DA Confusion for the 14th of February, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. Good beginning this morning, mostly completed except for SE corner. Can’t find comic baddie in 5D. Bit old for comics. Any clues, please?

  2. Arthur think comic baddie as a baddie in a comedy (relatively modern movie).

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day all! Found this one fairly straightforward, though LH side came much faster than RH. Has anyone heard of the 7d phrase before? Was new to me, and even on googling I don’t get too many results.

  4. “…I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that cannot be done. Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly? Throw me a bone here!…”
    ($$$$$$ $$$$)

  5. Got 5d, but my trouble with the clue is that the wordplay only offers up 1-6, not 7-10. Am I missing something?

  6. Woah Scott, you’re sailing a bit close to the wind with datrippers etiquette there! (though I do love that line…)

  7. Another rather easy outing – more letters to the Age likely this week. Like Martin, I’d never heard of 7D as an expression. Foolishly I googled it and looked at the first website found. Now I think I need a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down!

  8. Andy Wain, I took a punt on the 5D character, had never seen any of those movies, but, as usual, Google is your friend. All filled in now. Guessed at the 13D, again, Google confirmed. Whatever would I do without Google? But overall, this was too easy.

  9. Martin, re 5D, I think that the first word of the clue gives letters 7-10.

  10. As to 7D, I initially went for broke, but eventually recognised the real answer, not heard very often.

  11. Martin, hard to expand without using the answer but “we are on earth” could also be a replacement for “we xxxx on earth”. I agree it’s a bit of a stretch but DA often is.

  12. Thanks Mort, I kind of suspected that but was hoping it wouldn’t be so banal! DA can do better – 5d 7-10 offers up so many possibilities.

  13. Like the rest of you, I found it very easy – just 5 minutes more than my record time.

    SW corner came to me last. When I finally got 18D, thought it was a particularly elegant clue.

  14. “It’s frickin’ freezing up here, Mr Bigglesworth!” I want to see DA put Mr Bigglesworth in a clue and watch the reaction on DAtrippers…

  15. Don’t Google 7D (or at least, turn on safe search, first).

    21A: In what sense does “bombs” => 3 – 8?

    27A: I hadn’t heard of the lollies.

  16. Geoff, 10A definition is first word. Sadly is anagrind; remove clubs from last word.

    8D students – think of car drivers – surround a three-letter word for spat.

  17. Geoff, read 8D’s first two words not as (noun, verb) but as the reverse. Once you get 8D and the interlocking letter you’ll get 10A.

  18. Geoff.

    8D – Definition is first word. Think of “students” as those who might be learners. That gives you letters 1 and 5. 2,3 &4 are a synonym for “spat”. All in all means Creep (as the verb not the noun)

    10A – Definition is first word. Clubs abandoned refers to removing letters from “correct” and anagramming what you have left.

  19. Not too difficult
    RUPERT That use of lollies (27) is new to me, too. Chambers is silent. I wonder what source DA was using.
    24 To date, the wordplay defeats me. Any ideas?

  20. Have left side and some of right but still can’t fathom 5d and7d. Any further help please?

  21. JS, for 21d words 2, 3 & 4 give the first letter. Next two words give next three letters and final letter is Motorhead. I can’t get the word play for 20d, otherwise finished. I agree that this was easier than your average DA.

  22. 21D: Kinks is a reversal indicator.

    5D: Many hints to this movie villain above.

    7D: The seven letter clue, with the missing letters added, gives the second word. The first word describes the removal of the two missing letters in the clue.

  23. Pretty easy today. However, I’m not sure the word “theatre” is needed in 23D.

  24. Done but don’t get wordplays for 5A and 16D?
    Left side came together much quicker than the right side for me. Thought 14A was clever.

  25. Julian –
    5A – Imagine = definition. Medic (abbrev.) = 1,2, bearing (i.e. compass) = 3, cat (with 10a as reversal indicator) = 4-7.
    16D – Amateur = definition. Supplies = 1-3 and 7-9 (effectively a two-word expression, 4,2), through (Latin abbrev.) = 4-6

  26. Thanks Rupert.Re 7d, had last word, but wrong two letters(lo) had me stuck.All done now.Martin, had 23d but now see wordplay, clever. Also liked1a,21a and 26a. 11a was a for new word to me.

  27. Thanks – hadn’t considered that type of “through” in 16D. And got tangled up with trying to use Bearing as including something in 5A which didn’t seem to work!

  28. Yay.All done in record time.Now what will I do tomorrow????? My self-satisfaction is well and truly tempered by the above comments about how easy this one was,but I`m claiming a win anyway.:-))

  29. For once, finished before coming on here – disadvantage is that I too hadn’t heard of 7d, so I googled where the warnings beforehand would have been a help! (Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that DA has used capital letters in the clue?!)

  30. Mostly trouble-free today, though I’m grateful for some of the earlier comments that have cleared up a couple of wordplay befuddlements. Unfortunately the only one I’m stumped on is 1A, which doesn’t seem to have troubled anyone else. Am I right in thinking that it’s a slightly stretchy double def?

  31. Yes, Luke, I think so. Not actually one of DA’s best efforts, really, unless we’re both missing something fiendishly subtle.

  32. hello everyone,
    happy valentines day:)
    I thought “sea wall on a grey rock ” was
    such a beautiful phrase, then suddenly remembered it is DA today
    I think I have stage fright! I have none yet, maybe one
    so thanks for all the help above


  33. Nerida – 19A – defn = “to ill-effect”. “changed” = anagrind. Fodder = “until yours” AND you have “to flee Agent’s right” to remove one letter.
    20D – defn = “Skipped”. A four letter word for “kicked”, with it “lacked time” gives letters 1,6,7. “to hold” = container. “hand” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 2,3,4,5.
    Hope helps.

  34. Nerida, 19a is a bit tricky, but the answer seems to be an anagram of ‘until yours’ with one letter (T) removed. How the clue indicates that I don’t know. 29D is synonym of skipped, as in left out. Anagram of time to, plus ending of hand? Don’t fully understand clue myself.

  35. Arthur C. – 20D – we may see different wordplays, but from what you wrote I think a good alternative could have been:
    “Skipped and kicked back with time to change.”

  36. Arthur, I think that 19A “Agent’s right to flee” means remove the right-hand letter from “agent”. Not a very elegant clue.

    29A, kicked means “toed”, remove t for time, then insert a synonym for “hand”

  37. Like megse I had thought I was after an expression for ‘sloshed’ in 7D. Having the wrong ‘cat’ in 5A hadn’t helped. Once I realised my mistake I knew I had heard the expression before.
    Had I not had to go to work I’d have been finished much earlier in the day!

  38. As usual, when everyone says it is easy, I’m having trouble! Have most of NE but not much else

  39. nn, not too sure what you’re stuck on but 24A is the last letter according to 21A. Hallelujah for 26A. 25A is used in the garden. 27A Another one bites the dust. 22A with the addition of good, could cook a steak (well maybe in America). 14A You need to be old to get this: at least 33, 45 or 78

    Hope that helps.

  40. A bit of progress, right side out now. Had never heard of 7d, messed around with broke as the second word, but it didn’t fit my cross letters and didn’t make sense. Wasted a lot of time on this one

  41. Came back to it after tea and got most of SW out before coming back here and reading Mort”s post which confirmed my answers. Thanks Mort.
    That 2, 3 down is giving me grief
    . I only have one cross letter in most of the words. The exception being the third word for which I have 3 cross letters and my word Search site gives nearly 100 matches for thirds. Not sure what the def is and hope the expression is something iw have heard of, otherwise it could be a long night

  42. Is 26 across really a cryptic clue?
    It seems to be a poor attempt at a double definition!

  43. Got 17a out, although i don’t get the wordplay for the last two letters. This gave me enough cross letters to finally work out 2, 3 d. Very clever.
    Only 1a to go. Can fit an answer that sort of means adulthood, but it is quite a stretch to make it fit the first two words of the clue.
    I also don’t fully understand the wordplay in 18d. I see the tea, but not much else

  44. With help from everybody who contributed above, all out bar 11 across!
    Any helpful hints to complete would be greatly appreciated!

  45. nn 18 down

    tea gives letters 1 2 3 7
    The butter portion is 4 5 6

  46. I guess next week’s going to be a killer after the last two. I enjoyed today’s. Didn’t get wordplay for 12a.

  47. Sorry DA worshippers, but 26a is a quick clue only reliant on definitions like many of his clues which makes him difficult for a logicist not wordsmith.

  48. Once again, seemed easy and got it all out without coming here, just now to check a couple of the wordplays. So either DA is having a little break or I am getting better at the crosswords – hope it is the latter (in which case there may yet be hope for warding off Alzheimer’s) but perhaps not in view of above.

  49. 26 YoCoRoKi, Double ( even more) definitions are a legitimate part of the cyptic compiler’s arsenal, particularly where the solver may be deliberately confused between parts of speech and the more the surface meaning makes sense, the better. Here is a very good example from Chambers Crossword Manual: Left harbour gate bearing drink (4)

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