DA Confusion for the 7th of February, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

92 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7th of February, 2014

  1. dudley, your comment was deleted because it was snarky. This ain’t the place for it.

  2. Never mind. I have them now.
    and yes I know its Earl Grey….sorry but I was so excited.

  3. I think one of the easier ones, although some of the wordplays are quite complicated and even then I am not sure on the wordplay for 27A.

  4. Agree Ray, some wordplays after the event, including 27A. DA has used that trick recently I think. An evening in Nice?

  5. I can’t believe that I’ve finished already. However, unlike you Rupert, I haven’t worked out the word play for 1A. Now 27A makes sense though.

  6. Thanks Gayle / Rupert. Yes – Nice – got it last time – forgot it this time.

  7. Minor quibble re 27A: shouldn’t it be nice night? Another four-letter word beginning with s is a nice evening…

    Not allowed to say time to solve but one of the easiest for a while.

  8. Seems I am not the only one who found this less taxing.
    Particularly liked the wordplay in 14D and 20A.

  9. I’m amazed! Not finished yet, but well under way, made a very late start because we went shopping first. Re 1A, are we talking about the neck of a knitted garment? I assumed that 27A described an ethnic group, one Nice evening fits fine . Eleven to go.

  10. Very happy to have finished without a visit to this site.
    Only wordplay I’m not 100% sure of is for 17D.

  11. One to go… Having trouble with 15D. I’m sure it’s an anagram of ‘1900 is on an’ but I can’t find a word to fit! I’m sure all the across letters are correct. Any help?

  12. Able Prune…17d a bit complex but …Uraninium in gives letter 7, consumed letters 1,2, 9 and margins the remaining. Typical DA type of clue.

  13. Ah! Thanks Andy, I was on the wrong track with consumed.
    And thanks to others for explaining 27A before I got here .

  14. Yes, somewhat easier this week. My only problems are word play for 1d and, despite the hint from Andy, 15d. Can’t think of a word that fits the intersecting letters, let alone one that fits the clue as well.

  15. All done too. 27A, Nice one, so to speak leading to our favourite today, 10A.

  16. Like Dave R, all done except 15d. Much easier at start and had most of right side, then slow until Arthurs query re 1a(thanks Arthur) then all fell into place. Liked 6a, and12a.

  17. Yes dudley I thought the same thing about DA not being on the game this week. Nevertheless happy with a personal best today – all out, on a Friday, and no extra help needed.

  18. All I need to finish are three letters (1, 3, 5) in 22A. I assume white refers to wine (confirmed by 9A), but as a non-drinker, I’m not familiar with these. Any clues?

  19. Thanks Andy. Arthur, the wine is French (at least its name is – the grapes are also grown elsewhere.)

  20. And now I have it all out, including an understanding of the word play in 1d.

  21. Marie, he’s probably right now off in some Balinese time share, hatching a snarkily, googleable theme as we speak

  22. Arthur, I googled white wines myself. But the clue works this way: ‘square turned’ is 6,5,4,3. Half blue is 7&8. Reduced window (as in opportunity) is 1,2,9,10,11.
    Like everyone I thought DA was having a bit if a rest today.

  23. Thanks Andy Wain, must have an across clue incorrect, so still can’t see it.

  24. DA is actually in Nepal at the moment, so perhaps this one was compiled a little quicker than usual.
    I really enjoyed it (finishing helps), there was still inventive wordplay, “aha” moments and a few chuckles.

  25. So pleased to have got it all out today (I think) except 22A/9A. If all my other answers are correct I have all the letters I can get, but no idea what the answer could be. Can anyone give me a (big) hint please?

  26. June 22/9 across
    Definition is first word
    The window is a window of opportunity
    And given the clue the 9 across part should hit you like a brick if you’ve commenced it with half blue

  27. Thanks so much PIpPI and Sandy – got it all now! I would NEVER have worked that one out on my own.

  28. Nearly done – Yes, much easier than usual. Was stuck on a few wordplays – thanks Arthur for 22/9, Rupert for 27d, Andy Wain for 17d – still don’t get wordplays for 12a (joust?), 4d, 13d. Still stuck on 1d (which must be very obvious as no-one else seems to have had trouble with it), and 15d despite above hints. Another gentle hint would be welcome.

  29. sb 1 down
    offering up reverses wordplay
    yours truly is 5-4
    3-2 are in the clue
    mistake, at first gives 1
    answer is a “pop” apology

  30. Thanks PIpPI Longstocking, now I get it, but I’ve not heard this expression before. Apparently., it come from US basketball.

  31. Either I was inspired or it must be easier than usual for me to get it all out before coming here!
    2 wordplays I still don’t get though?
    10A (I don’t get the 1st 4 letters – rest is OK)

  32. sb
    For 15D you presumably have the anagram components from the hints above?
    Wealthy Scottish people might live here…..

  33. Thank you, Sandy, for info on the White, I thought a very complex clue, where many of the others were simple. All finished, which is good.

  34. Thanks Julian. I’ll keep plodding on it. For 10a start with reject axe for 1-3
    14a is DA’s australianism (as hinted by ‘youse’)

  35. Got it! I had the 1900 but needed to think outside the square just a bit. Thanks Julian.

  36. First time posting, just saw this site a couple of weeks ago.
    Fairly standard cryptic today, whereas my ‘beef’ with DA other times is that it is too dependent on general knowledge or English i.e. synonyms, which technically it shouldn’t. You should be able to work most things out with logic and command of language. I am English speaking -amongst others- and in science rather than languages, and I don’t see the need for knowing more synonyms for widely used words…we have too much in English already.

    Otherwise, great site for tips.


  37. thanks Sandy…for the square tip…yep definitely easier today… DA cruising!

  38. I really don’t think DA should be able to get away with 1D without censure. It’s a horrible, ungrammatical expression that should be exterminated from Australian English. Am I in a class of one on this?

  39. Hey Greg, DA plays with the language people use. He doesn’t define it.

  40. Greg & Sandy re 1 down

    Isn’t there a hint of contempt in the closing this?

  41. Just noticed it’s a closing this?!
    Definitely some contempt there!

  42. “I don’t see the need for knowing more synonyms for widely used words…we have too much in English already” – not a sentiment one would expect in a forum designed for lovers of words.

  43. Started late and agree, most of it easier this week
    stuck on 14a, 14d and 25d
    Have a word that fits for 15d, but it doesn’t make any sense in relation to the clue. Have read the above hints and it is apparently an anagram, but I’m not sure what the fodder is, nor do I have any idea how the 1900 comes into it if, as someone said above, it isn’t part of the anagram.
    Had trouble with a few wordplays, but think they are all sorted out now thanks to the hints above.
    Small quibble with 12A, if I understand the wordplay it is a pretty dodgy homophone.

  44. “is on an” are the anagram letters. “pile” is slang for the thing “lacking style”.

  45. Thanks TT, I’m guessing that the anagram then gives the last six letters of the answer for 15d. I have the 3rd letter, but can’t come up with anything for the first two.

  46. got it now, almost had it a while ago but was trying to spell it with an extra letter between the first two.
    That gave me 14a and hence 14d. Don’t think much of 14a clue.

  47. “” “I don’t see the need for knowing more synonyms for widely used words…we have too much in English already” – not a sentiment one would expect in a forum designed for lovers of words.””
    LoL….now that is a word these days too, isn’t it?

    Thought it was a forum designed for lovers of cryptic crosswords, aren’t synonyms for ‘quick’ and thus more difficult for the ones like me who use mainly logic.
    Anyway: (courtesy of Gordon Sumner)
    “Poets, priests and politicians
    Have words to thank for their positions
    Words that scream for your submission
    And no one’s jamming their transmission
    ‘Cos when their eloquence escapes you
    Their logic ties you up and rapes you”

  48. This is the 2nd DA I have gotten out so it must be easy. However, I got 27a, 28a and 13d pretty easily as quick crossword clues, but have no idea at all how the word play works. Even your hints are over my head.

    I think this one is easy because the definitions are all straightforward. There is usually a lot of synonym substitution required in the definitions and word play of DA crosswords and I am more of a logical thinker and not good at that stuff.

  49. Greg, The Latin form of 1d is acceptable and commonly used, so the objection is just prejudice against Valley Speak.

  50. 11a is the only one I can’t get.
    DA did seem to decide some easier puzzles were in order … Back in December when some of us were finding it hard …

  51. Jupiter,first word is the def.”dowdy sides give letters 1 & 6,”aren`t commonly” fills the gap.

  52. Last word on this particular one:
    “Ray | February 7, 2014 at 4:39 am |

    I think one of the easier ones, although some of the wordplays are quite complicated and even then I am not sure on the wordplay for 27A.”

    Amonst other dubious ones, I know what the answer is, but only because it is ‘definition’ i.e. synonym so to say, of ‘polar bear hunter’…now for the life of me I cannot fathom why one is supposed yo know a French word…can someone explain? Is it really used in English language?

  53. A reasonably well read English speaker has a good chance of knowing the French words for good, good day, good night, funny don’t they ? Is that just in people of DAs and my age and education. I went to Tronno high , not a private school ….

  54. Well, I for one have not a single complaint about DA’s cryptics. NOT EVER! Always enjoy them. Love them when they’re hard. Love them when they’re relatively easy. Don’t mind googling if it’s beyond my ken (German, movies, sports, for example). Don’t mind small liberties / stretches. Love this site when I’m struggling. Loved the misdirection in 27a. As Gayle observed, Mr A has used this before, but even so it tripped me up. All Good.

  55. I don’t get the first 3 letters of 18A – help please.
    While I am here! On 14A the wordplay is still incomprehensible to me: sb is incorrect to say that 1-4 is an Australian word, and, as for ‘youse’ it is common in parts of Ireland. As for the horrible phrase in 1D, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa but I do not believe that to sin is the same as being bad, pace “Pertinax”.

  56. Mike – 18a 1-3 is diminutive creep (verb).
    For 14A def is tribal icon; carry is 1-4 and the rest is clued by ‘youse’ was how I read it but I’m happy to be wrong.

  57. Many thanks sb That sort of creep was obliterated from my mind when I learned to love Napoleonic geometrid moths.

  58. Last to finish again! We might not be allowed to say how quickly we finished, Mort, but is it all right to boast of one’s perseverance?

  59. No I am last to finish! Definitely relatively easy one, I got it all out by myself apart from 15d (disappointing to have just one to go and thus can’t say I got it out on my own) but got 15d pretty quickly with help from here. And it was my own stupid fault I didn’t get it before because I made a mistake with my Roman numerals.
    What I find strange is that sometimes there are huge debates here about clues that seem fairly obvious to me, and other times I can’t get ones that no-one has even mentioned and therefore everyone has presumably got! I guess that is the charm of the cryptic – they speak to each person differently.
    I don’t have a problem with the level of vocab or general knowledge required. a) aren’t we doning it to exercise our brains? and b) if all else fails, isn’t that what google is for?
    Have a good week everyone!

  60. Speaking as someone who often has DAs sitting on the table for weeks waiting for inspiration to strike (before coming here in desperation), I think it’s good to get an occasional easier one!!

  61. Can somebody please explain the wordplay for 23D? I can see that “articulated (i.e. sounds like) welcome” could be “hai” but can’t make “ku” into “takeover”.

  62. Alexandre Dumas and the French connection would have something to say about most of the comments on here this week

  63. How did I not see that!? Moi, professeur de français! (Blushes ashamedly)
    Merci, AS.

  64. DA Confusion for the 14th of February, 2014:

    I think tougher than last week. Have all out and understand all but how “kicked, lacking time” gives letters 1,5,6,7 (if I have correct).

    Thought 2,3D was very clever. As was 10A and 5D.

  65. Thanks Ian. I was spelling the “hand” synonym with one letter short. Now I see it ie: “kicked, lacking time” gives letters 1,6,7.

  66. Found this week’s about on a par with the last couple of weeks.
    Took longer than needed with 7D as I had a different 2 missing letters for another synonym. Was working on ‘bottom …… ‘ as several cross letters also fitted for a while.

  67. 14A was my pick – def, indicator and surface. And 12 A ditto.
    Hadn’t heard of 5D but got it from wordplay. Lately DA seems to have been giving more help to those like me who are not up with modern, usually American, film and TV culture.
    Don’t think 26A is cryptic.
    And sorry , gotta get in a quibble about German spelling in English crosswords, twice now in a couple of weeks. Umlauts matter! For example:
    schwül=sticky, muggy, oppressive
    schwul = gay/homosexual. Can imagine the faux pas if you get that wrong when talking about the weather.

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