DA Confusion for the 6th of June, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA right here.

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  1. Even for Aussies some are toughies, I reckon. esp 26A. Hang in there Rupert. So far I’ve only found 26D, 4D, and 23D.
    But I have pulled up 6 short on the LHS. Any hints for 1D, 2D, 10A, 18D, 20A or 30A?
    Queries: Is there a typo in 13A clue? And should there be a word order indicator in 17D?

  2. Gayle – 13A – if your clue reads as mine ie: “Billiards scorer in love with females” then I think correct as is. Defn = first 2 words. “in love” gives letters 1,2,3. “females” letters 4,5.

  3. Might go and watch the video that DA has linked to smh.com.au/comment. He’s mentioned elsewhere there might be hints. Have to go to work early today.

  4. Yeah, thanks Ray. Having heard the expression and not being a billiards player I thought it was score. Now I can see another sense of scorer, for the other person?

  5. Gayle – 2D – Defn = 1st word. “dog lost head” = 5 letter dog breed with first letter removed for letters 1,2,3,4. “a” = gives letter 5. “twig with end chewed off” = 5 letter word for twig with last letter removed for letters 6,7,8,9.

  6. Gayle – 10A – my reading is as follows: “Civility ends” = letters 6,7. “your other half” = letters 1,2. “gets the latest” = synonym for letters 3,4,5. Defn = “pressure”.

  7. Gayle – 1D – defn = “Boxer’s 6-across”. “to pick up” = homophone indicator. So sounds like a word for “beers”.

  8. Ohh, ahh! : ) Got it now thanks Ray. That’s given me 10A and 1D too.
    BTW the video only mentioned 3 of the clues, which I already have. Warning, to Trippers, despite the spoiler alert, 6A hits you straight off. No cryptic hints.

  9. Gayle – 20A – Not that I know of. Answer is a “commentator” – homophone for “Commando”.

  10. Can I just say that 8d is a rubbish clue? “Barely” does not mean almost, and one of his students has done the test, passed and is no longer a student

  11. Ian, not sure I understand your comment. DA’s used barely and hardly before for delete last letter indicators. And I saw the students holding in the loud (music).

  12. Gayle – 30A – Different form of 6-across (currency). So double defn – defn 1 = “”6-across substitute” – defn 2 = “jumper” (as in animal).

  13. Oh, you mean the first student? Yeah, see your point, but still not fully qualified.

  14. Thanks Ray. Not the animal jumper I was working on.
    So now, we’re both stuck on 18D? Last one in.

  15. As Ian just popped in I went across to ACC. Now I remember DA using that meaning of commando before. I didn’t get it then, and have forgotten it since. That makes 18D simpler.
    Thanks for the help. Good luck to all! Do really have to go now.

  16. Wow, the family is up early this morning. Just begun, only four thus far. But thought I’d like to tell DA I detest , abhor, despise, dislike, hate, loathe, and am generally unhappy with puzzles where numerous answers depend on the solving of one clue. Not pleased!

  17. Arthur C. – if you get either or 4D / 20A (which I think are right up your alley), then 6A will drop and the rest should be easier.

  18. Arthur C. – if in doubt, read the comment under the clues and follow its ‘advice’

  19. Ray, I saw what 6A was imediately after I posted that, and then 6D of course. But I’m wondering: has DA got the wrong musician in 8D? Or the wrong grouup? I’m in dire straits on that one. Progressing very slowly.

  20. Sorry Scott, hadn’t noticed that footnote, had folded paper at bottom of grid. May look at video later. Thanks.

  21. Arthur C. – “Queen” gives letters 7,8 – not the band. And very punny!

  22. I’m I right in saying that Arther C. gave a massive clue at 8.47am for 8D??. I can justify letters 1,2,3 and 7,8 but not the rest!

  23. Prufock – thanks. I was right in thinking Arthur C. gave a bit of a massive clue

  24. Not sure if the word I have for 2D means “Abandoned”. The word I have means pertaining to a certain type of “party” The wordplay fits this though

  25. Unlike Arthur I like the themed ones, my only beef is when the critical clue is difficult (as in this case where I have no idea on 6a.) Thanks Stuart for pointing out Arthur’s hint for 8d, as that is the only answer I have at the moment. I wonder if Arthur has realised yet!

  26. went for the video in the hope of some hints, but my browser says it can’t find the server at alumni.uts.edu.au.
    Has it gone into meltdown with everyone who’s stuck trying to view it?-)

  27. Thanks Stuart. Never would have got that from the clue in 6a, had worked through a number of possibilities ending in the first letter of 8d, but none seemed to make any sense in terms of the wordplay or fitting into any of the other clues that referenced 6a.
    Will press on with renewed hope.

  28. I’m struggling with the last half dozen – can someone give me an extra clue for 18D?

  29. Phew! that is/was tough! Prufrock – 18 D – answer is a (sort of) synonym for 6 A. wordplay is a synonym for “clear” minus an alternative for writing “five”.

    I have no idea re 23 D – any help appreciated (is it because I don’t read financial pages?)

  30. or if you take a word for people who travel for leisure and remove the repeated letter you get all bar the first letter

  31. The first letter is derived from a very shortened word in the clue – think old TVs

  32. Thanks Stuart – I had never ever heard of him – shows my ignorance. All done and my mind feels as if it’s run a marathon.

  33. After an hour and a half I have 9 answers, most of them with help from above. Will probably have to do a lot of googling to identify some of the 6as. Have to go out soon, might come back to it later, but not convinced it is worth the trouble this week.

  34. PS liked 16 A, 30 A and 20 A (once I’d said the answer several times out loud) but goodness! thank heavens for the internet, otherwise I’d be throwing the newspaper across the room.

  35. Prufrock – yes it is a person – not a swimmer as you would first think
    Think another watersport

  36. Well, we’d been complaining about how easy DA has been of late. Methinks he’s regained his reputation for toughness. Never heard of 26A and had to guess at 4D. Still cannot parse 22D.

  37. Well, Stuart, we know DA can be a bit risque but I’m not sure he’d introduce the watersports I have in mind!

  38. Stuart – 15D – Defn = “Heath”. “stop” = container. “odds” of “relearnt” in 4 letter word for “tantrum” (letters 1,2,3,8)
    17D – defn = “Said”. “corrupt” = anagrind. Fodder = 3-down answer for letters 5,6,7,8,9. “12 months in old Rome” = letters 1,2,3,4

  39. Just about baffled and beaten by now. I assumed 26a was partner in well-know Englsh firm, same as a well-known gulf? It fits with 17D, but I can’t interpret clues re 23D above, I’ve looked at SA road signs for 27D, nothing gels. Nor can I fathom clues above for 26A, selected a word for 26A that suggests swimmers, fits letters 1 and 7. Still 15 short, can see no way ahead at the moment.

  40. Mort – I think the last word of 22A shouldn’t be there. Unless DA’s using the 3rd word of the clue as letters 4-6 – which is not a v good synonym I think.

    MJH – Definition is last two words of clue (think Irish famine victims heading to NY) First letter of word for nobility is replaced by “skinflint banks” (ie 1st and last letters)

  41. Arthur – 27D – is a container clue = “block” being the indicator. And “Adelaide Street” is what contains the answer, I guess last two words of 17D gives a clue as well.

  42. Thanks, Julienne re 22D; I agree it makes more sense without the last word. but isn’t “blue” superfluous too? Aren’t the first three letters of the answer a slang word for the drug meth?

  43. Arthur – 27D – think Latin – Def – That is, more commonly used as abbreviation

  44. Thank you, Julienne, my Latin is on a par with my Mongolian. So, my 26A was wrong, back to the wordfimder. Which gives me two words: one I’ve nevber seen before, but could be the right one. A bit on the nose?

  45. No, completely lost again, will have arvo tea and seek pool table. Brain transplant might help, nothing else is helping.

  46. Mort – Yes – I just thought that possibly the first three letters of the answer was another word for “blue meth” (my knowledge of illicit drugs these days being extremely limited). So I guess it is that the third word of the clue defines letters 4 – 6,

  47. Arthur – you’ll have to google for 26 A (as did I, but I did have a vague sense of the name). Think ocean for the type of aquatic sport – and now looking at the clue again, I can’t see any indicators for letters 1 – 5 – was going to ask if anybody could explain, but I forgot. Letters 6-7 homophone for dunny, letters 8-9, last letters of “damp to”. Personally, I think there should be some sort of reference as to how one ties on the aquatic equipment to one’s roof racks.

  48. 16a should be cheap berths not seats. His definitions are getting worse.

  49. I have an idea for 30A as a substitute for a 6A. Just don’t get the jumper bit

  50. @Julienne, re 26a I think the first 7 letters are sort of a homophone for dunny, although it is a bit backwards in the construction as dunny is an 1-7. Letters 6 and 7 are an English toilet (as are letters 8 and 9), but dunny is an Australian toilet.
    Hope this makes sense without giving too much away, and your pronunciation of the gentleman’s name makes all the difference.

  51. nn – pronunciation does make all the difference! thank you! fallen down on two pieces of knowledge this week – financiers and aquatic sportsmen! at least I did know 11 A without having to resort to the web.

  52. Julienne, I’m lost on 11a, far too many possibilities to google, any chance of a hint?

  53. 22d have an answer that fits all the cross letters and a definition of coldly detains. Presume meth gives letters 1-3, but blue = remaining 3??????

  54. nn, 3D third letter is one of two poles …

    22D I ignored the word “blue” and also “versa”

  55. Got 11a now after 9d gave me another cross letter allowing me to see the cattle. Some googling with different heads finally came up with the relevant person (who I’d never heard of)

  56. Thanks Mort, not sure why I didn’t see that pole, mind was on another track.
    I presumed the vice versa indicated that blue meth had to be swapped to meth blue to get the answer, but no idea how blue works.

  57. finally getting somewhere with this one, enough cross letters to work out most of the surrounding clues (and then ponder the wordplays!). But bottom left corner is completely blank apart from 30a

  58. Hadn’t heard of 20a either, but google and wordplay to the rescue here.

  59. nn, to help you get started in lower left, try 28A – definition is “her for him”. Letters 1-6 are an old general, letter 7 is an expression for married. The general in question has now gone for a burton.

  60. thanks Mort, I have letter 7, never heard of the expression “gone for a burton”, will ponder the rest of your hint.

  61. Could someone explain the homophone in 20A? I know the Channel 9
    commentator, but I have not heard of such a commando.

  62. All done now, thanks Mort, 28a gave me enough letters to work the rest out. Still a few word plays to ponder.

  63. Jack – try googling “going commando” and then pronouncing every syllable of the answer in 20A
    nn – last two words of 17 D also point to the 28 A general. I also have not heard of the expression “gone for a burton” but there is a pointer there.

  64. Jack, Pippa Middleton famously went commando at Kate’s wedding.
    I googled gone for a Burton and get it now. It was a very good hint, I was originally looking for more recent generals, had forgotten that the fellow was actually a general until Mort’s hint.

  65. Oh no! Pippa Middleton indeed! Thanks, Julienne and nn. I had not heard the expression, but I’ll remember it in future as I have a grandson with that name.

  66. Ta Julienne (3.06). I knew that name, even how to spell it, but would never have got it from the clue. Still seven short. 9 & 18D would probably help most, haven’t a clue on either 21 or 28A. Can’t relate my 23D answer to the clue at all, so probably wrong. This one was definitely too hard for a muddle-headed octogenarian.

  67. Arthur – 9 D – Definition is first word of clue, letters 1-3 synonym for “spoiled” rest of clue letters 4-8 (clever one I think)

  68. Arthur 21 A- definition is “on drugs”. Wordplay is taking the first letter off a word for “joining”

  69. Arthur, 9d def is cops (as in police)
    18d def is a type of 6d, think writing, although the word more closely means to show or give direction.
    21a def is “on drugs” it is a word for joining with the head of family removed (think the dream of atomic energy).
    28a as an octogenarian you are closer to the general in this one than I am, although he was a long time ago and more famous for his romance than his military exploits. When you have his name add a letter used as an abbreviation for married and you have the answer of which “her for him” is an example
    23d This is a person head of some financial company, google “yellow brick road finance” as someone said above. Wordplay is a bit messy, letter 1 is an abbreviation for black. The rest of it is someone who goes to another place for a holiday to see the sights. Remove two letters that are a model (cars!)
    Hope that gets you going again.

  70. Amazing, Julienne. 21A seems so easy, now. 9D still no idea, but will give it away till tomorrow now. Time for tea.

  71. @Jack 4:42, will you ever be able to look your grandson in the eye again?

  72. nn – bit disappointed – 28 A a very good general – and (according to Will) a pretty fabulous orator. I do give you however, that he possibly was 20 A a bit too often

  73. Julienne, I wasn’t saying he wasn’t a good general (although I wouldn’t think Will was a valid authority on the matter), I was just saying that he was better known for his romance.
    If you mention his name to anyone, I’ll bet the first thing they think of is the romance rather than the military

  74. nn – I would bet his request for the loan of his fellow citizens’ appendages (is that a reasonable word for what I’m thinking of?) would be the first thought of most.

  75. that would be up there with his romantic attraction, however one is fact the other presumably fiction.

  76. now you could get me on to the presumed murders of two little boys in the tower of london – but I’m not going there – I concede your point

  77. Hi. Have finished all (with video spoiler). Feel stupid that I don’t understand the answer to 4D. I’ve got the only mark that fits, but don’t understand why?!

  78. I think I’ve got it. Solver’s pertains to me and the ‘turn’ is ‘out’.

  79. Final thrust gave me a few more, definitely finished for today. Despite some clever clues from Julienne, have no idea of 23D, where I put ‘boards’ seems obviously wrong and no connection to clue. Only others missing, 11A and 14A. Good mental exercise, but without some clues from above would have only half-finished, I think. Sleep well, let Morpheus smooth the rowb (troubled brow).

  80. ben – 4D – I agree with your thinking. A bit too complicated in my view – but hey its DA!

  81. Ben, re 4D, if I have my answer correct (and I don’t know much about cricket apart from the fact that it’s boring), as you say, 1-2 mean cheers, 4 is lively opening. The solver is you, so its possessive pronoun is XXXX, remove the “turn” and you get letters 3,5,6.

    This is another clue that I had to get the answer before working out the parsing. DA has more of these than he used to.

  82. Arthur C. – 23D – Defn = “Financial 6-across”. “on who’s going places” = a 7 letter synonym. “models flee” removes letters 1 and 7 (which leaves letters 2,3,4,5,6). “black” gives letter 1.
    11A – defn = “On screen, 6-across”. “cattle” = 7 letter type. “changed head of” swaps first letter (R for B).
    14A – (Really clever I think). Defn = “inked 6-across”. “celebrity” = 4 letter synonym. Now “Shorten” ie: remove last letter, gives letters 1,2,3. “polly” (as in politician) gives 2 letter initials for letters 4,5.

  83. Thought I’d never finish.
    18D and 20A were certainly challenging so I was grateful for hints from above.

  84. ?lieve the number of question marks over 22 down!
    The definition is the first 2 words.
    The answer consists of two 3 letter words but in the pattern 4,2.
    There is a 3 letter synonym for blue (think in biblical terms of error)
    and a three letter synonym for meth.
    But the order of these two 3 letter words is reversed hence the vice versa.
    Ho capito? Bella!

  85. The opening sentence of my previous comment was meant to have readee …

    Can’t believe the number of question marks over 22 down!

    (Don’t know what happened there)

  86. Hmm, I rode to and from work yesterday so didn’t get to look at this til last night. DA is back on form- that 17D is as tricky as anything he’s ever done.
    I didn’t watch the video- but does anyone have any thoughts about this new development? Is it meant to encourage/assist new solvers?

  87. Well, I’d never heard of Mark Bouris, but eventually was persuaded by the clue. Had never heard of Mark Ruffalo either, so didn’t get that one, nor 14A. Stamp seemed obvious, stump the only other possibility. Could someone please explain how stamp fits the clue?

  88. Arthur C. – I did reply to you yesterday. Copied below:

    Ray | June 6, 2014 at 7:38 pm |

    Arthur C. – 23D – Defn = “Financial 6-across”. “on who’s going places” = a 7 letter synonym. “models flee” removes letters 1 and 7 (which leaves letters 2,3,4,5,6). “black” gives letter 1.
    11A – defn = “On screen, 6-across”. “cattle” = 7 letter type. “changed head of” swaps first letter (R for B).
    14A – (Really clever I think). Defn = “inked 6-across”. “celebrity” = 4 letter synonym. Now “Shorten” ie: remove last letter, gives letters 1,2,3. “polly” (as in politician) gives 2 letter initials for letters 4,5.

  89. Arthur. It’s not meant as a person, but as a “mark”. Stamp, scar , imprint etc.

  90. Thanks, Ray, I did eventually see that one for 23D. I should have guessed at Ruffalo, and Googled. Clearly others did. And 14A now clear, thanks to your explanation. I really should have thought more clearly about ‘inked’. They really are great mental exercise, I fund this one very taxing.

  91. Spent forever on 31A until I realised I had 22D wrong (my answer had the second word as up, which seemed to fit the clue better). None of the above has helped me parse the correct answer however; I don’t think you can just ignore bits of the clue… meth for 1-3 is fine but 4-6??

  92. spijk – Scarface | June 7, 2014 at 12:27 am | described well ie:
    Defn = first 2 words. “blue” (as in error) gives 3 letter synonym. “meth” gives 3 letter synonym. Now swap order of the answers (“Vica versa”) to get the 6 letter (4,2) answer.

  93. Thanks for explanation of blue, Scarface. I’m sure that’s what he meant, but a blue is a mistake, somewhat different to a 4-6 in the answer IMHO.
    I’ll put it down to another case of DA stretching his definitions a little to far for my liking.

  94. 20 The homophone results from “Going Commando” not “Commando” by itself

  95. For those still struggling on Sunday going commando reminds me that Robyn Williams on the Science Show on RN often calls Copernicus “copper knickers”!

  96. Finally got them all after getting six answers by myself. Thanks trippers !
    I was trying undies for commando … A bit of lateral thinking and it clicked.

  97. I’m missing something because I still cannot see how we get the first 5 letters in OCCHILUPO.
    LU = ‘loo’ of course but the OCCHI? Ockie? Ockie-loo? Is that how you say it?

  98. Robin, when the vowel is shortened as most internal vowels are then Occi sounds like Ocker

  99. Thanks Jupiter, if you say so!
    He seemed to be known as ‘Occy’ on the sites I looked at. I get it now and thanks for the explanation.

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