DA Confusion for the 16th of August, 2013

Have your confusions sorted for this week’s DA right here.

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  1. Well, the theme comes out easily enough with 8D and a few others. I still have 8 to go come coffee time, though.

    I liked 23A. I was also glad to find a word I’ve never seen outside a Patrick O’Brian novel.

  2. Well, DA said on his site that he’d make it up to us this week for omitting the reversal clue in RELAX last week. I don’t know that making it easy is making up, but at least I can get to work early.
    Two short. Not confident of 21 A because can’t figure out wordplay for my solution, and don’t have 22D.
    Never heard of 6D. Like the clue. And what about origami?! 5D

  3. Good start this morning getting eleven clues solved. Then hit a brick wall. But plenty of the day left, will come back later if further pennies fail to drop.

  4. 21A: A 5 letter word for illusion, shortened, inside a 4 letter word for spread.

    I don’t get the wordplay in 28A, and though I think I have the wordplay for 26A, the answer doesn’t appear to be a word, nor are there any matching words in my wordfinder. I’m quite happy with all my cross letters.

  5. Rupert – 22D – 6 letter word for “local”. “losing face” = remove 1st letter. “Show up” = reverse. Defn = “musical”.

  6. Rupert – I read 28A as defn = 1st word. “heavenly body, say” give homophone for last 3 letters. “bottom” gives synonym for first 3 letters.

  7. 26A – defn = “can be bound”. “Prisoner” = letters 1,2,3. “arrest” = letters 6,7,8. “part of” = container indicator. “dossier” = letters 4,5,9,10.

  8. Only two to go, I think. Bothered by 9A. Is this some foreign term? Astronomical term? 5D would help, perhaps. Seems to have been fairly easy today.

  9. 9A is a Latin phrase used in English, although only by people who think “blank slate” isn’t wordy enough.

  10. Thanks Rupert, had never seen that expression in print before. My Latin vocabulary has been increased by ten (or maybe twenty) percent.

  11. Arthur/ Ray Re: 9A Clean Slate – We got stuck on the idea that an aggressive opening was a haka! Must be this weekend’s Bledisloe.

  12. Have managed top half. Thanks Rupert for 9a. Not finding today as easy as others. Help with 26a and 21a could fill some gaps.

  13. Ray described 26A pretty well above, and I gave an explanation of the wordplay for 21A just above that. The definition of 21A is “in verse”, although it’s most commonly used to describe one of the psalms (23rd IIRC).

  14. Apparently 21A can describe any psalm, appropriately reformated. The old 100th is the most famous 21A arrangement.

  15. I am certainly not finding it as easy as everyone else today. With the help of above I have all but two: 8d and 19a. Also can’t understand word play of 9a, 28a or 7d.

  16. Just got 8d. Hadn’t picked it up as a theme apart from 4a and 25a as mentioned in clue.

  17. 9A: 4 letter word for forbidden; 4 letter batsman; openings of star and aggressive.
    28A: bottom = letters 1 – 3; homophone of shape of heavenly body = letters 4 – 6 (see Ray’s explanation above).
    7D: 4 letter word for crazy truncated and reversed = letters 1 – 3; lives = letters 4 and 5.

  18. 19A: quarter (of the compass) = letter 1; been wasted = letters 2 – 5 (and letter 2 is on the 8D); 4 letter word for nothing, truncated = letters 6 – 8.

  19. Thanks Rupert. That has sorted my remaining queries. I think my favourite today was 11a, the def was a bit obvious, but I like the way it got there including honest politician. I also liked 27a’s reference to 4-acroth.

  20. Agree with Jack. How does DA expect us to accept origami (paper folding) as an anagram indicator in 5? Pathetic.
    12 should have a question mark to indicate “discover” is not to be taken at face value.

  21. How about DA just gives you the answers, and you write them in the grid, like the original crostics? Of /course/ discover is not taken at face value. It says “cryptic” right at the top of the page.
    The intent of “origami” is clear, and the clue was easy enough. I think anyone claiming that it’s unfair needs to pull their Ximenean stick a little further down.

  22. Dear Rupert
    I’m afraid the intent of origami is not clear else I would not have raised the matter. Origami = paper folding NOT folding which is acceptable as an anagram indicator.

    Even amongst non-Ximeneans the use of question marks to indicate a bit of playfulness is not unknown.

  23. I didn’t get origami at first. But when I realized I smiled. Of course folding can indicate and anagram, whatever sort it is.

  24. I, too, enjoyed origami when I finally got it. The only clue I can’t work out is 13A even though I have all the cross letters. Can anyone give me a hint?

  25. Ann – 13A – defn is “in Canada”. Take the 5 letter answer from 24D. “put parent foremost” – so move the 2 letter for a parent to the front (letters 1,2). Then “trap” a 3 letter word for “goose” (slang) = letters 3,4,5. Then letters 6,7,8 are the balance of 24D.

  26. “folding” as an anagram indicator? How so? I can’t find one reference that even suggests a mixing component. I’m ok with the concept of “origami” creating a picture of turning one thing into another, but I don’t think it works the way it’s used here.

    While I have your attention, isn’t the phrase “Make(s) a beeline FOR”?


  27. The Macquarie Dictionary 5th Edition has ‘make a beeline’ as a phrase under the headword ‘beeline’.

  28. I have an answer for 20D with good overall fit to the clue but am lost on some of the detail. Can anyone help?

  29. @RK Yes, it does then unfortunately gives an example of the usage of the phrase that includes the “for”. Other dictionaries correctly include the “for” in the phrase.


  30. Deryn – 20D – I read as defn = 1st 3 words. “yet essentially” = letter 1. “one’s” = letters 5,6. “bearing white outside” = letters 2,3,4,7.

  31. Michelle – 14D – “Rogue” = anagrind. Fodder = “reticent” (which will give letters 1,2,3,4,5,7,89). “to inhale” = container for “joint, initially” which will give letter 6. defn = “butt in”.

  32. Thanks Ray. I have a word now thanks to ur hint. But I have guessed letter 6 as I still could t quite work it out from what you said. Am I right in thinking letter 6 is a C?

  33. Still struggling with 24d also as I think I have wrong answer. I had Obama. :(

  34. Michelle – letter 6 = “joint, initially” – in other words the initial (first) letter of “joint” = “j”. This plus the 8 letters of “reticent” are the 9 letters that are needed to be rearranged for the answer.

  35. Thanks for 20D Ray. Better than I managed.

    Michelle – you have the correct answer for 24D. First letter “zero” then two two letter degrees.

  36. Have just (sort of) finished – the ‘sort of’ meaning I have two answers in there I can’t quite justify. 12A – Where did the F go, or is this not an anagram? 15A – Two words fit, (second letter H or second letter R) and both loosely mean ‘belts’. Can’t see the wordplay for either.

  37. Smiley
    Re 12 Take the heads (Dis-cover) from fierce and sex. Bomb is the anag indicator.
    15 MP in THUS

  38. Hey Stig, the convention here is to not type the answer until Monday … Some of us are still looking for hints not answers.
    Personally origami is acceptable to me with DA.

  39. B Maroney. 17A “on tape” = “sounds like” “a divine drink” is ” _ _ _ _ _ _ of the Gods”

  40. Yippee!!! I`ve done one!!! Attending DA`s talk in Trentham this afternoon gave me lots of tips on clue construction and general cryptic help which sent me home full of inspiration and enthusiasm.Thanks also to this site for loads of help and explanations.
    If any of you get the chance to hear David speak,you will be in for an entertaining and hugely enjoyable time.

  41. Trentham would be a great spot to catch DA.
    Well I got the Friday out on Sunday thanks to all you clever peeps. One day i might have hints to contribute on a Friday …

  42. john – 17A – “On tape” = homophone. “made out” is the sound indicator. “a divine drink” = defn. So if you “made out” you “necked her” = “nectar”.
    28A – “Smear” = defn. “heavenly

  43. body, say” is a homophone for “ord”. “near” = next to. “bottom” = “bed”. So combine to get “bed-ord” –> “bedaub”.

  44. understand nectar now,but the other one?ord? and is the bed relating to a foundation?

  45. john – typo by me – “ord” should have been “orb”. And I did it twice – sorry.
    Also, by my dictionary / thesaurus, bed = bottom as in river bed ie:
    9. the bottom of a river, lake, or sea

  46. Well, I’m stuck on the last clue (17D), and I’m not going to wait until the new post comes up to ask for help.

    I’m confused on the wordplay for 28A, 1A, 10A, 6A and 6D.

    29A was clever.

  47. Not finished yet and have to get on the road for an tech free weekend.
    1A I think is: judge finally ranked = container implied ie. in rank

  48. 10A The usual ‘little sparrow’ but her head isn’t lowered. First letter insertion. I’m not happy about the “Lebanese’. …. many more cultures than just Lebanese. Etymologically and historically the dish is worth a look on Wiki.

  49. In fact I’ve never seen or heard it referred to as Lebanese, but maybe someone can enlighten me.

  50. 10a: read “a pop” as in “five dollars a pop”
    6d: reverse letters 2-5 and look it up
    28a: squat as in diddly, by as in maths, reversed.
    17d: an obscure word, but you will find it in a dictionary. The Delhi outsiders take up the first five letters.

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