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  1. All done except for 4 Down. I think there’ll be some grizzles this week, but it’s an interesting theme. As usual, the key word, 5 D, I didn’t get until later. And still don’t get the wordplay.
    10A I didn’t know, but got from wordplay and it helped get 5D.
    Had to google a couple of football clues for confirmation once I had some cross letters.
    26A was first themed one in. A query though, should there not be an anagram signpost as well for the first part?

  2. Gayle – 5D – my third last in – and neither do I.
    26A – I tool “Cryptic” as the anagrind for first word.
    4D – could add M and PG as others.
    10A – I have not heard of either (and still not sure)

  3. Ah, thanks Ray. How could I have missed that signpost!
    10A I didn’t find as a verb but that’s okay. Interesting word.
    4D I was about to say I still don’t get it but the penny finally dropped.

  4. 10a: I found this on Urban Dictionary:
    3. Yaffle
    v. yaffling, yaffled; to waffle in an officious, patronising and anally-retentive way. After the Bagpuss character Professor Yaffle
    The boss was yaffling on about the mugs not being on saucers again! Yaffle, yaffle, yaffle! I’m sick of it!

  5. Not a promising start this morning, have around eight, but baffled by 5D. Found three 8-letter figures of speech, metaphor, aphorism, ellipsis, can’t see anything wholesome about any of those. Nor does any of them fit with options my wordfinder gives for 1A. Going to be a hard struggle today, methinks!

  6. Gayle – 10A – yes – thanks – got it – it “could be wholesome”. Awfully good clue.

  7. Very enjoyable although pretty simple after cracking 5D.

    Arthur, split the word “wholesome” into two words and if a thing is both then it’s a special figure of speech.

  8. A bit harder than last few weeks but once you get the theme, not too bad. 10A never heard before.

  9. Nice non-flashy puzzle today.
    Shamefully 5D was the last one I got, guessed at 10A based on loud & university.

  10. All out except 1d, 23d and 25d have guesses with the letters I have but would love some pointers!

  11. Thanks Andy, i think i have the answer but it’s still a bit of a stretch for me.

  12. Catherine – 23D – “mobile” = angrind. Fodder “derelict” and read “Nod!” differently.
    25D – defn = “Blew” (as in erred). Now answer is anagram of 6 musical notes.

  13. Surprisingly I have finished on a Friday! Can’t justify wordplay for 1a though. Have a few options but nothing fully fits wordplay. Hadn’t heard of 10a before either.

  14. Making slow (very) progress. Mort, I thank you (if I’ve correctly interpreted your hint). I had considered that answer before, but failed to see how it fitted. Took a wild guess at 26A, well-known expression for a weird type, can see some connection with clue. Much work still to do.

  15. Brilliant, thank you Ray. Can’t believe I was such a dummy with 23D when I had all the letters. I like the Nod! Arthur C, I think we were all slow to start with, then it takes off when you get the theme. I got 5D later too, wholesome duh! Wish I had your hints earlier!

  16. Annie B

    1A – think of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – shorten (slice) the horseman; on this occasion he’s “cutting” into a lippy synonym; the whole is an example of 5D in two five-letter words.

  17. All but three, 20, 23, 25D. Time to do some vegies for lunch. Back later.

  18. A good one this week, liked the theme, got it about half-way through (which I think is the ideal in these things).

    BUT for the first time in several weeks I have complaints and queries.

    10A, which I had never heard of, does not carry the implied definition even in the full OED. If the Urban Dictionary becomes a standard reference for cryptics we are all in trouble, because it is simply not a dictionary.

    25D seems to have been verbed from a noun. It does not appear in the OED as a verb with the implied meaning. Even the Urban Dictionary, in which the syntactic concept of parts of speech goes missing, contains no examples of it with that meaning as a verb.

    Can someone explain to me the “girlfriend” part of the 32A Spoonerism? The only association I can think of is from a 1960s Paul Simon song, “Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine”, which I’m pretty sure is irrelevant.

    On the plus side: 23D is a dandy new word I hadn’t heard before.

  19. aaand … on 32A, just realized I had the first letter wrong. Please disregard that question.

  20. AG, 10A is actually in the latest (paper version) of the Macquarie Dictionary.
    Re 32A is your first letter “L”, as my first guess was? If so you won’t get the spoonerism. Think of another letter that fits…

  21. Thanks Jack – makes a lot more sense than my rationale.
    AG – I also got stuck thinking the first word of the the answer was a heavy metal – it’s more what you would be if you had too much of it…

  22. Thanks, Mort. My Macquarie’s only 2008, and it’s not in there. I guess that technically validates 10A, though it’s surprising that it hasn’t also made OED (which is updated quarterly) in that sense. I’d still like words just a little less obscure.

  23. Yes Stuart, it’s not six /different/ notes, just a combination made from ABCDEFG.

    I too had never heard of 10A, even Mr Google is not impressed with it.

  24. Ultimately, turned out to be fairly straightforward. Finished it just after my ‘vegies’ post above. Had vastly more trouble with DA’s ‘Quick’ crossword today, still not finished. Nothing labelled DA is ever likely to be easy.

  25. Don’t normally post, as I don’t get a chance to really get stuck in until Saturday morning over coffee. Coming here for hints is a last resort! Pretty straightforward today. Had to google 16A. Last one out was 10A but still don’t get the wordplay. DA has been very accessible the last few weeks. Waiting for a doozy in the upcoming Fridays….

  26. Guys – any help with 3A I have all the cross letters and it’s the last one. I want to make it four DA completes in a row!

  27. Stuart, do you mean 3D – there is no 3A?

    If so, the definition is “shops”. Up indicates a reversal of two letters meaning “ideal” and a word for “cord” around a “metro” sign.

  28. Only one query – the word “bloody” seems gratuitous in 32a. Is there anything more to it?

    Stuart, assemble all the following in reverse: ideal, as in best = 7,6 ; cord = 5,4,3,1 ; metro (think abbreviation on the signs into the Paris subway)= 2.

  29. Mort – for 3D another construct could be:
    “Ideal” (as a noun) gives a 3 letter synonym for letters 7,6,2. “cord” gives a 4 letter synonym for letter 5,4,3,1. “bundle up” = angrind. defn = “metro shops”.

  30. 32 Martin, I think it is to give emphasis; you could just as well use very or extremely.

    Are 1 and 12/31 truly 5s in the sense that 13, 26 etc are. See definition for 5 in any dictionary or artilce on figures of speech on line.

  31. Thanks Mort I had the last letter incorrect (an “O”) Realised that the answer to 14A was not “How” and the answer to 3D was pretty obvious then

  32. I am all out. Particularly liked the misdirection in 6a. Just as well there is in country in North Africa called Fict.
    Still can’t understand the wordplay for 20d/30a though. Any help?

  33. Ray, nice alternative reading of “ideal” but I can’t reconcile it with the wordplay (“bundling up”). “Cord bundling up metro” seems much closer to 1-5.

  34. Sandy, 20/30 – common abbreviation of the answer yields homophones for two letters in the Greek alphabet.

  35. Not the way I spell them it doesn’t. Where is the homophone indicator?

  36. I guess it must be ‘cites’ but that usually refers to written rather than verbal communication

  37. 10A is dodgy – it was all I could come up with but I couldn’t find it in the dictionary or on the net – I logged on here to have a whinge and I note the reference to the Maquarie above but I’m still crooked on this clue.

  38. 26A is the only one still eluding me despite lots of cross letters and a hint above that an anagram’s involved?

  39. OK ignore that – as usual, just got it! Not a term I had actually heard before though.

  40. 10 across is for the birds$
    (It’s not only humans who chat!)

  41. 26A – anagram applies to more than the first word. For the rest think ‘French’.
    13A – I’m stuck on the wordplay
    1A – many thanks Jack R. I’m not happy with a clue that needs recourse to Google to understand it although the reference may be common knowledge in Sydney (?).

  42. Mike 13A: Maintained is 1-3; convoluted more indicates anagram. Way in provides other four letters intermingled with “convoluted more”.

  43. If Ian hadn’t leaked 10a I’d never have got it. DA is hard enough without such obscurities. Only have 3 others at the moment, but just got 5D thanks to Mort’s hint. Have some hope of the others now but felt tired and grumpy before I started, so might leave it until tomorrow if I can’t get a few more soon. The above discussions haven’t been of much help yet.

  44. Making some progress, about half done, but several wordplays escape me. Will press on.

  45. Came here for a hint for my last word (10A) having racked my brain for hours trying to find a word that fitted the clue and cross letters. Was disappointed to see it leaked straight out early in the day. Glad I didn’t check earlier. I know it was well intentioned, but thought the general principle was to provide hints to the wordplay (at least for the first day) rather than giving straight answers?

  46. Can someone give me the wordplay for 5D? I have the solution but can’t see the wordplay.

  47. @Decky, I agree that this is the general principle, but one of DA’s general principles (according to his first book) is that answers ought to be gettable. When he puts a “word” like that in, I’m glad Ian leaked!
    I have finally finished but don’t get the wordplay in about 10 of them. I won’t bother listing them as there are too many. Over to crossword club for more help from Ian.

    @Jan as someone mentioned earlier “wholesome” read as two words, whole and some, is an example of the answer. Quite a good clue and a fun theme, I just wish I could see what he is on about with some of the wordplays.

  48. Understand it all now, thanks Ian. Not sure I’d equate blue with the last three letters of 1D (assuming I understand the wordplay correctly)
    I am finding it harder each week to spot what DA is on about with wordplays that involve truncated words as all or part of the answer, even when I know that I am looking for truncated words, I never seem to be able to work out what they are. He seems to have a few more than usual this week, which is probably why I had so much trouble with the wordplays.

  49. To be honest nn, with the letters I had I should’ve worked out the answer from the wordplay. Provided you can derive the word, even if you don’t know it, I consider it gettable – even if the word is very obscure. Half the fun is working out a word that you don’t know (providing there aren’t too many in the one grid) and then finding out you’re right!! If someone had hinted that noisily was letters 3-4, I would have worked it out and then confirmed it here or elsewhere on the net rather than just having the whole thing given to me.

  50. If anybody is attempting SMH’s Saturday Cryptic Crossword, I would appreciate if someone could help me with the wordplay for 26A. I have taking the defn as “Going to the wall” and then cannot get how “to trespass through block” works. Thanks.

  51. Hi Ray, ‘block’ as happens to the sink pipe. You’ve probably got the trespass at 4,5,6.

    BTW I didn’t get round to last Sunday’s cryptic but after your recommendation and Warren’s will have a go today before the solution comes out.

  52. No worries Ray. I missed ‘cryptic’ yesterday!

    Nick, the Uni is a famous American one, and noisily is very loud musically. Chatted like a woodpecker.

  53. All done bar 27a and 28d .Feeling lonesome as no one else had trouble with them and I got all the others before coming here.

  54. All done now (with some help thanks) except 29a, which nobody else seems to have had trouble with. Any gentle hints welcome.

  55. sb – 29A – Defn = “Raft” (famous one?). “drifted” = anagrind. Fodder “1 k not 1 k”

  56. @Dekky, I agree. But in this case it was the last step in your process that was the problem. I couldn’t find that word in any dictionary to confirm my guess. I had spent a long time trying to make waffle fit the wordplay without any success. This after deciding that I wasn’t going to get bluffed into thinking that department head was D and tried to make Dean fit backwards into it instead
    On the other hand, I hadn’t heard of 23d either but worked it out from the wordplay and cross letters, then checked in a dictionary.

  57. I was disappointed not to see military intelligence, rap music and Microsoft Works included in the answers :-)

  58. Very late starting this week. Last clue for me was the wordplay in 13a. Mort’s hint yesterday at 5:52pm looked promising, however if “way in” is taken to give “door” you end up with three “o”s in the anagram rather than the two in the solution. After referring to CC, “way in” should be taken as “way”, giving two letters, and “in” being a container indicator. The remaining two letters come from “style”.

  59. Being from north of Sydney and more interested in the crossword than the sports pages, how much chance is there if getting 16a without the Internet… I always learn something from DA

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