2 thoughts on “DA for the 14th of November, 2014

  1. Hi David,
    Much as I enjoy your writings on words, I must agree with those ( who you mentioned in a column today) who find your SMH Friday crosswords just too difficult. I, too, feel deprived on Fridays when I cannot attempt the daily crossword. I have to turn to another paper’s offering – yours are just too obscure and convoluted. It’s such a shame because I’m sure I’d enjoy doing a crossword designed by you – but one that was, indeed, do-able!

  2. Hi Lindy, I don’t know how often (or if ever) David frequents this site but, before you write him off as too difficult, maybe you should come along each Friday to see if you can gather a few of his tricks. Although DA is a little harder than the rest of the SMH/Age setters, he is far from unsolvable. And he’s nowhere near as difficult as the Times crosswords in the Australian. He also very rarely has words that are unknown to most people; unlike DH, who has very easy clues but whose answers often need a dictionary to confirm.

    There are many solvers like me who visit DA Trippers (like Ray, Gayle and Rupert), not for hints, but to try to help others in their love of solving cryptic crosswords. So please don’t give up; log on next Friday, read the entries and ask for help if you need it. I’m sure that you’ll soon be a DAFan…

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