We Have A Cluetopia Winner: Bernie Take A Bow

We had a number of strong contenders, and if I wouldn’t have been accused of nepotism, RC’s entry might have taken home the chocolates:

Tormentor’s tales are a hint to one who urinates loudly (9)

I liked Alex’s use of capitals and vowels in his entry:

DA’s new book – title of “Catatonic Capital Consonants with all vowels” (9)

And smut is always highly regarded among the organisers of this here website, which meant john’s entry was highly regarded indeed:

I copulate wildly, producing puzzling history (9)

But I couldn’t go past Bernie’s entry simply because when I first read it, I didn’t realise it was a clue the surface reading was so damn smooth:

DA’s book initially could lend untold encouragement to ordinary puzzlers in Australia (9)

So Bernie, take a bow, and send through your details via the email address to the right of this here page and I’ll post through your copy of Cluetopia.

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