DA Confusion for the 17th of October, 2014

Have all your 17th of October confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. Yes, 6/22 gives a quick fill of 20 letters … then slowed. SW first in.
    Tickled to get 12 D although I think they’re might be objections to the def. Advise against googling the first 2 words .. took me down a lot of interesting but irrelevant paths. For out-of-staters and Kiwis, need to know what Tamworth is famous for.

  2. Tamworth’s not the town in Staffordshire, then? Good to know.

    I’m about half done. I really liked 16D and 18D so far.

  3. Nothing in the stomach (abdominal ultrasound around 1000) so nothing in the grid! Looked through, but mind won’t work. But Gayle has provided a helpful clue above, so may make a start.

  4. ??? 3D – Rupert I don’t think so. “fine” = letters 1,2,3,4,5,6 (and not just 1,2,3,4,5) ???

  5. Rupert – yes – and now I see what you mean by double duty – homophone.

  6. Small quibble: 27A doesn’t have any mates!

    Loved the “misplaced” comma in 21D – making this the last one in.

  7. Rupert, I think 23D is okay. “Carrying” is used in crime novels to mean the answer. Unless you’re talking about the comma in the wrong place; I had the same issue with 21D.

  8. Haven’t the faintest idea on any of them, might bin this and wait for next week. Are you getting anywhere Arthur?

  9. Was about to say around 8 am that the last few fell in as quickly as the first few .. and then had a power blackout. I had marked 16D and 18 D too as likes. Also 2D, 4D, 5D. Thought 10 might be a bit unfair. Quel mois?

  10. @ Mort LOL re 27A. Good point.
    Knew that expression, as my father, raised a Catholic, only had a few options for swearing that weren’t blasphemous.

  11. 10A seems OK to me. There’s only 7 months with 31 days, and 4 of them have French names longer than the answer.

  12. Almost finished, fairly smoothly (for me), but stuck on 17A. Thanks, Gayle, for the hint on Tamworth; I had been thinking of a breed of pig, and for some reason was trying to fit a 3,7 solution. Just plain careless!

  13. Hi nn. No, I survived the ultrasound scan, seemingly OK, but have only three answers, just about to break for lunch, look again later.

  14. I got 6A first then 12D, may be the N.E. connection but I’m getting better at these homophones. I have five clues in and now seem to have stalled. I liked 25A. 16D was quick but can’t claim anything off from it, yet.

  15. Keep at it nn.
    I found the NW corner the most difficult to complete, but the rest wasn’t too bad.
    I liked that I was able to find 21D as a word I hadn’t heard of by just using the wordplay (I wasn’t distracted by the comma).
    6A and 7D were two of the first clues I got out, too.

  16. Feel I may have to abandon this one. Only ten solved. If some kind person could help with 11 or 13A, it might get me going again. Top half of puzzle, 6A is my only across answer.

  17. Arthur, 13a def is first two words. Last two are fodder for most if the clue with ‘one’ at the start. I have answer fro 11a, but no idea of wordplay.

  18. I need help with 8d and 15a. I have the rest, though not sure of all wordplay.

  19. For those on the iPad: 21D has the wrong first letter in its answer there.

    11A: def is last two words of clue. First word of clue gives the 5-2 part, next 2 words in clue give letters 1-2-3-7 of the last word of the answer, with a 3-letter word meaning Crack as letters 4-5-6.

    13A: If someone asked you for your opinion (ie first two words of clue), the answer is is something you might start your response with. Anagrind is ‘involving’.

  20. As often happens, after posting query I got the answer for both 8d and then 15a. Even get their wordplay.

  21. 8d: def is last three words of clue. First word of clue gives letters 1-8-9-10. Third word of clue gives letters 2-3-4-5-6, fourth word gives letter 7.

    15a: def is first word of clue. “From the East” means reading fro right to left … that should be enough I think!

  22. Thanks Andrew for wordplay of 11a. I think I’ve worked out the rest too. Satisfaction! Particularly liked 24d and the oblique definitions of 4d and 12d.

  23. Sandy, thank you for trying to help, but, no matter how I look at it, I can gain nothing from it. Altogether too dense, I am. Andrew T, I had thought it might be anagram of ‘my opinion’ plus A or I. Will pursue that line of thought.

  24. 13a: anagram material is in the last three words of the clue – “one” is not, shall we say, literal.

  25. I’m stuck on 14D and 21D. Just need a starting point, please.

    Arthur, for 11A I got this by thinking of different types of lockers, the “stuff” that goes into one begins with a (5-2) synonym of the first word. I can’t yet parse the second word.

  26. Arthur,
    Re 11A:
    As Andrew has indicated, First word in the clue provides the 5-2 part of the answer. Think of ” a spot of bother” rather than “pester” or “annoy”.

    The second word sees an Olympic (winter) event admitting an amusing three-letter word.

    When you have stringed them all together, you’re travelling!

  27. CC, 14D definition is first two words. 21D definition is first word: ignore the comma in the clue.

  28. Crypticrochet, 14D the definition is the first two words. 21D the definition is the first word. Hope this helps.

  29. Andrew, I finally got 13A from your second help. Was using the wrong half of the clue! So I’m up to eleven solved. Visitors coming, so may have to leave it till this evening.

  30. Not here yet, so another question. The African footballer? I know many play for English and French clubs. But don’t know any names. Is the whole word a synonym for a fight? Sorry to be a pest, but I really can’t see any answers, perhaps should just bin this one.

  31. Arthur, it’s not a person’s name. Think of names for national teams.

  32. Although I got 14D pretty easily, the clue seems a bit weak. Is letter 7 really an abbreviation of “biffo”?

  33. Re 14d, aren’t all the football codes from this place called the same thing?

  34. Sandy, she was the one that poisoned the All Blacks prior to the 1995 Rugby World Cup final.

  35. Thanks, Joseph and Brian. I tend to think of African round-ball players, If I were a northern Australian (As in NSW?QLD), I’d have twigged earlier.

  36. All done,with virtually no help from the Trippers today.Feeling very chuffed,but will no doubt be made to feel my nickname before too long…that`s the nature of DA`s puzzles.Liked 24D & 9A.

  37. 3/4 done . Liked20,23 24 d. Seem stuck in NW as, I see, have others. 2,3 &4d would help.

  38. I’m down to my last eight but I think that’s me finished for today. Starting to get punchy and putting in any old thing that fits.

  39. megse: 2D definition (somewhat derogatory) is the first word with awfully ‘loyal’ and vacated ‘dad’. When I got this I was surprised how long it had taken me!

  40. Sandy
    On vacation and vacated are quite diffrent in meaning, even cryptically.

  41. Jack: re 14D maybe the penny’s dropped now? If not read each word carefully.

  42. hi everyone
    I got 14d and suddenly realised it was a da day
    ah my confidence flagged
    can anyone help with 1a?

  43. Ella. Think about things you would find in a play ground. Start with the most obvious for first word.

  44. Ella, 1A decent = letters 1-4; “deal ending” is within a word for “riddle” – think flour rather than Batman!

  45. Going quite well today. However despite some suggestions that 6A is easy I haven’t a clue. Also stuck on 8D and 16D. Any help please?

  46. GeoffD, 6D is one of those “say it aloud” clues. 1st word is the indicator.

    16D is an anagram clue. First two words are the fodder, third word is the anagrind and final word is the definition, although a little tricky. If you’re still trying to finish a crossword after midnight, this could be the solution and the problem!

    Any help on 20D?

  47. I was doing well but now stuck with three to go. 20d, 26a and 28a. Total mental block. Will have to sleep on it. Liked 19a, 16d and 24d.

  48. Done. Maybe just writing it down worked. Thanks for being here every week, trippers. I’m a bit of a lurker, but do appreciate your careful hints and generosity of spirit.

  49. 20D 1-4 = Makes out, 5-7 = Beer source. Definition = Litter location (but don’t think rubbish).

    Don’t get 2D – does “on vacation” somehow mean take the middle letter out of DAD? Why?
    And what does “incurs” in 14D do?

  50. Finished after making a real mess of the SW corner. Realised that COXWAIN and ROMANY didn’t work as I tried to complete 14D.
    I was thinking 14D was going to be a player I’d never heard of but that was not to be.
    I am stuck with word play for letters 2-7 of 14D still. How does that work?

  51. I’ve just worked out why Rupert liked 18D! I agree now I’ve seen it, very good. The first two words of the clue were a mystery until a minute ago…

  52. @Robin, I got stuck in the same groove as you with 14D. Season is 1-6. The opening refers to the biffo.

  53. Disgusting result. I correctly solved about 50%, 10% was gifted by co-cruciverbalists (above), 20% of what I entered was wrong, 20% was empty space. But if 50% is a pass, I passed.

  54. Thanks Gayle. I, of course, had it as ‘season opening’ = S instead of ‘season, opening on biffo.’

    All good after a slow start, I liked 17A, the ‘crack’ in 11A, 24D and 12D was a classic! (If you ask me…)

  55. 15A reminded me of the ‘Moorish idol’ a few years ago and Rupert’s comment about himself when he is on holiday…

  56. From the answer in this morning’s Age it would appear that I had 21D wrong. Is there a ‘horse game’ called colo? Surely the sausage is polony. Or am I way off track?

  57. I had the same as you Dave and had googled the “polony” which came up as a sausage popular in WA. It has to be a typo in the paper.

  58. I got this one out; for a change. I also think it should be polony. The online has colony as well, but it makes no sense with the clue. I will book mark this site for future reference; I’m going to need it.

  59. Just logged on and see that I’m not the only one convinced that the answer in the paper today to 21D is a typo – what a relief! It was obviously polony IMO.
    I actually managed to get it all out this week which is a rare thing for me. However, can anyone help with the wordplay for 3D and 8D? I get some of it, but not all.

  60. Ah – just read AndrewT’s breakdown of 8D – now I get it!

    Still struggling with the wordplay for 3D although I got the answer, and also 15A which I only got after filling in letters 2 and 4 and except for the obvious definition do not understand at all.

  61. June, 3D letters 1-6 mean “fine”. The last two are a type of boot.

    15A is hidden in reverse in the word “exploding”

  62. June – I’m assuming we’re past spoilers now – 3D: superb Ug, the brand name misspelt by DA, as others have mentioned. 15A is backwards (read from east to west) in expLODIng. Both a little bit rough as clues, I reckon.

  63. I’m so embarrassed Mort – I couldn’t work out for the life of me where the “B” had come from in 3D, thinking that “fine” was letters 1-5. I am really bad at visualising down words!Got that the boot was letters 7 and 8, although always thought that was spelt with a double letter 8.
    And yes – now I see where 15A came from – just hadn’t picked that out at all. Thanks so much for your help – all good now.

  64. re 3D and the spelling of Ug for Ugg boot. I’d go along with Rupert’s explanation that ‘can be picked up’ is doing double duty, ie homophone indicator for the boot, as well as part of the definition .. it can be picked up in wards.

  65. off topic … Sunday SMH cryptic .. can someone help with the def in 4D?
    Any are gone say? All are still here, say? N _ N _ G _ N.

  66. Is it like saying “none are gone” to get Nonagon? It’s also called an “enneagon”. There are also nine words in the clue.

  67. Thankyou Crypticrochet! Didn’t know ‘enneagon’ . And it’s ‘linguistically more consistent’ than ‘nonagon’ in terms of Greek and Latin. Interesting.

    What’s the difference between The Age and the SMH puzzles on a Sunday? The SMH one drives you nuts with archaic or obscure words and references of which there are several in today’s offering. But, as I’ve said , and before Stig jumps in, I quite like the etymological and historical workout on a Sunday morning. Explored Parnassian poets this morning thanks to the “Poet Fletcher’ clue .. how would non literary buffs know that gives “Elroy”. It’s his middle name and he died in 1915 aged 30 for goodness’ sake!

  68. I know I wouldn’t have gotten that. The Age has a cryptic/quick that share the same puzzle but I don’t know if they give different answers. I shall find out! I don’t usually do the Sunday puzzles as I need a break. Get a fresh brain for Monday. I like the Monday puzzles.

  69. Thanks trippers
    I got the NE and a few others before coming here.
    There were some fun ones but I dislike “on vacation” for vacated. The first says the subject has gone but doesn’t mean the subject is emptied. IMHO anyway ….

  70. 3D Ug was always the name of woollen boots: not a brand name; that came later. UGG tried to sue anyone using Ygg or Ug but failed: the court deemed Ug as a generic term.

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