9 thoughts on “RS takes on LR

  1. RS, go girl! What is it that Mummy and Daddy are on about? Don’t you love that feel of paper and pen?! I hope you’ll follow in your parents’ footsteps and give those of us born before 140 CE (Character Era) something to l00k forward to.

    Lovely photo, AS. I learned to read on my father’s lap .. sheep station worker’s son, who left school at 11 to bring in an income to his widowed mother as a butcher’s delivery boy on horse and cart. No cruciverbalists in my family, and I came to it lately, but I’ve read biographies where many had a relative who was. Not many female setters though .. keep us posted of RS’ special moments.

  2. Hi Gayle,

    No, despite the initials, RS is not AS’s daughter, but my niece. She is coming along very well, although still struggles with a tough &lit. Her Spanish will quickly surpass mine as the “S” comes from her Mexican side. Will she take the baton from AS on the Spanish cryptic front?

    Sounds like your ancestors had better things to do than fiddle about with the crossie!

  3. Oh, RC, my mistake. Lovely photo of your niece… I take it she’s the one with pen in hand and I haven’t made a double booboo. :)

  4. What was the common thing about all the across clues on Monday Nov 4th?

  5. All across answers had only one syllable. Fairly blink-and-you-miss-it theme!

  6. Thanks. I thought that but wasn’t too sure with some of the past tense answers. …ed

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