DA Confusion for the 1st of November, 2013

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  1. Got the “theme”. Can’t see the 6D / 24D in 13D (may have it wrong). Stuck on NW corner.

  2. Good on you, Ray. After carefully reading all the clues two or three times, haven’t a single answer, with possible exception 5D, if it is, in fact, an anagram. Looks totally hopeless at this stage.

  3. 15a is indeed an anagram, so you’re on the right track, Arthur
    Ray, I think the theme applies to the second word, but it makes as much sense without the transformation

  4. All out bar 10A/2D. Any help here would be appreciated.
    Pretty tough today but very clever.
    And thanks Ian, but I still can’t see 13D.

  5. Ian, I got 14A as an anagram, perhaps my solution to 5D is wrong,, but its sixth letter fitted with 14A. None of the other clues mean anything to me at this stage.

  6. Arthur C. – you sound like you have both 5D and 14A correct. 14A was my first in. So used that to figure out what could be the definition. Then compare that to the words in the clue and see what you notice.

  7. 10A / 2D Oh, Ian, the penny finally dropped. Only took hours! I knew that was the word in question but was going the wrong way for so long.

  8. Took me a while but have seen the trick now, got a few out quite rapidly – 6D has a lovely extra twist.

    Nice to see you still in GOM form in the GG, Arthur!

  9. Nice to see DA back in fine form after a couple of easy weeks. Got the theme quite early but ironically, 24D was almost last one in. Small quibble with 14A – I think it should be two words.

  10. Ray (5.15) you are a genius my son! How do you do it so quickly?
    I don’t like thev look of this one at first look and like Arthur have got his 5d anagram? as a starter and I’ll plod away

  11. Thanks Ray I’m on the trail set by Arthur and have his first 2 clues as well plus your direction as to the theme, so I might be able to make some headway Much appreciated!

  12. Barry, re 14A – that’s my preference too, but OED allows it as an alternative and Macquarie has it as a primary listing, so … no complaints here.

    Moving along in slowly in between chores here, about half done.

  13. Tough today…have 3/4s done but NW eludes still. 20A I had the wrong answer but still don’t have the right one….

  14. plodding along, have four answers plus a couple of bits. can see what is going on with the theme, but that hasn’t helped me get 6 or 24d.

  15. Like Ray and Keith E, I’ve found the NW hard – still only 10A/2D there so far. Gentle hint for a word there, anyone?

  16. Have only three so far (14A, 5D, 22D) – I can see the theme, but can’t discern a pattern to it, and haven’t got the 6D24D to.explain.

  17. AG – 1D – Defn = 1st word. “topless gown” = 4 letter word with first letter removed to give letters 1,2,8. “pockets” = container. “woven” = anagrind. “stole” = fodder.

  18. AG – 8A – Defn = 1st word. “a banquet starting” = letters 1,2. “we hear” = homophone for a word for “Jewish dance” to give letters 3,4,5,6,7,8

  19. AG – meant 3D not 8D – sorry. So 3D – Defn = 1st word. “concerning food?” fits same answer.

  20. Nn, 6D is a pretty easy one to work out. First 4 letters are a food shop, last six mean ‘carpet’ as in to carpet someone. The solution means ‘powder’ after applying the theme.

  21. I don’t have 15A. I think Ian’s hint above must be for a different clue? I don’t see how it works as an anagram. I have 13D as a genus of honeyeaters – maybe that’s making thinks harder for myself?

    I don’t get 17A, so my answer there is probably wrong. I’m also unclear on the wordplay for 22D.

    Nice tough one for a change – just a little too tough for me, though I was pleased to get 11A despite not having heard of either the expression or the department store. There’s a similar term to 10A/2D used in NZ, but without one of the vowels, and with the second word pluralised.

  22. Rupert, 13D is a slang term for what uses 15A. 15A is four letters for principal around three letters for border. Answer is place for take-off, after application of theme.

  23. Rupert, 22D, first three letters mean sink (think billiards) followed by Australian revenue raisers – abbreviation. Answer is first word after theme is applied.

  24. Rupert,
    15A is not an anagram…just a sneaky use of the theme. It’s a nest.
    13D is not any genus of avian life that I know of but is a US invention.
    17A theme acting on “gin” and the answer I have obviously fits
    22D Theme acting on “scud”. Sorry if that gives it away…

    Yes I loved it today. Made me think…and think again.

  25. Rupert – 17A – Defn = “gin, emphatically” and this needs to be themed (first word). “Make neat” is a double defn which does not need to be themed.

  26. Finally got back to this, after four hour break. Ta to Ray. Have six in now, unsure of three of those. Re 19D, should the clue have said hot nation rather than notion?

  27. Thanks, AG. I noted no ‘alls’ on Thursday evening news! The pen IS mightier than the sword!

  28. 6d is a simple charade, with a word for a food store, followed by a word for carpet (in the sense of chastise).
    8a: another charade, with two letters given by “A banquet starting”, followed by a homophone for a dance
    1d: anagram of stole in a word for gown with the front letter missing
    In all of these, the definition part of the clue is altered just a little bit.

  29. I can’t work out 11A! It’s been driving me nuts for hours! Got the theme fairly quickly but some obscurities remained until a late burst just then…

  30. Spoke too soon! Got it. Done. Thanks lovely people for the hints that helped with 15A and 6D…

  31. Afraid I have to quit, no further forward than I was at 0900. Barry’s hint about 6d above: ‘Easy’ word for a food shop says cafe to me, but no word in my Wordfinder looks in any way like the clue. Despite other hints, have no idea of 10A, 2d. Tried woof, but that certainly doesn’t go from loud to soft. Ruff? No, not that. So, I’m too stoopid. Try again next week.

  32. All finished but don’t see how the word “offer” pertains to clue for 13D unless it’s just for surface meaning.

  33. BROND – I may be wrong, but think the word in question for 13D is “might” (ess4emm)??

  34. Finished OK, but cannot see what letter in “wrote” is themed in 7D. I also think that 13D is not themed. My favourites are 10A, 2D and 22D.

  35. Oh boy, Ray! I never thought of that. I thought that “say”referred to the musician. Now I get it. Thanks.

  36. Yeah that 7d was clever. It took me ages to work out what the def was even after I had the answer. I have about a third of them now, but it is tough going.

  37. Arthur you are very close with 10a 2d, just apply the theme to your answer, although the actual def is “fur place”, then apply the theme to this. Clever clue!

  38. Almost there, just 8a, 11a and 3d to go. I have a potential answer for 8a except I think the Jewish dance is Greek and I can’t relate the answer to the definition. No idea at all on the other two. I’m assuming the old department store was Australian which isn’t helping me. Any clues please?

  39. Pat – some are tough to describe without giving away.
    You sound like you are on the right track. If you have the defn for all three above, then you need H for 8A, S for 11A and R for 3D.
    Don’t know if that helps or hinders your thinking.

  40. Aargh spent ages looking for named varieties of the answer to 22d instead of seeing the obvious.
    Entire south west is blank and a couple to go in nw and se.

  41. Worked out 11a from the cross letters, although I’ve never heard of the expression , but confirmed with google. I have no idea what the department store has to do with it.

  42. I am still having trouble with 11A. Also 15A, 4D and 7D. Very hard going today even with hints from above. Knowing the theme wasn’t enough.

  43. By process of elimination I have 24a but I have no idea what the wordplay or the def is.

  44. Thank you, Ray. I did have the wrong dance. 8a now solved, 3d probably solved but 11a is a mystery. Time to feed the family and return later for inspiration. It has been a great DA day.

  45. nn – 15A – the last 7 letters was an old dept store in Sydney. Google it.
    Ann – 4D – defn = “skill”. And reflect on the phrase “segment in reflection”.
    7D – Ravel is the musician.
    11A – see if my words above to nn help.

    Yes is tough today.

  46. Ann, 11a def is first two words. Apply the theme to the last letter of the second word. Answer is a derogatory term. No idea what the wordplay is.
    I don’t have 15a yet,
    4d, if you use your head you should be able to work this one out!
    7d Havana refers to an object, not the place. Think bolero for the musician. Def is the last word in the clue

  47. so glad I found you
    today I am completely without a clue
    I will try. 14a and 15a

    newbie to D.A

  48. Thanks Ray. 15a doubly hard then. Answer is a phrase I’ve never heard of, wordplay is a store I’ve never heard of in a city I’ve rarely been to (and certainly not for the purpose of shopping!)

  49. All, I hope this is not too much, so SPOILER ALERT and do not read if willing to fight the good fight:
    A: H, S, A, S, C, D, C, W, T, F, N, O, S, N.
    D: D, A, R, U, S, N, D, S(?), C, N(?), A, T, P, U.

  50. That SW corner is giving me lots of grief. Still missing12, 15, 23 and 25 across and 13, 16 down

  51. …….can anyone give me just the teensiest hint with the theme?


  52. Ella DA has intentionally made a mistake with one letter in every one of the definitions. If you think about this statement it should give you 6/24d. These mistakes make it really tough!

  53. Just 15a to go although a fair few of the others don’t completely make sense

  54. Finally got them all thanks to the help above. I’d never heard of 11a as an expression before, but that is what makes DAs fun – there is always something new to learn.
    Ella – this really is a tricky one to be starting on. Try looking at 14a – an anagram of second and third words. That should start you on the right track, but as nn says the definition has a mistake in it. 18d is also an anagram and should open up that corner for you. Good luck.

  55. Finally finished. Thanks for the hints. Still not sure about 16d wordplay

  56. thanks Pat
    I still don’t get it
    but at least I know I’ll get better at it
    … fun:)


  57. Been gardening all day, so got to this late – I now have all but12a and 3d – anyone still around?

  58. Mary 12 first two words are the def, second of these needs modifying. It is a device for moving around.
    3d def is the first word, change the third letter

  59. S&J 16d I think the wordplay is as follows. Letters 1, 2, 7 and 8 are a dump. Letters 3-5 are builder’s wheels possibly although others may use the same vehicle. Left gives the remaining letter

  60. Thanks, Ray and nn. All done at last.
    Good luck ella. If you haven’t done DA’s crosswords before his book “Puzzled” could be very helpful.

  61. hi Ann
    I have his book.
    but there’s no index!
    I will persevere

  62. Not sure the book will help a lot with this one as the changed letters give an added layer of complexity, making it hard to work out the answer from the definition, so most had to be done from wordplay or word search websites.
    Ella if you get really stuck you can go to crossowordclub.org/deef and got to nonacc puzzles. Ian has explanations for all the answers there each week

  63. Thanks nn, but I’d sort of worked all that out – I just can’t actually find the words!

  64. As usual, total bullshit by Astle. DA wallows in his own cleverness but CAN’T write a puzzle with STAND-ALONE clues! It’s all cross-referencing and going around in circles. Not clever, not funny, just another wank to gratify his insatiable ego.

  65. Phew, that was a change from last week’s breeze through wasn’t it?
    Ella, try 23 ac too: Butchered definition is last word, replace the second letter with one that looks very similar to it, And you have the definition proper.
    Rest is an anagram and a 3 letter insertion letters 4-6. The three letter insertion is another word for willow, a synechdoche (think sport).
    And another example of the theme would be “shoppers” Synonymous with 13 d and take off from 15 8

  66. All but three out – settle gretels – the
    Theme is deliberate typos

  67. Mike Pratt: I don’t appreciate your bile and i’m sure a lot of other people who use this page don’t either. It’s a cryptic fergawsake, And today’s was a particularly clever one! Maybe it’s because too hard for you to do that you want to try to spoil it for everybody else the dog in the manger attitude. Go away, and stay away until you can contribute in a civil manner

  68. Mary 3 d replace third letter in first word of clue with one that is a couple before it in the alphabet to get the def. First four letters in the word refer to food
    12a replace second letter of second word with c, is a bit of a vague definition, but the answer is a two wheeled motorised device invented I the latter part of the twentieth century and sounds like a word used to describe a link or transition from one idea to another

    Hope this helps

    Mike Pratt, a rose/ rat by another name smells the same and gets a bit boring after a (very short) while

  69. nn, I got 3d with a ‘doh’ moment, but it took a lot of effort with google (fruitless) and then my husband racking his brains, before he eventually half-remembered a brand name I’m not aware of ever having heard of, and we both had another ‘doh’ moment for the link! Thanks for the assistance.
    A good challenge this week, I thought, with lots of opportunity for making your own red herrings – eg for a while I really wanted the changed word in 3d to be ‘ditzy’! I quite agree, Mike Pratt lives up to his name.

  70. That was the best DA I think I have ever seen! Absolutely brilliant.
    I got the right hand side and the theme quite quickly but struggled on the left. Thanks to all the above for assistance.
    Got it out now but I still don’t get how 16D works? Nor do I see how the theme operates on 13D?

  71. 16D: First three words are the 24D’d definition; “builders’ wheels, possibly” are letters 4 – 6, “left” is letter 7, “a dump” is letters 1 – 3 and 8.

    13D: Good point. I don’t see it either.

  72. Christopher – the convention is to not write actual answers until Monday. Having seen your post, I can’t now unread it :-(
    Thanks for the sharing though !
    I didn’t get a start until coming to this site.

  73. Re 13d I think the theme operates on the first letter of the word “might” as the answer can be observed on a 15a

  74. Re 13D – If “might” is the theme word, shouldn’t it be “mite”?

  75. 13D – I read it as what you see on a 15A – so “might” is correct.

    If interested, refer my interchange list back at
    Ray | November 1, 2013 at 5:28 pm |

  76. Well, I’ve seen the answers, and now I am vastly more bewildered than I was yesterday. Could some patient, kindly person please explain:
    1. What exactly was the theme? I thought it was related to food, but seems not;
    2. How do you explain 8A? I was aware of the Jewish dance, and the sound is similar, but???
    3. What is the connection with Verne in 9A?
    4. What does ‘fur place’ mean in 10A, 2D?
    5. How do you explain 12A. I’m familiar with the word segue, but Segway????
    6. How goes ‘shack’ get into 23A?
    7. 25A? ‘like the daily’? Don’t understand.
    8. 3D? Was that a misprint, ditty instead of dirty?
    9. 6D? Powder???
    There are a couple of others, but if someone could be kind enough to explain those, I’d feel a bit happier. I had eight correct answers in, I feel I did well, given that I don’t understand the questions above.

  77. yes Arthur 3d is a misprint and is, quite deliberate. Every clue has a deliberate misprint, this is the theme, see the answers to 6 and 24 down. It was quite a challenge working out which word had the wrong letter.

  78. Arthur
    8a first two letters are “a banquet starting”, cater is the misprinted def.
    9a Verne is the misprinted def
    10a 2d fur place is the misprinted def.
    12a A Segway is a two wheeled motorised device that can be ridden.
    23a shack is the misprinted def.
    25a daily is the misprinted def.
    6d powder is the misprinted def.
    In each case you need to change one of the letters in the misprinted def for the clue to make sense. Very difficult, but an interesting challenge this week.

  79. Thank you very much, nn, that never occurred to me. The straightforward ones are hard enough for me, I’m just glad I finish most of them. This one really threw me, but I see now how it worked.

  80. The really clever thing about misprint crosswords is to have the misprinted letters spell out, in clue order, an appropriate message. See the examples by Azed in the Observer and similar examples in the Spectator.

    20 HLE as a covering for hole is pushing it. More cover than content. H E as a cover for O L is OK.

  81. thanks to all for the help – a hard one this week, but fun. Still stuck on 24a and 24d.

  82. Thanks again to everyone. I loved it with your help. Theme was so obvious with 14A but I completely missed it. I have an answer to 24A which is edible. Am I on the right track?

  83. Sb, 24D completes the theme. It is an abbreviation for a mistake and sounds like a blood group

  84. Came here with only four out. Theme was hard, but contrary to Pratt’s comments, I loved it. Stark contrast to last two weeks where I needed no hints.

  85. Hardest DA in our decade or so of mental gymnastics. Slow start on Friday evening – not a good puzzle after a glass or two of wine. Frustration today, bordering on
    Prattism, so resorted to clues. Heard of tuck shop lady arms but not the other.

  86. FHF: 20ac after HOLE “covering aperture” means delete the O.

    Very tough DA this week, but I enjoyed it.

  87. “Sweat, former president in melancholy.”

    That was hard. I only got a few without help from here and/or using Crossword Dictionary to narrow the myriad of choices. I’d never heard of 23a. I feel 17a gives the same answer without a 24d, gin as in rummy. I was looking to clear up !

  88. Ray, your list of interchanged letters should include S, not N, for 18 down. Thanks everyone for the various hints. Enjoyed this week’s theme very much!

  89. And Mike Pratt, nobody’s forcing you to buy DA’s crossword. Why not buy yourself a colouring-in book and leave your unwanted comments to yourself

  90. David S – yes – thanks – 18D. I recognised “S” was better swap than “N” not long after placing entry. I was too lazy to redo.

  91. Couldnt find a good wordplay explanation for 13d in the above thread.I thought “powerful ‘ led to “burly” and “term” to “word” then they get Spoonerised?

  92. It’s taken me until now to get them all – this is one of the best ever. In stitches over 19d (which gave me the theme) , 21d and 5d. Glad I stuck it out until I finally twigged to 10a/2d, and lastly 11a – so worth it.

  93. John:
    3D – defn is “Ditty” with “t” swapped for “r” to give “DiRty”. Now a four letter (slang) word for food is “????”. And then if “concerning food” it would be “????by”.
    12A – Defn is “Modern shooter” with “h” swapped for “c” to give “Modern sCooter”. Does that give enough?
    17A – Defn is “gin, emphatically” with “g” swapped for “w” to give “Win, empathically”. And the answer also means “Make neat”.

  94. How do I post to a category? I’ve noticed LR is back.

    Terrific clue for SMH Monday 4-11-13 29 ac:
    “Gifts store on goth’s ring clearance? (9)”

  95. Speaking of LR on Monday, does anyone know what the across clues had in common?

  96. Thank you Barry…I ve been pondering that too. Now for tomorrow !

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