DA Confusion for the 14th of November, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right about now.

74 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14th of November, 2014

  1. Tough today I thought and didn’t really enjoy it.
    Thought 6A / 9A pretty clever.
    Did not like 2D.
    Have all out but still do not get wordplay for a few ie: 20A, 22A, 7D, 21D.

  2. Still going, Of those 4 Ray I can comment on 21D although you may have got it by now.
    ‘a’ ‘fine’ letters 3, and 2,1.
    Letters 4,5 …. first two letters of a three-letter synonym for ‘rule’ as a noun.

  3. Good morning folks. NW corner completed, 11A was a gift, given my normal afternoon activity! Yes, Ray, I liked 6A/9A. Only nine so far, busy day today: CRICKET!

  4. And 20A, after sex is disheartened, the X is code as in signing off a letter or on a text message. What birds do.

  5. Just printed mine out and I fear I may be at a disadvantage this week – there appears to be a lot of Australian geography at play.

  6. Gayle – thanks on 21D – good explanation. Had not got.
    But did get 20A. And it must just be my mood this morning, did not like it either.

  7. That’s what it looks like to me, Crypticrochet. I will probably be referring to Google Maps before this crossword is done.

  8. Thanks for 11A Arthur. I thought I’d posted that but musn’t have hit send. Think DA’s had that clue or similar before.

  9. @Ray, 7D. Don’t think the def is adequate, but wordplay mini-racer 4-7, pub 1-3.

  10. Well, CC and Rupert. Even with NSW knowledge I laboured with wordplay and cross letters until I got 6A and 9A. After Ray’s and Arthur’s comments I thought it was a double, but it’s two separate answers . The ellipsis only refers to the Manxing.

  11. I’ve a busy day today so must away:
    Happy solving everyone; enjoy DA!

  12. I thought 6A and 9A were clever, although I did need to use Google for the latter.
    I’ve answered everything in record time for me, but I’m not sure about what I have for 20A (even after reading comments from above). Is the last word the definition?
    I liked 15D.

  13. Progressing slowly. Can’t fathom how last three of 14A (if I have right answer) is indicted in clue. And if the obvious answer in 14D is correct, I can’t connect it to the clue at all. Baffled.

  14. Arthur, sorry that should have been 14D, not 1D.
    14A last three letters, I think are from an organisation that holds “talk-fests” – look up “ideas worth spreading” in a search engine…

  15. Thanks, Mort, yes, I see it now. Some cute clues today: 15A. Very clever; 11D. Even more so. Have only ten to go, so happy at this stage.

  16. Today is slow going. As an English teacher, I kicked myself over 15D. I remembered Currer, not responding to stimulus.

  17. All in, with hints from you on 11A and 20A, thanks.
    Very pleased to remember 15D, guess 9A (there’s a Kiwi town of the same name) and either guess or remember 6A.
    I don’t understand the wordplay in 22A (which also has a NZ homotoponym).

  18. Rupert – believe it is as simple as some people knowing the first 5 letters of 22A as “fritz”. Does that help?

  19. 22A: Ray, I think I may have had one or both of those terms explained to me in the past, but I hadn’t made the connection.

  20. Rupert, fritz is a SA term for WA’s polony. 1-5 in 22A is the NSW equivalent.

  21. All finished in good time (for me) but I’m puzzled about word play in 10A. I’d never heard of the last part of 14A. Liked the 11s and 15D.

  22. 10A: If you 10A (7) the clue you get a definition of the answer as (2, 5).
    First 4 letters of the clue also hint at the first two letters of the answer.

  23. Got it out mostly, but I had to come here to work out wordplay for the last 3 letters of 14A.

    20A was a tough one.

  24. Battled through but many I’m just hoping are right. I’m stuck on 2D and 3D and hints would be appreciated, then I’m done. Loved 15D and 16A.

  25. CC, 2D means excitedly – think music. You may nor be familiar with letters 2-4 which is an English slang for Codger.

    3D definition is first word.

  26. Underwhelmed by 10 and 11d.
    4 needs rewording to make it work properly.
    Enjoyed 11a and 15

  27. Hey guys, I’m really struggling with both 11A (even after Arthur’s clue!) and 11D. Anyone got some pointers for me?

  28. Late starter today.My brain seems to improve later in day! Liked11a, 20a and 15d.Last 2 elude me. Any ideas for 7d or 10a please?

  29. All done – always feel so happy to get DA out. Thanks for all of your hints etc. Not sure I would have got Gum-Chewer without your help.
    See you all again next week.

  30. After an hour I’ve only managed to get 5 answers plus a couple of bits (I hope!). Don’t get wordplay for 27a, but as I don’t have 14a, that’s not really a surprise, am guessing it is a homophone of something that describes 14a.
    Am guessing that the Gum chewer in 21d is Australian, but if I’m correct, I have no idea of the wordplay.
    Am stopping for tea, will read the above when I return.

  31. nn, for 27A look up WWF.
    21D letters 1-2 = revoked a fine (two letter word for fine plus a, reversed); balance is a contracted rule – three letter word with the last one missing.
    14A Greek letter looks like an inverted Y in lower-case.

  32. nn – 21D – see Gayle | November 14, 2014 at 6:10 am |
    27A – correct – defn last 3 words.

  33. thanks Mort, I had the answer for for 27a, it is the wordplay I don’t get.
    Thanks for explanation of 21d, I’m sure I have the right answer, given your explanation of the first three letters but the contracted rule still mystifies me.
    Will read the above hints now I’ve finished tea.

  34. Got 14a now, thanks to all hints above, but that stuffed up my guess for the last word of 7d.
    Also got 20a from above hint, don’t think much of that as a clue, getting far too obscure for my liking. Even after I got it and read all of the above, it took ages before the penny dropped on the wordplay!
    Looks like I now need to do some google searching for 6 and 9a and am hoping knowledge of Anne Bronte isn’t needed for 15d.
    Lots of gaps at the moment, not looking good.

  35. spent nearly two hours on this and only have 10 answers. Am about ready to shred this one.

  36. After reading the answers on crossword club, I’m glad I gave up. I agree with comments on there. Too many clues just don’t work for me especially 10a and 11d.
    You have to zoom in a very long way on google maps to find that Sydney suburb and you’d have little chance of getting it from the wordplay, what hope do the non Sydneyites have?

  37. nn, I’m with you. After two hours I have just THREE answers, so I’m giving up too.
    Couldn’t get a start anywhere (and I’m from Melbourne).

  38. Anne 15d was fair enough, but after searching all over Sydney for a suburb that might somehow fit his convoluted wordplay (without any luck), I’d had enough googling.

  39. Davros, 4D is a capital city, hidden in the clue.
    5D definition is Wow. Englishman is what Americans call them. Captain is the usual abbreviation for the first letter of the answer. Letters 2-4 are a ball-shaped object.

  40. 9A stay gives 1-4, a breed of horse given the same Manx treatment as in 6 A ( linked by the ellipses) gives 5-7. I got the 1-4 and used the postcode finder tto find the north Sydney part

  41. Another apparent mistake in the printed solution this morning. 14D contains the new (to me) word “ip”. I’m old enough to remember when newspapers had proofreaders.

  42. I feel like I got lots of hard ones but don’t understand some easy ones. How do 1d and 4d work?

  43. Matt – 1D – answer is a double defn – female pig (Miss Piggy) and broadcast.
    4D – defn last word and answer is hidden in clue “deaL HAS Attracted”.

  44. Just to amend one of the hints from above, 27a the definition is the last two words only. Third last word is required in the wordplay after the homophone

  45. 20a. Disheartened sex = sx = s kiss = s peck??
    21d. Revoked a fine = a ok. Contracted rule = la(W)??

  46. 11a – if my answer is correct, I am confused by the “8” in the wordplay. I realize that the defn is “Bar” but “8”? I was thinking snooker, but the black is worth 7 points, not 8.

  47. You might not have the correct answer. EIGHTBALL fits, but the answer is BLACKBALL.

  48. AS, I have BLACKBALL which means “bar” but can’t understand the “8” part of the clue.

  49. The 8 in eight-ball pool is the black ball. Right table, slightly different game.

  50. Find shed in time for the next one …
    Had to go to crossword club … So it doesn’t count.
    I agree with the comments there too !
    Thanks again

  51. Late to the party but 10a is weak in my eyes because INVERSE would make a better answer to the clue. This held me up for the whole NW side (I had no hope with 9a or 11a though anyway)

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