DA Confusion for the 22nd of August, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right here, and if the inside word is right, there’s going to be a fair bit of sorting out of confusion to be had.

109 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 22nd of August, 2014

  1. So there’s an advantage to being 8 hours behind my usual time zone – first post! And a disadvantage, no help to be had here.

    Theme came really easily, raced through most of the across clues accordingly. But stuck on 20A and 24A. I have a candidate for 24A but seems unconvincing.

  2. Typical – got them both immediately after posting! Don’t get the wordplay for 24A though …

  3. Good on you AndrewT! Not my area of special knowledge. 26A and 10/15 first two in of themed clues. Plugging away.

  4. Have all out, but struggling with several word plays including, like you AndrewT, 24A / 14A.

  5. Wordplays I don’t get are 10A/15A, 24A/14A, 6D, 21D. Any help with these appreciated.

  6. 21d…one of the few I have
    Def first two words. Then a british pop girl band …… kitten.

  7. 10/15 A You’ve probably got ‘and so on preceding’ .. My take for letters 4 to 11 is a synonym for plot (as verb, although I see it as a verb usually associated with a plot) containing a shortened word for bias as in slant.

  8. This is a really hard slog if, like me, you’re not up with the theme, doing it all from wordplay. And the spelling is unusual so can’t predict the combinations. Bet that’s why DA chose the theme.

  9. Andy W – thanks for 21D. Did not know the band.
    Gayle – thanks for 10A/15A.

  10. Got the theme now…had it 2 hours ago..but didn’t connect the dots!
    Spent too long trying to make 3d flipper!

  11. Getting there.
    @Ray, 24/14 anagram of all set, containing symbol for lead and synonym for run.
    6D the course is edible, minus one letter

    I haven’t got 20A. 2 homophones?

  12. Or 3 D. Andy W a hint please? Then I can get my remaining 8A and 11 A hopefully. Time to go to work instead of playing!

  13. Thanks Andy, so I had the parsing right for 3D, now just have to get the right kind of pin?

  14. Looked carefully through the clues, twice. Solved what I thought was the only anagram, decided this one far too hard for me, proves I really am a dunderhead! Have some other work to do, so may just abandon this one.

  15. I’ve got a few down clues and no across. For 9A is it a tree and a common three letter word for “supporter” both reversed or is that completely off?

  16. One for the children of the seventies, methinks! Not knowing anything about cricket, had to guess at 3D and look up 7D. Some of the theme were also unknown to me but, all in all, a pleasant solve. I always prefer the themed puzzles over DA’s “straight” ones.

  17. Yes, great! I got 9A…but still no closer to theme. I am hopeful by Mort’s comment about the 70’s though. I know squat about cricket too, so I’m hoping that’s not the theme or I’m stuffed.

  18. CC, I inadvertently gave a clue to the theme by my comment about plurals. Not all the theme relates to the 70s; for example 9A is much earlier. The ones that held me up were not of my generation, hence my comment about 70s.

  19. no idea about cricket? what about pinball machines. theres not that many parts on it

  20. 20A – Andrew T and others – not homophones. radio provides letters 1 and 5, enclosing “live”. last three letters given by audience.

  21. All done, in under an hour, which is rare for me. Hadn’t heard of 24A/14A, nor encountered the word at 5D.

    Minor criticism of 6D, which I feel is not properly defined.

    And like others, seeking explanation of 20A.

  22. andy – you hit the ball with the flipper – which is also a cricket delivery, and the ball hits other bits along its path. cars also have them.

  23. May I beg for a clue to 8 across? Am so close to finishing and it’s driving me mad. I don’t think anyone has mentioned it yet so it’s probably horribly easy.

  24. Got the theme quicker than usual.

    4 to fill – 11A, 17A, 2D, 6D.

    Not 100% on my 5D – can’t see how last two words fit into the wordplay.

  25. 8A is traditionally a war machine but a small version is traditionally on-theme. It took me a while to get it (not helped by my incorrect 3D).

  26. There are many I haven’t got after quite a long time trying.
    However, Indy, I think 2D has the last three words as the name of a singer with the first word as definition. I had 11A having ‘old scot’ as the first four letters of my answer (this actually gave me the theme).
    Not sure I can justify my answer to 6D as only the first 5 letters seem to follow the clue.
    I don’t know 17A either.

  27. 5d ,first 2 words anagram plus word for fury. Having trouble with 17a and 26a. Really liked 2d.

  28. Thanks to Gayle for her 6:51 comment “10/15 A You’ve probably got ‘and so on preceding’ .. My take for letters 4 to 11 is a synonym for plot (as verb, although I see it as a verb usually associated with a plot) containing a shortened word for bias as in slant.” – I now have the theme! Just got 12,23A but don’t get the parsing for 23A.

  29. Megse 26a…the last word tells you what to do with the first 4 words.
    17a is clever. Kiss were what type of band?

  30. I have a few across answers, but no idea of the theme. I’m fairly sure I have 5D, but it seems to be a made-up synonym for a gerund with the same first five letters. I have an idea about 17A, but can’t see how ‘supports’ fits in, nor does it help towards the theme.

  31. Dave, agree that 5D sounds made up but it is in my dictionary meaning “office of referee”.

    17A “support” just means that kiss goes in front of the second word. Clue could easily have read “Kiss its genre”.

  32. Have upgraded from ‘Moron Grade 10′, to Moron Grade 9’, because I now have three answers, plus several guesses that I can’t fit to clue. For example: First four letters of 5D seem obvious, but last four? In 16D, the answer seems obvious, but letter 6? Is 25A a saying that rugby fans only would know? In 8A, first four letters seem Ok, but if my guess is correct, can’t see any connection to last four?

  33. For 17A do Aussies use a different word for the 3? I know a 4 and a 7 for the same from UK and USA but I’m stuck on the 3 which is quite frustrating if my 5D in correct.

  34. Got the theme with 16D but so many across solutions were/are new to me.
    Still not confident about 17A, pace Mort. Something in common with the Shop Boys?
    And despite Andy W’s help at 10.40 on 20A (not 20d) I can’t get more than an implausible equine phrase. Help please :-)

  35. Looked back at your 10.40 post Andy W and the penny dropped. Thanks again. The items in the theme were certainly varied.

  36. Mike, yes 17A could apply to the Shop Boys for the first word. The answer is probably the most stupid fad in human memory!

  37. Many thanks megse and Mort. Somewhere in the spare room there is probably a “Falling stock – no the opposite (5,4)” that is upset about my not getting 20A immediately after recognising the theme!

  38. Things are getting curiouser and curiouser. I am sure I have 24/14 from the word play, but it gives me a two-word phrase that makes no sense. Similarly, I seem to have nonsense phrases for 12/23 and 25/22, that is assuming the cross letters are correct. The three across answers I have (thanks, Mort, for help with 17) seem to have nothing in common.

  39. All out – I missed that read of Tender in 2D. My 5D was incorrect, and getting that got 11A.

    6D how do the first two words fit the wordplay?

  40. Managed to complete with only on clue (24/14a) helped from here. I must be getting better. Did find some wordplay assistance from above though. Like many, not that familiar with all of theme. I got 10/15a and 11a in first and saw two similarities at first. Finally 8&9a which showed me which way to go.

  41. Indy, first two words describe first five letters of answer, usually followed by a hyphen and another five letter word.

  42. Ann, 1d not necessarily to do with cricket. Def is first word. The killer is biblical. Included is a word for right, in the sense of correct.

  43. Megse and Mort helped me see 17A, thank you! I had thought that but was confused by other directions, and my 5D isn’t quite right. Putting this away until later because look at that sunshine! I better get me some of that for my sanity. Needing 1,4,7D and 8,11A (missing the “Old Scot” bit). Not a bad effort for a morning but I’d be back with four without you fine folks.

  44. @Ann – 1D is common to any team sport, not just cricket. 7D should be easy from that (you may have to look it up but very straightforward).

  45. Thanks, all, for your help with 8a & 1d. This is my first time here. I hope I won’t need to come here again! My favourites this week was 24d.

  46. Ann, 24/14A is a term with which I was not familiar. It’s an anagram of “all set” and lead (2 letters) and a four-letter word for “run”. They were popular in late 80s and early 90s and were banned in some schools.

  47. CC, re 11A, the old Scot is not a celt but another four-letter word.

    1D definition is “leads”. The killer is the usual biblical one. Right is not just the letter R. Once you get this, you should easily find 7D.

  48. Finally finished, but never have I encountered so many words or phrases I had never heard of. Still not sure what theme links them, but perhaps I am far too old.

  49. The word play for 20A is very clever.
    I have the whole lot solved with the exception of 11A. Any help?

  50. My goodness. Just realised my post of 1218 had my name grossly misspelt. My typing has deteriorated as well as my ability to solve clues. My computer is misbehaving also, have to type whichever site I want into Google, clicking on the icons doesn’t bring up the site. So if there is anyone out there who wants to be a lifter to help this leaner, have another look at my questions up there. Today has ben my worst performance in a couple of years. I think I’ve added 4D to my previous three or so. But I’m really completely lost.

  51. Thanks, Mort. Finally got 24/14A when it occured to me that my 4D had the wrong two letter word for ‘extra report’.
    Jack, 11A is the name of a type of word game that you draw. The first 4 letters are ‘old scot’.

  52. Thanks Ann, it looks like I must have had 4D incorrect. I can see the answer to 11A now that I’ve changed 4D. I like the reference to “sleeper” in 11A. Thanks again.

  53. Got the theme pretty quickly, after 3D, 5D and a pretty good idea about the Old Scot (loved ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’ as a kid) gave me 11A and then 9A. I thought DA did a pretty good job of spreading them across the generations, from the ancient 9A through to the 25/22A of the past couple of decades. Loved the wordplay on 2D and (despite it being the last one I figured out) 18D. I still have absolutely no idea 20A, in spite of the abundance of clues above. Might be from before my time (I’m closer to the 25/22 end of things)? Do letters 2,3,4 and 6,7,8 happen to be anagrams of each other?

    @Jack, for 11A ‘Old Scot’ is an ancient tribal group and gives letters 1-4, and ‘one’ is the usual symbol. ‘Sleeper’s position?’ is a cryptic definition for where you might find a (non-living) sleeper, in the form 2,1,2, where the last two letters are an abbreviation. Answer is a board game.

  54. haha, Ann beat me to it! Sorry for the repetition, glad it’s been resolved. I’d made the same mistake on 4D too, with the same problem resulting for 22/14.

  55. Thanks Luke. As you can see above, the penny finally dropped.
    For 25/22, those are not anagrams of each other, but there is an anagram of Word 2 of the clue within the answer.

  56. @Arthur, I’ll do my best with those questions.
    5D: I’m certainly more familiar with the term ending in ‘-ing’, but a quick dictionary check with an alternate last 4 letters, given by a word meaning ‘fury’, confirmed the more obscure version.
    16D: letter 6 goes with letter 5, as a term meaning ‘average’. The full wordplay is ‘rancher’ losing a word meaning ‘operated’ = 1,2,3,4; ‘average’ = 5,6; ‘estate limits’ = 7,8.
    25A: Nothing to do with rugby (as far as I know: AFL supporter here). Letters 1-4 are a word meaning ‘a sec’; 5 is an abbreviation of ‘League’; 6-10 are an anagram of ‘melee’; and 11,12 is another term meaning ‘a sec’. The answer is something associated with a very popular kid’s show that’s been running since the ’60s.
    6A: Your guess is probably on target. Last 4 letters come from a single letter for ‘loss’ inside a word meaning ‘deposit’.

    Good luck!

  57. Hi Arthur
    Re yours at 4.14
    In Google have tried Ctrl+B to get bookmarks? That’s where I have this site.
    In response to your 1318:
    8D – a new word for me with 5-8 being ;fury’
    16D – letter 6 should be okay if you have two letters for average
    25A/22A – not rugby although with an ”a” for letter 2 it could be. The complete solution is one I had never heard of but I \got it with two different words for ‘secs’: 1-4 and last 2 letters
    Best of luck: i’ve never had to use Google as much before to check my answers.

  58. Help!
    After two hours I have 13D, very dubious answers for 5D and 24D and thanks to Luke I just got 11A. Otherwise no idea of theme or anything else. Can anyone suggest an easy(?) point to proceed?

  59. Luke, I think 20A is of a similar time to 25/22A. Certainly they would both appeal to children of a similar age. Letters 1 and 5 are ‘radio’, 2-4 ‘live’, 6-8 audience.

  60. Geoff, try 2D where tender is legal not kind. That gives letter four of 10A, with letters 1-3 defined by “and so on, preceding’. That four letter word, together with the structure of the answer (4-1-6) should give you a head start on the theme.

  61. Unsure of 4D and 24/14A. Any helpers out there? Not going home until it’s done!

  62. Gah! THAT kind of radio! Spent waaaay too long trying to fiddle around with the wrong initials, despite having the other 6 letters all right. Ann, they were just before my time I think, but yes, definitely on this end of the spectrum. Thanks very much for the help!

  63. Hi Kes, I feel your pain! I’ve only just been released myself. Your difficulty might be arising from having the wrong final word for 4D (the wordplay is a bit sloppy, since either of two words works). The correct one is an extra in cricket, shortened by a letter, and placed under a word meaning ‘criticism’.

    24/14A is an anagram of ‘all set’, surrounding an abbreviation for ‘lead’ (which should be fairly easy if you’ve got 4D right) and another word for ‘run’. The answer was a fad in the ’90s.

  64. Thanks Luke – 4D now fixed! I assume the abbreviation for lead is its chemical symbol?

  65. Got six down answers plus one of the across, not sure what the theme is, the across could be one of several things.
    Not sure on wordplay for 16d, assuming I have the right answer.
    Have come to a dead end now, will read all your hints.

  66. nn, 16D wordplay letters 1-3 rancher with “operated off” it. Average gives letters 4-5 (as a response to “how are you?”. “Estate limits gives last two letters. The answer is an American Indian (contracted to Amerindian).

  67. Thanks Mort. Now have 2D (I was thinking the wrong sort of tender) and 10/15A. Will push on.

  68. Had the wrong group in 16d, no wonder it didn’t make sense!
    Have a few more and the theme now, thanks to above hints.
    Hard going. Have the first 5 letters for 6d and a guess at the rest assuming it is something in an orchard, but can’t see the wordplay for the last 5 letters
    Now I have the correct 16d I might get somewhere with the across clues in the SW corner.

  69. Mike (5.03), thanks for your help, I think you have confirmed my guesses are correct in a couple of cases. I think you meant 5D, not 8D, and yes, I had that word. I’m still not clear I have all of 25, 22A right, but first word must be, I think. Overall, a very depressing picture, have rarely done so badly. In 10A 15A my final word is one used in Aussie Rules for an attempted high mark. But no idea what the first word, 10A might be, except I think I may have second letter. Will give it away, time for news, a quarter of footy, then cry myself to sleep, bitterly disappointed (well, not quite). So, good evening.

  70. Arthur you have the wrong final word for 15a. You need to draw on a totally different canvas for this one.
    I have about half of them now. Have all the down answers except 5d an 22d, but quite a few of the themes still missing.

  71. All done at last! Never heard of 24/14, must have come out sometime between when I was a kid and when I had kids!

  72. Had to google the cricket delivery and pinball machines to understand 3D. A theme for grownups?

  73. Gayle – if you are still here, whatever is the wordplay for 12 ,23 ?? Thanks!

  74. One of my poorer efforts. About half overall. None of the themed answers in the lower half. Conceding defeat. Will await the answers tomorrow with interest.

  75. Julie – if you’re still there, film = 1-4; twist is anagrind; spool = 9 (or 13)
    This was hard! Greatly helped by above posts. Still stuck on 24/14

  76. Thank s to all your hints above – I have it all out! Long time lurker on this site – I really appreciate your weekly contributions . More than often I am brain-dead on a Friday and leave DA until Saturday. Hmmm… What to do tomorrow?

  77. sb – 24A / 14A – “Flexing” = anagrind. Fodder = “all set” to give letters 1,2,3,10,11,12. “lead” (as in metal symbol) = letters 4,5. “run” = 4 letter synonym for letters 6,7,8,9. “inside” = container indicator.
    And answer was a type of “theme” I was not very much aware of, but once I got from wordplay, then checked on Google.

  78. Thanks Ray. 24A was quite a puzzle for me, and made harder by having put in an incorrect answer to 4D.

  79. Thanks for the explanations of 20A, which eventually sank in. I had something manufactured by a former rival to 26A.

  80. Having now seen the solution I suppose it’s gratifying in a way that I’ve never heard of several of the themed answers that I didn’t get. It also seems like an extremely broadly defined theme. Even now I can’t see 12/23A. I know it’s ‘mist’ followed by an anagram but it seems as though there should be another ‘o’. Can anyone explain?

  81. GeoffD – 12A/23A – “MIST” – right as your say. Anagram fodder (again as you know) is “tape heard to”. And the other “o” I take is indicated by “spool” ie: per Dictionary “spool” = “any cylindrical piece or device …. “

  82. Thanks Ray. I wondered about the ‘spool’ but didn’t make the connection.

  83. Arthur C. you are not alone with confusion. For two days now I have had the answer for 21D filled in in the slots for 22D!! Ay caramba.

  84. Had to work on fri then shopped for wedding dress with daughter yesterday
    Now I can try the cryptic with all the previous help!

  85. Thank God for you Arthur C – this week like you I managed 4 answers (of which one turned out to be half wrong) before giving up. I thought I must be the only one. Eventually checked the answers and still don’t understand half of them! Very disappointing as I had been doing quite well recently – even managed to get a couple out completely in the last few weeks. Oh well – roll on next week…

  86. I am never sure where to post non-DA items so here it is in last week’s confusion so as not to clutter the latest confusion.
    I like to do DS on a Saturday in the SMH. This can be trickier than DA sometimes, but not often. For weeks on end I can finish it unassisted, including all wordplay, but help is needed for this from last week:
    1A Unreliable sources or a very rich one (7)
    Cross letters I have are: C – O – S – S
    I have an answer which fits the ‘unreliable sources’ bit but what about the ‘or a very rich one’ please? All help welcome!
    I haven’t looked at today’s DA yet!

  87. Hey Robin, that one’s CROESUS, who’s used in the expression in certain circles, rich as Croesus.

  88. Oh thanks, AS. I kept thinking CROSSES as in breeds which can have unreliable sources….!

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