Anzac Day DA for the 25th of April, 2014

DA has got all your long weekends covered.

Report about your fun here.

DA 20,289 (25 April 2014)

DA 20,289 (25 April 2014) - Solution

4 thoughts on “Anzac Day DA for the 25th of April, 2014

  1. Viticulture is grape growing, not winemaking. Entirely separate things.

  2. Had me puzzled too … What if we described crossword compiling as etymology ?

    The Crossword Club has complaints about this weeks cryptic too.
    I enjoyed it but my son plays guitar so thrum did not come to me from pluck.
    And I couldn’t pick a spirit starting with a; and ….
    DA often gets it wrong with electrical and quantum physics too, but we still love his work !

  3. Thrum is playing in a methodical rhythm i believe. I put strum in. Hence all difficulty for the remainder.

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