7 thoughts on “DA for the 17th of January, 2014

  1. No DA crosswords have been attached to these posts since the last one appeared on 13 December 2013. Oversight? Brain snap due to the coincidence of two thirteens in a date? Please restore them and all will be forgiven.

  2. Glad I’ll be forgiven for offering this free service that I pay for to host.

    If the crosswords are sent to me, I post them. Jonathan has been doing the sterling job of sending them through to me so far, but hasn’t for the past few weeks. If anyone else wants to, they can send them into me and I’ll post them.

  3. I’ve been up in Queensland and virtually internet free AND I couldn’t even buy a Sydney Morning Herald in Cairns airport today! I have the previous weeks to send once I am sorted but does anyone have a blank grid for today’s DA please?

  4. AS, out here in the rainforest we rarely get the paper so your grid posts are very valuable to us! Thanks for all your work, it’s much appreciated. Look forward to catching up on the last few weeks.

  5. Thanks AS, you provide a beacon of hope in the wilderness. I’m new to the site and don’t yet know how it operates. If my post came across as cranky, put it down as a symptom of DA withdrawal.

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