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  1. I hate to be a Grinch, but I thought 21D was pretty ordinary. A headless homonym?… with a apostrophe-added S on the end to boot.

  2. Very enjoyable crossword and timely and informative theme in Friday’s DA ….
    and there’s more!
    in SMH Spectrum for weekend 21-22 December …. David’s Wordplay column and his Jumbo crossword … special edition. More on the theme and a 16 word key. Great work DA and a wonderful homage.

  3. sb – not split – just different parts:
    this is in
    “DA for the 20th of December, 2013”
    “DA Confusion for the 20th of December, 2013”

  4. A postscript to today’s Jumbo…. has anyone had a go at it? Very clever work to fit the grid with words which were whole in ‘the original’ but parts of words in DA’s Jumbo, especially the word in the middle of 22A, and letters 7-10 in 45A and 4-7 in 43D .
    I finished the crossword without looking at the ‘theme’ but with some help from google. You’d have to know the ‘theme’ to get the ‘key’. It should be fun for Trippers who solved yesterday’s DA and enjoyed the theme, but may be difficult for non cruciverbalists as some of the cryptic clues were not of the more transparent “Omega’ level. Good for family or friends .. something for everyone.

  5. Friday 20th quick: oblique angled parallelogram? Rhombus! What Mathematical world is this?

  6. Simon – per Dictionary.reference.com

    rhom·bus/ˈrɒmbəs/ Show Spelled [rom-buhs] Show IPA
    noun, plural rhom·bus·es, rhom·bi /ˈrɒmbaɪ/ Show Spelled [rom-bahy] Show IPA .
    1. an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram; any equilateral parallelogram except a square.
    2. …

  7. The New York Times crossword is my favourite crossword in the world (equal with Fairfax Friday) – it’s perfectly staggered in difficulty throughout the week, and from Thursday through Saturday gets pretty challenging. Most clues are straight, but many clues take the form of riddles or deliberately misleading wording (a question mark denotes which ones are riddly). Anyway, today’s crossword in the NYT crossword app also pays homage to the centenary. Worth a look – I highly recommend the app.

  8. Thanks Ray but an essential part missing from the clue is “equilateral”. Any non-oblique parallelogram is a square or a rectangle.

  9. Gayle – yes, I’ve had a go at the jumbo and with lots of help from google managed to get most of it out without realising the significance of the yellow squares until well into it! Finding the original confirmed some answers and gave me others. Can you help with the first word of 86a? Also 16d, 57d and 69a.

  10. Sorry, sb. Slept all yesterday afternoon in the heat and post holiday recovery.
    For 86A I had ‘constructed…..’ you probably got the ‘one hundred years ago’ .
    16D google gave me “Railton’. Anagram of ‘on trial’. 57D assistant. 69A got me too at first. Googling Marcus Aurelius’ wives and mistresses did not give me ‘thousands’ for ‘Ms’. A DA joke? Could have been M&Ms?
    There was a fair bit of working from cross letters, especially as I recognised only one of the seven photographs. And it was even a little difficult to fill in the gaps in the key 30/59/86 with an idea of the theme. But I enjoyed it .. a surprise gift from DA.

  11. I enjoyed the jumbo too. I needed to solve it to get answers like tane for the wordcross on page one.

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