DA Confusion for the 14th of March, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. All done early this week. Something for everyone. French helped me but I know very little about films and tv and got those from wordplay and google. Learned a couple of modern words. Enjoyed 6A, 14D, 20D

    Can’t explain half of HQ in 2D.

  2. Gayle – 2D – “wants the bills” “centralised”. Defn = “Colony HQ”.

  3. Just started, three so far. Bit hard to ask an 84yo bloke to know about 10A, but have a lady visiting with us who supplied answer. Much work to do.

  4. Thanks Ray, I got the centralised wants and bills but missed the ‘the’ and took it from HQ thinking def was first word and Q was possibly an instruction.

    16D’s a good misdirection, with NOT possibly being an opposite indicator.
    But it’s a deletion (exile) from a synonym of infamous. The girl sides go up top.

  5. Gayle – 16D – yep – it was the last 6 letters I couldn’t explain – thanks.

  6. Quibbles:
    9a is not a physician
    8d “warren” should be capitalised according to convention

  7. After ten minutes, I had just one answer (24D), and then the rest just fell into place quite quickly. 6A was my favourite.

  8. All done. My favourites are the 1D and 24D homophone clues, also 6D and the 21D pun. Still not sure of the wordplay in 3D though.

  9. Alan G. – 3D – Defn = “Bird”. “detected by sonar” is a homophone indicator for a word for “track”.

  10. I am just getting back into DA if that is humanly possible can i get some pointers? thanks. Tony

  11. tony, is there some clue in particular that you feel you’re close to getting that we could give you a hint on? Otherwise you may be better going over to crossword club where they’ll have an annotated solution.

  12. Ian, I don’t agree with your quibble on 8D. Punctuation and capitalisation can be significant, or not, at the whim of the setter. Do you also object (as some do) to the missing space in 17A? If not, what’s the difference?

  13. Hi there

    Regarding 22A

    Is Defn “A water bird” starting and ending with an anagram of the whale reference. I figured I got the first word but can’t figure out the rest of the wordplay. Sneakiest feeling the second word is related to a part of the body? Thanks

  14. Really struggling today. Have NE corner except 15a, and other scattered words. Help with 25a 1a, and 12a could get me started again. Loved 3d(thanks Ray) and 10a (thanks Arthur).

  15. Stuart, 22A defn is at other end of clue.
    megse, 25A defn appears at front. 1A requires French word for fat. 12D, refers to that part of a whodunit where all the loose ends are explained.

  16. Rupert, re 4D and in line with my earlier comment, you have to let your mind go lower, until you get to the bottom of it.

  17. Well, after several hours of struggle, have only ten. Can’t see any way forward. 1A for starters? French for fat, or block, or neither? No idea. 11a? 22A. May have to abandon altogether if I don’t get one of those.

  18. Some more hints please

    3D Is the reference to a “track” that could be quite sinister?
    1A “Fat” reference is the cooking variety?

  19. Arthur, for 1A: think of a New Orleans festival held on a Tuesday which gives you the French for fat.

  20. Arthur, 11A definition is “prone to lifting” as in “gotta pick a pocket or two” The Rolling Stones had an album with a similar title.

    22A Definition is “river scum” – it was in the news a few years ago.

  21. Stuart, 3D could be sinister or related in American Indians, although the actual answer is a bird.

  22. Struggling today. How does the second part of 1a work (I have the French word)?
    Also 1d, I think I have it but should be ‘ThickenED, we hear…”? And why homophone? If I am right it is spelled the same.

  23. Anyone out there? I have six to go. Any help with 1d, 13a, 14d, 15a, 21d or 25a would be appreciated.

  24. Just worked out 25a (great!) which put me on to 14 d, then 13a, which confirmed my 1d, though I am still not sure of wordplay. Now only 15a and 21d…

  25. Thanks Peta have12d now. Sandy, you’re a step ahead of me. Can.t get second half of 1a.Have tried both meanings of 25a def but no closer, must have 18d wrong, is def first word?

  26. megse, 18D a brand that might provide a close shave. Sandy, 1D, if you’ve got it, try saying it to yourself, pausing before the s sound.

  27. Thank you Mort, I had looked at that French translation for fat, I was thinking of different spears. As to 22A, I still don’t understand the clue, but I feel you have provided the answer. Time now for my pool game, will look further later.

  28. Thanks Prufrock. I had guessed a french cigarette.Didn”t see wheel as direction indicator.

  29. Thanks Prufrock re 1d. Funny thing is it could mean ‘thickened’ as is.
    megse, 1a ‘block cut’ is a cut synonym of the block you live on.
    Now, any help out there for 15a or 21d?

  30. Sandy, 15A defn = last word. Age, last 6 letters, is like Arthur C, first 2 letter – publicise missing heart. 21D think of a childhood song with pop in it.

  31. Thanks Suzie, but I must have a cross letter wrong or something. How does word play work?

  32. Ok, got it, with the help of word finder. Thanks everyone. No way I would have got there without Trippers today!

  33. FHF – 6A – homophone? I don’t think so. “vain” here is as in “vanity” so is correct as is.

  34. I just have 4 left- – all in the bottom left corner.
    Would appreciate help with 14D, 25A, 24D, 27A.
    Even googling Pixar films (if that is the reference) hasn’t helped with 24D but then my film knowledge is negligible anyway! Nor have the hints for 25A earlier.

    And I don’t get the wordplay for 20D?

  35. OK, ignore all but 20D. As is always the way, got one and the rest then came.

  36. Julian – let’s start with 25A and see if that can kick start the others.
    25A – defn = “Articulate”. “within” = container. “reflect” equals reverse. So, “feline” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,8,9. “or” gives letters 7,6. “itself” = letters 5,4,3.

    For 20D – defn = “Bloopers”. “end in laughing” = letter 1. “yes” gives synonym for letters 2,3,4,5,6. “Plus laughter upfront” = letter 7.

  37. Thanks Ray.
    Yes 25D was the 1st I got and it did indeed trigger the others.
    For 20D I had “laughter upfront” as clueing the 1st 3 letters which is why I was struggling to make the rest work.

  38. A really hopeless performance today. Helped a bit by Ray (3.27), but still seven missing, and possibly as many as eight wrong, because I haven’t understood the clues. In 5D, I assumed anagram of ‘roll seen’ but only castle I could find can’t be obtained from those letters. Truly pitiful. Too many to ask for clues, must wait till tomorrow. Missing 14, 16, 18, 21, 23D, 17, 26, 28A. No, just saw 14A, had never heard of those. Goog on you Google!

  39. I reckon it must be the only one not mentioned above, and it’s the only one I can’t get. I refer to 26A. Help please.

  40. Jack – 26A – defn = “Pop star”. “a” = letter 1. “sound” = homophone – so homophone of a word for “hollow” (as in valley) gives letters 2,3,4,5. (And I think she’s British).

  41. Thanks Ray. I doubt I would have got it without your clue. Never thought of her!

  42. Arthur, if you’re still here: 5D is a castle in a Shakespeare play.

    16A defn is Beautiful – think of Hallelujah Chorus.
    18D will give you a close shave.
    21D Sing “up and down the city road, in and out of the Eagle”.
    23D defn is first word – verb not noun. A legionnaire opening gives first two letters; the last three are a weapon.

    That should get you moving on the rest.

  43. Arthur – also note that in 5D it is “ROIL SEEN” not “ROLL SEEN”. I started with the same mistake – the i and the l look so similar in my printed copy.

    And there is a spelling mistake in the definition of 18D – the intended answer is actually 8 letters long but the wordplay & our grid are a 7 letter word.

  44. Arthur C, as Mort says above. You must have misread roil as roll. Thanks to trippers I am nearly there. 9a,13a,15a,17a, to go.Think my 7d may be misleading me for 15a.

  45. megse, 7D is a French word.
    9A is an abbreviation.
    13A was known to me as something retailers do to suppliers they don’t like. I wasn’t aware of the sporting reference.
    15A: I cannot do better than Prufrock | March 14, 2014 at 2:06 pm

  46. Julian, good call on 18D. I just put in the answer without bothering to check the correct spelling. Very sloppy, DA …

  47. LJ, first two letters of 15A: three-letter word meaning “publicise” – remove middle letter.

  48. megse, the definition in 17A is the last word.
    I found it hard going today.

  49. Always read, never write. Can’t get to crossword ’til after work when you’re all done.
    I can’t do 13A, 14D or 27A. I have ‘answers’ to 13A and 27A, butI can’t fully justify them.

  50. Ben, 14D I’d never heard of but it’s used aid to umpires in sport. Letters 1-4 are a word for “declines” in reverse. Last five are an anagram of “cream”

    13A letters 1-4 are a food store; last two are a type of road (abbreviated)

    27A West is an actress; negative is two letters. Reverse the lot.

  51. Thanks Mort,
    Confirms my 27A, although maybe it should have been (3,1.1). 14D has been a big feature of the recent ashes series.
    Man, i love this site and all the help you guys provide. Much appreciated!!
    All done.

  52. Mort, in cricket the 14D is more an annoyance to the players than an aid to umpires! The commentators seem to think it gives a great view of the action, but I’m not so sure.

  53. Jack, sorry but in my view “cricket” and “action” don’t belong in the same sentence!


  54. Fair enough, Mort, but I’m actually addicted to it. Cricket also supplies a lot of good fodder for cryptic crossword setters. DA often uses it, so it can’t be all bad.

  55. Thanks, Mort & megse, for help. My ancient eyes couldn’t pick that it was roil, but I guessed correctly ass to the castle. Clearly the blades are misspelt! Black mark, DA. I had thought spy for spook, so on wrong tram there. Only 28A left, but closing now for the night. This one really was out of my league. O yasumi nasai (sleep well).

  56. DA kept me well busy on the Melb-Perth flight this evening; only had 15A left to seek help for upon being told we could reach for our phones (many thanks Prufrock!). Arthur, on the off-chance that you look here for inspiration in the morning, for 28A defn is ‘vampire tale’ (penned by horror royalty, so to speak), regulars of ‘some’ go around a type of beer, and then think of a 4-letter word meaning ‘opening’, perhaps for coins. Until next week!

  57. Completely stumped. Have only 19a and no idea if it is right as I can’t relate anything in my answer to the wordplay. Assuming the last two words in the clue are the def. Will read all your hints in the hope I can get somewhere.

  58. Got 4 more from all your hints but can’t even make sense of most of the hints. If, as Gayle has said, it requires knowledge of films and tv I may as well give it away as DA’s tastes don’t appear to be close to mine so it is highly likely I’ve not seen any of them.

  59. Spent nearly an hour on it and only have seven, and some of these are guesses. Throwing the towel in this week, all too complicated.

  60. Looked up the answers over at crossword club. Glad I didn’t waste any more time on this one. Even after reading all Ian’s answers and explanations I still don’t get some of them. They appear to reference films etc that I’ve never heard of and I can’t be bothered checking them all on google as I’d never have got them in the first place. Tend to agree with zinzan’s comments on that site.
    Hope next week’s is a little better.

  61. Hi nn, sorry you had to give up on this puzzle as it was quite enjoyable. I’m not familiar with the other site (crossword club) but don’t understand your reference to films. I could only find two references in this crossword, and one of those I knew first as a book by Stephen King and got the answer without realising they’d even made a film of it.

    Anyway, hope to see you back here next week…

  62. Don’t know whether any of you bother with Confusion by Sunday or beyond (my usual finishing days!) so no-one might see this post? Anyway, maybe DA thought “CLOSE (to) shave” indicated the ‘NEARLY correct’ answer as written? But does convention allow not-real words as answers? And also on convention, should the two apostrophes in the answer to 28A have been indicated (I think I recall DA has done so in the past)?

  63. I think that DA doesn’t usually bother to indicate apostrophes. Probably thinks it is too much of a giveaway as there aren’t too many letters that can follow one.

  64. As ever … Thanks trippers – especially the providers of this site !!!
    I like getting hints to solve the conundrums rather than just reading the answers from Saturday’s paper.
    I thought this one was a bit awkward.
    6a didn’t flow as a spoonerism for me.
    9a not being a physician – a therapist would have worked
    3d who drops the l in these words – I don’t and I grew up in Tronno …
    4d was OK but I feel the definition could only be understood once I had enough cross letters to know the answer.
    I was at a disadvantage for 15a as I have only ever used the electrical term. It probably came from the framework that was used to make it.
    The pop song was a good aha moment.

  65. Thanks Trippers!
    You have brought light to the dim obscurity of my DA journey.
    With your help I have got it out, which is rare for me with DA.

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