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  1. Last Friday a total disaster, passed out due to cardiac arrest at the kitchen table @0615, carted off to hospital, nobody there had an Age, got out around 1300 Saturday, so didn’t even view DA for 20th.
    Problem believed caused by one of my tablets, not taking them now, feeling lots better.

  2. Arthur C. – very glad to see you are back and even more so to hear the good result for you.
    It must have been a very scary event. And I am sorry to hear you had to go through that mate. But it is good that you know why.
    Now I expect you will be a big contributor with tomorrow’s DA.
    All the best … Ray.

  3. Pretty tough I thought today.
    First in 4D.
    Liked 25A and 11A.
    Do not know why 18D needs the last 3 words in the clue as works without it.
    Do not get wordplay for 14A.

  4. Morning, all. Have to see my GP at 0900 to get meds sorted out. Passing out was not scary, Ray, just the lights fading to black quite quickly. As to today’s puzzle, have seven in so far, some easy. Much work to do.

  5. Ian – thanks. Yep – I can see I was applying “topless” incorrectly to give letter 3 rather than in another way.

  6. Probably just as well, Arthur. If your pills hadn’t put you in hospital, last week’s DA might have ;)

  7. NW corner completed, thought 14A good. Uncertain about how ‘Total sport’ fits the last five of 8D. Any non-spoiling explanation, please?

  8. Arthur C. – 8D – “Total” = letters 1,2,3,4 (homophone). “Sport” = letters 5,6,7,8,9 (somophone).

  9. Bit of a breeze after last week. Agree with Ray about last three words in 18D. Had never heard of 1D (if I have it correct) and I don’t really believe that 4A is a real word.

  10. Welcome back Arthur. I thought it was your response to last week’s puzzle .
    Yes, pretty straightforward this week.
    I don’t mind 1D, 23D and 4D. They’re part of the vernacular.
    15 D Not knowing much about Facebook or images in general I mucked around with anagrams clued by hot or hit and a ‘b’. Liked the ‘men only’. Clever.

  11. I had wondered where you were last week, too, Arthur. Just as well that you didn’t have access to the crossword as it was the hardest we’ve had in ages. Even after reading all the answers I still had trouble understanding them.
    I can’t believe 3D was the last I filled in today!
    I hadn’t heard of 1D but it makes sense.

  12. My first three were 1d, 4a, and 23d
    Not sure what that says about my language skills, or lack of!

  13. Back from sawbones. Drop another pill, await pharmacist review, measure and record BP for a fortnight!
    Somophone, Ray? (7.54). New word to me, but I think I have right answer, even if clue isn’t fully understood.

  14. Good one, MJH. My very last one in was 1D. Although I had guessed at the answer, it took me a while to equate the last two letters with “steady” but eventually I got it.

  15. Also thought today’s kinda :) straightforward after last week’s, but nowhere near as clever. Like Gayle, I don’t mind 4a and 23d as part of the vernacular, and not out of character for DA. Still pondering 14a wordplay though, notwithstanding Ian/Ray 7.26-29am. All I can see so far is “topless … you, perhaps” giving letters 2-6. Letters 1, 7-9 make a word but don’t seem to fit the clue. Am I off-track here? 3d answer fine, but do I need to recall high-school Shakespeare to understand why it’s cryptic? What’s with the “likewise”?

  16. Down to last half-dozen, thought 14D a clever distractor, being a non-drinker.
    Martin, what are you trying to be, in this exercise. Now, behead yourself! And get into the sack (no, not bed).

  17. I think my poor brain is still recovering from last week
    After half an hour I still haven’t managed a single answer on this week’s.

  18. And 14d, although the lack of an accent had me going down the wrong track for a while.

  19. nn, try 1A: definition is first two words. Letters 1-4 mean “run” (and old-fashioned term for it) then “by maiden” for last letter.

  20. Finally out – 1D was my last – had never heard of the word. Agree with Mort and Ray about last three words in 18 D.
    Martin – 3D relates to a theatrical superstition, and Shakespeare is also a bit of a pointer to the wordplay for letters 1 and 7-9 in 14 A. I think some of his characters were quite fond of the stuff.
    Welcome back Arthur – hope you’re feeling better.

  21. Stuart, 1D is a slang word. Definition is first two words of clue. First three letters are “holy song”, in sound. Last two are “steady” in sound.

  22. Trouble in SE corner. 15D? I have a Facebook page (as Gus), but little understanding of the nuts and bolts. Have letters 1, 5, 9 but my Wordfinder says ‘No word found’. Still lacking 18 & 25A, also 22D. Just found 27A (I think), but cannot connect to pub steps.

  23. Thanks for the hint on 3d Mort. I had figured out the first part of 1d from the homophone, but no idea of the last two letters and I’m guessing that, like others, I’ve never heard of the answer. Word search websites aren’t any help either.
    I have 9 answers now.

  24. Arthur, 22d, def is the first word and the answer is archaic (assuming I have it correct, although I’m not completely sure). Wordplay is an organ of the body (although not yours) with a variant ending and I think the word variant is doing double duty here.
    Can’t help you with 15d as I only have letters 1 and 5 and little knowledge of facebook (assuming that such knowledge is required). I have no idea on 18 and 25a.

  25. nn – 18 D think tight shoes; 25A def is first word in clue; “constant youth” is children’s literary character allusion without two letters.15 down wordplay – letters 1-2 “hot”, letters 3-6 “Men only” letters 7-9 “hit”

  26. Thanks Julienne and Cryticrochet. For 18a, I was assuming it didn’t mean tick tock and that it could be something I might clean, or alternatively it could be a violent act. That hasn’t helped me get the answer though as I can’t come up with any 5 letter word that fits.
    15d I can guess the first two letters and a possible guess at what “men only” may mean given that I have letter 5, but no idea what hit might be and as for the whole word….
    18d and 25a are still a mystery, despite your hints.
    At least I am glad that racing isn’t involved in 2d, but is it a person?

  27. nn – 2 D – definition is “pulse” but not to do with heartbeats; wordplay – “jockey” is the signal to anagram “riled” which then surrounds a type of fast.

  28. Thanks Julienne, am looking at edible types, but wondering if I have 9a wrong. Is the first word of 2d a colour?

  29. On holiday today, so able to attack DA on a Friday instead of giving it the time it always needs on Saturday. Means I can come here while it’s current. All out, so feeling pretty pleased with myself. Loved, loved 25A: “blowing twopence”, clever David. Arthur, glad you’re feeling better and if you still need a hint on 27A: Definition: last word; booze: 1-3; no closer to pub: 4,5.

  30. Hello all, been away for 6 weeks and feel like I’m back to when I started.nn, for 18d think about those who are invited to first nights,25a as Julienne said is a children’s story without 2 letters(2-7)starting with a letter that suggests opposition.
    Any help with sw corner please? also 21a

  31. Belated thanks, Arthur C 10.14. I already had letters 2-6 of 14a, but didn’t know that word for “sack” till I looked it up. Will store in mental DA-isms file for future ref.
    nn, 15d – what kind of men-only party precedes a wedding? Letters 7-9 are a kind of hit perhaps suited to a 4-legged woolly animal. Despite the def (Facebook image), you’re actually looking for a social media platform popular with youths and separate from Facebook.

  32. Lots of gaps in the bottom half. Also help with 12a. I have the cross letters, assuming my answers to 6, 7 and 8d are correct. Has the ex-veep been in the news in the last couple of days? Am assuming the def is novel, but probably one I haven’t heard of. Word searchers coming up with nothing that fits.
    How are you going with the SE corner Arthur?

  33. megse – 21A – “Extremely unusual” = letters 2,3. “ninny” = synonym for letters 4,5,6. “in” = container. “cover-up” = synonym for letters 1,7,8,9. Defn = last 5 words.

  34. Hi megse, 21A: last five words = definition; “extremely unusual” 2,3; “ninny” 4-6; “cover-up” 1, 7-9.

  35. nn – 12A – Defn = “Ex-veep”. “appearing discontented” = letters 1,2. “novel” = 3 letter synonym for letters 3,4,5.

  36. Thanks Martin for 15d which reveals that my 21a is wrong. No wonder I was having so much trouble in that corner. Back to the drawing board with 21a now.
    This may mean that my 22d is incorrect too, although I think it fits the clue and wordplay, so my hint above to Arthur may not be right.

  37. megse: 24A: 1st 2 words = definition; one short two-wheeler: 1-3,7; fuelling 4-6.

  38. Thanks, have correct answer for 21a now (originally had moonlight, but couldn’t fathom the wordplay), so my 22d is wrong too. This has completely messed up all my attempts in the SE corner. Am wondering how many other wrong answers I have, which is making it almost as hard as last week for me!

  39. nn, I went back to read your analysis of 22d and thought you were on the right track, although Arthur has one, we all do . Pardon repeating what you may already know but 22d: 1st word is definition; wordplay is an organ with last letter changed.

  40. attica, I had the wrong organ. My answer was ovant, an archaic word meaning exultant or cheerful. This made up of ovary with the last two letters changed to the last two letters of variant, hence my comment that it was doing double duty. Will ponder other organs that we all have now.

  41. Julienne, don’t know about Megse, but my SW corner is a complete blank except for 24a, so any hints for the rest will help.

  42. nn 13D – definition is “she treats” (NB could just have easily been “he treats”). Wordplay is a cryptic two word answer for the phrase “key route” (what does everybody have traditionally once they’re 21? – should help with first word) surrounding the usual one letter answer for “duck”

  43. No apology necessary Crypticrochet, I’ve got so many wrong today, one more makes no difference! I hadn’t worked out your answer to 18a anyway, too busy fixing up all my other mistakes. This one has been particularly difficult as there appear to be lots of alternative answers that seem to fit. I had obiit for 7d, which is a tear jerker as it is a death, possibly gave me obt (an abbreviation for about) and it was screening (surrounding) twice one. Though wasn’t sure why he needed both screening and grasped, but I was completely on the wrong track with that one!

  44. P.S. not sure why I thought obt could be an abbreviation for about! Need new glasses.

  45. nn, 19a: slang for what an assassin does + “-er”; “volunteer” more straightforward definition.
    26a: definition is last word; 1st word anagrind for next two 1-5; 6-9 is a word for wasted short a letter, hence the “practically”.

  46. Getting nowhere with your hint for 13d Julienne. In the meantime I’ve managed to answer 16a and 26a, although I don’t get the wordplay of either, so maybe they are wrong too, making 13d impossible. It’s been that sort of day…

  47. Thanks attica, had worked out 17d and 26a, although I don’t get the practically wasted bit (I always have trouble spotting bits of words in his answers).
    Am pondering your hint for 19a.

  48. If I have the right answer for 19a, then I don’t think much of assassin as a clue!
    Just 13a and d, 18a and d, 23d and 27a to go. Have spent far too long on this today.

  49. nn, 16a: definition is the last word; “male” is 1,6,7; containing “one” = 2; “blazing” 3-5; 6-9 = “desire after executing”, the French Revolution kind of executing. Does that confirm that your answer is right?

  50. Just got 27a and 23d (don’t think much of the latter, 4a and 1d were bad enough)

  51. I gave at hint on 27a at 12:37 above. Sorry you didn’t like 19a, it made me laugh. 18a: definition is first 3 words, this also made me laugh.

  52. Thanks attica, that confirms my answer, although I don’t get ” 6-9 = “desire after executing”” as 6 and 7 already clued by “male”

  53. Oh and re 18d, (which is what I meant above, as if these hints aren’t confusing enough – sorry) I also agree with a couple of other people above who thought the last 3 words were unnecessary.

  54. Gosh, you’re right. Of course, male is just letter 1. Silly me. 6-9 is a word beheaded.

  55. Well you’re right, it’s NOT on, but maybe the question mark at the end allows a little leeway???

  56. thanks attica, 16a makes more sense now and your hint helped with 18d, which made me laugh, and agree with you all about the last three words, don’t see what they have to do with it at all.

  57. Just 13a,d and 18a to go. Can’t find a word for 18a despite having all cross letters. Hope this isn’t another slang word.

  58. Got 13d now. Had a laugh as ducks quack! Not really sure how key indicates the first part of it.
    This in turn gave me 13a, just 18a to go.

  59. nn – 18A try thinking of roasting turkey

    13 A – happens to chickens and sorry I can’t think of anything else for 13D which isn’t a giveaway

  60. Thanks anyway Julienne, got them as you were typing.
    Tough one today, made more so by all my mistakes!

  61. Stuart
    First four letters are homophone for a synonym of total
    Last 5 letters are homophone for a synonym of sport

  62. MJH 5d, def is the last two words. the mate is the last 4 letters, an and a type of channel (all reversed) are the rest of it. Don’t look for any artificial help on this one

  63. Finally back! Prepare lunch, eat, sleep for an hour or so, go visit old friend in nursing home, go to supermarket, back to the DA. Hints above cleared up all but 27A, and I just saw the answer to that, so, all complete. I had heard of the things in 15D, but would never have picked it up from the clue. Glad, from what was said above, hadn’t seen last week’s DA before I passed out, might have been the straw that broke my ailing heart, a thoamper (mixed metaphor?).

  64. Just got 13D and the “quack” joke now makes sense!

    I feel I’m the only one who hasn’t solved 4A or 14A yet.

    Kids home from school, winter break has begun. Enter two weeks of constant distraction.

  65. Crypticrochet: the definition of 4A is “big” and you do what you had to do last week to the next two words.
    14A has “hero” as definition (a rather modern clawed one).
    Enter two weeks of holiday for me.

  66. Yes, thank you, I have those clues now, thanks Ann! I did not recognise “plastic” as an anagrind. I’m still not sure about parsing of for 14A. My husband looked over my shoulder earlier and saw my notes ‘sack – bag, lay waste, fired’ and shouted “Sackbag lays waste? What kind of puzzle is this?!”

  67. CC, re 14A the first and last three letters are defined by “sack”. Inside this could be any one who posts here, provided that he or she is topless.

  68. Anne, hope the weather picks up for the next couple of weeks, assuming you are in Vic.
    Enjoy the break.

  69. Crypticrochet, try not to distract your kids too much, let them enjoy their holidays :-)

  70. Although I’m not 100% sure I have all the correct words filled in (I get frustrated and belligerent and write in anything that I later regret and have to erase)(Although it’s worked in my favor as I got 24A this way) , and I have only one left with all its cross letters (8D), I’m calling this one done. Most answers I’ve had on a DA to date. I’m delighted! Thanks to everyone for the help, have a great weekend.

  71. The first 4 letters are a homophone for another word for “total”, Crpticrochet, and the next 5 are a homophone for “sport” in the sense of be clothed in.
    I hope the weather picks up too, nn.

  72. Warren, 18A “on radio” means “sounds like”, but I guess you worked that out. To clock someone is to hit them. To them is also to hit them. It sounds like “located”, as in my company is located in Sydney.

  73. That’s odd, I typed “to answer them” but I placed the word “answer” between less than and greater than signs, and it removed the word. I know that “,” and “>” are used in formatting but didn’t know they’d make a word disappear.

  74. Methinks that I should refrain from trying to us signs for “less than” and “greater than” in this forum. To clarify my response” “To them is also to hit them” should read “To (whatever the answer is) is also to hit them.

    I blame computer people for this. Ooops, I am one!

  75. Thanks Mort. I had the right answer!! 9 /10a had me going as well. But with all down letters it was a no brainer. My assumption is it works both ways?

  76. @Warren Veep is an abbreviation for Vice President, in this case of the US.
    If you need another clue see Kenneth June 27, 2014 at 1:58 pm, above for a funny hint.

  77. Warren, discontent “appearing” and add a three-letter word for “novel”

  78. Ok. Tks. I put a different letter for 2.
    18d i feel the last 3 words are unnecessary.
    Was a late starter today. Had work at Hervey Bay. Tx for the help.

  79. Warren, you’re the third or fourth person (myself included) to suggest that the last three words in 18D are not required. Unfortunately no-one has managed to defend it so, unless David steps in to clarify it, it’s going to be another of LLM.

  80. Yep. Reading 12a again , I can’t believe i put in the s even without not knowing what a Veep was!!

  81. 23D the best so far. Now the penny has dropped… Not read comments above yet.

  82. Mort @ 8.05 — maybe David thinks that if you do it the right way , you don’t get an 18d?

  83. CC, 25A is made up of “V” for anti, followed by the name of a constant youth (think Neverland) with two pennies removed from his name.

  84. Thinking Mystique Raven might be right as I managed to finish without any assistance from here for the first time in ages!

    ‘Finish’, that is, with the exception of the 4th letter of 1D which I couldn’t decide on. I’ve looked up the answer to see the ‘steady’ finally. Not altogether happy that the answer is necessarily macho though?

    But good on DA for keeping ahead of the word-finders as he always does!

  85. Sunday and am still one away (1d) from getting it all out. I thank you all for the help provided here, and echo the sentiments of those contributors last week that shredded the DA of June 20. I don’t have enough brain cells left to engage with such a “perfect storm” of a puzzle.
    What I will say is the puzzle of June 20 is what comes of some DA trippers describing a DA puzzle as “easy”.
    Please refrain from using that word in relation to DA. It can only lead to “punishment”.

  86. I finally found how to get at the digital edition to get a printout…
    I only got the N before coming here.
    15d is nothing to do with Facebook ? It’s a photo sharing site, that happens to serve a similar purpose … Oh well DA is older than me.
    I knew the sack but the indirect reference to the word in 14a was tricky for a while.

    Thanks Trippers – getting them all without help from here is usually 24a !

  87. Jupiter, 15D is owned by Facebook and I suppose DA thought that was close enough. He’s been more vague in the past.

  88. Terminological accuracy has never been one of DA’s strong points.
    Just enjoy the creativity, that’s what he does best.

  89. Thanks all. managed to get it out with your help. Not many will see this … but I was wondering … how is it that those of you who manage to solve it quickly and without help can do that? Were you always that good or did it take many years? I sometimes feel a bit disheartened by how long it takes me and how reliant on your help I am!

  90. It took me years, and even then I have days DA defeats me. I recommend taking one of these on Thursday night to get your brain in a DA frame of mind.

  91. Lauren, In my experience it takes years to unravel anyone’s mind to any satisfaction!
    Some setters are easier than others. DA is not one of those.
    Those who solve it quickly probably have years of pedigree in cryptics as well as huge vocabularies and photographic memories. You would have to to remember all the tricks and twists and turns.
    It is satisfying to get a DA out, even if one has a great deal of help to do so. I think that in 5 years of attempting DA, I have solved one on my own. That computes to a 250/1 chance at the geegees…

  92. Yep. I started on the quicks. In doing so had to look up answers. I never knew an épée was a sword!!!
    It takes time in leaning how to read these. DA is difficult. That’s why this forum is great.
    I do two cryptic s per day, have been for 3 years, yet there are days where I still feel pain. Like today!!!! DH Sydney herald. 10a ovolo?

  93. Am with you Warren, Lauren and Neil, but I did know an epee (can’t be bothered to import the accents.) And that was a criticism of rose without the accent. But hey, those are the tricks. To do cryptics with all the usual rules becomes a formula. But DA and all of his quirks and foibles is fun, for better for worse. And a prevention for Alzheimers they reckon

  94. a@ Lauren, confess to not so many years ago, after years of quicks, then starting with two way crosswords and time at home with an injury and lots of looking at cryptic crossword sites and DA’s books and others. Keeps me sane these days. Husband has paper and cup of tea when I come home and all is well. And Trippers are invaluable for collaborative solving and a whole lotta fun.

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