LR for the 23rd of Septemer, 2013

It’s the third week of LR’s four-week spell.

Surely someone knows someone who can get LR the gig permanently on Monday? Or, better yet, Tuesday?

5 thoughts on “LR for the 23rd of Septemer, 2013

  1. A chuckle at the mini theme today. I wonder if it works for people puzzling on small electronic gadgets. I’m missing something though as I haven’t got 6D.
    Enjoy the generally contemporary nature and economy of the clues and the gettability from the wordplay.

  2. Gayle – 6D – it is the name of one of the comic strips that is O-T-S-P. (and can means “spots”).

  3. Another great puzzle from 19a, LR! When will he get a permanent spot?

    I’m missing 3d and 7d.

    The theme a little tougher up here in the badlands of the ACT. Despite having a Fairfax daily, we don’t get these cryptics in the paper. Having to rely on photos sent from AS’s phone.

  4. Thanks Ray. Should have looked more closely.

    RC, both double defs.
    3D: a tool/ action miners use or fire safety rehearsal > _ _ _ _ _ ers. Think sergeant majors.

    7 D: a breed of dairy cattle or a football jumper, not guernsey, that goes to LR!

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