DA Confusion for the 25th of October, 2013

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

It’s unlikely DA will offer up two easy crosswords in a row.

62 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 25th of October, 2013

  1. Not too bad today. I thought 5A was very clever. All out but still have a couple to fully get wordplay.

  2. Going well, past halfway. Most of RH side still empty, but an encouraging start.

  3. I don’t have 11D, which I am assuming is an Aussie colloquialism meaning the first word?

    15A: I can’t think of a meat that ends with the first two letters of the answer.

    25A was one of the best Spoonerisms I’ve seen in a while.

  4. Loved the Spoonerism too.
    11D: I don’t think it or any part of it is particularly Aussie. Yes, def is first word. I was looking for it to end in H for heroin until I got 25A and then saw ‘smack’ and the two words before it differently.
    15A the meat is the last two letters of the answer
    Favourites 14D, 25A, 10A, 24A, 5A and more. A good DA crossword.

    Just one wordplay to figure out … 9A can see the clubs but not the riddle.

  5. Before I give it away completely, can someone please explain, who are the trio in 6D? I tried using my imagination here, but can see no connection with clue.

  6. Arthur, I’m sure than someone as wise as you are can work out the trio in 6D

  7. Yes, Barry. They were also quite generous at Christmas time, I believe.

    I’ve got a handful at the bottom to get. 19,21,22,25 across and 16, 19, 20 and the second part of 13 D.

  8. Barry, shame on you (re: spelling of 8D), this is the French (and American) spelling. Just because the “honorable” Mr Rabbit wants to force this spelling on us doesn’t mean that we should accept it quietly …

  9. Peter, I disagree. This is the traditional English (from the French) spelling. The Americans always leave me out (he said cryptically!). I still have my 1964 Oxford which gives the longer version as preferred.

    And yes, I am still living in the past!

  10. Thanks, Barry and Indy. Was looking for something modern. Having guest for lunch, then doing another podcast interview at 1230, regarding Apophis with Robert Darby, so may not get back to this till much later.

  11. 8D: Depends on how traditional you want to be. My understanding is that the Americans took the shorter version to the colonies with them from England, and it was only later that English lexicographers, labo[u]ring under the misapprehension that words borrowed from French should be spelled the way the French spell them, standardi[s/z]ed on the “proper” spelling.

  12. Finished, but very uncertain on a few Word Plays, even from some hints above.

  13. megse, re 19A: first word means “bananas” as in crazy, second word means “batter” as in hit. Solution is something that a waiter may offer you …

  14. All done. 15a was last in as I couldn’t get the wordplay. I thought the last two letters referred to. American. Thanks to Gayle it all makes sense now (and is quite a good clue)

  15. For me the standout clue was 12A, especially the punnish “…cock/coq au vin”.

  16. Help needed. Did the podcast, twill be Rob Darby’s Episode 56 issued some time next week. But to more serious matters. 10A: have never watched any of those. Would it have helped if I had? Much about 8D up there^. But all I have is first and last letters, no idea what the discussion of American and English spellings was about. Which Thompson? I don’t know.

  17. Arthur C., the answer to your first question is that it wouldn’t have helped. And the deinition is hiding in there, too.

  18. Arthur, 8D definition is first word. A word for “for” represents first three letters. Balance is an English actress called Thompson, which is “reviewed” – ie backwards after extremes of “gender”

  19. Arthur, 10A definition is first three letters. The answer has nothing to do with TV shows, although there was a movie of the same name. Answer is made up of CSI and a circle with the beginning and end of “action”.

  20. All filled in, but can’t get wordplay for 13D (assuming I have the correct female shooter). 25A was my favourite today.

  21. Thanks, Geoff and Barry. I had worked out I needed the gender extremists, hadn’t realised first word was so meaningful. Still five short, no idea on 10, 15A, 7, 16D. Leave till tomorrow, probably.

  22. Ann, 13D was easy enough to answer but the wordplay took me ages. Rogue is an anagram indicator for the three words before it. The remaining three letters come from a word that could mean “whichever” which then possesses (goes around) the rest of the anagram.

  23. Arthur, 10A is a place where you’d go to play cards. Not you personally, of course, but more dissolute people!
    15A definition is last word. First three letters are defined by first two words.
    7D definition is first three words. Bone is first letter. “on something” define last four letters.
    16D Definition is what is played in 10A. First word could apply to Rambo. Second word is an old computer term, now gone mainstream thanks to Facebook. In the old days in IT, we would peek and xxxx. Not too sure how they use it in Facebook but I’ve heard it used.

  24. Arthur, the definition of 15A is the last word. 7D is a ‘piece of chicken’. If you have 2D it may help you get both 10A and 16D.
    Thanks, Barry. 13D makes sense now.

  25. @Barry – the beginning and end of “action”

    Are you doing a smartphone version? Maybe it’s different. My paper copy has “action from beginning TO end”, which doesn’t mean the same thing.


  26. All done but still trying to understand some wordplay. I don’t understand the spoonerism.

  27. Wordplays I don’t get
    9a no idea
    15a presume last three letters are the American, but if so what is the meat? If the meat is the last two, then what is the American?
    2d no idea
    11d presume adults is the last 5 letters, but how?
    19d con no longer operating. Isn’t no doing double duty?
    25a don’t understand the spoonerism. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one that starts with a vowel either.
    Will read the above in the hope of some enlightenment.

  28. I found today’s the easiest DA ever, full stop!
    There were a couple during the week I found harder.
    If anyone still hanging around needs wordplays explained,
    I’ll hang around for the next 15 minutes …

  29. Thanks to above hints I now have 9a, 15a (I thought behind referred to the position in the word, nice misdirection), but not the wordplay for 2, 11 and 19d and also that spoonerism

  30. nn 9 ac: A 10 letter word meaning “riddle” [think about outback road signs or sheets of postage stamps] with two of its letters replaced by one.

  31. Got that one now, thanks Gil just those down clues mentioned above and the spoonerism

  32. nn 2d: letters 1-3 + 8-9 a 5 letter word for “troubles”
    letters 4-5 “DurinG vacuous”
    letters 6-7 2-letter abbreviation for morning

    Answer is a class of pastime to which 3, 6 & 10 are examples

  33. Think I have them all now
    11d I was thinking smack gave letter 5-7, but it appears to be another dodgy anagram indicator.
    Get the spoonerism now, was trying to swap the start of the word with something and it didn’t make any sense.

  34. nn 11 d
    letters 1-4 a 4-letter word for “catch” (I didn’t quite catch what you said)
    remainder smack is anagrind
    def is 1st word

  35. My thanks again to Barry and Ann. One problem I had was that I had wine as second word of
    12A. All is now complete. Had never heard of the tea in 15A, though certainly aware of the region. Don’t drink tea. O yasumi nasai (sleep well).

  36. Had it finished by bedtime but still don’t understand the Spoonerism in 25A – and I see from the above that a few others are in the same boat. Could someone explain, please?

  37. Victor, 25A is made up of: fancy (as in fancy that!) = golly. Animal shelter = ark. Thus golly ark becomes oligarch. Probably not a genuine Spoonerism as only one word is affected, but close enough for DA.

  38. Victor, for the Spoonerism, take the fourth letter and put it at the start. Don’t try to swap any letters with this fourth letter. Then you should be in the right boat.

  39. My first DA completed all year! V. Proud of myself. Thanks for explaining the Spooner Barry – I had no idea. My fave was 14d.

  40. Very enjoyable today. Remarkably, I managed it all without help, except for 25a, for which thanks Barry. Didn’t get some of the word plays – thanks Barry for 9a, 10a, 7d, 13d and 16d (still don’t quite get it) and thanks Gil for wordplay for 1d. Till next week ADieu (loosely speaking).

  41. Thanks for the Spooner explanation, Barry and nn – obvious now but not a proper Spoonerism, which demands the transposition of two word-beginnings.

  42. 16d.Still cant get wordplay.Surely Rambo isnt a stud unless its in a different context than I know Rambo as?

  43. Very loose.If Rambos the stud and “poker”is the”trying to contact” what do you reckon the Facebook user has to do with it?

  44. John, although I’m not a Facebook user, I believe that one of functions therein include the ability to “poke” someone, in the sense of nudging them, rather than the more crude interpretation of the word.

  45. Back to the usual … Finishing on Monday and only with the use of this site and a word finder …
    How does au vin give the final word in 12a – is it just cause that’s what you do in a fancy meal ?
    I though 25avwas too much of a stretch . The word play wasn’t enough . More like “oh I see what the definition is so now what is he trying to do with the word play?”

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