DA’s New Book, Cluetopia, Given Away!

Released tomorrow, Wednesday, October 23rd, will be DA’s new book, Cluetopia.Cluetopia

Cluetopia is a celebration of the crossword’s 100-year history, which DA himself is “…really hoping the book translates as a mystery tour, where every year offers a passing glimpse on another era, or culture, through the peephole of a puzzle”.

And to celebrate, I’ve got a copy to give away to whoever comes up with the best cryptic clue for CLUETOPIA by 9AM Monday next week, the 28th of October. Here’s an example of a clue that wouldn’t be likely to win:

Puzzling place misdirects a cue pilot (9)

Please limit yourself to two entries just for my sanity.

20 thoughts on “DA’s New Book, Cluetopia, Given Away!

  1. … except 40 should be 150, which doesn’t sound so good. I promise not to post any more until after a coffee.

  2. There’s a copy waiting for you in Melbourne, RC.

    Feel free to enter and claim a moral victory, though.

  3. DA’s book initially could lend untold encouragement to ordinary puzzlers in Australia (9)

  4. Thanks Rupert, but I thought later the last word should have read “Australasia”.

  5. I met Alex at today’s launch party for DA’s book, and via paper, he submitted these two beauts:

    DA’s new book – title of “Catatonic Capital Consonants with all vowels” (9)

    or with a cryptic direct clue:

    ‘The News’ ad backs book – title of “Cryptic Capital Consonants with all vowels” (9)

  6. Is there a vote on this, or are you judging autocratically, AS? My vote so far is with john, which may be more my sense of humour than his cluing skills, but a fabulous anagrind nevertheless.

  7. john’s clue is truly hilarious. I’m torn between john’s clue and Bernie’s “initially” clue. I didn’t realise that was a clue until I saw the (9). Very clean surface.

    Anyone want to put their two cents in?

  8. I’m going to autocratic and award the book to Bernie, simply because I wouldn’t have realised it was a clue without the (9).

    Next giveaway, I’ll lean more towards rewarding smut.

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