DA for the 21st of February, 2014

It’s DA’s White Night Melbourne spectacular this week.

And given the two relatively easy crosswords over the past fortnight, it might be time for a toughie.

DA 20,235 (21 February 2014)

DA 20,235 (21 February 2014) - Solution

7 thoughts on “DA for the 21st of February, 2014

  1. It appears there’s a misprint in the online version of the crossword. In the across clue numbers, for 23 read 24 and for 22 read 23.

  2. Interestingly, DP had a similar error on Wednesday. 6 across was listed as 1 across in the clues.

  3. Difficult to understand really, as professional compilers tend to use crossword software that simply doesn’t mislabel clues.


  4. The misprint was in the print version. At least you guys got the shading, which the annoying iPad app didn’t have. I still think we are overdue for one of DA’s real zingers. The clues this week are all pretty straightforward, for him.

  5. Saturday SMH published the Correction of Friday’s cryptic numbering on page 2 of the main section, in the last broadsheet edition coincidentally.
    What puzzles me is how the ipad version apparently had the numbering right and didn’t have the shading. Two editors? No wonder they’re going broke.
    The DA-effect got me. Saw the shading and thought the ‘clueless’ 24 was a clue. Would probably have twigged to the typo a lot earlier otherwise. Muphry’s Law – not.

  6. Very nice. I’ve been browsing on this through the week. Loved 8a, although it was the second last I got. Had several mistakes in the grey squares which made the theme hard to get until I sorted them with hints from the confusion thread.

    What awaits us tomorrow?!?!?!

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