DA Confusion for the 22nd of November, 2013

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  1. Some tough bits today. 14D I thought really so.
    9A probably my pick for best.
    Assuming I have correct, I do not understand wordplay for 8D. If someone could explain I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. I felt certain today would be about test cricket! Disappointed! Only have four or five at the moment, so a long way to go.

  3. Just have the intersecting 1,2 D ad 11 A to go. Would be glad of hints before heading for work.
    13A came very late for me but it was really very simple once I got it. I was on the wrong track with the wordplay though and do have a query for later. But in terms of the theme it wouldn’t have been the word that came to mind and doesn’t really matter for solving the other references to it.
    Haven’t figured out wordplay for 12D yet either.

  4. Gayle, 1/2D relates to a book with the short version of 13A in the title. Re 12D: “says” around a homophone of a word for a drug runner with “pep” (ie life)

  5. Ah, thankyou Peter for 12D. Can see or hear all that now. Mind bending! Especially considering the pronunciation of the second word which I did know but it didn’t help me.
    Still pondering 1,2 D

  6. The book for 1/2D is actually a series of books written by Jeff Kinney – hope this helps

  7. Gayle, if you have 13a you have the theme. 1,2d was a children’s book and a film. Remember the two letter abbreviation for Kentucky.

  8. Peter, your two clues there extremely helpful, now done to last five, so will be able to watch cricket guiltlessly.

  9. Thankyou Peter and Ian. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of it. And get the wordplay now.

  10. And now only three. Troubled by 7D, searched alphabetic list in Wiki. Either wasn’t there or I missed it. Also 8D, given the letters I have there seems only one word fits, but cannot relate it to clue. Hints, anyone?

  11. Not needed now, thanks, for 7D, found him by guesswork. Finished now, but not understanding how 8D fits clue.

  12. Arthur, my take on 8D is a US slang word for “money” with half of “debt” backwards. Not sure I want to watch the cricket – thank goodness for Haddin and Johnson…..

  13. Well, that was a new record for me! Solo in 27 minutes. Cricket for me now too, Arthur and Peter, though (looking at the work that needs to be done around here) not entirely guiltlessly.

  14. Back in the country after three weeks away. And finished in a couple of hours. Still don’t understand the first part (US funds) of 8d wordplay. If anyone takes a break from the ashes maybe they could give me a clue.

  15. Thanks for the hints on 8D. Despite my extensive US connections I was not thinking of that particular word, which is US slang for money, Sandy.

    I was able to get 7D from the word play, though I had never heard of him.

    FHF warning on 19A.

  16. Thanks Rupert. It is not in my dictionary.
    7d was an early Australian colonist. As a 13a he was significant for historians.
    Not sure what an FHF warning is.
    Clearly the Ashes is not so significant over the ditch!

  17. Sandy – I think Rupert is intimating that FHF will most likely question the use of one of the words used by DA in 19A’s clue.

  18. O being away for a few weeks, I wasn’t thinking of FHF as a tripper, but as an acronym! I must admit I am not sure of 19a myself, the ‘became outright’ bit. I suspect that might be the territory. We are talking about.

  19. All finished before 12, amazing for me. Thanks for above help on 1,2d and 11a. Loved 27a and16a.

  20. Sandy – 19A – “became” gives 6 letter synonym. “outright” removes 1 letter to give letters 5,6,7,8,9.

  21. I think “habit” can be implied plural as it can mean “costume, custom dress” etc so can be more than one piece of apparel.

  22. 19 Thanks Rupert: an FHF warning indeed
    12 The homophone component is a bit suspect
    6 Like Sandy I believe it should be habits
    21 A very neat clue
    3 Is the reversal of second part really a synonym for dreaming? It accompanies dreaming.

  23. All done. Glad others explained the wordplay in 8D. Enjoyed the Spoonerism again.

  24. At the risk of pumping up my own tyres, this is the first time I have finished a DA on the same day as publication! (True). Some assistance required, mind you, and I have never heard of the US slang in 8D. 16A was my favourite (and last) one.

  25. hi everyone
    I’ve just started and am surprised…. I’m getting
    some of them! this is my fourth week and the first
    time I’ve got more than one. …I’m so happy:)
    not counting her chickens or anything

  26. Yes, easier this week but I had to get 20d before the “obvious” 13a.
    I have guessed answers to 17a and 18d that fit what I think are the definitions, but have no idea of the wordplay for either of them. Please end my suffering.

  27. Self esteem restored after a few disappointing weeks.Thanks as always to the Trippers.
    Count those chickens while you can Ella,the devilish DA will put us novices back in our place soon enough.

  28. Mike,
    can`t help with 17a,but 18d I can make sense of.First word is def,soccer legend gives letters 1-5,lanky wingers gives last two letters.

  29. Mike – for 17 a think of a piece of construction material that may sound like a well-known computing company.

  30. Mike – 17A – “Computing firm” gives letters 1,2,5. “protects” = container. “each” gives letters 3,4. Defn last 2 words.

  31. Thanks Sheepish! I should have Googled for 18d since I am a tad out of date. A web site has him in the top 20 of all time and I saw their no. 8 (Eusebio) against no. 7 (Yashin) in the 1966 World Cup play-off for third place. That tournament was of course won by the greatest team of all time: West Ham United.

    17a then makes perfect sense.

  32. Thanks Kes.I was on the right track,just hadn`t quite nailed the wordplay.

  33. Got the southern half out, ABMS, ama-a-a-azing. only ever managed two or three before. perhaps running a fever and watching the cricket at the same time helped. thanks to all you trippers,
    Sally B

  34. Completed without having to check a dictionary for an answer.
    Favourite clue 21 across: what a beauty, delicious!
    6a’s “habit” is fine with me. Consider the sentence “All present wore academic habit” vs. “All present wore academic robes”. Robes is plural but add s to the first sentence’s habit and it loses some sense! Also consider riding habit versus riding habits, the first referring to dress and the second referring to dressage?

  35. viking, 7D is an obscure (to me, anyway) 13A who sailed with the First Fleet. A synonym for guard provides letters 1,2,3,10 & 11. Detain is a containment indicator. Letters 4 to 9 are two three-letter synonyms for family and figure.

  36. If Viking is still around the logger in question was famous First Fleeter British Marine.
    Guard gives letters 1-3, 10-11
    (think of a synonym for the verb to guard)
    Detain is a container indicator
    Guard detains …
    Family gives letters 4-6 + Figure is a number letters 7-9
    This Logger had an unusual first name which is more often seen as a surname ending in the additional letter s. His full surname could also have been clued as fish.

  37. Thanks all my (last 6 months) new helpers! PLEASE what is the wordplay for the last 4 letters of 13?? Otherwise all done! With help of google for 7! (and maybe a couple of others!)

  38. Julie, 13A is an anagram of the (hyphenated) 8 letter word, without the first letter (masking face).

  39. I had to use google for the 13a clues – except 1d2d because I have an 11 yo son; and 12d because of the cross letters.
    My favourite was 16a – I was trying for verbs.

    Until next week …

  40. Came here with only 1,2d and 9a to go.
    Just the right amount of difficulty this week

  41. Interesting to see that 7d is obscure to some, famous to others! It is missing from the wikipedia link, Arthur – although there is a wikipedia entry on the man himself – if I get around to it I’ll edit the list to include him.

  42. As usual, Saturday before we get time to enjoy our weekly fix, & like others, happy to report easier goings this week. Still stuck on 9ac though- we’ve got all the connecting letters, so can only think of 1 word that fits, but can’t work out any part of the clue. Any help??

  43. Debbi, from the setter’s point of view, letters 1 & 2 and letters 3 & 4 both describe him (setter twice). 5th letter is ‘close to emotional’.

  44. Finally got it out. Even with datrippers help, I am never sure my answers are correct until I see the worked solution! Is mood part of the answer to 22 ac?

  45. Neil, Yep. MOOD = letters 1,2,3 7. I used to have a mood ring in the 70s.

  46. I dont have access to the paper today. Is 8d something that can happen to a horse? If so, I bet DA tried long and hard to get another reference to 6d in there as well.

  47. Just finished my first DA unassisted and am pretty happy about it. Am not entirely sure though of my justification for 9a, esp wrt “setter”. Is anyone able to offer help?

  48. And congratulations on your first DA success– there is a poolroom on this site, you know. ( which is about the only place you can boast, ‘cos in real life your friends/ family don’t care–at best– or at worse think you’re totally weird for doing cryptics in the first place )

  49. Ah, great. Well, my justification was askew, but anyway. Thanks so much nf, feather. I’m still chalking it up!

  50. Elegant & witty as usual, though maybe one of the easier in the oeuvre (pretentious, moi?)

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