DA Confusion for the 6th of December, 2013

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  1. A traditional crossword with a few writers and sports, mostly Ozcentric, and both genders which is good to see, but no cricket, ArthurC!
    1A Who’s the first boxer? google gives a kickboxer, or is there someone/thing else?
    Should 4A be two words?
    13A was interesting, but I only got it working backwards.
    And just one more wordplay to get… 22d.

  2. Ah, I get the 4A one word definition now. I thought ‘fitting’ was a container indicator and the def was something that happened a couple of years ago.

  3. 22D: The elephant is from a French children’s story.

    1A: The boxer is letters 3 – 5.

    I’m struggling today. Too many Ozisms. I just got the wordplay for 9A, which is distressing, because it means my answer is right, and the word I really wanted to put in 2D (perinatal) is wrong.

  4. Unless I misunderstand the wordplay for 22D, I think DA has the wrong spelling for the petite elephant.

  5. And, just like that, the final few fall into place.

    I had the right pitcher for 11A, but I was assuming disorientated meant it had the Es removed (I must remember to use that one, sometime).

    I didn’t think 16D was particularly convoluted, in fact I think it was my favourite clue this week.

  6. Thanks Andy and Rupert for 22D.
    And get first two letters now for 1A. Thought there were two young boxers.

  7. Started well, finding four anagrams. Beaut! But then long delay, Christmas mail, writing on 34 cards and an information sheet, ‘The C’s in 2013’ (with a couple of pics). Back to work, getting nowhere till the clue above about the elephant and the Polish cake. So now have SW corner, thanks to Andy and Rupert. May not get far today, have to go to Post Office for stamps, there’s a cricket match (Thank you, Gayle), lunch to prepare. But will try.

  8. Also have only SW corner complete. Loved 21d. Any help with 4a or 12a would be great.

  9. 4A the ‘bay’ is a huge one, like the big chunk missing from the south of Oz.

  10. Struggling with 13A – Gayle, if you’re still there, can you explain how working backwards helped?

  11. Thanks Gayle, still thinking about 4a, but 12a suddenly obvious with your help(had first letter)

  12. 13A: I think Gayle meant she started with a guess at the answer and tried to make the clue fit. There’s no reversal of words or letters involved.

  13. All done but don’t get 16D or 24D. As an aside, has anyone tried the missing letters? Seems to contain some very obscure animals!

  14. 2D: In fact, the point at which one becomes a newborn is pretty much when this stops being ones support, so a bit of a sloppy definition from DA.

    16D: Nothing to do with films. Definition is the first four words.

  15. Rupert, I mean the letter game in bottom left of the page. I always look at it when I’m stumped on the cryptic. And thanks, of course, two points does make a …

  16. Ah. Gayle kindly sends me a link to the DA cryptic, but it doesn’t include the rest of the page.

    Any kind Tripper with a digital subscription who’d like to send me a copy of DA for the next couple of weeks while Gayle is on her pahi, please email me.

  17. Incidentally, on Andy Wain’s comment (10.43) about the quick separation, my midwife daughter in Brissy had a paper published in a UK professional journal pointing out that five minutes should be the minimum for that separation.
    I’m still missing SE corner, and 6D, otherwise OK. Five to go.

  18. Yes, I thought 2D was pretty poor, too.
    Can anyone help me clear 6D to finish?

  19. Actually, seven! Tried lifting a Russian name out of 16D, Belovesov, but Google never heard of him. Has anyone else?

  20. Thanks, Rupert, will look further. Thought 24D a marvellous clue, I had been looking for NSEW but no! NOW five to get.

  21. hi everyone
    and thanks Rupert!
    for I think helping me
    do 22d which, I hope got me 27a……
    so much harder than the other puzzles
    I think I also have 12a……… but nothing is sure
    I feel challenged
    it’s great

  22. Cricket calls again, so will leave remainder. Carols service tonight so no more today.

  23. Sorry for the confusion Prufrock. As Rupert clarified, I got the wordplay after guessing the solution. Laboured long over that one, 13A. The mediaeval armour surrounds the shirt. Then ‘my’ is the setter’s.

    Stig, Despite thinking I might be heading on a wild goosechase I found swansong and monster, and lurking in the background’ be’ ‘like’ ‘Nero’ (amongst other things). Am I warm? Don’t have much of a classics background so can’t connect the dots.

  24. Finished. I think 3d was my favourite.
    Not sure about wordplay for 2d (letters 6-8), 11a (list of Dodgers’ pitchers no help), and 24d.

  25. 2D: Letters 6 – 9 are intellectual without me.
    11A: disorientated is a reversal indicator. Nothing to do with baseball.

  26. This is intriguing, Stig and Dave. I never would have gone looking if Stig hadn’t thrown down the gauntlet. Makes my first Friday off work a bit more fun, when I should be packing.
    Echoing Rupert’s request above. .. could someone please send him a crossword for the next two Fridays?

  27. Paul 7d I’m guessing you’ve got the right answer. It sounds like an Australian writer. ‘caught’ as in heard.

  28. As a Maths teacher my favourite clues this week were 3D and 23D. I had wondered about 7D also Paul. Thanks for the explanation Gayle.

  29. If you change the 3rd letter of 15A to an R it shares a theme with 27A, but other than that I am stumped for a theme.

  30. Rupert, I’m even more bamboozled now, but I’m not English as 15A and 27 A are, and I have no idea. Payback for the Ozisms today? As a compiler you would know the term for the letters that go across the grid but don’t form part of the words (escapes me)… that’s where I found Nero and other things. And I’m thinking swansong, and I did find a quote about monster.

  31. Or are you both winding me up? Husband’s gone to watch the cricket with sympathetic friends and I’m supposed to be having a snooze.

  32. Thanks Rupert (back at 2.28). I wouldn’t think of the word to take ‘me’ from as meaning ‘intellectual’. But I get it. Also 11a is clear now.

  33. just returned from break. Thanks for all help so far.Fairly sure of 16d, but doesn’t help with 24,26,28a.and24d. Help appreciated.

  34. That should have been at 1.39. but speaking of 2.28, 15a would have to reverse the last two letters, as well as change 3rd to R to share with 27a.

  35. Gayle: Something significant happened in Sydney today (depending on your listening habits).

  36. megse, 24A has the last word as definition, with ‘starts’ and ‘back’ being important.
    24D has the last two words as definition (not the Panama).
    26A has the last word as definition.
    28A has the first word as definition.
    MJH, the first word is the definition for 18D with letters 1 – 4 meaning nong and 5 – 8 changed tyre.

  37. Finished but need explanation of a couple of wordplays:
    10 across
    & in 26 What are the condiments & are they 2 letters or 3 letters? Are they condiments in a literary sense e.g. an addition of some sort?

  38. Gil, I think 10a is def is first word. man and word for information is fodder.

  39. Gil – 10A – defn = 1st word. “a” = 1st letter. “man” = letters 4,5,6. “fulfilling” = container. “information” gives 4 letter synonym. “brief” removes last letter to give letters 2,3,7.
    26A – “Young Eleanor” = letters 1,2,3,4,7. “hoarding” = container. “condiments” = letters 5,6. Defn = last word.

  40. megse – for 26A see Ray just above.
    28A – defn = 1st word. “emperor’s” gives letters 1,2,3,4,5 – with 4th letter swapped out “ring for diamonds”.
    24A – is a reversal. Look hard. Defn = last word.
    24D – is described above a couple of times. Double defn. “Two points aligned” and “canal segment”.

  41. Ray, thanks for 10 across wp.

    You missed the point of 26 across query … WHY are those 2 letters condiments?

    ps Condiments of the seasoning to you all!

  42. Ray, thanks! (Leans forearm and elbow against wall, rests head on forearm, slaps forehead with free hand and moans, “…d’oh!”)

  43. Got it all out before coming here. That doesn’t happen very often. Loved 21 down when I finally got it.

  44. I think I’ve got all the answers, but the word play for 5d, 16d and 19a eludes me. Some help would be gratefully accepted.

  45. Thanks for all your help. I only start after dinner so still at! I know I am the only one but cannot get 19across and 19 across and 16 down(the profession!


  46. Thank you Rupert, just solved 16d but still not 19across and 15 across.

  47. DAVE
    , for 16d, think of a place where animals are housed and who runs this place!

  48. Thanks, Julie. I think I remember DA using ‘lout’ in that way before,, or something along the same lines. Sorry I can’t help you with 19a, Joanna, even though I’m pretty sure of the answer. If I’m right, the first three letters refer to a Melbourne-based organisation, and letter 5 is grand, but I can’t justify the rest of the word except for its definition. Maybe someone can help us both.

  49. Thanks, Joanna, I have the word. I just can’t see where the overview or the endless love come in.

  50. Dave, 19ac, thank you for the melbourne organisation clue, the second part was the footy fixture, the game minus the grand, gets passionate!

  51. Gil and Ray – I had the same problem with the condiments. I had all word plays worked out except that one. Still think the two letters are a bit obscure to define condiments pepper and salt.

  52. Ah, of course! Thank you, Joanna. As for 16d, thanks, dave, I now understand the reason for letters 1, 8 & 9. Letters 2 & 3 are loves, but ‘overview’ for letters 4 – 7?

  53. got ’em! had 15a wrong…why should i know this Milne thing?!

    (20a refers to a team)

  54. Dave R – 16D – “overview” – read as “over view” – which is then interpreted as PEEK backwards.

  55. Amazing what a fresh look can do. Some of them were so obvious this morning I felt quite foolish. Thanks as ever to the contributors.
    Poor AJ.I hope someone can help you soon.My computer has taken to hiding scanned items in the Very Secret Impossible To Find file,so I can`t help.

  56. BTW – if anyone is attempting Saturday’s SMH Cryptic, I am pretty sure 13A has a typo – “Divers” I think is supposed to be “Diverse”.

  57. In the end, three short. Hadn’t been aware of Milne’s monster, but should certainly have found the 6D one. Ah well, enjoyed the cricket. Hope to be still around next week. Arthur.

  58. Didn’t have a problem with the condiments, they were the first two substances I thought of. When I was young the two shakers on our table were marked with the letters P and S. I vaguely remember one set that had the holes in three top arranged in the form of those letters.

  59. Thanks, Ray. Once again DA was too devious for my poor mental capacity.

  60. Thanks Ray. Much appreciated. I will attack it after all the daylight chores are done.

  61. Got almost all before looking here which was very good for me. 24d beat me – very clever though.
    Don’t like 28a. To me it’s the wrong way round – I was trying to replace a D with an O. Shouldn’t he have said diamond for ring if he wanted us to replace O with D?

    I also got 13a by guessing the answer. Don’t like the wordplay – arguably MAIL
    is an armoured shirt anyway so then the T isn’t clued (yes I know he uses it as T-shirt but it just doesn’t quite work for me).

    There was talk above of a theme but nothing seems to have eventuated. Was there one?

  62. Julian,

    He does use a question mark in 13a but agreed it still seems a bridge too far.

  63. Yesterday Adam Spencer hosted his final breakfast radio show on ABC Sydney after 8 years. DA has been a regular on his show for some time and Adam has been known to give a hint or two for the Friday crossword. “Adam” appears a couple of times in the answers, as does his wife Mel and daughters Olivia and Ellie. I won’t say where, in case people are still solving. Adam is a maths nut, so that gives a couple of other answers and he is a self-confessed 28A. 19A works with 20A, a double homage as Adam is a “passionate” supporter of a certain team. 22A and 24A are relevant too. A very, very clever crossword, as you didn’t need to know any of this to solve it but gosh how it increased my enjoyment of it.

  64. Ah, thankyou attica for the revelation. Adam Spencer must have been stoked.

  65. Yes, thank you Attica! That was a fabulous addition to solving this one . Has ANYONE ANYWHERE shared these secrets??

  66. Came here with three quarters done. Only 15a to go. Which Milne and which monster? A.A. Doesn’t have one and Stephens is a mark. Previous hints have gove over my head.

  67. Julie re the theme.
    Stig | December 6, 2013 at 3:20 pm | did give us a hint, but I couldn’t listen to Adam Spencer on a Friday morning even though he had DA tips, because I was doing DA and Adam talked too much! I was wondering too whether DA was having a little joke with 28A, both David and Adam in their own ways , Letters and Numbers.

  68. nf I took 3D to be a double definition. ‘select’ as an adjective, as in superlative, or the best. And the number 3 (this clue for one) mathematically speaking.

  69. Thankyou. I’d settled on “poise” and back-justified by thinking it was a play on “poser”. The traps that DA sets for us….

  70. Thanks Gayle, clearly I spent too much time reading “Now we are Six” and not enough time on “House at Pooh Corner”

  71. New to the site. We are repeating this question because we think we may have wrongly put it as a Comment instead of a Confusion (it’s not deja vu… you probably really did see it somewhere else).
    Re 7D… We have the answer but don’t know why it’s right. Help?

  72. It’s a homonym — the place in Africa sounds like the surname of a Victorian writer

  73. Still finishing …. I bought the paper Friday arvo and got four scattered answers. Been slow until turning to the trippers !
    I was looking for heffalump or tigger and then dizzle !
    For 17d I was convinced all weekend that greenseas has eight letters, so couldn’t spot the anagrist.
    … And there’s a typo in DA’s quick – fully gown for adult.
    I still have 21d, 22a , 23d and 25a to gen.

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