DA Confusion for the 19th of December, 2014

Have your December DA confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. Have all out but do not understand 25A. May have wrong answer.
    And for 26A, why “Congress?” – seems superfluous if I have correct.

  2. I haven’t got 25A yet.
    In 26A Gotta have the ‘Congress’ I reckon. Never heard the expression. When I got the second word from cross letters I thought it might have been a device used in breeding horses.
    Got stuck on Bill (Shorten) for a while as the first word thinking there was some American politician I hadn’t heard about. : )

  3. Just a couple to go in the top LH corner with partial words in.
    12A Is def at beginning or end? Get the RU reference and second word but need help with the first which may help me get the first word for 3D.

  4. Gayle – 12A – defn 1st word. “at large” gives word 1.
    3D – defn 1st word. “lawsuit” gives word 1. “discussed ceasefire” gives homophone for word 2.

  5. Truly, it must be Christmas, and a great gift has been given to us (again!). Never before have I seen such largesse! Not finished, but only seven to go.

  6. Agree Arthur, there were lots of freebies today but I’m stuck on the last few.
    Thanks Ray, I had parsed those two correctly it seems but still none the wiser.
    Is 12A a RU position? Knowing DA’s background and passions, I googled but it hasn’t helped me. Not a 5 letter word meaning ‘at large’.
    How about a tip for 9A? Maybe I’ll get in that way.

  7. 12a is a ru position (I think..afl man here) 1st word think of coins in your pocket

  8. Most out – stuck on southwest corner and second word of 3 down! Loved 21 across despite its simplicity!

  9. 15A: definition is at the end. Nurse as in beer.
    19A: One of eight (or nine)
    25A: How you mark a vote in an old abbreviation for the EU.
    3D: As in a movie.

    I still have 6A, 9A, 1D and 7D to go. Hadn’t heard of the insect in 16D, but got it from the wordplay. 21A is a brilliant find. I liked 28A, too.

  10. Down to four now, puzzled by, e.g., 7D. Is this a music group? First word of 26A? Then 16D? 22D? Are these foreign words/expressions? Some clues needed.

  11. Thanks Andy W but I neither follow RU, nor have coins in my pocket! : )

    Gotta go to work now, don’t know if I’ll make it back to the crossword today.
    Wishing all good Trippers a peaceful time over the coming days.

  12. 9A: Thanks, Ray. I would not have got that. I almost didn’t anyway, as I read your hint as “Australia’s finest”

  13. Rupert
    1 down definition at end
    9 across is a specific
    6 across is slang term …” they’re an …”
    7 down a combination of anagram and homophone

  14. Thanks, Rupert, I had guessed at three of those answers, had been too lazy to Google them. Will look for 7D, will then be finished.

  15. All out!
    “And I heard him exclaim ‘ere he rode out of sight happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!
    Back on Boxing Day; Merry Christmas everybody!

  16. Quite a gentle offering again this week. Two unknowns to me were 27A and 16D. 26A was pretty easy as I’m often called it … in my dreams!

  17. Progressing apace, but would like to register a query re 1A. Has DA ever disguised a definition in this way before? It’s a common trick of his, obviously, but I don’t recall a pure definition being treated so.

  18. AG, I don’t recall him ever “hiding” the definition as part of a word before although, as you say, he uses the technique a lot. I’m sure that FHF will make his feelings about it known later today.

  19. is 27A a starwars related clue? because it seems too easy for soneome who struggle with DA at the best of times !!

  20. went well today, only 4 to go.
    22d, 23d, 26a 28a
    No idea on these despite reading hints above.

  21. For some reason my comment is awaiting moderation. So I will try again.
    I am all out except for 25a and 22d. Any hints?

  22. Sandy 25a def is first word (as in a person, not a garment), answer is an abbreviation. First two letters are a description of a letter used to vote (though not in Australia). Last two are an abbreviation for another phrase describing the Common Market
    I wish I could help with 22d, I only have the first letter of this.

  23. Sandy, 25A definition is “suit”. Answer is an abbreviation.
    22D Answer is a foreign phrase.

  24. nn, 23D definition is remote. Answer is an abbreviated name for Nadal, a tennis player – upset.
    28A definition is “get of” – think criminal.
    26A definition is “candidate fancied for congress” – nothing to do with politics!

  25. nn, 22d definition is “gossip” in a loose DA-way. “Involved is anagrind; fodder is “not” and “half of idle.

  26. nn, I have given clues for your other queries but my post is “awaiting moderation”

  27. thanks Mort. Have tried every possible permutation of those letters and haven’t come up with anything that makes any sort of sense. Short of googling every one of them to see if it is a foreign phrase (which I can’t be bothered doing) I’m giving up on that one unless I can get some cross letters from 26a and 28a to narrow it down a bit.
    still stuck on 22d, 23d, 26a 28a, no progress at all in the last half hour

  28. nn, I’ll try again with 23D – definition is “pretty remote”; Nadal is upset.

  29. 26a: def is last four words of clue. “Shorten survey” is letters 1-4, “bunglin’ ” is letters 6-10 . Answer is an idiomatic term, fairly well known.

    28a: def is first two words of clue. ‘Transport’ is anagrind.

  30. thanks Mort, I’d been working on that for 23d but couldn’t make sense of it. It has just clicked as I hadn’t been thinking of an abbreviation for Nadal.
    This may help with the two across clues I’m stuck on.

  31. Am I looking for a person in 26a? Wordfinder only gives half a dozen possibilities for the second word, one of which has a bit of a connection to the horse hints given above but I can’t make any sense of it.
    28a a complete mystery, despite having all but one of the cross letters.

  32. thanks Mort and AndrewT, got 26a now, the semi retired horse comment from Rupert threw me completely off course. Had me penciling in Turfen for the second word!

  33. that cut down the possibilities for 22d to the point where I could search a dictionary for every remaining possibility. Had never heard of it.
    This leaves 28a. Have all the cross letters, can guess the middle word, but can’t make sense of the rest. AndrewT says it is an anagram, but I can’t work out the ten letters that need to be the fodder. Am presuming that this is another expression of which I’ve never heard

  34. Got hit by the moderation wait. Will try posting again
    That cut down the possibilities for 22d to the point where I could search a dictionary for every remaining possibility. Had never heard of it.
    This leaves 28a. Have all the cross letters, can guess the middle word, but can’t make sense of the rest. AndrewT says it is an anagram, but I can’t work out the ten letters that need to be the fodder. Am presuming that this is another expression of which I’ve never heard

  35. gave up on 28a and looked it up on crossword club.
    Presume that initially out of petrol somehow clues the first word?????????????

  36. Despite the hints, I’m still stuck on 25a. It’s my last word to complete a DA cryptic for the first time. Any further help most gratefully received.

  37. Although this puzzle is fairly mild, I think 1A is unfair, as the answer is not clued discretely.

    I’m not sure whether I have the right result for 7D, as I’ve heard of neither the answer nor the part described by “wailing on vinyl”

  38. Mick, 25A a suit is a slang term for a businessman. Vote gives letter 2; balance is abbreviation for common market. Answer is an abbreviation.

  39. Ah, I was struggling with that part but it just clicked for me nn – yes, “out of petrol” as one m8ght be after running a marathon!

  40. Jack, 7D answer is an old punk band. Last five letters sound like “wailing: would if played on a vinyl record – not of DA’s best homophone indicators.

  41. nn at 11.31 am describes 23A very well. Big bosses are sometimes described by the first word.

  42. @Jack – on vinyl is a homophone for letters 6-10 – though I would say it was more like grunting than wailing, especially in the bedroom.

  43. Thanks Indigo. The “initially” threw me too, but I’m assuming that it just indicates that this comes before the “a Perth” bit. Spent ages messing around with first letters of the following words and then with petrol without the first letter.
    Didn’t think much of that clue.

  44. Almost finished, after a break for Xmas shopping. Absolutely no idea for 1A or 3D, although I am fairly sure of the first word of the latter. The cross letters I have for the second word don’t suggest any homophone for ceasefire. Any further hints would be most welcome.

  45. Jack re 7d, wailing gives a word that is a homophone of the last 5 letters. I think the on vinyl is the homophone indicator (vinyl = record). Bit of a long bow, but works well with the surface reading

  46. Just finished, after realising I had the wrong first word in 3d. To make things worse, I was assuming that the second word had more than one syllable. (Important rule for tackling DA: never assume!) No idea of the word play for 1a, though.

  47. Dave R: I think the definition of 1A is given by ‘land’, with the second word an anagram (in a way) of the last three words. The definition in 3D is the first word. I’m still not sure about 22D but from hints above it seems I need to look at foreign phrases.

  48. Would have been quicker had I not used one cross letter to guess that 3D was “pocket rocket”! Dave – it’s actually straightforward with first word of the clue being the definition and the first word of the answer meaning “lawsuit” and the second something that sounds liked a peace treaty. Solstice greetings to all.

  49. Ann, my take on 1A across is that “breaches” means that a “slip” 3 letters is within the anagram (wind) of “farm at one” (where one = a single letter).

  50. Thanks, Mort: I had realised what you said about 1A but I wasn’t sure how to give hints without being too obvious. Once I knew I wanted a foreign phrase in 22D I got it straight away.

  51. I actually had more success last week than this. Despite all the above I still have no idea about 1A, 15A, 3D and 16D. Also 11D and 13D which I don’t think were mentioned.
    I’ll look forward to the answers tomorrow.
    Best wishes to all for Christmas and the new year!

  52. Thanks, Ann and Mort, for your comments on 1a. GeoffD, the two words of 11d are respective synonyms of the first two words of the clue. The rest of the clue is the def. In 13d skinhead gives one letter, which is immediately followed by a word for gangs. All that is surrounded by a word for insult. Def is last word of clue.

    Season’s greetings to all!

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