DA Confusion for the 30th of May, 2014

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  1. It just clicked for me today. All over a little quick actually. Only struggle was a bit in SW corner, but once I finally figured 21A (took way too long), it fell out as well.

  2. Top half done..can’t get much going in bottom half..must get ready for work.

  3. I didn’t know 21A, but got it from the wordplay. Didn’t even finish my coffee (though that sounds less impressive if I tell you I didn’t make a cup until I’d already done the top half!)

    I don’t get the wordplay for 2D.

    Agree that the SW corner is hardest.

  4. 2d is a kind of reverse clue, where the answer works like a clue for the clue

  5. ditto, SW last in.
    Nice range of tricks in today’s crossie . Some wordplays still to get
    26A Liked the ‘possibly nervous’ bit I liked when I got it.

  6. 2D: Ian, if I have that correct, then the last two words of the answer are a homophone for a synonym of the last two words of the clue, and I can’t work out what that is.

  7. Another fairly easy one today, I wonder if DA is ever going to get fiendish on us again?
    Liked 22D in particular.

  8. Agree, Black Pen. Like others, last one to understand fully was 2D – a very clever clue. Last one in was first word of 15D – I was hung up on tennis, having discounted the legal connotation and not being familiar with the answer.

  9. All done in rather quick time for me.
    Like Rupert I hadn’t seen how the last two words worked for 2D. Thanks, Ray, for what now seems an obvious answer.

  10. Roaring along today (though not ass fast as the experts). Still eleven or twelve to go. Loved 7D and 9A. Very puzzled about letters 6 & 8 of 11A. May have right letters, can’t see how they fit clue. But now shopping, banking to do. Back later.

  11. All done. Had trouble with the homophones today. Didn’t like “causing” in 2D, and wrongly put in “cantine” for bistro in 18A, so that didn’t help.

  12. 11A: Arthur, the letters you are looking for are the first and last letters of a word meaning “charge”.

  13. Thanks, Rupert, I had a couple of chaps from Warsaw in there, can’t connect those with your clue, in fact can’t connect any word with your clue at the moment. Will toss what I have into Wordfinder, see what other words are available.

  14. Hi there, I have read the comments about 2D but still the penny hasn’t dropped. Can someone give me a little help?

  15. Stuart, the best clue for 2D is from Ray | May 30, 2014 at 8:33 am |
    “treat the last 2 words of the clue as 1 word”

  16. Stuart, 7D is a double definition. Hippocampus is one; harsh opinion is the other.

  17. Stuart, 2d definition is a phrase similar in meaning to “let’s do it”. The last word of the answer compares with “inn tension” read as one word. Cannot say more without totally spoiling it for others. It’s a great clue.

  18. No, those clues haven’t enlightened me as to 2D. But if I could only crack 10A, I think I’d be on the way. I’ve looked in the thesaurus for synonyms for both delirious and dandy. Nothing seems fitting. A clue desperately needed, stalled for 90 minutes now.

  19. Arthur, 10A “love rejected” gives first three letters. The last word gives last two letters. Spell out the last word …

  20. Thanks, Mort, for that explanation of the 10A word play. Could you also help with the word play for 23A and 12A.

  21. Prufrock, 23A definition is first word (not a vessel). Drifting more is a six letter word with one of the holes removed.
    12A is a word meaning “sharp” (not in a cutting sense), stuffed by axehead. Definition is “knife”

  22. Fairly easy for some, not for me… 2d, 15d, 24a particularly irking. Ready to chuck it in… Help?

  23. Julia, cannot give any more hints to 2D without a spoiler. See above comments.

    15D letters 1-5 means “mugs”; 6-8 mean “boosted”. Answer is an action on a court (sporting).

  24. Initially for 24a I was thinking about an asian massage(my schoolboy mind)…but was only half correct!

  25. Julia, 24A letters 1-3 a word for “sacred” missing last letter. Letters4-5 and last three of the answer mean “deception” and surround the town as indicated by Andy. definition is “clich├ęd climax”

  26. Ah! Thank you Mort, 24a: a happy outcome! Not Asian…
    Will return later, DA is doing my head in today.

  27. Julia – 24A – Letters 1-3 are first 3 letters of a 4 letter word for “sacred” letters 4-5 and 13-15 synonym for “deception”, letters 6 – 12 a Victorian town (I assume). Cliched climax is the definition.

    Thanks Mort for 15D – that’s what I thought but didn’t get the wordplay.

  28. Thanks mort
    Just got 12a
    I’m finding today quite hard
    Maybe I’m starting too late, but only have five as yet… :(

  29. I really liked 2D and 19D.
    The wordplay for the last three letters of 16D is a bit weak if I’m reading it correctly (does this really mean “sport,” other than a name for Bradman?)

  30. Thanks, Mort, for the explanation of the word play – all make sense now.

  31. Jack, 16D if you wear something, you can be said to “sport it” but first you have to put it on – that’s how I read the last three letters.

  32. Mort (11.58), I had written in that words and rejected it because I didn’y analyse it correctly. I can find only one word that might be the first of 2D, but no idea what the last word would be.
    Too stupid to make any sense of your 15D clue. Have to wait for inspiration, but inclined to give up at this stage, my mind not good enough. So I finish eight short, unless I get a flash of inspiration.

  33. Stuart – 21A – “Minor Green” = letters 1,2,3 (think vegetable). “swore on tape” = homophone for a word meaning “swore” for letters 4,5,6,7,8,9. Defn = “south Sydney suburb”.

  34. Stuart, 21A a knowledge of Sydney suburbs is a must as that is the answer. Letters 1-3 are a minor green object (think food), followed by a word for “swore” (on tape means sounds like).

  35. Think I’ve finished the crossword thanks to everyone’s help above but don’t get the word play for 11a and 18a. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.

  36. Susan, 18A is an activity undertaken in a bistro and sounds like (invoice) a word that means loading.

  37. Susan 11A as best as I can work out is a three-letter word for charge, within a battered 100 that has been topped.

  38. Have looked through lists of Victorian towns. No hope there (and no Hopetoun!). Have thought about court games, but nothing remotely connects to 15D that I can think of. Time for arvo tea and perhaps some pool. Booh to DA, you’ve floored me this time.

  39. Arthur, your life sounds even more leisurely than mine currently is! 15D is a means of scoring in the particular court sport. For 24A it’s probably easier to focus on the ‘almost sacred’ and ‘deception’, while thinking of the source for many cliches. The town will appear of its own accord. Bit of a struggle this week, even with the above clues. I’m pretty sure I know how 2D is meant to work, I just can’t think of a phrase that fits. I’m sure it’ll pop up eventually.

  40. Thanks Ray and Mort. That’s also how I read 16D. I just think it a bit weak, as the two words make poor synonyms.

  41. Thanks Mort – had cantina as my answer to 18a. 11a now makes complete sense!

  42. Indy, in 22D ‘progressively’ functions in a similar way to the indicator ‘initially’ in clues that spell out the answer across multiple words. I’m still stumped by the answer to 25A, let alone the wordplay.
    Can anyone explain the wordplay of 13A?

  43. Luke, Think of a carpentry joint for the answer. Mid-morning is a time (1,2,3) and “lit” is as in light switch when the light shines (4,5).

  44. Gaaaaah, 2D finally clicked with a few cross letters. Great clue!
    Indy, 25A is half of a two-part joint (carpentry, not anatomical); ‘mid-morning’ gives letters 1-3, followed by a two-letter fairly loose synonym for ‘lit’.

  45. Stuart – 20D – I thought a good one. “Photographer” = letters 1,2. “fever” = synonym for letters 3,2,5,6. Defn = “capital”.

  46. Stuart. Ray should have typed 3,4,5,6
    I think I’ve got all except 17A. Help please as I have no idea about the wordplay or a word that fits. Maybe I have 2D wrong, but I like it as it is.

  47. Luke, (of the gospel), I’ve looked at all the court games I could think of, looked at Google list (didn’t try Jai Lai!), but couldn’t find anything to do with scoring. It has me really baffled. Means of scoring????? Not ringing any bells. Will have to leave it till tomorrows paper comes, I think. Still not solved: 2, 15, 16, 22D; 18, 21, 24, 25A. A sad day indeed, but five good games of pool with some of the other Village oldies.

  48. Mike
    17A. Definition is 1st word. $1000 clues letter 3 (not roman numerals this time – another common abbreviation) which is inside a campus (one letter) and a 4 letter word for “look”

    Arthur C.
    I sympathise re 15D. I have the answer and I still don’t get what court it is played on. Ironically the game you say you’ve been playing is one of the places where I have come across the term – but that isn’t played on a court! I don’t understand the reference to scoring either – I can see no connection at all. The wordplay at least I can see. Letters 1-5 are a term for mugs, and letters 6-8 are (to my mind anyway) a somewhat dubious synonym for boosted.

  49. Mike – 17A – another good one for me – defn = “Maintenance”. “campus” = letter 1. “look” = letters 2,4,5,6. “$1000” = letter 3. “sinks” = container indicator. Hope that helps,

  50. Hi all,

    My first post!
    Nearly out but stumped on 8 down.
    Any help would be appreciated

  51. FG: 8D first word means “even” – think of a game score. Second word means “swallow” – think food. Definition is “was hampered”

  52. Thanks Mort,

    11 across was not quite right which wasn’t helping,but your explanation did

  53. Ray – thanks, that would explain why I don’t know the term. I have always thought basketball the 2nd most boring sport imaginable (behind horse racing)!

  54. Julian, I always thought that watching grass grow was the second most boring activity after watching cricket!

  55. Thanks Julian. If I have correctly interpreted your answer, I don’t think that operation is legal in pool. Nor can I see any connection with the clue. I eventually guessed at 24A, realised I have heard that term. Now have the rest, I think, though 19A bothers me. Letters 3-8 account for invoice, but letters 1, 2? Interpreting 21A, even though I’m sure I have the answer, is totally beyond me. But its good to have a letter in every square. Without a few hints here, I’d never have made it.

  56. Correct I don’t think it’s legal in pool or snooker, but I had at least heard the term used there!
    21a is a homophone. Say it out loud and it’s a minor green (vegetable) that swore!
    There isn’t a 19a so not sure which one you mean there.

  57. Yay.All done thanks to a few hints from above.My favorites were 3D and 13A.

    PS to Mort. I love watching grass grow…..but I am a farmer.Also like Test cricket.

  58. Decided to leave it until saturday when I was less tired. Got a few out in the top half, but ground to a halt now. Will read your hints.

  59. Have most of the left side now, thanks to all your hints.
    24a has me stumped, it worries me that there is a NW Victorian town in there that Arthur couldn’t find. As I’m pretty sure he lives out that way, I’m not confident I’ll see it.
    Only have 3 cross letters so no idea on the phrase that apparently means cliched climax. (I’d originally thought that cliched climax was one of his tricks to indicate the letter d, but apparently not this time!)

  60. just got 22d which gave me enough letters to work out the first word of 24a and from hints above gave me the town and a start on the next word, which then revealed itself. Don’t understand the almost sacred deception part of the wordplay though

  61. just saw the almost sacred deception as I clicked post comment. All done on the left side except 19d now. Right hand side still mostly blank.

  62. nn, 24A “almost sacred” is first three letters of answer, missing its last letter.

  63. nn, 19D is a double definition: shepherd supports (think biblical shepherds) and rustlers , as in thieves..

  64. Thanks Mort. Got a few more on the right now. 7d would be a big help, but don’t have enough cross letters to even hazard a guess

  65. And I’m assuming Hippocampus is the anatomical rather than the piscatorial term.

  66. Yes, 7D relates to part of the body. It’s another double definition: “hippocampus” is one; the other is “harsh opinion”

  67. I’m off to have lunch but I’ll check back later to see if you need more help…

  68. That’s how I’m interpreting it Mort, but I only have letter 3 of the first word and the last letter of the 3rd word (as well as all of the last word).

  69. all done now, but some doubt on my answer to 11a. My answer means to supply less (or rather to not supply enough), but can’t make any sense of the wordplay.

  70. and having read Mort’s earlier hint, at least I get the charge bit of 11a, but not the battered 100. At least the charge bit confirms my answer.
    Over to crossword club to check my answers.
    thanks to all who helped

  71. can see the 100 bit now. Topped and battered 100 would have been better. Battery is a poor anagrind, but then he has to have at least one each week.

  72. Can any of you help me with 14d. I have a golfing word for 26a which makes the last word nonsensical. Thanks in advance. Love this site.

  73. Pat, 14D definition is “to date”. Answer is an anagram (exploit) of “to pull win”

  74. PatB For 26A the definition is the last word of the clue which would be understood by golfers but never actually said; at least I’ve never heard it!

  75. Thanks Mort. I had made it impossible by having word lengths of 2,3,4 rather than 2,4,3! DA is hard enough as it is.

  76. Great crossword this week. Not too difficult, no obscure words and a good range of clue types. The absence of an apostrophe in the third word of 7d threw me as I had the word ‘your’ in and couldn’t make either 18a or 23a work.

  77. No harrumphing about “until” shortened to “till” in 14D??
    I see in the entries above that Arthur C has used “till” and others “until”. But I would argue it should be either “up until now” or “up ’til now”, and my concise Oxford reckons that “till” means “up to” (etc.) giving “till now”, hence never “up till now”. Etymologies suggest different entries into English via Old Scots and Old Norse.
    Any thoughts from other pedants?

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