DA Confusion for the 9th of January, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out here.

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  1. 28A was my last in too. It’s a groaningly bad, as in not homophonic, pun.
    I don’t get the wordplay for 4D Ray.

  2. Liked 8D, 22A, 27A, 19/7 .
    Couldn’t be bothered working out 18A but because of that I got it very late from cross letters and def.
    26D will get anyone who’s not up with some computer terms and I got stuck on the other picture file which works equally well with the clue.
    I still don’t get the wordplay for 15D either.

  3. 15D: I don’t think there is any wordplay, other than the difference in colour.

    Can I get a hint on 6D, please? It’s the only one I have left.

  4. I liked 4D, 1A and 10A/2D.

    I hadn’t heard 1D in that sense. Not a word to be casually googling.
    21A isn’t in the dictionary on my Kindle, though it is apparently a real word.

  5. Almost didn’t make it here today. Woke around 0215, heart wasn’t feeling happy. Got out of bed and headed for kitchen, feeling I was about to collapse. Checked BP: 102/51! Tried it standing a few minutes later, 74/47!! Eyes a bit blurry at the moment, but will have a go at today’s DA.

  6. That sounds pretty terrifying, Arthur! Glad you’ve made it and are presumably feeling better now though. Praying that things will continue that way (and perhaps for a few cryptic insights for good measure).

    I’m in the same boat as Andy, with the western half almost full but a relatively sparse right-hand side. Thought I had a great answer for 4D, but solving the 10A/2D anagram seems to have proved me wrong. Any hints for 1A or 22A in particular would be appreciated!

  7. Nevermind, 1A and 4D both out now. Shifting attention to the south-east corner.

  8. Luke, I’m just need NE corner now. 22a what is the first thing you think of China?

  9. A wall? But… Ohhhh. Right. Thanks!

    Anything in particular in the NE? I think I have it all, though I’m pretty fuzzy on the wordplay for 6D, but what I’ve got fits with Gayle’s hint at 4:50 (actually 5:50? I’m in a totally different time zone, so the time stamps are a bit confusing…)

  10. Luke – 6D wordplay – letters 1,5,6,7,8 = “Said (homophone indicator) sailors”. “embrace” = container. “mate” gives 4 letter synonym. “dumping uniform” removes 1 letter to leave letters 2,3,4.

  11. Thanks Ray, that sorts out the one remaining piece of confusion. All done now, which must be close to record time for me.

  12. Stuck on … 4, 5 & 23 d & 27 a
    Will probably hit me like a brick the minute I press post comment

  13. All out now thanks Andy but puzzled by the latter half of the word play for 23 d

  14. Not sure that I have 1A correct; suspect it’s a Jewish slang term. 21A was new to me. Unlike others, 28A was close to my first one in.

  15. Schmoedipus, apparently ‘cipher’ is a mathematical symbol, which you remove from a 4-letter synonym for ‘longing’ (a bit of a rough synonym in my view).

  16. Mort, it sounds like you have 1A correct. It did start as Jewish slang, though it has entered pretty general usage.

  17. The etymology for two clues is “Yiddish”, not “Jewish”. They are closely related but not the same thing.

  18. Thanks Andy I googled cypher & discovered that it could be that specific.

    Also for anyone attempting it the lumbered of 1 across is in sense of lugged, not of being left holding the baby so to speak.

  19. Let’s go schlumming take me schlumming
    Let’s go schmelling where they’re dwelling
    Let’s go schlumming take me schlumming on …
    A few cod-Yiddishised lines from a song that may give you a clue to 4 down

  20. Like Rupert, I worked out an answer to 21A which wasn’t in my dictionary but Google did confirm was correct. 28A was close to last in for me,too, and though I wasn’t familiar with the term for 26D it was the only logical answer.

  21. Thanks, Luke, just returned from doctor. He reckons I haven’t been drinking enough, though yesterday was no different than any other day. anyway, will try to drink more today.
    I’ve only managed about six or seven, need help with second word of 11A. Had an eminence in there, but can’t see how the clue works if he is correct. Then I can’t see 4D at all, my ‘Last letter) in 1A may be wrong. Possibly my 1A is wrong, but it does seem to go with Schmoedipus’ effort above. Not making much progress, must read all the offerings above. May just bin it and watch the cricket instead.

  22. Arthur: your 1A is correct if it sounds like ‘schlumbered’. 4D is a famous NY address. In the second word of 11A I have ‘a white’ if that helps with the first two letters.
    I hope you are feeling better now that the weather has cooled down.

  23. All done apart from 17D – loved 1A and 6D once they dawned on me. Seem to be the only one with problems on 17D, can anyone help please? It should be easy with every second letter in but……..

  24. Hmmm, just had a thought about 8D: I guess if you’re “blind”, in a colloquial sense, you can be “drunk”, so that probably makes it okay as an anagrind, although to my mind, the usual phrase is “blind drunk”.

  25. Tina, 17D first four letters = hand out; last four = ceremony. Answer is a dark stone; not a very well-known one.

  26. Thank you, Ann. In 6D, the word I put in means, I think, sickly sentimental. Is that the right one? OH! Suddenly light. I did have the wrong word at 1A (schnoozed). I now have an answer for 4D, but can see no connection whatsoever with north pole??? Oh yes, so9meone up there said read as 5,5. Now it makes sense.

  27. Hey! 16A is where I live. But the original has, I think, a victorious third letter? Only eight to go now. Feeling happier.

  28. Thanks Mort. I’d pencilled in the second part but could not for the life of me think of the first so confused myself totally trying to find another way!

  29. Well, I’ve filled in all the spaces, many not understood. Does the author of 28A have first name John? How does 23D work? Whence came the 1702 in 18A? I’m not clever enough to understand these things, just glad to finish it.

  30. Arthur, for 18A you need to convert 1702 to Roman numerals and add “So US” to the mix.

  31. Jack, think of the abbreviation for a newspaper article which offers an editorial opinion. I’ve almost finished; only 26D and 28A to go. Not much good on computer jargon. Had never heard of 21A, and no idea of word play for 16A or 18A.

  32. Thanks Dave R, I get it now.

    You may not be Robinson Crusoe regarding 28A. You also may not give a 3-letter fruit upturned about 26D.

  33. Thanks, Jack. All out now. I think the clue for 23D is a bit shonky, but otherwise a pretty good DA this week.

  34. megsy – 27A – defn “punch”. “packing” indicating hidden word. “Revolutionary” indicates reverse. “always” is the fodder.
    23D – defn = “Search”. “vacant domicile” = letters 1,2. “longing” gives 4 letters synonym. “to destroy cipher” (see some comments above) removes the second letter to leave letters 3,4,5.

  35. I’ve done better this week. Just struggling with 13D, 17D and 15A 11A. I got the edge clues and some middle ones early on and now just filling in the rest. Thanks for your help with 6D Arthur (glad you’re better after your spell), I was stuck thinking around another word too which precedes a spit covered hankie assault to the face, was making me mashugana! I know a bit of Yiddish but never get to use it so this was fun.

  36. Crypticrochet: 13A has the last two words as definition (made up of officer 1 – 5, helping 6 – 11). 17D was explained in an earlier post 15A has the last two words as definition (with bread in the money sense). 11A has the first two words as definition.

  37. Julie, in 25A, go for = 1,2,3 and the rest is an anagram. Answer is VIPs.

    In 29A, 1-5 = Japanese comic; 6-9 is homophone for bending body parts. Result is an element (metallic).

  38. Stuart – 6A – defn = “Clog” (as in shoe). “return” = reverse indicator. “homeward” gives a 2 (2,4) word answer, with last letter removed for letters 5,4,3,2,1

  39. 19A / 7D – defn = “nuclear treaty”. Ans = Spoonerism of “elite beat”. Tough to give more than that.

  40. 17D – as Mort above ie:

    Mort | January 9, 2015 at 11:59 am |
    Tina, 17D first four letters = hand out; last four = ceremony. Answer is a dark stone; not a very well-known one.

  41. 21A – defn = “Garland”. “leads” is the indicator. Rest is the fodder.

  42. All out after about 4 hours, thanks to Ray’s help for 23D and 27A, and word play for 4D. Still not sure of the word play for 11A. Really liked 28A and 29A – laughed out loud. Now for a relaxing weekend!

  43. CC, for 1D you may be happier with a definition of “small hood” as Dirty Harry may describe one.

    Correct definition is given by “cycled” – 1-4; “weekend” = 5. Definition is “hottie” but the answer also has another less polite meaning.

  44. June re 11A, I think that the lummox may be a three-letter word for someone who is clumsy. Plus “A” plus “W” for white, all reversed around a three-letter word for “chief”

  45. Thanks Ray . Just came back. Not a punch I had thought of. Julie, if you are still looking for 25a, VIP”S is def and anagram fodder is rainiest plus a 3 letter word from the sixties that means you really like something(think Dobbie Gillis if you’re old enough)

  46. OMG Mort – I would never have worked that out! I got the answer from the definition and the letters I already had, but it has just taken me several minutes to decipher your hints. Thanks for that – DA continues to provide both pleasure and pain each week!

  47. Thanks Mort. I can’t reconcile definition to answer but I got it with a close look at “weekend” but didn’t help I’ve had “Fat Bottomed Girls” playing in my head all day. I’ve got all but 16A.

    I haven’t parsed them all and won’t be able to blog it tomorrow. My house will be invaded by a gang of teenagers playing console games all day. I’ll put the pic up at least.

  48. late and not very productive start for me. Have 4 answers and not really all that confident of any of them.
    Will read the above in the hope of enlightenment

  49. Help! A very late start today but after nearly two hours just one answer (24D), and a possible second (15D), although I can’t relate it to the wordplay. If anyone can direct me to a relatively straightforward starting point I’d be grateful.

  50. I’m with you GeoffD. Having read all the above hints, they confirmed some of my guesses and gave me another 7 answers. Arthur’s hint that 16a was where he lived got me going as I remember it from his letters to the age. It is a place in Crimea but also part of a major inland Victorian town.
    There are some pretty good hints for the writer in 28a above, he is very famous and lived about 3-400 years ago if my memory is correct.
    If you have 15d correct, the wordplay is a bit of a joke on the colours. You wouldn’t be that if you’d committed blue murder
    18a might get you started, the clubs aren’t that old and the score has nothing to do with a competition. Theanswer is an anagram of the Roman lettersfor 1702 and the lettersin “so us”,

  51. Thanks nn. I’ve read the above more carefully and also gained a few more I’ll work on your suggestions now. I suspect that there will be more answers than usual that I’m unfamiliar with (eg 17D).
    Arthur, I hope you’re feeling better.

  52. All done now, although with quite a bit of help from word searches. No idea if my6d is correct, wordsearch only came up with one word (another Yiddish one), but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the clue. Several words I’ve never heard of, but that’s hardly surprising as I don’t speak Latin or Yiddish!
    GeoffD the rock in 17d is name after a mountain range in Europe if that helps
    Once I’d got 10a,2d it made it a lot easier. I should thank Monty Python for that one, it is a line at the end of Life of Brian. If you haven’t got it yet, then think of keelhauling and being hung from the yardarm.

  53. corretion, the rock isn’t the one named after the mountain range. One letter is different. The answer is a type of volcanic rock. That was the only one I didn’t get right, according to crossword club. I was wondering why I couldn’t quite work out the wordplay for that one.
    My 6d was right but I’d never haveworked out that wordplay.

  54. Finally finished this morning, finding, when we got today’s paper, had it all right. As always, several clues only partly (or not at all) understood, but good to have got it right. Thanks to those above who helped me with some queries.

  55. Got this one out just now.

    Always learning new words with DA – anadem!

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