Spreading the DA Love

The DA cup runneth over this past weekend. When I wasn’t guffawing, ahing and cheering with every new clue solved in DA’s last cryptic, I was reading Cluetopia.

Funnily enough, I had so much trouble getting an initial clue answered in the cryptic that for the first time I turned to the quick just so I could fill in some answers somewhere in a crossword. So the weekend truly was a DA spectacular.

Cluetopia is a very fun book. The book isn’t quite as spectacularly fun as DA’s masterpiece on the weekend, but it does get close. It’s definitely worth getting your hands onto.

One thought on “Spreading the DA Love

  1. Reddit. A good read. 8/10. I was a tad disappointed there were no full grids presented…would have been nice to complete a really old puzzle. But DA said in the text the book was necessarily a “no pictures” document.

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