DA Confusion for the 7th of November, 2014

Have your confusions with this week’s DA sorted out right here.

73 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7th of November, 2014

  1. Slow going today..have most of top half. Taken over an hour to get that far.

  2. Where is everybody? Stopped by to confirm a couple of answers and check a couple of wordplays and no-one’s here?

  3. Hi Andy W and Rupert glad to see there’s someone alive out there!

    20 d very straightforward and dead easy from a cryptic point of view but I had to look the word up in the dictionary!

    My favourite clue this week was 15 across but 14 down I thought very clever and very cute!

  4. Morning all. Late starting, looks like several anagrams, one solved to date! Church picnic today, so might not make much progress.

  5. Yes Tinker’s, I quite liked 14d very clever. All done.
    Good luck to all.

  6. A pretty gentle offering this week. I initially was looking for a palindrome for 23A until the penny dropped. Hadn’t heard of 14D so had to resort to a search engine.

  7. I hadn’t heard of 14D either, but guessed right from the cross letters and the fodder.
    I hadn’t heard of 15A by that name. I *had* heard of 20A, but couldn’t remember what it meant :)

    Anyway, all out and no confusion. Yippee!

  8. All out pretty quickly except for 3D (cross letters indicate a first word which doesn’t seem to fit the def, nor does it attach to anything I can think of with a hyphen) and 15A. Nor am I sure of word play for 6A. In 9A letter 5 seems not accounted for in the clue. Or does the navy possess the bunk?

  9. Dave R 3d is one of the few I have.Def first word. Word one is the usual 2 letter word for sailor plus word for shipped off. Once you have this, second word is obvious but I don’t get the clueing.Any help with 19a?

  10. 3D is typically professorial.
    15A was an old name for a country that was a French colony, then divided, now reunited. The answer reversed is something that comes from heaven.
    6A: Sport (usual abbreviation) = 2, 3; exercise tips = 1, 4. 2 and 3 are the centre of the answer.
    9A: It looks like you’re right. DA may have confused the navy with its distaff organisation, which does have an extra letter at the end.

  11. Thanks, megse and Rupert. I should have known 15A. Now I have 3D, I realise my 1A must be wrong, even though all the other cross letters fit.

    19A is an anagram, but the fodder loses a letter which “flees”.

  12. Dave, re 1A, I originally put in ARD as 4-6; methinks you may have the same. Instead the first word is a word made up of two abbreviations

  13. Thanks Rupert and Dave R 19a also gave me 20d. 11d and 13d would also help please.

  14. 11D: This is not the term I’d use for this toy, though it is given as a synonym.
    13D: Definition is the first word, primarily in an academic context.

  15. Thanks Rupert.That gave me 23a, which I liked. Have to go out back later.

  16. Thanks, Rupert and Mort. I hadn’t heard of 1A, and had rushed in with what Mort originally had, without really accounting for the whole clue.

  17. Like Mort with 1A, I also had the wrong 3-letter ending, at first, so it took ages to get 3D. Only now have I worked out how the latter clue fits though.
    I found this quite challenging, but was able to get it all out without having to come here for clues which doesn’t happen often!

  18. All done in record time (for me!!),with only a little help from the Trippers.I liked 14d,9a & 23a.
    Might have to do some actual work this afternoon…

  19. Got everything except 1d, which nobody seems to have mentioned. Is it just me being dense?

  20. Mary @ 12:43
    1D: Definition is first two words.
    5-letter synonym for speed, with middle letter removed.

  21. Finally back from the picnic, making slow progress. Who knows where Bolwarra is? Submerged town, now under a reservoir, lovely gardens. North of Wallace, in western Vic.
    Is the first part of 1A a slang term? No, I just saw it, letter 3 had me bothered. Twelve to go, but needing my after-dinner nap. Back later.

  22. I’m schlepping along. 24A looks straightforward but I cannot get the pieces to work. I’m struggling with 1A and 9A too. For 9A there’s so many variations for “take down”

  23. Brian – I thought of that and rejected it, because DA’s usually very precise about his grammar – surely to make the verb form right, there would need to be some indication in the clue that it’s first or second person, not third?
    megse – First word of 1a is a very specific word, and fairly recent – I didn’t find it in any dictionary or wordsearch. Check Rupert and Mort at 10.20.
    2d – words 3&4 are instructions to be applied to word 2.
    21/25 – def is last 4 words – answer is an adjective.

  24. As usual, confession brings enlightenment and I have 1A. Thanks for pointing back to 10:20, Mary. This time when I read it, it made sense.

  25. 1D. I think so long as there’s a person and tense that agrees, the person and tense don’t need to be explicitly specified.

  26. Need help in the bottom right.
    Think I know what 24A probably is but it doesn’t fit with what I currently have for 16D (which I also don’t understand so could easily be wrong – the “lest” hint given above by Rupert means nothing to me), nor can I see how the wordplay would work anyway.
    Haven’t got 26A or 22D either?

    I am also still missing 1A – I don’t understand the ARD reference above so I presumably haven’t gone down whatever that wrong route was!

    Thought 14D was one of his best clues for a long time.

  27. I’m not sure how the answer to 12A constitutes “art exhibit,” although it is certainly “Fitting.”

    DA has not accounted for letter 5 in 9A, but he has put that letter in his clue for 16D, although the answer is singular, not plural.

  28. Jack, 12A think Tracey Emin – not that I really associate her with art!

    Re 9A I think that letter five comes from the possessive of 2,3,4

  29. Thanks Mort, I had never heard of Tracey Emin or that art movement. We live and learn.

    You’re probably right about 9A; I was being facetious.

  30. All done, but like Vdub and Julian, I don’t get 16D wordplay despite Rupert’s guidance

  31. That nap certainly helped. Woke up, wrote in a couple of answers, the rest flooded in. Some very good clues for a person of my limited ability.

  32. Rod, in 16D, think of a two-word meaning of “lest” (2,4), then carry out this action on the behind of “leave.” Add a synonym for 2D and you have the answer, which is a word for “truce”

  33. Finished at last. Spent ages on 21/25 looking for 2 words. I just needed to do the opposite of the answer.

  34. Hi Julian. Maybe you have 16D now. 26A was my last one out: mass (1 letter), etc (4 letters), cold (or a more general disease that’s going round) – 6-10. In 22D I’ve never heard of that definition of slingshot and I reckon the clue might say “to reach apparent slingshot”. On 1A, if you have 2D thing of a sign you see on trucks carrying manufactured chemicals.

  35. Managed to get four of them out this week before coming here. Not on his wavelength!
    Will read the above in hope of getting a bit further before tea

  36. Well done Arthur. Maybe a church picnic and a nap is what we all need.

  37. Got a few more with your above hints, including 15a, which I initially had but couldn’t make sense of the wordplay, I’d decided once = letters 1,2 but couldn’t make any sense of the rest of it reversed or otherwise.
    Have a few of the longer words now, so will be off to word search to fill in some gaps.
    Jack 12a isn’t a movement, but a description of particular types of work once it is assembled/put on display.

  38. I have 3 different words that I could put in for the second word of 1a. None of them make any sense to me in terms of 1a’s wordplay, although I’m sure I have the first word correct, having avoided the ARD that first came to mind.
    None of my three alternatives give me anything sensible to go with the other two cross letters I have in each of 4d and 5d, so completely stumped on all three of these

  39. make that four words, the fourth at least has something to do with runner, but can’t get any words for 5d with it and still doesn’t explain the wordplay for letters 4,5 and 6 in 1a.
    It did, however, give me 4d, so it might be correct.

  40. make that 5 possibilities for that last word and this one finally gives me 5d as well as 4d, but still doesn’t make any sense in terms of wordplay for 1a!
    Will press on with the rest

  41. nn, 1A the first word is an abbreviation of two other words: the first means dangerous; the second means goods. You have the first three letters; the next three mean a runner. As Rupert said earlier you may find this runner in a hallway.

  42. Shouldn’t 11d be Russian midget (singular) or does the singular term refer to the entire set? I’ve always known the set as plural, but I’m ready to be corrected.

  43. Thanks Mort, I had the first word all along, but kept thinking of lots of garments that could be the second word before finding the right one.
    I’m assuming wordplay is as follows:
    Keeps (sound=homophone) is letters 1-3, last word is fit, but I didn’t equate letters 4-6 with runner, but get it now.

  44. nn, yes you have 1A correct. You’re also the first person to point out that the answer to 11D is singular whereas the clue indicates plural. Tut tut, DA. As Rupert mentioned above, the more common term for 11D starts with the runner in 1A. Like Rupert, I was rather surprised that the answer that DA has is an alternative, although Wikipedia states that this “is a commonly misused name”. Kate Bush has a lot to answer for…

  45. I agree Mort, but the video of Kate performing it means all is forgiven!
    Just 24a, 20d and 22d to go.
    Need a bit of a break, back later.

  46. back to it now, still no idea on 20d and 22d, have a guess for second word of 24a, but no idea of first word or how wordplay works.

  47. I can find a word for the first word of 24a that, together with my second work describes some of the works of G & S, but the second letter doesn’t fit what I have for 16d which I’m pretty sure is right. I note that Julian had the same problem but no idea how or if he solved it.
    Am at a complete standstill with this now, a few of you have mentioned these three clues above, but nobody has given enough detail for me to work out what’s going on.

  48. gave up and went to crossword club for the last three. Kicking myself I didn’t see the first word of 24a now.
    Never heard of 20d, took a couple of dictionaries before I found out what it means.
    Probably should have got 22d too, but was so uncertain of 24a that I didn’t have much to go on.
    Until next week.

  49. nn, 24A is not comic as I first thought. Maybe the word of G&S was not too heavy.

    20D is hidden in the clue – not a very common word.

    24D think of the shape of a slingshot for the last letter. The first three letters are a “major struggle”. Definition is “on guard”.

  50. No-one has mentioned 5D or 18A so I presume they are obvious to everyone but me. I only have one cross letter in each case.
    I think I have the first word of 1A but my idea for the second won’t fit the clue. Any help would be appreciated.

  51. nn
    Yes I had the same as you – I kept wanting to put COMIC as the 1st word for 24A but finally worked out another plausible word – but only discovered the wordplay on checking the answers at the crossword club site. Mind you I still don’t understand 16D even having done that! Hopefully at some point someone can explain what the “lest” in that clue is actually meant to do. Neither of the hints above mean anything to me.

    I eventually got 26A myself (clever) but never managed 22D – wasn’t likely to get it either since never heard of that use of “slingshot” in a clue.

  52. A fun one today.

    Noticed there were a few of us who came undone on 20, 22 and 24.

    Until next week!!

  53. GeoffD
    5D – definition is last word. Anagram of “Cain/Abel” plus the ultimate Adam (one letter).
    18A – double definition. The owner is a bit slang, the blither is a pretty old (I believe Scottish) word.
    1A 2nd word – if something fits it might …. you

  54. Thanks Julian. I ‘have(_)’ all three now. My second word for 1A was wrong so wrong starting letter for 5D.

  55. There’s a misspelling in 18 Across clue. Should be Blather Owner, not Blighter Owner. Only then does it work!

  56. Sorry guys, another misspelling by me! 18 Across clue should be Blather Owner not Blither Owner.

  57. Hooray! All OK. I’m old enough to have remembered the June Haver, who I presumed was the answer in 18A. Bring on next Friday, apart from one clue I picked up up there^, I solved the rest myself.

  58. Julian Lest means “in case”. The first part of the answer is Leave behind (one letter) in case.
    Nasty DA trickery!
    Kitrash Blither is an alternative spelling of blather according to my dictionary, although I’d never heard of it. Hadn’t heard of the answer either, but managed to work it out from the cross letters and the second word of the clue.

  59. Hi all. I wonder if this thing is still alive. I usually get to the DA after this site has lots of great hints available which are always enough for me to finish my grid in anonymity, so thank you. This week, 23A has me utterly befuddled. I get joker, but not the other definitions; crosswordclub hasn’t been enlightening. What do you say, may I have the answer spelled out to me in full by this stage?

  60. AC: I thought this was a double meaning where card meant an amusing person or one who plays jokes as well as the other obvious meaning.

  61. Thanks as usual. Finally finished last Friday’s … Now for the two day old…

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