DA Confusion for the 23rd of May, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right about here.

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  1. I’m a bit stuck in the SW. Have 26A and 22D and 18D.
    21D … so many meanings of Triad to find a homophone of a synonym for ‘cried for’ …. if I’m parsing it correctly?

    Never heard of 1B .. but got it from letters, wordplay and google. Southerners will have an advantage today.

  2. 21D, 24A and 19 D to go. Think I have the putting problem but don’t have the wordplay so am probably wrong. Any clues for this Triad?

  3. Ah, that kind of Triad! .. looking for the homophone in the wrong place. Heading for work now, unless someone’s got a clue for 19D to put me on the right track.
    Enjoyed today’s crossword, learned a couple of new words, and happy with the surfaces and indicators.

  4. Anagrams galore! Very grateful, they at least give me a start. Only half a dozen clues solved thus far, long wat to go.

  5. Have the SE corner, the painter threw me for some time. Still a dour struggle, I envy those who just fly through. I had thought of my namesake, Arthur Askey for 14A, but no, unless my 15D is wrong.

  6. Thanks, Black Pen, I had come to that conclusion after putting in 15D. But apart from that SE corner, and three in NW, I’m not making much progress.

  7. Most accessible DA in a while – beat personal best time! Learned some new terms in 1d and 19d. But none of the usual chuckles or aha moments – kind of like DA on moggadon today. Looking forward to a clever theme or some cryptic political commentary next Friday (heaven knows there’s enough fodder these days…)

  8. I had 19D wrong (not the same word as an old measure of computer speed), and have given up on 1D. I was able to work out 2D from the wordplay.

    Speaking of wordplay, can you please explain 8D (last word of the clue) and 25A?

  9. My goodness what’s going on with 12A? I can’t get past the surface to solve the clue.

  10. 8D is the name of a type of (kid’s toy) marble, as well as place where you can get a spare.
    14A- 1,2,3,4 is a synonym for “wreck”, disheartened, and 5,6,7,8,9 are a name, reversed.

  11. Lyvvie, 12a is not that obscure. Def is avidly. Letters 1-7 – lick ear is anagram, whorl is anagrind. Zestfully on both sides gives letters 8,9 – just take first and last letters.

    Rupert, how unusual you should need any help! 1a def is a place name, a district of old Melbourne, equivalent perhaps to Sydney’s Rocks. Stand synonym gives 1-4, money synonym is 5-9. Are you now okay with 19d wordplay?

  12. Martin, I thought 1D was a name for all of old Melbourne, not just a district? At least, that’s what the book of the same name led me to believe.

  13. Thanks Martin, that’s helped, but I meant the wording gives me the heebie-jeebies and makes me want to cover my ears.

  14. Lyvvie, sorry – I see what you mean now! I’m guilty of not looking at the surface meaning at all very often.

  15. Black Pen, I guess you’re right in a sense – it was the name for pioneer Melbourne, which mainly consisted in those days of what is now the main city centre grid.

  16. I finally found a reference to an old name for Melbourne that fits most of my cross letters in 1D, but it means I had 16A wrong (there’s a famous explanation of existentialism involving grasping the intention of the artisan who made the paper knife). I now have an explanation that doesn’t require any knowledge of existentialism, thank goodness.

  17. Rupert, in solidarity – I went through the same 16a thought process with l’etre et le neant etc, until I quickly realised DA was just on about any random frog. I’m wise to DA’s frenchie tricks these days.

  18. Seven left. Baffled by 16A, which I take to be a French word. Fed a synonym for grasp into Babel translator, but nothing forthcoming. Anyhow, time for my after-dinner nap. CU later.

  19. 16A: Grasp is the definition, in English. The French part relates to “this clue” which may mean you need to look to the left of the definition.

  20. Thank you Martin! I was completely stuck on 1D (I’m a Sydneyite) – was wondering if it was another word for those picturesque beachboxes, which meant I had 11 A completely wrong and therefore 2 D as well. Always a great satisfaction to fill in the last letter.

  21. Rupert, I had a notion that I was on the right track there, so I fed Louis (and that word) into Google. No probs! So now, only six to go, all in SW corner.

  22. Think I’ve gone astray with 28A, somewhat baffled. My two words, with a colour first, are suggestive of qualm, or something stronger, but can’t quite see the significance of dwindled. Any help, please? No idea on 17D, wondering if answer is a foreign term?

  23. Arthur, I think you mean 26a. Dwindled is the def. colour is a verb, not an adjective. Loud is a homophone indicator.

  24. 17d not a foreign term, though I think the second word might be ‘borrowed’ from French.

  25. More on 17d: cool is the def. A term for wine with the opening delayed (first letter dropped) followed by a term for invitee with a common two letter shortening for way lost.

  26. Now for my problems. Stuck on 19d and 25a. Think I might have an answer for 15d (a word meaning innocent) but no idea how it works.

  27. Arthur, 26 A last word is definition and I think the first word is a homophone indicator .
    17D. Last word is definition. Delayed is something DA has used before to indicate the first letter of a word is moved along, in this case to the 3rd letter.

  28. The only Austrian painter I know was better known as a dictator. Does he have anything to do with 25a?

  29. 15D is indeed a word for innocent. It’s a double definition, and the press release has nothing to do with newspapers.

    19D and 25A both have their definitions at the beginning.

  30. 19d. Definition I’d first two words, and for 25a the def is first three words. For 15d I think it’s a pretty straight cryptic clue where def is either first two words or rest of clue.

  31. 25A: Sandy, no. It’s an older painter (1862-1918), associated with the Vienna Secession movement, according to Wikipedia. Thank Black Pen if this helps, because it was he who pointed that out to me.

  32. Sandy – Adolf is the wrong painter – this Austrian painter died towards the end of WW1 – liked painting with a lot of gold leaf. He is the last 5 letters spelled backwards. Letters 1 – 4 is a word for “wreck” (verb) with its middle letter taken out.

  33. Thanks Black Pen, Rupert and Wikipedia. I now know another Austrian painter.

  34. A bit more of a brain workout this week. Some new words in 1D and 13A. I just knew that goji wouldn’t fit as 2D couldn’t end with J. Struggled longest to find an Austrian painter for 25A until the penny dropped.

  35. Can any one help with 14a and 15 down – think 15d could be either of two names for an innocent but not sure of word play for this or 14a. Thanks.

  36. Thanks Rupert. I still am amazed how you all get DA’s crosswords out so quickly – it takes me hours and sometimes days!

  37. Would never have worked out 1D without help from earlier suggestions.
    Sandy, I’m not sure I have 2D correct myself as the shrub I have for an answer doesn’t seem to have any connection to the first three words of the clue.
    I can’t get anything that makes sense for 9A either.

  38. 9a is an ‘ironic gesture’ made up of a word for ‘express’ followed by one for ‘estimates’

  39. Sandy, 2D letters 1,2,4,5 are a four-letter word meaning “gift” – and old-fashioned word. It surrounds the “last of summer”. Last two letters are from 6D, “regularly pruned”

  40. Thanks, Mort, I had the wrong shrub. That seems to make 9A even worse, however.

  41. Many thanks to Sandy and LJ, I sorted out 26A, found a word for 22D (though how it is indicated by the clue is unclear), sorted out 17D (that was one French word I knew), 21 & 24a thus became easy, though I’m still baffled as to how the only word that seems to fit in 21D fits the clue. But, all squares now full! See how we compare with the answers tomorrow (unless I get blown up in the night. Anonymous phone caller yesterday said “I’m gonna blast your house, OK”!) I’ve offended an aggressive group who are all to easily offended.

  42. Ann, 9A: first word means “express”, as in speak aloud; Second word means “estimates”. The whole is something that you’d do with two fingers of each hand when speaking something that you’re probably repeating from another source.

  43. Arthur, 21D means “cried” as in what birds do. A triad in music is three harmonic notes which are spelled differently but sound like the answer.

  44. Arthur – 22D – “Architect heading” is initial of “architect” which is taken out of an Aus term for a shed. Last word is definition. But I do have to say I am rather worried about your coda to your last entry! Or as a newcomer to this forum am I missing something?

  45. Never having heard of 1D or 13A made the NW corner pretty difficult. I have it all now, but can’t see the second meaning of 15D (first meaning being “innocent”).

    16A was particularly clever.

  46. Thanks all for help on my last three. On 9A I skipped through the alphabet for the first letter of the second word – and of course missed the answer.
    Jack: on 15D think of all sorts of press, not just the media.

  47. Rachel I know only two words that fit letters 1,3, and 5. Have you got 3D? That should help with the climbing hilltops.

  48. Yeah! All OK. But could someone please explain the connection between Triad (Chinese crime gang?) and cawed, in 21D?

  49. Arthur C, 21D the capital ‘T’ is a DAstraction. It’s from music .. homophone of a group of three in the diatonic scale.

  50. getting nowhere fast with this one. Managed to get one answer last night before giving up and seeing if the light of day on Saturday revealed anything, sadly it didn’t. Will read all your hints in the hope of some enlightenment.

  51. Have read the above and has only served to put me off. Answers that are words that some of you lot have never heard of, together with Rupert getting stuck doesn’t encourage me!
    Might give this one a miss.

  52. Ahah! I’m about as musically literate as the crows around here. Hadn’t realised there were three notes in a chord! Ta folks.

  53. Another DA, another set of trivia answers (1d completely new to me though born in that town very long ago).
    Not entirely happy with 24a – I think the clue should be ‘Continue to skip car?’.
    But I think 1a up with the best!

  54. All done, bar 19d. ‘putting’ might indicate golf so not sure if first word of answer is definite article or small wooden stick. Second word alludes me and I don’t get any of the word play.

  55. AJ, 19D is a golfing term, hence “putting problem”. The first four letters are “others” as in “we did this” versus “**** did that. The last three are a four letter word for “slumps”, missing the first letter.

    This term was in a Times crossword a few months ago and was the first time I had heard it.

  56. Finally got time to finish this one. The SW had me stumped until I came here for hints.
    I really liked 16a. Never heard of 1d. Had heard 19d even though I don’t put. I also liked how 7d had another word related to the answer in the word play. Technically it’s xxxxxx concrete, because the xxxxxx part is the sticky stuff between the rocks, but just like tar macadam, we always shorten things into regular usage.

  57. Got to this very late this weekend. Not good. Gave up with 3 to go but had a few wrong answers and, unusually for me, some misspellings which screwed me up.
    I put BANKNOTES for 1D assuming BANK was some reference to an old stand in the MCG or something! Notes for attracts didn’t seem too far-fetched and the whole thing meant MONEY. That mistake gave me no hope of getting 9A, 11A or 13A (not that I’ve ever heard of 13A after I looked it up anyway).

    Having looked at the answers and hints above I am still none the wiser on some though:
    8D. Have looked up the marble reference (never heard of it) but still don’t understand the spare reference that everyone earlier seems to think is obvious. Get a spare what?
    15D. Someone earlier said they didn’t get the press release part of the double definition and I don’t think anyone ever provided any help. Well I don’t get it either?

  58. Julian, for 8d think of the venue of a sport where a spare can be scored. This is also a 1960s (or earlier) term for a marble.

  59. It was a way to sell wine in unlabelled bottles, but I suspect it’s just another marketing tool.

  60. In today’s SMH Cryptic, I do not get word play for either 1A or 4D. If anyone could explain I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  61. Ray : In 1A letters 1,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 is the “defender” while 2,3,4,5,6 is an anagram of “north” (potential). “Social scientist” is the definition. Not sure I like the wording of the clue.
    4D will give a word formed from the omission of “millers” from “self-proclaimed”. “Humourless” is the definition.

  62. Thanks – OK I completely missed the ten-pin bowling “Spare”, fair enough. But personally I think “press release” in 15D is too indirect even for a cryptic crossword. I was aware the answer did also mean wine released without a label but I still never made the connection to the clue!

  63. Julian, what about feller ? I spent a little time with macho and men and he, but realised it was axemen … All is fair in DA, as long as he is actually correct – when the wordplay is obscure and the answer inaccurate , that’s when he admits a mistake…

  64. Hello all. I’m not new to this site but it’s the first time I’ve posted. This one took me a few days to do but I don’t have much time with a child with cp to look after. I regularly check here for hints. Julian, the 8d is where you go to get a spare marble, as in marketplace, I assume. 15d refers to how some wines are sold. ‘Innocent’ refers to a 5 letter word followed by a word for ‘citizen’ of 4 letters. It gives you a ‘generic’ type of label. You’ve probably finished it or given up by now but I thought I’d post just in case. See you all Friday!

  65. Jumped online without refreshing the screen and now see that you already have it!

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