DA for the 2nd of January, 2015

Sorry for the tardiness of this post: the holiday period has done strange things to my sense of what day it is in the week.

And there’s important news. From DA’s twitter feed:

DA for the 2nd of January, the first of the new year!

DA 20,504 (2 January 2015) - Solution

3 thoughts on “DA for the 2nd of January, 2015

  1. Bizarrely the speciakl instructions were printed in the digital edition of The Age. And thanks to AS for keeping this site going and helping us to feed our addiction.

  2. After one week and only 12 solutions, in desperation I came to the DA Trippers for a hint. No wonder I wasn’t getting any where. Thanks for the DA message, I might have a chance now.

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