DA Confusion for the 11th of April, 2014

Have your confusion sorted out right about now (the funk soul brother).

102 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of April, 2014

  1. I found it hardtop get going. Eventually got “theme”. Still do not get all the wordplays especially in SW corner.

  2. Me too. Slow start but all done. Interesting theme but would be difficult if you didn’t know at least one of the items. 4/4 gave it to me.
    Can help with SW corner I think Ray. Any in particular?

  3. Hadn’t heard of 4/4 but the third last letter gave me the only word that could possibly fit and an internet search provided the answer. I tried to fit “bl**dy nuisance” into an answer, just the follow the theme…

  4. @Mort : )
    @ Ray, 23 D Letters 1-3 ‘the drum’ as the information. Followed by the couple. Spirits in a bottle.
    21/22 Writer of the Victorian era infested with lice?

  5. I hadn’t heard of 4/4 or 21/22 either but as you say Mort it was googleable for confirmation. Strange as I live near Sydney and only been to Melbourne once but I knew that one.

  6. Gayle – thanks. I had not heard of the 21D / 22A. But the main issue was that I was a dolt as I was continually trying to spell 23D incorrectly!!!

  7. Only one I’ve managed to get is 29a, the rest is a complete mystery. If Ray and Gayle are having trouble and haven’t heard of 4/4 or 21/22 I’m going to have a lot of trouble with this one!

  8. All done, but I have no idea why 2/25D has anything to do with Spooner.
    21/22 was a new one for me, too.

  9. Like Gayle, slow start but all out once I got the theme. Enjoyed learning some new Aussie slang names for 2/25. For those still struggling with 4/4, 20/20 and 21/22, I can highly recommend a page at the Macquarie Dictionary website. Once you’ve got one example, just search for it at Macquarie and you should find the others. Not so keen on 1d as a proper brand name for a 2/25, but I guess it’s not out of character for DA. Still totally stumped by wordplay for 20/20 – can anyone help?

  10. Ann, re spoonerism in 2/25: find synonyms for “fighting 3d” then spoonerise to get the 4-5 part of the answer. 25d is just a sportsmanlike synonym of “shot”.

  11. Martin 20A / 20D – defn = “2D 25D in Melbourne”. “to” = letters 1,2. “reverse into tree” is a 4 letter tree for letter 6,5,4,3. “field” = synonym for letter 7 (=1), 8,9,10,11. “for initial loss” gives last 2 letters, 12,13.

  12. Am presuming 3d is a double definition, but after scrolling through several hundred words in the online thesaurus, I can’t come up with anything that fits both of these words.
    @Martin, your Macquarie hint would be useful if I had any idea of 2/25 or had one example that I could search!!
    Am hoping Ray’s last hint will give me some idea, will continue to ponder, but without cross letters due to only having two answers so far, it is hard to make sense of anything. Haven’t even spotted an anagram that I can get to work yet.

  13. nn, I feel your pain – my first 30 min was like that. Today is very light on anagrams. By my tally, the only clues that have (partial) anagrams are 11a, 13a and 27a. Yes, 3d is a straightforward double def. Think of “suspect” as a verb, and “brains” as general intelligence.

  14. Thanks Ray, that gave me 20/20 and hence 2/25, although I have yet to fathom the wordplay for the latter. Will take up Martin’s suggestion to get the others and hopefully have enough to get going on the rest. Had never heard of that tree either, reminds me of the “Actor Means Tree?” post in general cryptic talk earlier this week. Getting a bit obscure.

  15. Thanks Martin, that’s exactly how I was thinking of suspect and brains, but to no avail. Might be able to get at it backwards from 2/25 once I’ve worked out its wordplay.

  16. Thanks, Martin. I wasn’t looking at the 4-5 as the Spoonerism.
    nn, I didn’t find any answers that were totally anagrams. However, there are a few clues that are partly anagrams together with extra letters or words included e.g. 11A and 27A.
    3D is a double definition. If you can get 9A, where the first word is the definition, it may help.

  17. Got 4/4 and 21/22 now, thanks for the hint Martin. Am not sure if I’m looking for another one for 14d or just somewhere to put one.

  18. Thanks Anne, I know where I’d like to put most of them, but it doesn’t fit (the clue!)

  19. Can someone help me with 2/25. Really stuck on it and it seems pivotal to the whole crossword. Only have 9, 13 and 29 so far

  20. Stuart, see my hint of 9.36am. Definition is the last word of the preceding clue (never underestimate the … … structure between clues).

  21. I lucked onto 2/25 based on other non-themed answers.
    All done, don’t get the wordplay for 8D, though.

  22. People are asking about 8d wordplay. Defs are “outlaw” and “2d 25d” (it’s a particular kind of 2d 25d). “Welsh dwarf” gives 1-5. Six-letter synonym for the verb to welsh, then cut off last letter (dwarf). “Earned” gives 6-8 – four-letter word for earned, then cut abbreviation for million off the top.

  23. Been out for a while, just got back to it and a few more fell into place. Have the right side completed now (and think I get all the wordplays), but lots of gaps on the left.

  24. I have 22A, but cannot think of the Victorian era writer in 21D. Obviously, I have not heard of this particular 2/25.

  25. nn – 14d – Def = sweet (type of candy), environment for a 2d 25d – on what kind of terrain would require one?

  26. Thanks Martin, that reveals that my answer to 28a is wrong which is why I was having trouble with it, although I thought that for those in the slang parts of the theme, this would be the last place they’d take one!
    Jack, the writer(s) were featured last week too. Surname is a rather posh beachside suburb of Sydney, although the derivation of the suburb’s name has nothing to do with the writers.

  27. Aha! Thanks, Martin. I should have had that, as there are 3 of those sisters.

  28. Just 28a to go now, although I don’t understand the wordplay for letters 4-8 of 17d, which makes me think I might not have the correct last letter, although I don’t think any other ending would quite fit the definition, which I’m assuming is the first word of the clue.

  29. Steve, 17 is a bad but common disease. Letters 1-3 are the reverse of help. Plunges means in the punting sense.

  30. @Jack, thanks for the first word of 28a, that was the bit I was stuck on.
    @Steve, yes it is a disease, one which, if you have, might mean you should avoid 14d.
    All done now, have to go out, will check back later.

  31. Thanks Jack all clear now.
    I could see letters 1-3 but, as nn, not letters 4-8.

  32. All done, but a few word plays still elude me. I don’t get the “Twin” in 15A. Also, am I correct in assuming that the first letter of 7D is an abbreviation for one of the words in the clue? Seems strange, but I can’t see any other explanation. Can’t work out how letters 5 & 6 of 4A fit in, either.

  33. Total defeat for me today. Had two hours at the garage this morning while car serviced, though I’d get some done. But at end of that time had three and probably four. Have read some of the above, but nothing that helped. I feel my 3D is correct, but can see no connection with the 2, 25. Worst result for a long long time. Sad!

  34. Ah well, the pool table, apart from being less than perfectly level, isn’t as complex as DA. Will try again next week. Looking forward to answers tomorrow.

  35. Dave R:
    15a “twin” is 1-3 – four-letter synonym minus a (grammatical) article
    7d “zulu” is 1 – common abbreviation when Zulu is used as a time zone (same as GMT)
    4a letters 5-6 are synonym of “gathering”

  36. Ray & Martin @ 9:36, 9:39 re 20a, I thought the tree was 3,4,6 with R (reverse on a gearstick) inserted (into)

  37. Arthur – you’ve done better than me. I’ve been battling for over 2 hours and have precisely 2 clues (11a and 29a) and all the themed clues are a total mystery.
    I can usually get just over half on my own before coming here. Hopeless this week though – way beyond me. Will see if the hints above can get me any further.

  38. Dave, for 15A letters 1 – 3 are a four letter word for twin after losing/conceding an article.

    Have all the rest out, but not too sure of word play on a few; including 4/4

  39. @Arthur, if you have been at the garage all morning, that would be the perfect place for a hint for the theme.

  40. Thanks Martin and LJ. I understand now. Word play for 4/4 has a three-letter dog repulsed, followed by prime, then a slang synonym for tripe (in abbreviated form – just the first syllable) followed by a two-letter gathering (see Martin at 3.26) and finally nothing with its end off.

  41. Dave think of a fight between two people for a synonym of the word you are after (twin). Take out the one letter article. That gives you 123 I guess you figured out the fat part

  42. Nerida – second word of 28A comes from “not as exciting”. So if you have first word and recognise “tumbler” as defn, then don’t think person, think machine (in laundry).

  43. Thanks, Stuart, but the word I hadn’t thought of until pointed out by Martin and LJ is actually a homophone of the one you are thinking of. The one I needed is an adjective used (including in a usage roughly in line with this week’s theme) as a synonym for twin. The two-person fight does not have an ‘article’ to shed.

  44. All finished with a little help from above. Thanks.
    I am with you Peta (2.27). 20a/d works like this: ‘to’, letters 1-2; ‘reverse’, letter 4, into ‘tree’ letters 3,5,6; ‘field’, letters 1-5 in second word; ‘for’ with ‘initial loss’ letters 6-7 in second word.

  45. Came back for another look, picked up six more. Puzzled by Victorian writer. Couldn’t find an alphabetical list of such. Victorian as in state, or as in period? Still can’t fathom theme, have 14D but can’t see a connection to any others. Time to start preparing evening meal, so must leave for now. Have all of SW corner except 22A.

  46. Arthur, Victorian as in period. Sisters. Note reference to Sydney in clue – also a beachside suburb.

  47. Also if you have all SW corner you have all cross letters for 22a. Not many words fit in there. Think golf or baby. Then when you get 21d/22a google it to get theme.

  48. Well after much use of google, wordfinders and help from above I have finished. Highly unsatisfying effort!
    Still not quite sure exactly how some of the wordplays work. And hadn’t heard of any of the Aussie slang themed items so was always going to be a struggle.

    Arthur the Victorian reference is to the period. The relevant writer(s) came up in a very recent DA – may even have been last week’s.

  49. Very tricky today,hope a glass of red will provide some inspiration.Have about half in,but will re-read above hints in case a penny or two drops.

  50. Sandy, when I put the two words you seem to be indicating into Google, nothing comes up at all, that word combination doesn’t appear. But I go to Google via Firefox, might try going direct to see if that makes a difference.

  51. Ah, that gives an answer. Must now look again at the other 2, 25 clues. Thanks, Sandy, I’d never heard that term before, Toorak taxi more common here, I thought.

  52. Finished. Probably 6 hours all up. Maybe more. Some weird word play in this one

  53. Thanks all for explaining. My way in to the theme was 7D and memories of a ex-RAF type from WWII who would tell people to Foxtrot Oscar, and 21D as I had the 3 cross letters.
    27A has the worst anagrind I can remember. 9A gave me the most pleasure in a generally unpleasing exercise.

  54. As usual, I’m stuck on two clues which everyone else seems to have found too simple even to rate a mention – I’ve got everything else but can’t make head or tail of 1A or 1D. Any hints?

  55. Marcus, 1A has first word as the definition. Up retired is 1,2; the abbreviation for fellow if f and there are 2 of them (3,4); start of shift is Letter 5.
    1D is a type of 2,25; rocks is 6,5,4; country losing an is 3,2,1. Notice the revolution to turn it upside down.

  56. Jack, Phil, many thanks to you both! I had the wrong country in my head for 1D, couldn’t shift it, and didn’t pick up on the smoking connection for 1A, but have now got both and can sleep easy! I found this one really tough, couldn’t find a way in (or out!) for ages, glad to see the back of it now! Roll on next Friday…

  57. No point asking for a clue for 23d at this stage – cos I can go and buy the answer now. But thanks for all being here , had I got this far last night!

  58. Did anyone else feel the answer for 23d was not the right spelling if the def. is ‘bottled spirits? What am I missing here?

  59. Beth, 23D The drum is “gen”, the couple, maybe Roman could be II. Plural of genie is genii.

  60. I know I’m running late but I’ve got all except 27A. For the life of me I cannot work it out, despite a few hints above. Any additional help available?

  61. Think I have it but the apparent anagram is lost on me. Hints still welcome to confirm!!

  62. Yes, Kes if you are still looking. Daughter puts a d in it, the rest an anagram of matron, the whole meaning sleeping.

  63. I’m still stuck on a couple of word plays … 6D I have the sculptor and the marksman but “short presenter”?
    Confused by recent explanations of 27A. Def is ‘had a fit’ but I just don’t get the rest of the clue at all! Matron, Arthur? Thanks!

  64. 16D all OK except letters 1, 2 and 3. Finder in OzLit?
    Welsh dwarf? In fact all of 8D is lost on me. Any help with these please?

  65. Robin, I think the funder is an organisation which funds Oz literature.
    Welsh is a verb – would it be lower case if not at the start of the clue?
    Meaning to go back on. Why do we associate a whole country with an action, when it was just a group of leaders of that country ?
    If you earn money, people may ask how much you ….
    Then take the million off the front
    To get an outlaw.

    I had to use some hints here and a word search – even though mine was a 4d/4a I’d never heard that term.

  66. Robin / Jupiter – For 16D, I read the homophone indicator (“audit”) to apply to both letters 1,2,3 and letters 4,5,6,7. The latter sounds like a word for “swindled”. The former is the first name of an Australian literary personality know for the book Strasiland.
    That’s my take on this one.

  67. Thanks, Ray, for the best OMG moment so far! Funder – never heard of her of course but classic DA. 16D all good.
    Thanks Jupiter for 8D. Should have seen the welsh shortened but don’t think I’d have got the 6-8.
    I think I’ve got the 6D if presenter is likely to ‘present’ organs or charity?
    Still stuck on 27A….
    One more is 9A. I’ve got the log but not the rest of it.

  68. Robin, 27A wired is anagram indicator. Anagram of ‘editor’ + the bottom letter of ‘fan’

  69. 9A Three indicators in this one, very tightly packed.
    anagram (dented) of ‘jalopies’ minus (losing) ‘pies’ containing (sandwiches) a type of pot at letters 3,4,5
    I don’t quite think of ‘dented’ as being sufficiently smashing for an anagram indicator. I was looking at dented as an insertion instruction.

  70. Did anyone else think that the positioning of the clue 4/4 was deliberate? A hint for the theme? Neat.

  71. Thanks, Mort re 23d. I had the answer and got the wordplay, but had only ever seen that spelling as the plural of ‘genius’.

  72. I have sorted 9A out now, and, Jack, Warney knows all about the snacks in that one too…

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