DA Confusion for the 26th of September, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right about here. Bring it.

142 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of September, 2014

  1. OK – got 9D – bit embarassed now as had most of it and should have known.

  2. All good – finally got 26A and 18D. Now just do not get word play for letters 3,4,5 of 3D.

    DA at his “best” today. Some contructs are very tough I found.

  3. Last week it took me just 30 minutes, with only two answers in, to tear the thing to shreds. Today, with only one answer, about 25 (I’m getting cleverer!). I’m afraid DA has moved too far ahead for me to cope any more, a sad realisation, Friday had always been special because of DA. Will look again next week, but not at all hopeful.

  4. 3D – thanks Rupert. I was there or thereabouts but was looking for confirmation as a bit convoluted for me.

  5. Still struggling with the NE corner.
    I was pleased to get the second word of 9D from the wordplay, but had to google to get the first name (my first guess was OLGA as an anagram of the last word in the clue).
    I’m not sure of the definition in 21D, or how “precisely” clues letters 1, 2, 5, 6 in 19A.

  6. For 21D I read defn as first 2 words (where the first word is a noun). Answer is also what gives 26A read as 3,4.

  7. For NE corner, 2 key toughies (at least for me) were:
    5D – “A chap oddly” for letters 3,4,5. “dressed in” = container. “lingerie” = letters 1,2,6,7,8,9,1o. Defn = “leaves here?”.
    6D – Defn = “Where soldiers go”. “factory seconds” = letters 2,3,4. “like some skates” = 6 letter describer of some types of skates, and this gives letters 1,5,6,7.

  8. I’m delighted to have gotten three (1D, 4D and 7A) straight away and now digging through the harder clues. Not many clues this week, I notice.

    Glad to see you’re back Arthur, I know how you feel.

  9. 5D: I’m going to need to look at this some more. I considered “a chap oddly” as 3 letters, but that didn’t fit my 11A, which seemed pretty solid as something you do to bacon.

  10. 5D – “chap oddly” = letters 4,5. Treat “a” separately as letter 3.

  11. Finished now. Hard slog today. First in 22a and last in 8a.
    Rupert your 12a is correct.

  12. Ian – just FYI – if you are there, think you have transcribed wrong answer in to 21D on XWC site.

  13. Thanks Andy. I worked out there was another way to parse “a chap oddly” into three letters.

    14A: is the table periodic? I would have parsed the wordplay as I = 1, midmorning = N = 2, and the rest being “eat”, but that doesn’t seem to be a word. The idea that midmorning = 1, 2 and I is just a link word means the clue is not as good as I thought it was.

  14. 14A – yes Rupert. “midmorning” = 1,2 (number that looks like letters). This is a bit lazy / inaccurate as 1,2 is actually not what I would consider “midmorning” – more like towards end of morning.

  15. If you’re one of those bohemian wordy types like DA and don’t get up till 8am (which is mid-morning for Gayle ;))

  16. DA has used those two characters for mid-morning before.

    A bit harder than usual but quite enjoyable. Not too sure of the synonym for “shot” in 12A; I’d never use it in that sense.

    Going out for the day so can’t be much help to others.

  17. Surely today’s crossword is punishment for complaining that the last few Fridays were too easy? This is going to be an all-dayer, I fear!

  18. I’m not actually sure I’ve got the correct answer for 12a, but I think the relative is a younger female, if that helps.

  19. Finding it hard going this week. Have most of SW, not much else. In 9A, is “revised” an anagrind? If so, the 7-letter word is in no dictionary I can access, or I’ve mistaken the fodder. I am fairly sure I have 17D, assuming the def is the first word, but the word play eludes me completely. As for the rest…

  20. It’s not in the dictionary because it’s a name. And only recently well-known one. Think about the word ‘racketeer’ a bit more…

  21. Thank you Palindromeda. With the spelling in the clue I would have expected a homophone indicator. Thanks Crypticrochet. I see it now; you’re right.

  22. I am encouraged that Rupert and Ray found this one hard. I only have 7 in, most of them from clues above. I am confident I have the right answer for 19d (formal apparel, with plush borders in the middle) but I have no idea how ‘precisely’ gives the rest of the clue.

  23. Sandy re 19A (not 19d), precisely is given by letters 1,2,5,6. Read it as 1,2 is a word; 5,6 as letters. That should give you the answer…

  24. 12A: The relative is younger and female; the shot as in photography
    13D: Abuse is an anagrind, but there’s a word between the two words of the fodder.

  25. Thanks Rupert. I was not only looking for the wring ‘shot’. I was also reading ‘dove’ as a past tense verb.
    With the cross clues they gave me I have finished the SW corner. Two to go in the NE. Any hints ther – 8a and 4d?

  26. Sandy – 4D – Defn = “Squeeze”. And Defn also = “club / Reuben / hero” as they are all types of the answer.
    8A – “Plucky” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,4. “scheme” gives 4 letter synonym, with first letter removed (“uncovering one”) for letters 5,6,7. Defn is something that is “hammered in Jakarta?”.

  27. Got 4D, but never heard of Reuben. Still struggling, especially in NW . SE not too good either. Hints for 7A and 26A would be gratefully received.

  28. 7A: rather an unkind definition at the beginning
    26A: also definition at the beginning, but in a non-criminal sense

  29. Slowly got most out. 21D, 18D and 20A to go.

    I have an answer that fits the definition for 23A bit can’t get the wordplay. Any hint?

  30. Indy, 21D definition is first two words. If you split 26A into two words, this is what you may get at a 21D.

  31. Indy, 18D is “Nigella’s marrow” (one letter) inside something that could be related to a lamb. Definition is “oven dish”. A pretty week clue, in my opinion, if I’ve parsed it correctly.
    20A definition is “flip” (think in terms of temperament). A four-letter word for “shaft” plugs a four-letter word for “end”.

  32. Indy, 23A is convoluted if my parsing is correct. “ones lead” gives letter 3, inside three compass points. Direct has a four-letter synonym that broadcast sounds like last six letters of clue.

    I did struggle with an anagram of “ones’ lead” but couldn’t find the missing two letters; also there’s no anagrind for this course of action.

    Most happy to be corrected…

  33. Very slow going today. Thanks to all above, I have everything out except 2D.
    Help please.

  34. I am still struggling 2d would help if you’ve got it, Steve. Also 26a has got me completely stumped.

  35. 26a now in. Help with 20a. I am confident of first word. And think I can see a word for end on the outside. But can’t get the middle.

  36. Sandy – 20A – “shaft” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 3,4,5,6.
    2D – Defn = “lacking a date”. “weaponry” gives a 4 letter word that is “returned” to give the answer.

  37. All out except 21D. Despite your hint, Mort, I can’t get the second word.

  38. Thanks for trying Ray. Have no idea of a synonym to fit cross letters. Nor can word finder find any words to fit. Is 5d a plural?

  39. Indy, 21D think of a “better” facility in relation to a person placing a bet. I was unfamiliar with the phrase (not being one to indulge) but a web search found plenty of references to it.

  40. Does 2d really mean lacking a date? The only word I can come up with might be the description of a romantic evening?

  41. Sandy, a shaft can be a solid item as well as a hollow. The four letter word in 21A is a solid.

  42. Didn’t really know that use of 2d. And I vaguely remember that weaponry being used before, but a bit obscure.

  43. Thanks, Ray, I wouldn’t have found 8A, 14A, 5D or 6D without your hints.
    I certainly found it hard going today.
    I liked 17A and 6D when I finally got it.

  44. Wow! This one was tough.
    As a chemist, I love 14A, and luckily I had a Reuben for lunch yesterday, so that helped with 4D. Never heard of 20A before; I believe it could be American.
    Despite the clues above, 18D still eludes me, although I can see where Nigella’s marrow fits; I may not have heard of this particular oven dish.

  45. Just back from the shops. Got 20a just before I left. Never hear the expression before. And I was thinking if a different end (actually ended when I think about it). So no wonder.
    Now all I have left is 1d. Any hints with that?

  46. Sandy 1d definition is stab. The answer is better known as a noun but can be a verb. Letters 1-3 are keen (think animals making a noise). 4-6 = person. 7 is “taking initial”

  47. Glad you all found it tough. I have 9 answers so far, most of them with help from above. Have no idea on the rest of them. Had put Sea changers in for 5d initially as it fitted the only cross letter I had at the time (and sort of fits the def leaves here, certainly no worse than some of his other definitions!). Got 14a soon after this which showed I was wrong. Have the correct 5d now, had a laugh at the def when I finally got it, and to be fair, he did have a question mark after it!
    Will press on, do I need an atlas for 25A?

  48. Have found an answer to 25a in the atlas. It fits the two cross letters I have and I can see a problem repelled at the start, but the naked expert???

  49. Hi nn, wondered where you were. 25A – I’d heard of it before and my knowledge of Africa is fairly limited. An expert could be a x4567x. Or an expert without exercise. The first three letters are Shakespearean reversed as in “Ay, there’s the problem”

  50. Thanks Mort, late start for me, been out all day. I’d figured out the problem, I guessed that the expert was x4567x, but I still can’t think of a word for expert that fits this. I’m never very good at figuring out synonyms with a letter or two missing, but thanks for confirmation that my answer is correct. I have the SW and NE corners out now, but the rest is completely blank!

  51. nn, the expert could be a “play on words” (three letters) and “the French say” (three letters) .
    Obviously the first and last letters are removed for the answer.

  52. Still no idea on the expert Mort, but have a couple in the NE now, but still lots of gaps to worry about before I spend time pondering wordplays.
    Time for a break, will come back in about half an hour

  53. Think I’ve worked out what 20a must be from the wordplay and the cross letters, but no idea how that could mean flip, presume it is yet another of DA’s colloquialisms or 15th century (or earlier) obscure meanings that I’ve never heard of. Am making some progress in the SE, but NW still completely blank.

  54. Wikipedia confirms my answer, not ancient, but quite modern American slang. No wonder I’d never heard of it.

  55. 14 Read it as I followed by middle of morning followed by word for eat (v).

  56. nn, it’s late in the day so I can probably give a SPOILER ALERT:

    Expert is a Pea You Enn Dee Eye Tea. Make it naked (remove the outsides) and add them to the first three letters of 25A to get a place in Africa.

  57. SE complete at last, but don’t get wordplay for 26a and 24d (add them to the list!)
    Just NE to go.

  58. FHF – mid-morning is somewhere between 9am and 11am – that gives letters 1 and 2 (as written). Then, as you say, a word for eat, gives an element in the periodic table.

  59. nn, 26A definition is steal, as in “it’s a steal”. First letter is from “book” then “once more” around “r” for runs.

    24D function is arithmetic; definition is trademark.

  60. Got 10a and 2d now, so only 1d, 7a and 3d to go. Never thought of 2d as being dateless, would be much more likely to be 2d with a (successful) date!

  61. Mort Thanks, I had a different interpretation, but hadn’t checked to see if it was a proper word.

  62. thanks Mort, those wordplays where he uses a letter as a (not so common) abbreviation of a word always get me. Can see the (powerful) function in 24d, but “supports watch” presumably gives the last letter?? Is the shape of the last letter supposed to suggest watch? If so then watch supports the function, the whole clue reads the wrong way around.

  63. nn, 3D definition is “egg”. Flip ending in fiasco after 2-letter abbreviation for “say” within a three-letter word for vase.

    Simple when you know the answer!

  64. thanks Mort, got that one now.
    just 1d and 7a to go. Bit miffed that they were crypticrochet’s first in and I can’t see them despite having some of the cross letters. Will be off to bed soon too, hope I can crack them before I go, otherwise I’ll probably wake up at three in the morning with a revelation!

  65. Gave up on the last two and went to crossword club (otherwise I won’t sleep)
    Had the wrong answer for 2d which didn’t help!
    Even after reading Ian’s answers I don’t get how “Keen Person” presumably indicates letters 1-6 in 1d.
    Ian also has 24d wordplay as 1,2 followed by 3,4. This is a bit different to what I understand of Mort’s interpretation, which is presumably 1,2, 3 = “function” followed by 4 = “supports watch”. I don’t get Mort’s 4 and I have no idea of how Ian gets his wordplay.
    Time for bed, until next week…

  66. Thanks Ann for your earlier hint about 18D. I finally found the answer and it is a word I’ve never seen before.

  67. If there are any Saturday solvers out there, I still need help with 2D, 3D, 10A, 13D, 18D, 21D and 23A. For some of these clues, there was some Friday discussion. Others weren’t mentioned so I think they must be easy. But not for me!

  68. Aha. 10A just made sense and I have an answer for 2D that fits the dateless def but the returned weaponry is tres weak.

  69. Hello. I am a first-time poster but have enjoyed the generous support of the DA-Trippers for a few weeks.

    nn: Re your message of 9.33 p.m. 26th. I completed 1d without understanding how the “keen person” could provide the sought-after letters 1-6. Trapped into searching for “keen” synonyms in the “sharp” or “enthusiastic” areas, I was about to wail in despair. That gave me the clue. Letters 1-3 echoed that wail.

  70. Finally out thanks to Trippers. Couldn’t finish before 8am deadline to get to work yesterday. 14A 1-2 mid morning !!?? By whose reckoning? I used to be an early riser, but now that the paper gets here later and it’s so thin I don’t hear it hit the ground I often sleep in until 6. Most workers’ ‘smokos’ I know of are about 9am,
    14A – begrudgingly have to say that the def is deft, and thanks to Ray and Rupert for tips
    18 D, thanks to Anne, but 70s? I feel I’m in a time warp today. Got lots of them for my wedding only a few years ago. The ‘maybe’ threw me, looking at anagrams of lamb around GEL. Cute, lamb = 1-3, 5-7.
    6D was just plain clever.
    1D Do horses, or any animals, keen?
    5D was favourite,
    Quibble about def in 7A – one is mixed or uncertain lineage, the other is known, at least by one party.
    And learned a new word ‘Reuben’.

  71. Welcome Brian! 1 D was my last in, and I have to concede, thesaurus. com gives keen/how/bay as synonums. I’ve only heard of bay for animals and keen for people.

  72. Hard one. It’s been over two years since I seriously attempted a DA, and I’m rusty. Nice to be back.

  73. Done at last, but what is the returned weaponry in 2d? (I have put a word which is a type of deer – it may be wrong.)
    I liked 5d &12a in this one . Cheers . Go Swans!

  74. Happy Saturday! Could someone tell me what is the definition for 10A because I solved the clue but couldn’t figure out where the definition is. I can see why Rupert mentions the Periodic Table, but is that it? I feel I’m missing something.

  75. Thanks feather re 24d, that makes a bit more sense although function as 3,4 seems pretty weak to me. What is annoying is that 1,2,3 makes a mathematical function of sorts.
    Thanks Brian for 15d explanation

  76. As it goes often, once I’d hit send I saw where I was going wrong – I was not ignoring punctuation! Saw it clearly then. Thanks Mort.

  77. 10a is an element, so it appears IN the periodic table rather than AT it. This spoils what was otherwise a pretty good clue. Another interpretation is that as it is in table salt you might see it AT the table, but that’s getting rather poor as a def. With defs getting that loose, we may as well have “on earth ” or “in the universe “. Reminds me of one of his defs from quite a while ago which was something along the lines of “south of Byron Bay ” and the answer was some obscure little NSW town many hundreds of miles south and nearer to the Victorian border than it was to Byron Bay.
    He had “in Africa ” this time, but I think that was fair enough as it was a country and therefore large enough to be found on a map of Africa even if you hadn’t heard of it, but he often gets far too loose with his definitions

  78. Fantastic effort this week – has taken 2 days but worth it! So many are completely impenetrable until you get it – then completely clear. Particularly loved 6d, 24d and 1d which was last in just now. Perfect!

  79. DA Confusion for the 3rd of October, 2014:

    All out but may not have right as do not get wordplay for 12A, 21A, 22A, 13D. Any clarity appreciated.

    Thought 6A, 16A , 27A, 15D very good. Not so much for 6D.

  80. Loved wordplay for 12A. How does DA see these things? Charge switch is letters 7,6,5,4

  81. Like the def in 13D. I see wordplay as DA mischief with ‘showcase’. Letters 7 to 3 reversal (over) of object and show. Then anagram of case.

  82. 13D – OK – bit convoluted for me. Defn = first 2 words. “plug” = letters 1,2. And then as you say for 7,6,5,4,3 and 8,9,10,11. Thanks.

  83. Just got 22A. I thought it was way more complicated, looking for some deletion from despairing, and I first thought it was adrift until I got 20D.
    Said minus aid. Run off is 2-6.

    All done, but I don’t get 24D and 27A (if I have them right). DA trickery with these 3 and 4 letter words.

  84. 24D: dregs = last letters of the preceding words
    27A: Answer is an Australian singer. One from the same continent as Japan, with the packaging removed.

  85. Thanks Rupert! It takes a Brit/Kiwi to tell me about an Australian singer, who I’ve only vaguely heard of and never heard of the chandelier.

  86. Rupert you were right. I last 24 seconds into the you tube clip! How does DA find them?

  87. I think DA must have heard my cri de couer re last week, this one almost finished, though a few to sort out yet.

  88. Thanks, Gayle. I had 22A pencilled in without being convinced.
    I thought it was all much more straight-forward today.
    I liked 6D.
    Thanks to Google for 27A who was unknown to me too.

  89. Appears to be only one possible answer to 13D, but how it fits the clue? Split view, yes. Plug, yes. But object? AHA! Just saw it! Slow, I am. Only puzzle left is 27A.

  90. No forget all that. Def first 2 words. Letters 12 obvious, 34=taps, 5=bearing,678910 1112 = what to do with a sprained ankle

  91. Much easier this week .Even I had half before coming here. Leaving for the day soon .Any help with 19a,22a 8d much appreciated.

  92. 19A: Something impressive in China
    22A: If there’s no help in “said”, what is left?
    8D: The peg is usually wooden and round.

  93. Thanks Rupert.Now have8d and 19a. I understand your clue for 22a but still not there. Also need 20d and 23d to finish.

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