possessive “s” in the definition.

  21. Rupert, I agree with your answer for 6D. If you add -o (= nothing) to the end, you get a prefix that is used in the metric system for a very small (diminished??) unit. If that’s how it works, I can’t say I see it as a fair clue. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

  22. Beth et al, 6 dn..maybe European relly diminished gives prefix to suit def. of nothing.

  23. While I’m not sure whether or not I have the correct middle letter for 6D (I agreed with ianc), I have something in for everything except 19D. Can anyone give me a hint as to what I’m actually looking for? Once again I couldn’t have got far without google.

  24. Thanks, Mort and Rupert. I was trying to use an anagram of a different French Champagne. Now I need to have another look at 18A!

  25. Found it tough going but now down to SE corner and 3A occurring regularly. Any help with 23A, 28A, 30A, 21D and 25D would help my relieve my suffering….. I always seem to have trouble with those not mentioned on this forum yet at times find the ones mentioned here sort of easier… maybe it is because I am left handed.

  26. Found it tough going but now down to SE corner and 3A occurring regularly. Any help with 23A, 28A, 30A, 21D and 25D would help my relieve my suffering….. I always seem to have trouble with those not mentioned on this forum yet at times find the ones mentioned here sort of easier… maybe it is because I am left handed.

  27. Got quite a lot of it out today. Got 7d early and this gave me 12a and 14d/9d, but was slow going for quite a while after that. Still 9 to go and a few wordplays puzzling.
    Have just read the above and somewhat puzzled by comments saying 22a is easy. I have two possible words that fit, but can’t make any sense of the wordplay for either of them. Is it central Europe or Eastern Europe. This making 15d rather difficult, although I have an answer that sort of fits, but again, the wordplay escapes me.

    Regarding above discussions about 6d. If I’ve interpreted Rupert’s comment about it being a metric prefix without the last letter, I think he has the wrong middle letter. It is a slightly less usual term for the same person. I’ve interpreted it as “on” = 2,3 and nothing as 1
    Could do with some help on 23, 28 and 30 across

  28. Tina – 23A – defn = 1st word (though a little questionable to me). Four letter synonym for “hood” (as in head covering) for letters 2,3,4,5. “aboard” gives letters 1,6.

  29. 28A – defn = “Hindu concept”. “Poles missing – savant” gives letters 1,2,3,4. “behind” gives 4 letter synonym – “brief” = remove last letter – for letters 5,6,7.

  30. 30A – defn = “28-across’s 9-down”. “twisted” = reverse indicator – of a “TERRIBLE man”.

  31. 21D – defn = “figures to crunch”. “upset” = reverse. So “a” gives letter 7. “little” gives 3 letter synonym for letters 6,5,4. “bloody” gives 3 letter synonym for 1,2,3.

  32. nn – you are overthinking 22A, try central and reflected as instructions
    Ray, thanks, got it and agree is questionable – meant my pencilled in 21D was wrong so hopefully someting wil gel there as well.

  33. 25D – treat as double defn. Defn 1 = “Empty 9-down”. Defn 2 = “lacks ability” (and in this case there would be an ” ‘ “).

  34. thanks Ray, 30a revealed that my guess for 21d was wrong. Might have some hope of getting 23a now

  35. I agree that 6D is confusing and I guess the answer must be that 10 to the power of -9 explanation.

    I have similar confusion with 29D (same size answer).

    Today’s puzzle is very satisfying if you are a fan of 7D and the great TV series from which 19D is derived.

  36. Thanks Tina, my first guess for 21a was right, just didn’t see the obvious!
    Seems as though we are getting stuck on the same questions, although I’m right handed

  37. my theory about left and right handed seems wrong then nn – I suspect you had the same incorrect answer for 21D as I did…

  38. thanks Ray, I was thinking that should be the answer for 25d, but I don’t understand the empty 9d bit.
    Despite your hints I’m still stuck on 23a and 21d (although I can guess the first word), despite having all the cross letters!
    Also 16a, 18a and 8d (assuming my 15d is correct, although it is a guess)

  39. Have a word for 23a that fits the wordplay as explained by Ray above, but how that = lowers, I’ve no idea.

  40. I am really stuck on 16D and 30A. I can follow the word play and I assume they are examples of the theme, but if so I am sure I have never heard of them. Don’t have 22D yet and am still to work out word play for 20A. Otherwise done.

  41. Spent far too long trying to make a word out of Darwin and the letter E in 16a. Finally got the right naturalist, had vaguely heard of him somewhere in the past. At least this confirmed my guess for 15d, although I still don’t understand the wordplay.
    Just 21d to go. Have spent too much time on this today. Over to crossword club for answers and explanation.

  42. Dave R 16d and 30A. If you haven’t seen the TV series and the film(s) respectively, you won’t have a clue what they are about. If you google the singular of your answer for 28a, it will probably explain 30A. Google GoT (note the case) should give you the other one, if you look for the horse lords.
    20a wordplay is “for” inside a barrier (the type that makes good neighbours) with the first letter removed.
    22d? If you mean 22a it is the 9d of a country in Eastern Europe, previously ruled by a dictator.

  43. Had the wrong type of hood in 23a, no wonder I couldn’t make sense of it.
    Now I can see what 21d is, so all done

  44. I have three answers including 7D but I’ve never read any of the person’s work. Can’t get a start on any of the many interconnected clues so I’m giving up for the first time in three years. Will try again next week. Good luck everyone.

  45. GeoffD – in case you want to give it one more go – 14D/9D – “Miserably” = anagrind. Fodder is “fail again … a cute girl”.

  46. DaveR if you are still stuck on 21d the first word isn’t well done and the second is a type of information.

  47. GeoffD, you don’t have to know anything about that person’s work to do most of the clues. There are only a couple (10a and 12a) that require any knowledge of it. 10a is a well known character who speaks 12a. 12a is a 9D, so once you have 14d/9d you should be able to make a start on most things. The other clues referring to 9d, have nothing to do with that author, although some of them are 14d. See Ray’s explanation of 14d/9d

  48. Julie 3a, letters 1-4 are an abbreviation of a university teacher (and researcher). The answer is something you’ve probably uttered several times while attempting this week’s DA (and probably most other weeks if you are anything like me.
    5d is what you would have done to MAKE a 14d 9d.

  49. Thanks nn – that ‘discovered’ gets me every time!
    I have put in the obvious answer for 5d, but after I take out the rib , I am left with 7 letters which do not make a dictionary word, let alone one meaning broken or roughly!?

  50. Julie, roughly is about (think dates). This gives two letters. Take this and the rib out and the rest is a word.

  51. Yet to see any discussion on 13a, 16a or 15d that helps me finish those final three. Is anyone still there who could help?

  52. Done it! Doh! Wouldn’t have made it today without the trippers. Thanks to all.

  53. As usual I’m probably missing the obvious, but I still can’t quite understand wordplay for 12A. ie I’m not sure where the 6th letter comes from. Maybe I’ve misunderstood the reasoning for 1-5. Maybe it’s because I could never finish his main book (the long one).
    And I’m still not convinced about wordplay for 6D

  54. LJ, re 12A the sixth letter comes from the preceding clue – hence the ellipsis at the end of 11A and at the start of 12A

  55. Came back for another look after dinner. Thanks Ray and nn for your hints/explanations which have helped me get quite a few more answers. Will continue to ponder.

  56. Julie, to stray, is to sin, as in to xxx is human, to forgive divine, inside a word for “boring”

  57. Julie, thanks for the clue for 16A. Nothing to do with Rolls Royce. The adoption (as per Mort) is reversed. Cheers

  58. Feather, 29A “heard to grasp” could be “cling on”.
    27D a very mild profanity, the initial of God, sounds like a movie rating

  59. feather – 26A – think Star Trek.
    27D – an alternative to “profanity” – like gosh or darn or xxx. And it is also a programme / movie rating.

  60. Thanks, Mort and Ray. All finished now – not being familiar with ST, I had been searching for a homophone of catch on …

  61. Davros, like you, I still have a few to go.
    1d. Definition 1st word. Promote-reverse second word as first 2 letters plus odd letters of losses
    2d. 5 letter word for paramour with 2 letter abbreviation “for one” inserted 1st word definition

  62. SPB & SGB, my final thought was that something very small is diminished. NANO means very small, so NAN, with O …

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