DA Confusion for the 29th of November, 2013

Have your confusions sorted out here.

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  1. Have completed but would appreciate help to fully understand wordplay for 17A, back bit of 23A, 24A and 21D.
    I thought 22D was clever.

  2. Just got the theme (or at least I hope it’s the theme – I have two across clues and they only have one thing in common that I can tell) and I think this one is going to be difficult for me.

  3. Haven’t solved one clue yet. Looked for an anagram, they generally help me get started. Haven’t found one yet. Looking much harder than last Friday.

  4. 25A was my first in to get me on the track of the theme.
    That led to 12, 20A which is obviously themed and is an anagram.

  5. Thanks, Rupert, hadn’t recognised that one. Will work on that. Awkward when I can’t get started.

  6. 17A: Canned means in tin, and the chemical symbol for tin is the first and last letters. The reversal of the remainder should give us a veal source, but I think it gives a venison source instead. Possibly a DA Error?

  7. I liked 14A and 5D.

    I tried Cape Kenter for 10A/22A, but it was wrong. Also, DA appears to have missed possibly the most promising theme word, clue-wise. I’m sure he could do much better than

    Revolutionary discarded love (7)

  8. 15a seems to have an error – I have to change the last letter of the stomach to get the right answer. Or am I missing somethng?

  9. Ian – 15A – “stomach” gives letter 1,2,3,4,7. “graduate” gives letters 5,6 with “being detained” = container as in the meaning ‘held’.

  10. First time I finished before 9 o’clock. I, too, wasn’t sure of the wordplay for 17A and 24A. I also think venison rather than veal. I’m not sure how my answer to 8A fits the clue.

  11. I’m stuck their to Michelle. what other types of venison/veal are there ? I’m not sure how 6D and 16D are anagrams

  12. 1D reminds of Monty Pythons Argument Clinic.
    and excuse my previous misuse of their/there…..

  13. Tough going today. Wasn’t helped by missing the note at the top! But now I have noticed it and still have no across clues, even with hints above. I better have a shower and get back to it later.

  14. 11A: Bitter gives letters 4 – 7; old ben gives the last three. The first three letters are a truncated four letter word for something that produces sweat.

  15. The venison source is an archaic term for the animal. It was used in a DA two weeks ago, I believe.

  16. Thank God for Google maps! But they still haven’t given me 9A or 24A – any help?

  17. After much mental effort, and a sublime guess at 14A, now have four answers and an idea of the theme, which, if I’m right, gives me 12, 20A. Thanks Ray, I had thought of 16D as an anagram, but my wordfinder didn’t find anything. Will keep looking.

  18. Ok. I cannot get a two letter word for technique to fit your hint for 8a Rupert

  19. All done bar 2D, may have definition but don’t see how Oxford fits in. Still, good going for me. Not sure of wordplay for 18D and 24A. U

  20. BrianB – 18D – defn = 1st word. “spies”= letters 1,5,6,7. “gun up” = letters 4,3,2. “nun’s head” = letter 8.
    24A – 4 letter word for “damage” (as in financial say), with first letter swapped hand for hand.
    2D – Is double defn. Defn 1 is “Push out against” as with brakes or armature brushes. Defn 2 is where “Oxford” can be a type of such.

  21. scott – 6D fodder is “and belt and”. Defn 1st word. Anagrind last word.
    16D – fodder is “ran loads”. Defn last 3 words. Anagrind 1st word.

  22. MJH – 9A – “reflect song” = letters 6,5,4,3. “This is missing” = letters 1,2.

  23. MJH – Gayle helped me with that as above. 9 letter word for “Interior designer”, with 1st 3 letters removed (“wasted 31 days”). Defn “speaker”.

  24. Ray, I didn’t see 2D as a double defn. I saw it as a 5-letter word for “push” taking out a letter for “against”.

  25. Thanks everyone. All out!
    Alan G I agree, with oxford a style term for the actual thing

  26. Help for 10/22a please. We have second letter in first word and third in second. We are stumped.

  27. Michelle, re. 10/22A a word for “run” gives letters 1,2,7,8,9,10; “keep flexing” gives letters 3,4,5,6.

  28. All done now. Thanks to Google maps and the above. Not sure about word play for 13d though.

  29. Thanks Ray, I should have seen 18D and remembered the “one hand for the other” clue. As for 2D, at least I had the answer right! Any chance DA will tell us which wordplay he had in mind?

  30. Sandy,
    13D – “relief centre” = letters 3,4; “orderly” synonym = letters 5,6,7,8; “the act” synonym = letters 1,2,9,10;

  31. 19d we think we have but can’t work out where first letter comes from other than middle of fourth word

  32. Michelle, that is correct. Break the fourth word into two words then re-interpret them.

  33. All done bar 9A, can’t find anything for second word, despite having middle letter. Turned out to be easier than I thought, some very clever, taxing, clues.

  34. Arthur. A song is essential this four letter word reversed. You are often said to be doing this when whistling.

  35. Ok. Turns out we had 24 d wrong. Cannot get it at all now. We have it starting with O.

  36. Last two – 10A,22A and 22D. I thought the 10A component was a type of landmark, but can’t think of or find such a one on theme.

  37. Michelle, perhaps after Alan’s 11.03 offering, your 11.04 should have begun ‘OK, nothing left’ :)

  38. All done. Put a wrong letter and that confused us. Two heads are better than one. And in this case, all the heads here also help immensely.

  39. Sandy. Also think of another place you might find another word for a run. Particularly for women

  40. All done – I was thinking 10A was cape, but as soon as I clicked as to the right synonym for “run” it fell out.

  41. Alan G. and Rupert – sorry to butt in, but what about:
    Openers bat in combination, having each nine overs.

  42. Michelle, I didn’t have a problem. I was just adding to Alan’s ‘kickstart the weekend with a cocktail’, ‘ok, nothing left’. Now four ways to clue he same letter.

  43. First answer in was 10A. That sure suggested the theme. From there, it was fairly straight forward. I really like how he clued 17A.

  44. 17 Rupert 0643 Agree with you veal is calf’s flesh, nothing to do with harts and venison.

  45. Another late start. Haven’t read any of the comments above, but shall, because I haven’t got 2d. Otherwise easy, as I was on my home turf. Loved 19d and 23a.

  46. Thanks, Ray, for your hint at 10.05 am for 2d. I hadn’t heard of the verb used in the sense you mentioned. I agree about the veal/venison question. I eat the latter, but not the former as a matter of principle. Big difference.

  47. And now I see that Alan G’s version of the word play for 2d is preferable, although DA seems to be using ‘out’ as a verb meaning to remove. Questionable.

  48. Enjoyable today – finally a theme I got quite quickly and knew something about due to having family there.
    9A was actually my first across clue.
    Had 3D wrong for a while – had put SPLINT (“L in” within SPT which I thought might be an abbreviation for a sports car!) Even if SPT was such an abbreviation I guess “in” is being used twice. Getting 11A soon got me back on track though.

    Didn’t understand wordplays for 17a or 18d until reading the hints here – thanks.

  49. Getting a lot of help from everyone. Just hit on 22d. Love it! Still have not solved 14across,and 8 across ,4 down,6down!

  50. Before I came to this page today for some reason or other given the theme I was thinking of Bicheno, And from some of the extra clues above can see that a few other people were too!

  51. Joanna S … 8a zest letters 1, 2, 7, 8; church letters 3,4; technique letters 5,6 a fairly common name Wherever in the English-speaking world you may be

  52. Re 4d Joanna S, & anyone else: If any of you are going to send me a Christmas Card I’ll need to tell you where to send it!

  53. got the theme almost straight away, then spent over an hour looking at a map, just trying to find words that might fit without really understanding the wordplay. Still have several to go (plus a few down clues) but have zoomed into the map as far as I care to go looking for obscure place names. So far I’ve only heard of five of the ten that I’ve managed to work out.
    Have had enough for now, this is tedious. Might come back later.

  54. As a matter of courtesy if people ask for help on a clue could they please acknowledge success or otherwise in solving the clue if help has been rendered. I feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness here so i’m going home i hope wish you all well with solving the clues!

  55. All out !Had such fun. I had to really think about 8 across but the hint from Andy Wain for the 2 letter word for technique helped! I kept thinking words like zing, life, fire for zest, then it hit me! Why didn’t I think of that before! Thanks everyone. So pleased that I have found this page!

  56. Sorry Gil, I just saw your responses! Thank you so much for taking the time. You are not alone!

  57. Then my apologies Joanna S. I thought you’d gone home.
    Didn’t you really want to kick yourself when you got 4 down!

  58. have read all the above, have stared at 10/22a for ages but still no idea.
    22d is still a mystery too.
    Managed to nut out all the other across clues with some help from above, now up to 5 that I’ve heard of, 6 I hadn’t and 1 I still don’t have the answer to, but suspect it is the latter.
    Haven’t even bothered to try to understand the wordplay for several of the across clues, although the first two answers I got were 8A and 12/20a and I got them from the wordplay.

  59. and now I have the first letter of 22d, I’ve been able to get it, very clever.
    Finished at last, now to sort out some wordplays

  60. Sandy, another twist to your idea for the capital…

    Ban smoking outside (6)

  61. Geez, Gil & others, I’ve been resting on my laurels having finished DA, now I have to try and decipher all of your alternative wordplays …

  62. Hi, Mr Simpson (6)
    (Finally I have made sense of the other wordplays people had posted! )

  63. Yes, that and the other major omission, Julian.

    Was curious why: Dog denied bone, no, swallowed drug (7) was such a popular choice.

    Maybe: Good dog in Paris blend (7)

    A closet nun defiled (10)

  64. Gil, when I was looking at the map (because as a Pom/Kiwi I knew exactly one of these places beforehand)
    Harpy ejects model, gets one back (7)
    leapt out as the sort of word that has lots of cluing potential. Which seems to be the case.

    Unfortunately, your good dog (a) has an extra N, and (b) is an indirect anagram.

  65. After getting last Friday’s out, with much help, I feel like a kid left out of a game this week, crying “Please can I play?”
    Have no idea of the theme or how to access it.

  66. Neil – see if you can get 25A from wordplay (a 4 letter word for “painful” for letters 1,2,3,4 and then “legal case” to gives letters 5,6). Google the answer to see if that sets you off on the theme. Then read above clues.
    Hope helps.

  67. This page is becoming as challenging as the puzzle! Have given up trying to work out all your extra clues Julian, Ray, Alan G. and Gil. It’s a bicheno.

  68. Just sausage meat left (9)
    5 letter word for sausage (also an English county) followed by a 4 letter word for left.

    I too am stumped by What the skilled manicurist does (6) although, given the context of when it was posted, I imagine the answer is the capital but I don’t get the wordplay.

  69. Mine was just a poor attempt to follow Alan G.’s “Plymouth” which I took as Devonport.
    Maybe if I had shortened to “Sausage meat left” or even “Meat left” –> Devonport.

  70. What the skilled manicurist does (6) –> something with “hob(nail) art”???

  71. I found 1d Friday but then took to this morning for 9a After that I had to have a map for some – especially the ones not unique to the theme ! Of course calf wouldn’t fit !!
    I really liked 7d and 23a
    Should I comment on the venison at Lake Mac on Wednesday ? Probably won’t .

  72. Thanks datrippers. Finally at peace with DA at 9am Sunday!
    Thank God I’m retired and have so many hours available.

  73. And if you haven’t worked out the theme yet, it is:
    Uterine organs protect small one before madness (6,2,8)

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